Best 2 Slice Toaster 2021: Top Brands Review

Top 20+ Best 2 Slice Toaster Reviews 2020

Are you searching for the best 2 slice toaster 2021? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best toasters. Picking a toaster appears to be a simple job. However, there are lots of facets that will need to be taken into consideration. A fantastic toaster ought to be fast, it ought to toast bread equally, on either side, and it also needs to be profound enough to toast some taller slices of bread evenly.

The outside ought to remain calm and be simple to clean if it shows fingerprints up. We place 74 to obtain the very best performers. Whether you are a little household needing just to toast a couple of bits at a time, or in case you’re trying to find a batch celebrity, fear not, since these winners may do everything.

2 Slice Toaster

Is That Toaster Ideal For Me?

You can choose between 2 or 4-slot toasters, even though three slots exist, like the Dualit Vario 3 Slot Toaster. The two kinds of toaster may also be made as a very long slot, in which the bread sits side by side in the place. The sort can make a difference while it can look to be a little different. If you are feeding a family, then a 4-slice could be the one for you, however, if you are short on counter space, then a two-slot could be the better choice, or whether you’re on a budget, then we have found plenty of unique toasters for below.

Toaster Buying Guide

Settings – Colour configurations can represent the number of moments that is not the situation, although the toaster will operate for popping. They signify a scale of just how delicious your slices of bread will be. This means the more significant the scale, the more choices you’ll get, and the more precise you’ll be with set our toast shade.

Variable width slots – This also signifies that your toaster will fit thin and thick pieces. When you press the lever down, a metallic framework will compress and match your details since it lowers to be sure they are toasted evenly, no matter thickness. When toasting anything thicker such as 12, this can be helpful.

As its name implies, high lift permits you to push the products more elevated than they sit after popping. As a consequence, you may pick them up.

Crumb tray – Many toasters now come with a detachable crumb tray that’s generally hidden around the bottom. Always begin by removing and draining the tray. Should you have to wash out your toaster. This grabs the crumbs which fall as you toast all.

Toaster Buying Guide

Things To Be Aware Of

Accessories – a few toasters include alloy racks that it on top and permit you to heat things. Others, such as the KitchenAid Artisan one, can provide a sandwich Barack that lamps and toasts your sandwich inside. Toasters that provide accessories like these will arrive with a setting for each.

A bit more/a little longer – Distinct brands provide this attribute distinct titles, but should you discover a function with a title such as “somewhat more” or even “a bit longer,” it will make it possible for you to toast your bread to get slightly longer if it is not entirely to your preference after popping.

Keep heat – This keeps it warm until you are prepared for it and will decrease your toast in the toaster. A few versions do so.

Check/quick appearance – This allows you to have a peek at your toast’s progress if it worries there. Because you lift the lever, which will continue once you reduce it 21, this will pause the toasting.

Digital screen – a few toasters, like the AEG AT7800-U one, possess a filter to see you need to decide on a countdown timer.

How We Test Toasters?

So far, we have toasted pieces of bread to come across the versions. We check if the slots could accommodate bagels in addition to farmhouse pieces. We assess this browning’s consistency for each slot machine, and then we time it to determine how much time it takes to find the ideal slice. Most importantly, we are searching for crispy gold outcomes, and if it’s to defrost the bread. When toasting is another significant factor, the outside casing’s warmth a few toasters get as large as 70 levels.

Also, we look at how simple the total layout would be to utilize and test any odd settings that include it. The smart sage toast features a brief look’s environment, which increases the toast for you during toasting to view its progress. The directions are taken into consideration, based on concise and bright they are.

Top Best 2 Slice Toaster Brands

Top Best 2 Slice Toaster Brands 2021

1. Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster

It is more significant than top-notch toasting of bread and thick bagels (provided that you slice them first). The Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster may cause you to say, “I like my toaster” in casual conversation. Taking it from the box is the fat of stainless steel toaster loss. Creating a product thicker to connote “caliber” is an old tip, but it is accurate in this situation.

