Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range

Simple, quick, and more affordable than their electrical sockets, gasoline stoves are standard in kitchens. Simple to use and practical, they’ve attained their place for great reason in hearts and houses.

And finding the best 36-inch gas range for the money. It doesn’t need to be an intricate process. In the gasoline stoves with ovens, there are numerous versions at all price ranges. However, they’re bulky, and therefore because building a return isn’t the simplest thing to do, you will need to get the choice right. You are likely to be working together with passion; there’s not any space for experiments.

We’ve done all of the work and deliver you the gas stovetops, which look great and beautifully do the job. We have also included a buying guide that can help you produce a better buy decision. Are you searching for the best 36-inch professional gas range? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the top best commercial range reviews.

Top Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range Brands

Top Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range Brands 2021

1. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Freestanding Professional-Style Gas Range

The Thor Kitchen HRG3080U is fabricated with stainless steel for durability. The control knobs are stainless steel. Additionally, it features durable, heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates that guarantee pans and pots stay where you place them. Incorporating a toaster for baking and broiling, this unit is an all in one.

Igniting this most effective 36-inch gas stove oven is simple. Turn the switch that corresponds. The auto-ignition will light it. As a security feature, this oven comes with an automobile re-ignition feature. This implies that the flame dies out, and if, for any reason, the gasoline is open, it is going to re-light the fire. This prevents gas escapes and property damage. So appears appealing.

Along with the oven is fitted, which you can track through your meals. Additionally, it consists of two lights to allow you to see what’s happening. Furthermore, this four-burner oven provides you a 2-year guarantee on parts and labor and promise to stick with it.

Thor Kitchen Free Standing Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, in Stainless Steel (30'3080GMT)
15 Reviews
Thor Kitchen Free Standing Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue Porcelain Oven Interior, in Stainless Steel (30"3080GMT)
  • 4. 2 cu. ft. oven capacity for cooking multiple dishes. Heavy duty continuous cast iron cooking grates
  • BURNER PERFORMANCE - 4 burners: Front right (Single) 15, 000 BTU, Front left (single) 18, 000 BTU, Rear right/left (Single) 12, 000 BTU, Tube burner 13, 000 BTU, U-shape burner 22, 000 BTU

2. Cosmo F965 Dual Fuel Gas Range

Using the convection mechanism that is European, the Cosmo F965 provides you with effects on foods. This technology employs air circulation to disperse warmth better and offer you outcomes. About the oven, it’s five shelf places. So may take anything into a roast that is complete. Also included are a glass door and two oven racks.

With this most effective 36-inch gas range, you’re ensured of quality as the construction is produced with stainless steel. This gives it lifelong durability and a look. There are two methods to power this device; LP gas or gas. Additionally, by providing you a 2-year guarantee on parts and labor, you do not just receive a durable product, but you also receive worry-free confidence.

Woks don’t match on stovetops because of their insides. That isn’t any problem with this gas stove since you’ll find a wok attachment.

3. Verona VEFSGG365NDSS Professional-Style Gas Range

In a sense, you’re using more energy than is demanded. In a bid, the Verona team provides you a gas stove that includes two ovens. With one bigger than the other, you lower your power bills and select whichever best suits your need. If necessary, for meals or use both.

What makes these distinctive in it uses turbo convection. This heating technique is quite efficient yet needs much less power to operate. Integrated with an infrared grill, you can make sure your meals will probably be cooked through. And the bell timer will alert you that it is time to enjoy your creation that is tasty.

This unit is fabricated with top of line 304 stainless steel. This makes it durable and appealing. Included in the package are LP kits for immediate. An all in one, you receive a 2-year guarantee to make sure you get a worry-free buy.

4. Smeg C36GGRU Free Standing Gas Range

Typically, the thickness and cupboard width are what folks checked out to determine whether a range will match. With this Smeg C36GGRU’s height adjustment feature, you may get the height you want to reach your countertops.

This device includes heavy-duty iron grates for durability but also to provide better stability and pans. And, in even a Moka pot or woks, add-on’s are provided for compatibility. There is an LP gas kit from the box. This most effective 36-inch gas stove covers all of the basics.

This best freestanding gas range is clean. The heating system that is toaster cleans itself automatically to spare you. Additionally, the glass oven door is removable only if you want to remove any stubborn grime.

Electric ignition only turns the knob, and you’re prepared to cook. However, the in-built gas safety valve will do a fast run test and just release gas if all is for security. You may feel comfortable and enjoy meals.

