Top 29 Best 4 Slice Toaster Review 2020

Best 4 Slice Toaster

There are advantages to getting a four-slice toaster. They produce more significant amounts of toast ready for the marine or marmalade. For starters, they tend to be stable. And for instance, they frequently permit you to utilize each pair individually. Hence, it’s possible to conserve energy by using it as a two-slice toaster or run them with distinct browning amounts if, for example, one of you need sourdough toast and the other a crumpet.

Lookout is useful for your bread. If you create your loaves, you’ll need a toaster that does not leave the best. Start looking for at 1800W anything less may render meal, which lacks crunch to you. Controls must be easy to use, and every single fingerprint shouldn’t be shown up by the device.

All four-slice toasters tend to include buttons such as reheat cancel and defrost a detachable crumb tray. And some include features like keep warm,” a bit longer,” fast appearance, higher lift, countdown timer, variable width slots, bagel setting, bun more temperate, and sandwich.

We analyzed all features of this toaster we attempted and marked them for just how quickly they produced toast, the evenness of the browning, and the flavor. Crisp on the outside and fluffy inside with a golden color got high marks, while people who produced streaks and deficiency of crunch got chucked.

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4 Slice Toaster

Top Best 4 Slice Toaster Brands

1. Haden Salcombe toaster

A firm favorite, this is simple to use, fits every piece even thicker and taller ones and browns bread producing toast which could pass muster at the swankiest resorts.

It seems excellent too if in black with aluminum trim or (our favorite ) teal blue, each of which has a fitting kettle accessible. Besides the typical features, there is a lift-and-look role and extra-lift for bread, such as crumpets, and it does a fantastic job with bagels and sandwiches. At only two-and-a-half minutes, it fast.

2. Sage BTA845UK the Smart Toaster

For an all-singing-all-dancing urban-look toaster, this is a worthy purchase. Everything works by the controller for the five degrees of browning into the countdown to pop-up time, using an adjustable-volume bleep is ready.

It fits all pieces, such as tall and thick, along with the suspended atmosphere, which works well. Whizzy features add a high-lift twist to test on toast mid-cycle and the”a little more” button if your toast is not quite brown enough. To get fruit loaf, crumpets, and bagels, you may set it to offer warmth without burning the exterior, to attain the interior.

3. Russell Hobbs Inspires Toaster

We adore the finish with this toaster, which comes with brass accents on the versions and many different colors. For average-sized pieces, you won’t have some complaints. It provides gold color across either side and also to all four corners to a friendly and’s simple to operate when it has been in use.

We enjoy that the buttons glow when in use. Nonetheless, it’s certainly not your very best option for slices that do not quite match. And it is about the side. A fitting kettle can be obtained.

4. Dualit 4 Piece Vario 40352

From among the most well-known names in the market, this classic, durable and attractively engineered stainless steel toaster is just one of the fastest we attempted. In only more than two minutes (even from frozen, it is just two-and-a-half) and provides even outcomes.

It’s added-wide slots, which may be used individually, and there is a mechanical countdown timer and manual eject so that you can have a sneaky peek at any moment. All components are replaceable, which will help justify the price tag. Also, you’ll be able to find a sandwich cage and a warming rack. However, it can find a little hot, and it is tricky to regain bagels and crumpets.

5. Breville ultra toaster

This bright gray toaster (which also comes from red or cream ) includes a whopping nine configurations excellent for precision. We enjoy the additional lift for smaller things and lift-and-look attribute for checking in case your toast might have already reached its summit mid-browning.

It is quick, at two-and-a-half moments, and thick pieces pose no problem, though as with all these toasters – tall ones perform. It’s possible to operate the pairs of slots individually, and the crumb tray works a deal, but fingermarks may appear on the casing. Though it is not excellent, there is a kettle.

