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Among Us Description:

It is time to play the hottestmultiplayer game of 2020, Among Us. A game of teamwork, strategy, deception and betrayal, all in a space themed environment. Take on the shoes of either a human crewmate or an alien imposter and strive for victory.

As a crewmate, your job is to complete different sets of tasks around the map while as an imposter’s you are required to hunt down the human crewmates, cleverly without being caught! Are you up for the challenge to take your team to victory?

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Features of the game:

Game Among Us

Among usis played among 4-10 players. You can either create a private server to play among friends or you can play in a public server with people from all over the globe. The game has 3 different maps which are: The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus, each having its own unique theme and features.

Features of the Maps:

The Skeld: contains cameras with a red blinking light next to them which helps you see other parts of the map without other players noticing.
Mira HQ: contains door monitors which enables you figure out if someone has used a vent inside an area.
Polus: contains heart beat monitors that lets you know if a kill has been made.

Features of a crewmate:

Crewmate Among Us

  • As crewmates, complete all the tasks around the map. If you get killed, you still have to finish your tasks.
  • The tasks are listed on the upper left of the screen and can be located on the map using the upper right of the screen.
  • Once, every crewmate completes their tasks, they win.
  • Another method of victory is by voting out all the imposters out of the spaceship during a discussion.
  • Discussions are called whenever a dead body is reported or when an emergency meeting button located at the center of the map is pressed.
  • During a discussion meeting, everyone discusses and the one being the most suspicions is voted out.
  • At the end of the discussion period, the player with the most votesis ejected into the space or lava (depending on the map).

Features of an Imposter:

Features of an Imposter

  • The imposter has a fake selection of tasks to pretend to be a crew mate.
  • To help the imposters, there are vents which enables fast travel around the map which only they can access.
  • Imposters can also periodically sabotage the ship either by attacking the ship directly or by disabling the systems.
  • During an attack, humans have limited time to get to issue and solve an emergency task before the count down. If this isn’t done before time, the imposters win.
  • Disabling the system, limits what humans can see or do, giving the imposters an advantage.
  • Imposters cannot sabotage more than one system at a time so its important to strategize what to sabotage.
  • Imposters can also self-report after killing a crewmate to make him/her seem innocent.

Best Practices during the game:

Here are some tips to make you win as a crewmate:

  1. Move in groups so that you have a witness.
  2. Keep an eye on players who are doing tasks and who are not.
  3. Try attempting visual tasks when others are near to prove you aren’t the imposter.
  4. Try to fix the sabotage as soon as possible.
  5. Don’t vote someone unless he/she is highly suspicious.
  6. Use cameras to view what others are up to.


Among Us has simple graphics which makes it easy to play even on a mobile phone without any lag. The game can run up to 60 fps which provides better visuals and a smooth gameplay. You can run throughout the map and complete your tasks without any interruptions.
Among Us can easily be distinguished because of its unique characters, gameplay, sound effects and settings. The game enables you to have a personality of your own by allowing you to customize your character from a variety of colors, hats and other accessories. You can also get pets that follow you around though out the game.


  • Is Among US available on mobile phones?
    Yes. It is available on multiple devices such as PC, iOS and Android phones/tablets.
  • How many types of tasks are there?
    There are 3 categories of tasks including: short, long andcommon tasks. Each game can have its own tasks set up by the admin.
  • Is Among Us free?
    Yes, it is free but it includes in app purchases which cost around $0.99 to $2.99.
  • How to kill someone in game?
    To kill, get close enough to a crewmember and press the “Kill” button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen when it lights up.
  • How do you vent in Among Us?
    Simply go near a vent and press the “Vent” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.
  • Is Among Us cross platform?
    Yes, cross platform is available. You can play the game on your mobile, while your friends play on their PC or tablets.
  • Can you talk in Among Us?
    Communication is key in this game. You can use the chat feature of the game to communicate and win.
  • How to change my name in Among Us?
  1. Enter the game by clicking “Online”.
  2. Click on the name box above the host option.
  3. Now you can choose whatever name you like.
  • How can I fix the lights in Among Us?
  1. Enter the electrical room.
  2. Move towards the electrical box which is in front of the entrance.
  3. Clickon the “Use” buttonon the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  4. Flick the switches to make them all light up.
  5. The lights should be back now increasing your visibility.

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