5. Gusto 6BR-N Natural Gas Range

The Gusto 6BR-N is rugged. And with its stainless steel construction, it promises to be quite durable. The door, along with the foundation, matches this rust-resistant substance for durability down into the controllers.

As its burner is heavy-duty cast iron. This can be heated and is quite durable. Additionally, it provides a proper and secure foundation for the pots and pans. While still being durable, it’s also safe to use. The fire failure attribute will prevent gas flows. Together with all the ovens, an in-built thermostat is comprised. This can allow you to get and keep a specific temperature.

The toaster handle is chrome, more comfortable to use regularly, and doesn’t get warm. The toaster is insulated, and enameled inside to cause no heat reduction, creating your kitchen stay cool, broiling, or baking with this most effective 36-inch gas stove.

6. Kucht KRG3618U

Anticipating enjoying professional cooking? Afterward, this 36-inch gas range between Kucht may be a fantastic choice for you. Kucht is among the leading producers of high cooking appliances. For many years now, the firm has pleased with their consumers by designing high-quality premium products that meet the industry standards, and this variety isn’t an exception.

The gas stove was crafted with the technologies to make sure your kitchen turns. The range is designed to satisfy your requirements but also built to last.

The string is the best six-burner gas range that touts its design. With this variety, you can cook and bake just like a pro due to its extra-large window, convection oven with a 5.2cu.ft, and five-stand configurations. After cooking, you don’t have to keep shifting your cookware from 1 burner to another due to heavy-duty grates designed with cast iron, making cooking much more manageable.

7. ​ Cosmo F965

Efficacy, convenience, and accuracy of an electric stove for this Cosmo stove. The range lets you prepare your foods simple and quicker through its five beers that not only give an advantage to you but are designed to provide high performance.

Its Turbo European tradition lets you prepare your meals and quicker by ensuring temperatures have been distributed minimizing. Using its five high-performance burners, you can make different foods.

Add pleasure to your cooking by appreciating complete versatility by using this removable backlash and utilize it like a slip in or freestanding selection. Its oven stands have five shelf places, which let you adjust the area that is cooking. Unlike many gas ranges that come with just one gas choice, this F965 version features a dual-fuel petrol choice.

9. Bertazzoni Master Series Dual Fuel Range

Using its extra-wide toaster, the Bertazzoni Master collection dual-fuel range includes a heat-assisted convection fan for even heat distribution.

The five sealed high-efficiency gas burners incorporate an 18000 BTU dual-ring power burner, which is higher than sufficient to pan sear those steaks as you like them, and the lamps are one-touch lighting using a kid secure ignition system. This range also comprises a ring and a simmer plate.

Constructed from stainless steel, with a fitting stainless steel back guard, the massive capacity of 4.4 cu. Ft electric convection oven consists of gentle motion hinges to keep you from accidentally falling or banging the doorway. The stove is constructed with a bit of full-width inner glass and, combined with the piece worktop, can allow you to clean up.

10. KitchenAid KDRS467VSS

The KitchenAid KDRS467VSS 36″ Stainless Steel Freestanding Dual Fuel 6-Burner Range provides the EasyConvect conversion, making it easy to run precisely the convection oven by mechanically adjusting oven temperatures and instances of cooking into convection.

This version looks fantastic also, with its simple to navigate controller plank around the top, so when you look down, it’s easy to browse and locate the right commands at your fingertips. The exceptional dual convection fan ensures that the oven’s interior is heated to and remains the oven temperature. Along with the range heats up fast and is relatively quiet.

Kitchenaid KDRS467VSS Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range
4 Reviews
Kitchenaid KDRS467VSS Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range
  • Dual fuel ranges offer the precision of a gas cooking surface with an electric oven
  • Even-Heat(TM) True Convection System provides consistent heating and even cooking on all three racks

11. Blue Star RCS36SBV2NG

The Blue Star RCS36SBV2NG 36″ comes with an extra-large convection oven with an 1850° infrared broiler that accommodates a full size 18″ x 26″ commercial baking sheet.

Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc., the Blue Star manufacturer, has been handcrafting ranges in Pennsylvania because of 1880. This range is constructed with 24″ depths for compatibility with standard kitchen cabinetry to get a clean appearance on your kitchen and contains a classic island trimming back-guard.

12. GE Monogram ZGP364NDRSS

The GE Monogram ZGP364NDRSS 36″ comes with an authentic professional look. It’s the most significant all-gas professional washer capacity available from the 36″ professional gas stove class at 6.2 cu. Ft! Each burner around the cooktop provides a complete range of heat settings, from an ultra-low 140° F simmer to a BTU.

