Best 6 Burner Gas Grill 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 6 Burner Gas Grill

A three-burner and maybe even 4-burner grills are fantastic for rookies, but as soon as you’ve moved on to another level, the six-burner grill becomes the newest frontier. Keep reading DADONG will help you answer the question of what is the best 6 burner gas grill.

Benefits Of A 6-Burner Gas Grill

If you have been cooking on a barbecue with just a couple of whistles, switching into some 6-burner gas grill will alter how you approach grilling. To begin, 6-burner grills provide a lot more cooking area, which grills with fewer burners.

Each of the models we reviewed provides at least 500 square inches of cooking area, in addition to ample heating racks that you maintain your thinner cuts of beef. In addition to this, 6-burner gas grills provide you with flexible control over your cooking. Together with six burners, it is possible to keep one side of the grill cranked to high heat, whereas the grill’s opposite side is still on the heat.

The center burners can be employed to provide a transition or stored off to different cooking regimes to your meals. Finally, using six dishwashers means your whole heat output is enormous in comparison to grills.

The two Monument Grills and Royal Gourmet grills give an unbelievable 72,000 BTUs of heat when all of the burners are opened up. Meaning you could cook thick cuts of beef at a fraction of the time it would take using a gas grill.

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Buying Guide

Cooking Space

Chief of why folks opt for 6-burner grills would be the sheer number of cooking areas they get with this. This is compared to that which is accessible on gas grills using three or four burners. To get a 6-burner grill, cooking distances tend to be greater than 500 sq. inches based on criteria.

In case you’ve got a large extended family and a lot of friends coming around for Thanksgiving, and you are grilling to a small-sized grill, then you are going to become tired before anybody says Jack!

Again, let us also mention the heating rack can also be a part of the cooking area. It will give you additional cooking space for maintaining things warm. Thus, you are going to continue cooking around the leftovers while the already-cooked food is kept hot.


It is a proven truth that the cooking area on a grill includes a direct effect on its size. The bigger the cooking area, the bigger the grill is going to be, and vice versa. Typically, 6-burner grills are big, so it’s vital to ensure that there’s enough space in your outside areas to adapt it.

BTU Rating

Since you probably know, BTU refers to the quantity of heat your gasoline burner may discharge. It stands for British Thermal Units. There’s a single simple logic supporting BTU; the greater the amount, the more remarkable.

You might discover that the top of the stove grills frequently has BTUs of approximately 70,000 and over. A few of the grills have a powerful burner with a higher BTU rating than other burners. No matter the situation, observe the BTU rating of this gas grill you select.

Liquid Propane vs. Natural Gas

Gas grills use both natural gas or liquid propane as fuel. It is not simple to convert a gas grill from utilizing natural gas to liquid propane and vice versa. Therefore, select a particular kind of energy to save yourself the pressure of searching for fuel.

Build Quality

Build quality is an essential aspect to consider when buying a new product. As they say, all that glitters is not gold. A product that appears elegant, polished, and superior does not necessarily indicate construct quality.

Ask about and read the testimonials of other people if you are buying online. Strong build quality is an obvious sign of just how long your barbecue will last.

Storage Space

To get a 6-burner grill, the storage area is crucial. There are two storage areas to be considered.

To begin with, the location you will save the grill when it is not being used. You can not merely introduce it to the elements after every use. Maybe, there can be space in your patio or pergola, or perhaps you earn a tent for this, as the case might be.

Then again, there is also the demand for the grill to have a storage container or cabinet. This is useful for saving your grilling utensils as well as the likes. Double door storage is vital since it will make eliminating things from the storage area much more straightforward.

Temperature Controls

An integrated temperature indicator is crucial. A must-have should you consider the sum of money you are doling out to purchase the 6-burner grill you are thinking about. Besides using a temperature estimate, it should also have user-friendly control knobs, each committed to a burner.

Using a dedicated controller knob for every burner provides you the leeway to grill different items on the leftovers in precisely the identical moment. This, then, ensures you cook a vast assortment of meals for a lot of individuals at right the same moment.

Integrated Burners

Some grills provide burners that make it effortless to cook foods on the grill while tapping a single side. They include unique stove grates because of this. Having one is a massive benefit as it will save you the strain of shuttling between your kitchen and out of your property.


Grilling grates need to be created from high grade cast iron materials. This is because the thrown iron materials retain heat and are powerful enough to last quite a very long time. They’re also simple to clean because the food will not stick readily to them.

Electric Ignition

Although it isn’t a must-have, obtaining an electric ignition onto your gas grill will make it simple to light and switch off the grill after cooking. Plus, it will save you the strain of searching for game sticks to light and use your barbecue.