It is the small things that make this toaster stick out among our toasters. You push a start button to start toasting instead of pushing back on a lever. The Start button? Additionally, it is a button, allowing the toaster cycle to be interrupted by you should you think your English or bread muffin was roasting for a bit too long. The bread increases and enhances in its extra-wide slots using a theatrical rate. You pick your setting by slipping a button onto an LED-lighted controller.

Breville did an excellent job designing. Press the “lift & lock” button if you would like a fast glance. Does toast need time? Hit the “a bit more” button. That is what it says. It beeps Whenever your toast is made.
Along with the beep, dull or could be made. Like Breville products, the cord has a ring supporting the prongs, making it effortless to eliminate from a socket. Even the crumb tray on our toaster has been considerately designed.

2. Cuisinart 2 Slice Compact Plastic Toaster

Toasters can be had on the cheap and be one of the toasters. Regardless of its rock-bottom cost, the Cuisinart 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster is superbly designed and performs nicely, making it our very best value option (our initial best value, the Black + Decker 2-Slice, has been discontinued). We love the lettering on the controls pops against the background, making it simple to select your setting.

It was quick, serving toast that is dark up under 3 minutes. After we toasted five 2-slice batches in a row, we have ten pieces of toast. Great once you’re creating BLT’s to get a lot of children! Though it did a superb job of toasting a bagel, we discovered a fat New York design bagel fit tightly in the slots and bagels, or English muffins popped up enough to catch without increasing the lever to get an excess lift. There defrost and reheat features.


The most recent item in big kitchen appliances is steel: a milder, easy to clean complete than stainless steel. If you would like to capitalize on the trend, consider this product. We would not be writing about it unless it was beautiful to toast in any way colors. You’ll need to use the toast elevator without risking palms to catch them when you are toasting items such as muffins. Along with bagel and frozen bread settings, it’s a “quick 30-sec” button if you’d like your toast just a little bit more nicely done.

4. Zwilling 2-Slot Toaster

A newcomer from the toaster globe is expensive, but worthwhile if obtaining bread is significant. You may depend on it to pop up batch after batch of toast that is equal. Although it is broader and more comprehensive than the standard 2-slice toaster, its slots accommodate half a fat New York bagel or a slice out of a country-style loaf. It’s defrosted, warm up, and buttons.

This unit’s top remains, and plastic cocoon, although the sides, become hot to the touch. Since the Zwilling is thick, it is not just selecting if you pull out a toaster on particular occasions.

5. Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Rate Smart Toaster

The super-expensive Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster is state of the art. Does this live up to its promise to guarantee evenly and fast, but it has.

It is a heavy well-designed version. There’s a display where you pick the kind of bread and freshly frozen to be reheated. You choose a few, and it shows you exactly what your food will toast color to in the setting. As soon as you press launch, the screen indicates heat and browning progress and counts down the last ten minutes. A beautiful song tells you when your toast is ready.

And this technology produces toast! Our only criticism is that while you may press cancel on display, there is no lift, which is problematic once you create muffins since they don’t pop up significantly.

The R180 has a menu that allows you to decide on a time and date, corrects the display’s brightness, reduces or turns the volume off, and shows on the screen when it is idle. Though it is up to you whether you believe a toaster is worth $300 available.

6. KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster with High Lift Lever

Offered in black, red, or silver, this product with a high lift lever is a surprise. Additionally, it is sturdy, contains settings that click, and heavy. We got perfectly toasting, and we analyzed, the KitchenAid was the quickest. We did not see much difference between the dark and moderate settings.

If you are a rye enthusiast, you might end up giving an excess cycle to it. You will need to use the lift lever to increase them, singeing your palms if you are toasting things such as bagels and muffins. You’ll find a lot of features with this particular one: Bagel reheated remains heat.