The steel and aluminum-clad griddle offer 18,000 BTUs of cooking power, enabling rapid and consistent heating and covering. And I should not overlook the heavy-duty oven stands, which all glide in and out on steel ball bearings throughout the self-clean cycle!

13. American Range ARR366N

The Range ARR366N Heritage Classic 36″ includes constant and flush commercial-grade cast iron grates allow for easy transport of pans and pots across the entire cooking surface. The sealed piece tooled cooktop can hold over a gallon of clogs! A fail-safe system ensures re-ignition in case the fire goes out on the lowest burner setting.

This device has multiple purposes: infrared broil, innovation dual convection bake, standard bake, and air more relaxed style. Airflow is optimized by the Innovation system using a convection fan. This USA (Texas) produced range includes two chrome racks that slide in 5 (including foundation) cooking amounts on hefty chrome side supports.

14. Cosmo Gas Range with Convection Oven and 5 Burner Cooktop

If you are looking for a gas stove’s real power that will cover nearly all your cooking, roasting, and broiling demands, this Cosmo gas stove may be a terrific alternative for you! Equipped with robust sauces, a huge oven, and intelligent technology behind the scenes to make it run as smoothly as clockwork, this specific gadget will exhibit a cook’s instrument you will like to use.

Gas Burners – Similarly to the product, this gasoline stove contains five spoonfuls of high heat levels. From the bottom to the maximum, all these apply among 44,400 BTU’s: 17,400 BTU, 5,000 BTU, 8,200 BTU, and even the amount of warmth intensity. Irrespective of your favorite fashion or what dishes you are making, this gasoline stove from Cosmo will do just fine for you.

Knobs – For simple usage and seems (why not), the people at Cosmo have outfitted their gas stove with a collection of stainless steel knobs. This leads to appealing and contemporary aesthetics, and the upkeep is a bit of cake!

15. Verona Dual Fuel Range

Made from stainless steel and constructed using some well-known Italian creativity, the Verona Pro-Style gas stove is a device, not three, using none, but two oven doors!

The oven needs to be used for cooking parts of meat and Thanksgiving turkeys, by way of instance, whereas the smaller ones may be used for heating a sandwich or something else up.

Burners – As is right, with gas ranges falling into the budget, the Verona fuel range includes five heating intensity lamps. Additionally, you can change the fuel supply up if you’d like to, but notice you will require a technical kit for this use. (Fortunately, this kit is included in this product).

Digital Interface – The capability to change its fuel supply and Apart from its appearances, the Verona has got its fair share of technology inbuilt in its frame. By way of instance, the timer, in addition to the clock, could be set with it.

Verona VEFSGE365NSS 36' Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners in Stainless Steel
15 Reviews
Verona VEFSGE365NSS 36" Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners in Stainless Steel
  • Made in Italy 304 Stainless Steel,(Gas Burner Electric Oven) this range is durable and has high corrosion resistance.
  • Storage Drawer, Digital Clock and Timer, Heavy Duty Racks,Flame Failure Safety Device

16. Thor Kitchen HRG3617U Gas Range

The HRG3617U Gas Range is intended to help you prepare cooked, mouth-watering foods if you’re in a rush. You do not have to be an expert cook to operate with its 5.2 cu. Ft. oven. Instead, this gas array possesses an assortment of features, making its use much more comfortable than models on the market.

It includes burner choices and the two ovens you may enjoy diversity. For professional standards and programs, its 22,000 BTU convection oven could be the perfect option. Through the processing, an insulating barrier will form around the meals slowing the cooking procedure.

On the contrary, once you’re in a race against time, preparing the meal based could be a thought. However, it lessens the cooking period but minus the requirement of preheating without compromising on the taste.

This Thor Kitchen product also features four burners, two 18,000 BTU single dishwashers, and 2 15,000 BTU double burners. The person has a 650BTU simmer function. And have we said a stainless steel grill off?

17. Thorkitchen Pro-Style HRT3618U

There are two reasons to purchase. You are revamping your big, high-functional kitchen area, or 2, you are a parent and can not wait to cook dishes one by one. If you are disappointed by most gas array versions and a fare enthusiast, the Thorkitchen Pro-Style may be an ideal gasoline stove best for you.

It includes the additional simmer feature, assisting you in creating your toenails moist that is additional and tender. This attribute will even cater to people who enjoy their noodles to be glue-like. It’s robustly produced three cast-iron grates are great at preserving and emitting warmth. Consequently, you may use it on both sides.