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Top Best 6 Burner Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grills

WEBER Summit S-670 6 Burner Stainles
  • High-powered Sear Station burner allows you to turn up the heat for perfect searing of steaks and chops
  • Heavy duty 9mm stainless steel rod cooking grates and stainless steel Flavorizer bars for lasting durability

The Weber Summit 7470001 S-670 Gas Grill is indeed excellent; it is almost a grilling artwork. This is where form meets function, and you also like one genuinely high degree grilling experience in an aesthetically-minded bundle.

The title Weber is synonymous with quality and endurance. The business is well known for designing some of the best gas grill 6-burner on the current market across a vast selection of price points.

Using six stainless steel pans, such as an extra side burner, sear station burner, a smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner, you can cook almost anything you’d ever need to consume all in one enormous unit. It gives a total of 838 square inches and 60,600 BTUs for an intense experience. Grilling grates are strong stainless steel to the very best heat conduction and simple, clean up.

Weber’s burner tubes are commonly considered some of the maximum quality available on the current market, using a sleek stainless steel design without welds for additional durability and integrity. Infinite control settings on the burner valves allow for your full calibration of temp so that you may elevate the encounter and fine-tune your cook.

Additionally, it will come with Weber’s signature flavorizer bars for catching the most aromatic juices of the meat and two stainless-steel workspaces for homework, and completed meat resting place. The reduced double door cupboard is massive and contains ample room for keeping all of your grilling essentials along with the propane tank.

The Summit’s body is mainly composed of stainless steel. Therefore it’s incredibly durable. This grill boasts a single ignition system for every distinct jar, which means you don’t need to light the entire thing to cook a couple of small items, adjusting every burner’s temperature to match whatever you are grilling, whether it’s salmon or a New York strip.

This model can be equipped with all of the typical features such as push-button ignition, readily removed angled grease management program, lid-mounted thermometer, along a propane tracking gauge so that you know where you stand with your gas.

The main control panel is illuminated for simple grilling in low-light ailments.

You may either buy the Summit as a propane gas grill model or hook it up to your house and operate it on natural gas. It also ranks as one of our selections for the most effective natural gas grills.

Though the Weber might empty your wallet a bit more thoroughly than a number of the other grills available on the current market, its durability is a return to the investment.

Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 RSIB Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon creates many of our favorites for simplicity of use and years-long durability if it comes to higher-end grills. Such as the Weber, the Pro series are investment grills that will elevate your garden grill time into an adventure.

This specific collection comes in a selection of sizes with different burner offerings, but the six burners we’re looking at with this listing is a tough luxury choice. There’s very little it does not offer, and in case you’ve got the money to throw something seriously badass, this is where you can place it.

So let us begin with the core performance. The Pro 665 includes five main burners. Additionally, it has dual-level infrared zone side jelqing burners for maximum temps in addition to a back infrared burner. It is designed to be the outside kitchen so you can cook a whole meal on it, such as mains, sides, and dessert if you are feeling crazy.

Concerning power, it attracts 99,000 BTUs into the table, and it’s vast at 1,140 complete square inches of cooking area. I don’t believe you can fill all that up in a single go if you attempted. That is nearly 300 square inches greater than that which the Weber Summit is supplying.

Napoleon also includes all of the conventional and non-standard luxuries features you can expect at this price-point: matchless push-button ignition using an additional quick heating, a lid-mounted thermometer for every lid/cooking zone, a superbly designed roll top lid, an infrared rotisserie burner, and an integrated amplifier tray so that you may convert your grill place into a toaster with its dedicated burner.

The side effects have reversible cooking grids and are made to take a side and sauce prep and searing legumes.

Among my favorite features are the inside lighting for viewing what you are grilling even at nighttime and lighted control knobs, which you may customize to your taste with many color choices. There is also an excellent security feature where knobs will glow red once the gas is not entirely turned off.

Napoleon’s total look is glistening, and it is relatively breathtaking for something efficient and beastly. Stainless steel and chrome finishings are used liberally throughout. The lower cupboard includes shelving so that you can store all of your tools and a couple of extras together with the propane tank.

There are no downsides to this grill. It’s a functioning piece of machines intended to provide an outstanding experience on each level. In case you’ve got the funds to invest and are not quite prepared for the behemoth that’s the PRO825, this is an excellent option.

Broil King 957344 Regal XLS Pro LP Gas Grill

The Regal XLS’s new version is a good update for 2020 and provides another competitor with a marginally more wallet-friendly cost tag.