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6. Tefal attic toaster

When it’s marmalade or marmite that takes your fancy, you won’t be disappointed to spread it on toast that comes from the machine, maybe not a raw or burnt spot in sight. Offered in white, red, blue or black with rose gold cut (and kettles to suit ), it’s four slots using two individual leavers (although be warned, they are controlled by precisely the same browning dial so no great if one of you need a crumpet along with another bread).

The controls are simple to use and light up when chosen, whereas the high-lift assists with crumpets. It is simple to wash, using smooth-action crumb tray elimination. However, it’s no great for taller pieces.

7. Beko cosmpolitis toaster

The joy of joys, this retro appearance toaster matches taller pieces of bread without even leaving a raw streak throughout the top amazingly unusual in the realm of toasters. Offered in white, blue, or black (with fitting kettles at precisely the same colors ), every pair of slots may be utilized individually. It’s simple to place the browning degree. We would recommend using the maximum one, however, to find an adequate browning. It’s easy to clean, but it is relatively slow, and you may end up with one side slightly more toasted than another.

8. Dualit 46600 Domus Toaster 4 Slot

Like another primo Dualit toaster analyzed, this one has an impressive nine browning levels. Along with the typical settings, there is also an excess lift for smaller sandwiches and “peek and pop” to check on progress.

With the exclusion of tall bread that pops from the best (a frequent problem), it becomes excellent results for many sizes and shapes, including thin and thick pieces and crumpets through to bagels. It is fast, but very thick and not quite as easy to wash as other toasters. And it is pricey. A fitting kettle is available in precisely the same color range white, black, gray, or ceramic.

9. Smeg TSF02 4-Slice 2-Slot Toaster

We love the pale color choices green, blue, and pink, and they’re black, white, white, cream, chrome, and red. Brownie also points for the two-slot layout, which can be both space-saving and leaves great doddle pieces since you can pop them.

It may also manage thicker pieces, including crumpets and bagels easily, and you may purchase a sandwich cage for toasties plus a bun warmer for pastries and croissants. It’s user friendly, using an easily removable and cleanable crumb tray, but it is quite slow maybe not much cop if you are continually running in the evenings. Plus, it will not come cheap. It is matching kettles out there.

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10. Morphy Richards Vector Toaster

Offered in black, red, white, or cream (with fitting kettles accessible ), this modern-looking toaster will not be your first option for different sized pieces of bread since it does not like tall pieces and lacks an excess lever elevator to the likes of crumpets.

However, for bog-standard supermarket loaves and thicker pieces, we found the amount four atmospheres (from seven browning options) was put on, producing a picture-perfect toast that tastes terrific. Be warned it is a little on the dense side, however, and crumbs may collect in hidden nooks and crannies, but nothing a moist cloth can not sort out.

11. Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Breville has a reputation for quality products, such as this wise toaster, which uses a smart processor to control the lowering of the bread in addition to the toasting time. Maybe you have checked your completed toast and idea that it is nearly perfect, but it is not there? This toaster manages that scenario with the”somewhat more” setting, which enriches the bread to brown it slightly longer, which means you don’t need to hover on the toaster or threat burning rather than browning.

Another advanced feature is that the”elevator and seem,” which raise the bread so that you can test it without canceling the present toasting session, and this can be great once you’re toasting a new sort of food, not sure how long the toasting will require. The LED display enables you to track the toasting progress, and the toaster beeps to know when the bread is finished. Every side of the toaster works by itself, which means that you may set your lean toast on one side and a bagel on another with the bagel feature. A defrost feature allows you to thaw and bread toasting completely.

12. Proctor Silex

Ideal for getting a new kitchen, dorm room, holiday cabin, or for men and women that aren’t so serious in their toast, this budget-friendly toaster includes all of the features you want, such as full slots for thick bread, a slide-out crumb tray, plus a cool-touch outdoor. When you are cooking tiny pieces of food, this toaster will raise them higher so that it is possible to recover them without burning your hands, while the cancel button stops the process when you prefer.