7. Hamilton Beach 22623

Discuss no frills! Hamilton Beach doesn’t have settings besides counter. There is not a removable crumb tray. You pull it open and give it a shake. For significantly less than the purchase price of a movie ticket, you receive a great toaster.

It is lightweight, so that it may be a great pick if you maintain your toaster stashed off and pull it out or any time you have business as you would expect at this price. Around the side, and this is not pretty but is readily realized, you wrap the cable for storage.

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8. Smeg 2 Slice Toaster

If you’re searching for a conversation piece, this product is the choice. It comes in the 50s Retro Style line of the company. It matches the glamour of a mid-century Maserati and is equally as prone to make heads turn.

According to a sports vehicle, the end (accessible inlined, pink, pastel green, black, white, cream, and chrome) is thick and luxurious. When you alter a gear, excuse me, a setting it locks into position. You receive toasting as you would expect for the price. Its features defrost, reheat, and bagel settings.

9. Calphalon IntelliCrisp

The Calphalon IntelliCrisp is a well-built, sturdy toaster using a dark finish. Since it toasts, LED lights around the number configurations to reveal your toasting’s progress so that you can time your eggs to be ready the same period as your bagel. Yes, there is a bagel setting, in addition to a one. If you like New York city-style bagels, you might need to provide the drive’s halves to get them down.

10. Oster 2-Slice Toaster

With a shiny end that is red and its decorative form, this product is light appearing. You may purchase it if you want a look. Muffin fans should be forewarned that items do not pop up ample and can be challenging to capture from those slots. Suspended, the bagel and hot buttons are recognized and big.

11. Hamilton Beach KeKeepsarm Toaster

You can not beat the purchase price even though it is not a beauty. And you do not sacrifice when it comes to getting a bit of a bagel or bread.

This was among those few who managed to turn five fitting batches of toast. When you create a small item like an English McMuffin, you’ll need to be sure you use the lever to increase it over the sexy slots. Its button, keep the atmosphere, and defrost settings are well researched, so they are easy to pick.

12. Haden Dorset 2-Slice Toaster

If you’re searching for a trendy layout of 50, this product is right. It is solidly constructed and hails from a British firm. There’s an analog display for those settings and dial and a bagel, defrost, and buttons. You may pick a tone or red.

Bread toasted on moderate came out darker than we anticipated for the atmosphere though the Dorset browns equally. When your bagels, you insert them in the slots using the cut side rather than in possibly it’s something?

13. Black & Decker T2569B

The Black and Decker 2-Slice Toaster T2659B excels in toasting. And if we toasted five piles, there was not a great deal to the next. Another plus we’ve examined, this one remained the coolest to the signature. You need to be mindful of the steel.

English muffins do not rise until the slots’ peak once you utilize the high-lift lever, which means you’ve got to take care to prevent burning your palms. This toaster is on the side,o a countertop space may be taken up by it but will deal with a bagel. On the setting, unlike many, either party is toasted by it.

14. Breville BTA735BSS Toast Select Luxe

You may like Breville that the Toast Select Luxe is more important to you than how it functions. It is beautifully made and comes from sophisticated shades like black truffle hickory was known as by dark brown, champagne, and brushed stainless steel.  There’s a dial screen styled like a watch face with preferences for white and various settings. The dial-up lights and monitors the progress of your toasting.

This toaster contains plenty of extras: search and Lift for carrying a peek through toasting to include a small-time, also reheat, and buttons. On the floor, some handles make it easy to lift and maneuver. While these fancy features might appear worth the bucks when it came to toasting, the Luxe disappointed, browning. And despite this high-lift lever, it had been nearly impossible to catch an English muffin.

15. Dualit 2 Slot Newgen Toaster

I will state it upfront: If you’re searching for a buddy or an easy-to-use version, this product isn’t for you. On the flip side, if you would like a product that does not come to China, this expensive toaster may be worth a look. Its design is now the darling of house magazines.