For security purposes, the HRT3618U uses an automatic re-ignition attribute. Once the flame extinguishes unintentionally, you do not need to worry about any consequences like dispersing the gas. The ABS ion alloy control knobs (combined with blue LED illuminating lights) and black ceramic drip pan are a few of the other affordable yet standard unit highlights.

18. Z Line E36-60 Professional 4.6 cu. Ft. 6 Stainless Steel, Petrol Burner/Electric Oven Range

Thor Kitchen is probably among the most names in the sport, which is for a great reason. As this professional 36-inch range sports all of the features that most brands think of, the Z Line is no exception. Beginning from its six striking burners into the cast iron barbecue, every component’s performance is guaranteed with materials.

Safety has been ensured by the producers against touch on the oven to produce the unit perfect in construction. The toaster door feels cool to touch three layers of glass & because of this aluminum mesh seal. The mirror enables you to see the baking is happening from time to time. The oven light enhances the notion of transparency.

If you feel just like changing reset or the heat, the knobs that are simple to use control will have your spine. They’re supposed to execute complete five kinds of functionalities regarding this 4.6 cu. Ft. oven. Concerning cleaning, it occupies zero complaints. You can detach the burners with no hassle. You’ll discover its Porcelain cook shirt durable. The fact that this one-piece shirt includes no rifts to maintain residue has made its maintenance a breeze.

19. Pro-style 6-Burner Gas Range + LP Conversion Kit Bundle

We’re very impressed with the CSA Certified gas range’s broiling feature. Its cooktop includes one burner of 18,000 BTU, three 12,000 BTU single burners, and 2 15,000 BTU double dishwashers. Thankfully, they all are burners, meaning the fire is not exposed to open air and clogs, or no food particle gets the possibility of messing with the light.

As this has supported heating and simple, clean up, the 650 BTU simmer function in the burners promises to provide you. You can keep tender and soft in texture, stocks, sauces, and starchy things on your regular menu once you have set up this 36″ pro-style from Thor Kitchen.

To get a more enticing look, the device includes a ceramic drip pan. And as we all know, its allure will last more than the ones that are chrome. On the one hand, a ceramic means it will not go out of fashion for a very long time! You can choose your self-clean oven’s assistance to observe a rinsing from the ceramic drip pan, an edge you will miss with the toaster dreading the issue due to the high heat.

36' Pro-style 6 Burner Gas Range + LP Conversion Kit Bundle
12 Reviews
36" Pro-style 6 Burner Gas Range + LP Conversion Kit Bundle
  • Infrared Broil Burner provides fast and even broiling to lock in savory juices:
  • Commercial Convection Fan circulates heat to maximize even cooking

20. Kenmore

Sporting a look and a few intriguing specifications, the Kenmore represents a spin on the standard’s petrol stove. For controlling heaters and the temperature, you have your gasoline stove arrangement together with the knobs, and there’s also a screen with a timer and a clock! Here are some of its features in more detail:

Materials – Many of the exteriors of the gas range is made from stainless steel. This selection of content does not look great but also ensures that the field will endure cooking processes that could lead to rust. Since it will go undamaged how long it’s been subjected to humidity; nevertheless, there is no need to stress.

Burners – This Kenmore freestanding gasoline stove comes complete with five strands of dimensions. These may cover pretty much all your cooking needs (At least once the fever is in question), regardless of what size of this pot and pan you are likely to use.

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36 Inch Professional Gas Rang

Buying Guide

Here are some suggestions which can help you make the very best of your best professional gas range buy choice.

Types Of Oven

Each gasoline cooker offers you, along with the burners, an oven, either electric or gas. However, what one to select? Both have their benefits and disadvantages, although it depends on your priorities and tastes.

The gas oven is more economical and faster to operate, in case you don’t have gas, but it necessitates that the installation of a gas cylinder. The stove is suitable for families but may increase your energy bill.

With, assess its features. Some units are intended to do with less power. Same for your gasoline, models that are updated that are many prefer technologies to provide you with results.

Of course, the option is yours. However, make sure it is current with technological criteria for conserving and efficient energy.


Gas ranges come in varied sizes ranging from 30″ to 48″ using all the standard freestanding versions being the minimal dimensions. Larger sized versions often cost more than their counterparts; however, before it is possible to pick your favorite cooking appliance, you need to look at the dimensions of its intestines. This will direct you to the brand that is best based on your household size.

A cavity size of two to 3 cubic feet is perfect for a couple of individuals. A three to four cubic feet is suggested for all three of four individuals. Anything over four feet is a fantastic choice for over four individuals.