13. Cuisinart Exact Heat Toaster Oven Broiler

Require your toasting one step farther. Can you make toast, but you might also use it for broiling, baking, and cooking. It’s unnecessary to reheat leftover pieces or heat your oven that is big for a pizza simply to fire up the toaster oven.

The temperature you select is maintained by a heating detector, which means that your toast will be ideal, and your bagels won’t burn.

This includes a touchpad for a clock, simple control, and a timer for oven cooking. The handle makes it effortless to open up the door, even if you’re wearing a mitt, although it gives it a professional appearance.

14. Chitomax 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toasters with Reheat Defrost Cancel Function

It’s high ratings from consumers Though the Chitomax brand may not be recognizable. There are separate controls for each set of slots, which means as you provide your raisin toast a little browning, picking from too dark, that you may toast waffles. You could reheat your toast with no excess products.

A high-lift lever lifts the toast high, which makes it easier to recover modest items. This has when it is time to wash.

15. Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic

Smeg, an Italian firm, has been making inroads in the American marketplace and obtaining the following result of its retro look of the appliances and exceptional color choices that can make an impression in any kitchen. The toaster’s exterior is powder-coated steel with chrome accents.

It’s two slots which are broad and long, so that you may toast four pieces of two additional sections, toast, or two split bagels. The setting will allow you to toast one side when you are toasting bagels or English muffins. This has defrosted and reheat settings. Anti-slip feet maintain this stable, and the crumb tray makes it simple to wash.

16. Kenmore Elite Auto-Lift Long Slot Toaster

Fantastic for toasting sausage buns, the slots on this toaster may even let you toast extended pieces of French bread or pieces from artisan loaves that will not fit neatly into toasters with regular slots. It is also possible to toast bread that is conventional side-by-side, so the two slots may toast four pieces. Those long slots can also be added wide, which means that you can match your Texas toast or other massive pieces of bread, whereas the self-centering attribute makes sure thin slices will toast equally. It has settings for heating and a bagel setting, which toast on one side, together with nine color settings for your toast.

LED screen and the stainless steel outside make this toaster appear contemporary, and also the self-lowering attribute makes it much more enjoyable to use. The display indicates a countdown timer so that you know in a glance.

17. KitchenAid Candy Apple Red

You may know KitchenAid due to their stand frames that are iconic, and also this toaster involves a number of the layout features from their 1937 mixer, so giving it a look that is contemporary but retro. The candy apple red color will make a statement while the toaster’s features will impress you. Seeing the toast reduced and increase automatically can be enjoyable, while the capability to elevate the bread to inspect the process without realizing that it will help prevent over-browned waffles.

The keep-warm atmosphere will automatically trigger after 45 minutes to be sure that your toast will be butter-ready should you step from the kitchen. It proceeds to unleash for 3 minutes, giving you a lot of time.

The four slots are wide enough for bagels and other thick pieces of bread, whereas the self-centering attribute helps to ensure that lean bread will toast equally. When you are toasting a new sort of food, you may not know precisely how much time it requires, therefore the”a bit longer” setting allows you to maintain toasting without altering your favorite environment to your customary bread.

18. Cuisinart Touch

Constructed with a bagel setting reheat and cancel buttons, this is the toaster for lovers. An LED countdown screen will allow you to track the process, which means you will know just when the toast will probably be prepared, and an icon onto the toaster will enable you to understand how to organize the bagels for perfect toasting on the right side.

The stainless steel exterior with its easy buttons is classic, although the LED screens make it a little more contemporary. A lift raises and lowers the bread for you, so there is no requirement for levers. Every side of the toaster works so that you can toast on both sides while the other hand produces a mahogany color. The toaster will beep to allow you to know that it’s time when it is completed.

If you keep the toaster instead of showing it on the counter, then the cable wrap around the bottom will keep it neat and clean.

19. Lofter

The toaster in our enumeration is from Lofter, among the brands in the kitchen appliances’ domain. Much like most toasters type this new, this 4-slice toaster is impressive when it comes to toasting department.