On to the wrong thing. To start with, it is considerably broader and higher than your average two-slice version. There are just two configurations on the mechanical timer: “2” and “3” placing “3” contributes to smoking and charred bread. Thus we advise you to stick with “2” as soon as you create one batch of brown toast, then the toaster has so hot the upcoming ones to smoke and burnoff. No pop up here. You increase and reduce your bread using a lever: Lift it when you want the food to go down and push down it attract up toast.

Bagels aren’t something in Britain. Does this toast them, but it leaves the lever, and your facet chilly has difficulty lifting and lowering them? An option is which thaws but does begin since it does on the rest of the ones we overeat, toasting. It’s colorful. The NewGen can be obtained with side panels at 21 colors.

16. Keemo 2 Slice Retro Toaster

This product is a dedication to people having impulse purchasing but may deliver a degree of functionality. The toaster may appear calm on any kitchen countertops and compact enough to carry the tiniest space I’d put aside for it tops.

Along with this, Keemo’s 2-Slice toaster is user friendly and imports using a LED indicator button, which keeps you informed in your slice procedure. Add to the automobile pop up a function that’s a must-have for all those.

For those novices’ sake, the pop-up work suggests that when your pieces are satisfactorily toasted, they will pop out of the slots to make sure it is not for bread evenly browned any farther. The pop-up work has been supplemented with the high-lift lever set up to protect your hands from injuries.

17. Keemo’s 2-Slice Toaster

The product from Keemo, which like the first, can deliver slices and keep its consistency following hours of toasting. And that remained the case no matter if I had been toasting regular pieces or artisan bread pieces. The slots were wide enough to match all sorts of bread dishes I attempted to throw inside. I analyzed the appliance using the bagel pieces I could detect throughout my testing periods, plus they slid in just.

This toaster also retails having an inbuilt warming rack set up to ensure that your toasties stay warm without repainting them any farther. If you are the type of person who wishes to save a few slices from consuming them later in the afternoon, this heating feature will come in handy.

18. KitchenAid 5KMT221 Toaster

Best KitchenAid toaster, and this streamlined supplied that the performance that stood out above the rest. Its trendy design comes in five different colors to match most kitchen motifs, and it seems high-end in usage. It creates a sound alert as it finishes and lifts the toast gradually into perspective instead of popping it up. On evaluation, we discovered it had been consistent, even if compared heaps after batch. Every slit came out with an edge to edge gold end. It maintained first place by toasting the top bagels, and it is a fantastic all-rounder that is well worth the expense.

19. KitchenAid 5KMT2204 Artisan

Another top-scoring KitchenAid version missed the top spot. It is fast, taking under 2 minutes to toast the 4th setting. However, while it is fast, its policy was not always consistent when employed for consecutive toast batches. The plan was excellent on everything, from bread to bagels.

We also enjoyed the LED countdown timer, and the automated keep warm feature, which lowers the toast down if you have not eliminated it for 45 minutes. Much like our winner, it comes in a fantastic selection of colors, though it’s thicker than many others we have tested at 5kg. This means it’s secure, but it’s harder to lift it and wash beneath. It is cold in use also, reaching just 24C on the outside.

20. Kenwood TTP200

This toaster provides a winning performance for a fraction of the cost compared to others in our roundup. It scored near full marks for browning many different bread types while dealing with bread or thick pieces. It just lost spots for cooking either side of these bagels since there’s not any bagel program. The outcomes were bronze and crisp. We did locate the index lights somewhat tricky to see occasionally, and the layout does not seem quite as hardy as the other top scorers. If you are buying a budget, then this is as good as it gets.

21. Dualit Architect 2-Slot Toaster

With the Dualit Architect range, you will find interchangeable panels that match the toasters’ faces. This usually means you’ve got various 16 designs and colors to pick from if you would like to alter the appliance’s appearance. It functions well for consistency and evenness of browning. It asserts to figure out the temperature of their environment and the toaster to operate out the toasting time to get results. On evaluation, it toasted bagels nicely but fought with thick farmhouse bread.