The title “Regal” is dead-on with this particular grill. It’s enormous, glistening, and upgraded with nearly every single bell and whistle Broil King could consider lifting the grilling experience for die-hard lovers.

Of the three at our top places, the Broil King is the cheapest, but it still packs at the very best feature listing and should become your go-to when you’ve got a healthy budget and are searching for an insane barbecue encounter.

Let’s kick off this by taking a look at the size. The Regal provides 750 square inches of cooking space with an extra 250 square inches of warming rack for keeping your vegetables warm and toasting up some buns if you are enjoying a day of hamburgers. It features stainless steel cooking grids from the home oven compartment and cast iron grids from the secondary cook box.

The monster’s general power can be striking, although not as jacked as with our other two leading grills, using 60,000 BTUs for its six top burners, a 10,000 BTU commercial standard infrared burner, AND a committed 15,000 BTU committed stainless steel rotisserie burner using all the kit included. The double lids and cook boxes result in a candy set-up.

Broil King’s signature Flav-R-Wave cooking process is intended to vaporize drippings and infuse the taste back into whatever you are grilling while concurrently delivering consistent, even heat. The linear flow valves will also be optimized to offer you a measured temperature controller to get a nuanced grilling experience.

This version features electronic ignition and a front-mounted temperature estimate. The entire build is mainly stainless steel, with chrome detailing on knobs and fittings for supreme durability. The knobs are also LED illuminated for day grilling, so when it is getting dark, and you are not prepared to call it stops, you may keep your barbecue session moving.

The XLS storage scenario is intense with fall-down stainless shelves with tool hooks, shelf slots, and towel racks. The three beneath cabinets are fantastic for storage and hiding out the slide mechanism to your propane tank, yet another detail characteristic we adore.

Grillers on Amazon are die-hard lovers, raving about each of the features and the smooth expertise for grilling, having a general score of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Royal Gourmet 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill, BBQ, Picnic, or Camping Outdoor, Black
261 Reviews
Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill, BBQ, Picnic, or Camping Outdoor, Black
  • 8 stainless steel tube burners with 13,000 BTU each, total 104,000 BTU cooking power; supporting gas system includes 2 sets of regulators for stable, even flame
  • 950 sq. in. cooking surface with 1/4" diameter porcelain wire cooking grates, grill more than 60 burgers or 120 hot dogs at once; Feature integrated folding windscreen to protect grilling

This 8-burner behemoth out of Royal Gourmet is not made for the casual garden grill man. This grill is much more suited to big event spaces, such as church BBQs, picnic areas, or occasion halls.

The Royal Gourmet Event Grill features eight stainless burners, 104,000 BTUs of total cooking power, two labs to the propane system, 950 square inches of the entire cooking area, plus porcelain-coated cooking grates. It contains a stainless steel control panel for additional durability, a digital ignition system, and an extensive grease management system.

Since this grill is intended to feed a small army, it also has ample side shelves for both homework and two lower shelves for serious storage. It includes a giant cover to help keep it protected from the elements and is a fantastic choice if you are frequently in the pattern of ingesting a small army.

Monument 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless

This is a right grill from Monument plus a massive addition to any garden grilling experience.

It includes six stainless steel leading juicers spread over 634 square inches of the main cook area and the 266 square inch warming rack. Additionally, it contains an extra side burner for side or sauce prep. In general, electricity is an impressive 84,000 BTUs, the maximum on this listing.

The Monument also provides a stainless steel design with stainless steel lid and cook box, stainless steel cooking grates for even heat supply, stainless steel flame tamers, digital ignition system, LED control knobs zinc-plated, removable grease tray for simple maintenance.

It’s mounted above a roomy lower cupboard designed to hide the propane tank and extend extra storage. This is the right choice if you’re trying to find a whole lot of cook areas for the money.

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Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil’s searchable offering is a high choice for absolute size for the cost value with this list and is an excellent choice if you are not yet prepared to splurge on a Weber.

The Performance 650 provides mega-sized primary cooking in 650 square inches plus an extra 280 square inches of the secondary heating rack for buns and veggies. It includes six main burners and a 10,000-BTU lidded side burner. Leading burner electricity comes in at 60,000 BTUs. Additionally, it will come with electronic ignition for fast and straightforward start-ups and a built-in lid-mounted thermometer.

In general, construction and fascia are stainless steel, using a large lower storage cupboard for resources and also to conceal the propane tank. Stationary steel side shelves provide for additional prep space. This is a superb offering from Char-Broil and among the larger components in their Performance lineup.

Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R 6-Burner Gas Grill

Royal Gourmet MG6001-R-C 6 Cabinet Propane Infrared Burner Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
16 Reviews
Royal Gourmet MG6001-R-C 6 Cabinet Propane Infrared Burner Gas Grill, Stainless Steel
  • 700 sq. in. of primary cooking area, plus warming rack provides a secondary cooking area with 260 sq inches
  • Porcelain cast iron cooking grates with slope design and better for keep meat’s natural flavor

Royal Gourmet includes a fantastic lineup of grills, and this is just another sound and massive accession.

The Mirage provides 465 square inches of cooking area, a 90 square inch warming rack, porcelain cast-iron cooking grates with a specialization incline design to lock in favor stainless steel tube burners, two different stainless footprints with built-in thermometer gauges.

Complete BTU output signal is 96,000 for many burners, for instance, infrared back burner and shelf-mounted, lidded side burner. The construct is mainly stainless steel with a massive under-cabinet, sliding tank rack, and two side shelves with tool hooks for storage.

Weber Stephen Company 63014001 Genesis II LX E-640 Liquid Propane Grill

The E-640 edition of this Genesis is an incremental update on the S-435 we discussed from the #7 spot and the E-610 at our top site. The outside construction and internal workings are nearly identical, with a few tiny updates.

What do you expect to see improved on the E-640? The general cooking dimension is more significant at 770 square inches (like the 610). The electricity can also be excited with this particular model, together with 72,000 BTUs to the primary burners (the 610 has 69,000), the side burner stays the same in 12,000 BTUs. The only other update is another managed light (the 435 has one), a reasonably minimal incentive.

If you consider this version, it is only to find a little excess cooking area and a bit more power within the S-435 and E-610 variations of the Genesis. Reviews from different consumers are consistently strong for both versions.

Weber-Stephen Company Genesis II S-435 NG Grill

The Genesis II S-435 is somewhat smaller than a number of the other grills within this listing; the six burners comprise the side burner and the sear station burner. It merely includes four main burners with 48,000 BTUs of output. The sear channel burner includes 9,000, with 12,000 with this aspect burner.

It features stainless steel cooking grates, Weber’s signature Flavorizer bars, an easy-access grease control program, generous, lower cupboard storage with rack design shelving, two side tables with tool hooks, and the lidded side burner, in addition to a front-mounted temperature estimate.

The S-435 is mostly stainless steel construction with chrome finishings. Like all Weber grills, it’s intended to last.

Bull Outdoor Products 62648 Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head

Bull Outdoor Products 62648 Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head, Liquid Propane
3 Reviews
Bull Outdoor Products 62648 Diablo 6 Burner Grill Head, Liquid Propane
  • 304, 14 gauge stainless Steel construction
  • 105, 000 BTU's

If we speak six burners, we must include a minimum of one of my beloved built-in alternatives. The bull is the King of built-in grilling, and this 6-burner grill head is a gorgeous addition to some built-in backyard kitchen set-up.

The Diablo is the biggest model at 105,000 square inches of grilling space for six cast stainless steel burners running at 15,000 BTU’s per for a combined 105,000 BTUs of overall power. There is also a bonus infrared backpack that is perfect for perfect accuracy.

Bull contains their “relia-bull technologies,” which ensures even heat supply by using specially designed fire tamers (thanks to the geniuses they hired in Cal-Tech) to make a more grilling surface that better eliminates hot and cold spots. They assert this improves heat supply up to 50 percent and permits you to utilize the entire body with fantastic consistency.

Construction is 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, which can be professional-grade, and zinc knobs correctly fitted. That is bull’s luxury grill head and the top of the line, so every bit is top-quality.

If you’re searching for the most significant, worst six-burner grill thoughts to the block, then you have met your match with this man.

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Could I convert a liquid propane grill to natural gas?

Regrettably, you can not convert a gas grill that runs on propane to operate on natural gas. The gasoline and burners are not interconvertible between both fuels, which means you are better off purchasing a new grill if you want to change powers.

Just how long does it generally take to build a 6-burner gas grill? Is the process much longer compared to grills?

Many 6-burner gas grills have been made to be simple to disassemble since producers understand this is a portion of their cleaning process. For lots of the grills we’ve examined, you’re able to take apart or put together the grill in under 20 minutes. That does not include time spent cleaning.

Can a barbecue be stored continuously outdoors?

Yes, even gas grills are made to be stored outdoors, even in winter. But you will need to be sure your grill is protected from the elements with a plastic, waterproof grill cover.

For more information:


A 6-burner grill is equally essential to anybody who plans to grill for a high amount of individuals. Imagine grilling to your colleagues in your workplace meeting in your home on Thanksgiving with a 2-burner grill. It’ll be undoubtedly time-consuming and back-breaking!

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