You should consider the space. It’s a fantastic idea to assess your kitchen area and choose a design that will match perfectly without overpowering the location to prevent any disappointments.

Number Of Functionality Level And Burners

Just as your cavity issues’ dimensions, the number of burners, and your cooking appliance’s functionality will dictate how much time it will take you to receive your meals prepared. Each lamp has its BTU level that lets you make different sorts of foods at different temperatures precisely.

Compare and contrast unique brands about the burner BTU amounts and functionality to ascertain your perfect gas range that best suits your cooking requirements.


Various materials are utilized to style gas stoves with the most popular cast iron and stainless steel or a mixture of both. Stainless steel and cast iron have been famous for their oven capacity to withstand high cooking temperatures. Apart from being highly recommended, stainless steel stuff blends well with all decors bringing that elegant appearance to your kitchen.

Security Features

When utilizing gas stoves, some might leak and cause harm. Though many manufacturers have badly obtained security features by incorporating security features for discovering gas leakages, don’t just assume. Take your time and look at how the manufacturer has made the appliance and if proper security measures are set up.

Ease Of Maintenance

Just as routine maintenance is vital to the cooking appliances, it’s also great to be aware that you’ll be asked to maintain your stove in great form. Spending hours or portion of this day cleaning it will restrict you by attending to other critical tasks that require your attention.

Though producers have tried their very best to style gas ranges using self-cleaning features, you’ll be asked to pay more than the manual ones. But, investing in a version with sealed burners can allow you to minimize any hassles of having to reinstall any food spillages that might have blocked the leftovers.


The gasoline range’s expense will change from 1 producer to another and vary about the features, substance employed, or the number of burners. While numerous elements play a part in those appliances’ pricing, never spend more on a gasoline stove than you’d intended for.

But do not opt for low quality or affordable products that won’t withstand the test of time. Be smart before making your purchase. Take some time and read the consumer testimonials and learn whether the work you intend on spending on is rewarding.

Benefits Of Owning A Gasoline Stove


Unlike gas ranges, don’t. This produces the appliance’s excellent selection for most homeowners who live in rural areas or are excited about cutting back on the energy bills.


Producers have taken advantage of technology by devising gas ranges, which enable users to personalize them to correct different gas purposes.


Gas ranges are intended to accommodate cooktops and cookware that make them perfect for cooking.

gas range

Tips For Tracking A Gas Range

Gas ranges such as every other cooking appliance can develop problems. Most producers pay more attention to the best way best to use gas ranges on consumer manuals. They neglect to tackle a few of the issues, for example, troubleshooting. When utilizing gas ranges, then you might encounter challenges that could cause distress or mess along with your cooking. The following are a few of the problems you will experience and how to go about them.

Burner Ignition Problem

Burner ignition problems are among the usual questions as gasoline ranges users you will encounter, but this doesn’t signify that the end of your cooking pleasure. The causes of the problem could be with all the gas leaks or running out of gasoline.

First, as soon as you experience such a problem, confirm if you’ve run out of gasoline or undergoing disconnection. By chance, should you have gas distribution troubleshoot your leftovers by turning your toaster’s knob’s all way upward? Listen, when the igniter is producing some clicks. Tag, otherwise, or note the burner amount down. Repeat the process for the burners is noting down those who don’t provide the click noise.

If the problem is really on a single burner, there’s a possibility the gas line includes some fractures, or there’s a fault with the management components. The gas line requires any management components and inspection by a technical professional. Never manage or start your appliance should you not have the abilities or end up tripping problems or perhaps damaging it.

When Burners Are Away, Gas Odor

It’s common to have gasoline odors once your leftovers turn on, but with these scents, when off is an indication that you will find leakages. Though producers have adopted the new technology by improvising flame failure safety devices, they might fail to discover or be faulty. So never assume.

The Oven Doesn’t Ignite.

Pull out the cover plate, then broiler extender, by opening the grill and fire extender. By searching for either a pilot light or a reddish filament, inspect the ignition system using a flashlight. This may vary depending upon the version you’re currently using.

Hit on at a matchstick and hold it and eliminate it. The pilot doesn’t remain lit, and there can be a problem with the thermocouple. Turn in your oven toaster if the pilot doesn’t go off. If you don’t have a flame, there can be a problem with your toaster burner.


Purchasing a gas stove is a long-term investment that comes together with advantages and rewards. Not every new in the marketplace will fit your requirements. Each version is made to assist you in attaining your needs if selected. When picking, makes sure you consider your tastes, household size, the caliber of this substance, budget, and added features and places, you might think.

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