22. AEG AT7800-U

This toaster impressed us with functional consequences when toasting round after round of bread, even though it had been suspended or thick. The pieces were sharp, golden, and toasted into the crusts. It only fought when cooking bagels since it lacks a committed bagel setting, which supposed the bagels’ trunk was toasted instead of soft. Its digital display indicates a helpful timer that counts down when toasting too.

Additionally, it includes a convenient bun warming rack and place if you wish to warm a croissant first thing in the afternoon. Last, the “test” button lets you pause the timer to look at your toast instead of minding the program. It is not easy to clean, nevertheless, as it readily picks up fingerprints, particularly around the surface.

23. Morphy Richards Dimensions 220023 Toaster

At below #30, this is the best value option within our top ten, and it delivers top-scoring outcomes with its natural and productive settings. It made a great toast batch after batch. It just discouraged when toasting from suspended, as this came out beneath toasted. It remained cool when toasting, earning top marks for its outside temperature. It’s also among the very lightweight in our top ten.

24. Bosch TAT8613GB Styline 2 Slot Toaster

This toaster includes an integrated stainless steel warming rack, among the couple in our best ten to own one. It does a fantastic job maintaining muffins, bagels, crumpets, or toast at the ideal temperature. It’s five color settings, from 1-9, to get a piece of toast everywhere between brown and golden. Also, it has a high-lift function without burning, so that you can remove bagels or portions. You will find the defrost and reheat function for toasting on every piece; it asserts to correct the temperature. When toasting bread, it cooked, and even if batch testing bagels nicely, it performed.

25. Dualit 26410 2-Slot Studio Toaster

This Dualit toaster has been consistent and created toast, brown when we left several batches. It comes in white and black and contains a casing that remains cool to touch that it is on. It does not have a setting that is a bagel. Therefore bagels toasted on each side. It did with farmhouse bread that is thick along with its defrost function, took approximately two-and-a-half minutes. Is that if toasting one-piece combined, it browns on one side more.

26. Breville VTT686 High Gloss

This toaster includes a useful”elevator and seems” attribute for checking in your toast midway through the cycle. Its extra-high lift operates, becoming things like crumpets from the slots easier. On evaluation, it got performance scores. The effects when defrosting bread were impressive. Our bagels came out bronze while there is no setting. Farmhouse pieces did poke, and it is not the most consistent in case you are toasting batches.

27. Kenwood TTM440, 900W

This 2-slice Kenwood toaster is just another performer. It’s an excess lift to eliminate pieces and crumpets and an automated bread centering system for even protection on every part. It defrosts in under two and a half minutes, using a coverage on each side. It is excellent that bread pieces are evenly not browned to the level, although its policy was acceptable when toasting two slices together. We noted that its slots are a little bit too shallow. Having said this, it is nevertheless an overall all-around performer that would match kitchen counters.

28. Russell Hobbs Inspires 24370

You won’t have trouble fitting this shiny textured toaster into your decor as it is available in white, black, grey, or reddish and choosing a fitting pot. The counter, reheat and defrost buttons light up when in use and you also get six browning levels to select from. We discovered that the third setting perfect for fantastic toast. Having a cooking period of just two and a half an hour (and faster for following rounds) is quicker than most, and what about it seems robust. It matches all way of bread types and sizes. However, other toasters we analyzed were more comfortable to wash.

29. Sage Toast Line 2-Slice Toaster

This upscale machine comes in some fantastic colors, including champagne, blue, brushed steel, and black. It contains lots of fancy features, notably another setting in line with the sort of bread fruited, walnut, grain, rye, crumpets and white, and a bagel setting which just toast one side, so the crust remains soft. We tried them all, and it passed with flying colors. We enjoy the “elevator and seem” function, also high if you are prone to impatience. It is not the speediest toaster, with a cooking time of more than three minutes, and the toaster tray is not as readily removable as a few. A fitting kettle can be obtained.