It features a timer that shuts off the appliance after your pieces are toasted into the amount of taste. The slots are broad enough to match almost any bread pieces. And when everybody in your family enjoys their parts toasted to different degrees, the color selector gets you covered.

20. Homeart Artisan Toaster, 4 Slice

In case you’ve been monitoring all kitchen appliances from Homeart, they are all super-aesthetic. It is like the most crucial focus of the company is that this century. Each of their products seems as they’re in the future, and this four-slice toaster is not any different.

This version contains some security and safety protection features. All these are anti-leakage and anti-overheat protection; that will both come in handy if you’re the type of person who wishes to get carried off while preparing a meal at the kitchen.

The tool is coated with a 12-months replacement guarantee and 365 days money-back warranty.

21. CUSINAID 4 Wide Slots

If you’re mainly searching for flexibility and flexibility in the four-slice toaster, you will present to your loved ones, then that Cusinaid 4-slice toaster is just what you want. If you’ve got a modern kitchen, this toaster will blend in effortlessly, too, as a result of its color amalgamation and striking stainless-steel end.

The feature that brought me has been its extra-wide toasting slots. I’d seen multiple testimonials online praising their (slots) width, but I wanted to place it to the evaluation. Following the product came from Amazon, I went into the mall and obtained the thickest part of the bread that I could find and purchased the thickest croissants, bagels, artisan pieces, and English Muffins.

To no surprise, they all fit perfectly inside the machine. What is more? I toasted these pieces back to back to be able to determine the toaster’s evenness and consistency. The slice that abandoned the appliance was deliciously toasted since the one who went, as anticipated.

22. Cuisinart CPT-435 Toaster

Broadly, the process of creating the toasties is a simple and easy procedure. At precisely the time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t obtain a state-of-the-art toaster, which lets you find inventive to time. That’s the reason I present that it this difficult to conquer Cuisinart CPT-435 toaster.

This high-quality four-slice toaster comes with an LCD that keeps you posted on the procedure of your pieces, which is an aesthetic attribute. I mean, that would not wish also have something to say about it and to find? It’s astounding too If it concerns the section that is toasting. For starters, it boasts extra-wide slots that could deal with any pieces you throw in it.

23. KitchenAid Kmt4115cu

If you’re scouring the net trying to locate a four-slice bread grill toaster with a durable construction that guarantees you will not find a much better toastie maker anytime soon, then that KitchenAid Kmt4115cu is a superb place for you to begin.

Its outside surface doesn’t heat up during surgery, making it among the toasters, although this instrument is metallic.

It boasts four added wide slots that could fit bread dishes of all shapes and sizes. The four slots could produce up to 20 pieces in under fifteen minutes. Impressive, right?

Whenever your toasties are prepared, make sure that you avail the high-lift attribute, which lets you lift little taste bits high enough to recover them without needing to be concerned about coming in touch with the place between the slots and also damaging yourself.

24. Black + Decker TR4310FBD

If the layout does not attract you to the Black + Decker TR4310FBD 4-slice bread grill toaster, I don’t know what’s going to. The design will blend in with almost any, irrespective of the theme color of the kitchen.

It retails with self-centering guides, which are set up to make sure your toasties will come out toasted. And we looked in, this Black and Decker toaster version boasts settings that permit you to prepare two meals.

If you are a lover of artisan bread pieces, handmade pieces, English Muffins, or Croissants, you are also blessed due to this toaster’s extra-wide slots that may match anything you throw in them.

25. Hamilton Beach

This is just another good-quality stainless steel toaster that includes two extra-long and broad slots that may fit four pieces of bread simultaneously.

And it may toast bagels in addition to all sorts of bread pieces. Therefore, for toasting than your bread, this is a good alternative for you if you would like something. It includes three modes: toasting one, maintaining the warm toast one, and one for defrosting.

26. Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide

This is just another fantastic 4-slice bread grill toaster out of the new Hamilton Beach. This one is a 4-slot toaster, with all broad slots but not so long as the ones from the version. It cannot be utilized for bread, which has long pieces but functions for slices of bagels and bread.

In reality, it has another mode for bagels in which the part is toasted by it and retains the round part warm. This is to avoid burning off the bagel in the side, which is likely to occur if the two sides are toasted.

Enjoy the 24810 version; this includes all the toast boost features, which lets you take slices out. Furthermore, this product also consists of the color selector feature, enabling you to determine how brown you want your bread to be toasted.

27. KitchenAid KMT4203CA

This is a superior product by the newest KitchenAid and comes with an elegant look that would look great. This layout was launched out of 1937 with the stand mixer of the brand. This provides a timeless appearance using contemporary functionalities.

This product includes four added wide, 1.5-inch slots that may match most slices of bread and bagels. It comes with an automated lifting mechanism that lowers the food in and out or raises.

It’s the bagel and defrosts settings such as other toasters. Furthermore, also, it has a manner that toasters provide. This can be known as the”somewhat longer” mode. Consequently, if you need the toaster to conduct a bit longer and prefer toast, then it is possible to take advantage of this mode. This is an easy, yet practical feature that improves the convenience rating with this bread grilling machine.

What’s more, also, it gets the keep, and you’ll realize that it is warm when you take it all out. This is just another functional and useful quality you will get used to fast.

28. Dualit 4 Slice NewGen

This is a streamlined and refined 4-slice bread grill toaster using four broad slots. The slots are large enough to fit bagels. It includes another setting to defrost and also to toast bagels.

The best thing about this toaster is the fact that it comes. The cage includes a built-in drip tray, making it effortless to earn any kind of toasties. The product also contains a rack, and that means you receive a toaster together with value-added attachments on your product packaging.

One other fantastic attribute is that this product is offered in a variety of colors to select the one that is going to look great.

29. Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast

This 1800 watt 4 slice toaster includes four slots that may fit bagels and slices of bread. It’s a little more toast, defrost, and bagel settings that could be controlled by push-control buttons.

This toaster has a one-touch automobile. You don’t get burnt while adding or carrying out slices lowering lift and function mechanism. It provides a lift and looks performance, which lets you assess how the brown bread is in any given period.

The toaster makes a sound if the toast is created to alert you. As well as a 6-level brownness setting lets you control how brown you want your toast. This toaster could toast bread according to the taste preferences of each individual. This toaster includes a one-year limited guarantee to make it repaired in the event of any fault.



What features should you look out for while purchasing a toaster?

A number of configurations:

The larger the number of configurations (the standard is six), the more control you will have over refining the browning in your preferred bread.


Some higher-end toasters have a metal rack that sits to heat the likes of pancakes, rolls, and croissants, even though a couple has a sandwich rack that compresses your sandwich, with a right bottom to prevent out contents spilling.

Digital display:

By no means necessary, however, a nice-to-have attribute is a screen that gives you an easy-to-see countdown timer so that you can find the remainder of your brekkie prepared at the same time your toast pops up.

Easy to clean:

But some create a job of taking away toasters appear every fingerprint. Ensure that your toaster could be wiped clean and contains an easy-access tray.


Four-slice toasters can be found in only about every style (and color ) that you can imagine out of the uber-modern glass into rustic, country kitchen design. Many can be found with matching other kitchen appliances, and occasionally kettles.


Some four-slice toasters are more substantial and bulkier than many others, so check this from the total amount of free space you have in your worktop. One space-saving idea would be to go using two slots that are long to get a toaster piece of bread per day to four ones.


I understand that you aim to select the very best 4-slice toaster that may provide correctly. I recommend you not to overlook other features that could improve your expertise. These include features like ease of cleanup, ease of use, durability, and consistency.

With these features in mind, I’d select the Cuisinart CPT-435 since the very best 4-slice toaster out there. It has everything from a decorative stainless-steel home and extra-wide slots into configurations and toasting degrees.

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