30. Strata Luminere Toaster

Offered in both silver and gold (you will find kettles in both colors to fit), this elaborate looking machine will make your breakfast proud with its golden brown toast. Results were consistent round after round, great if you have loads of mouths to feed. Even though pieces poke from the surface, you won’t have trouble fitting in crumpets or doorway prevent parts. It has got the cancel, defrost and reheat features, with six degrees, and it is a doddle. Nonetheless, it’s relatively slow.

31. Cookworks 2-Slice Toaster

It would be simple to suppose that this slip of a toaster is not up to much, but it holds its own against its pricier competitors. Offered in white, cream, lime green, and crimson, it matches different sized pieces of bread (excluding additional tall details, a frequent problem) and being speedy, using a cooking period of just two and a couple of seconds. It has indicated six configurations, which we propose maintaining low and intuitive controls. A fantastic alternative for a kitchen, it has a tiny footprint and does not have that annoying habit of dispersing crumbs the moment it moves.

32. Kenwood TCP05 A0GY Abbey

Complete with function buttons and chrome accents, this toaster is very family-friendly because it stays cool to touch even after many rounds of toast. It is intuitive to use and contains seven degrees that are browning. We have great results from crumpets through to a thick-cut sourdough and frozen bread. Although, as with different machines, food made with a bread manufacturer did not find coverage. Additionally, the crumb may be made. It is offered in slate or rock, and there is also a toaster.

33. Salter Skandi 2-Slice Toaster

We love the Scandi appearance of the modern machine, and it creates a bit of toast in under two and a half an hour high if you are the type of person who is always running in the evenings. Thick pieces pose no obstacle due to its extra-wide slots, and it’s simple to use and wash and keep away thanks to in-built cord storage. On the downside, we discovered one side would brown over the other, irrespective of the seven settings you’ll use. When in use, you also need to remember that it may become rather hot.

34. Swan Retro Toaster

This retro-look toaster comes in significantly less predictable colors than a few (orange is our favorite). You’ll be able to find a refrigerator, microwave, and hands mixer at precisely the same selection. It is beautiful and compact, and the browning degree, which can be reasonably consistent throughout the toast, is controlled by a flow perfect when placing about three to four (it moves up to six). Other features include the defrost, reheat, and cancel alternatives. Although bits end up with a top strip, it works just like a fantasy for pieces. Be careful because the crumbs proceed 12, pulling out the crumb tray.

35. Beko Cosmopolis 2-Slice Toaster

Where most neglect this, A toaster contrasts it browns pieces of bread. You can do all of the typical canceling, reheating, and defrosting, but we propose whacking the atmosphere right up to find the maximum evenly browned toast. Still, in doing so, it’s possible to wind up with a few pieces crunchier than many others. It could not be easier to use and looks magnificent, whether in black, black, blue, or white. Nonetheless, it’s heavy and requires a slow four moments.

36. Morphy Richards Dune 220028

This gets full marks for toast making, and we all discovered teacakes came out. It’s an impressive seven preferences and the customary defrost, reheat and cancel, most of which are user friendly, alongside the lever. Therefore, crumpets shouldn’t get concealed inside. We enjoy kettle and the pattern, and with choices of cream, white, black, or light green, there is something for everybody. Tall pieces will not match, and it requires just more than three minutes to cook, which is quick.


If you discovered a toaster that may fulfill your requirements and tastes, I recommend you go ahead and place an order. At the same time, the stock lasts, and never need to be concerned about leaving your house before consuming your favorite delicacy.

I’ve got you covered for people who are impressed with over one toaster in the enumeration previously and can not make a choice. If it had been up to me personally, I’d choose Cuisinart CPT-160 as my treasured 2-slice toaster. It’s user friendly, retails with a long slot, lasting, and easy to package up. What is more, the firm also improved the quality of its manual.

And what’s going to be the very best toasters in 2021? If you want to know more about this topic, discuss your view, and subscribe to us. Thank you!

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