Best 8 Quart Slow Cooker 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 8 Quart Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is among the things you want and desire from the kitchen if you live a hectic lifestyle yet still want to enjoy deliciously prepared, healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones. With possession of this best 8 quart slow cooker, you’ve got everything and have to repair it and forget it.

Why Purchase 8 Quart Slow Cookers and Crockpots?

The main reason is convenience and also to conserve time. Slow cookers will help save time, but only if you plan your meals; the 8-quart capacity permits you to roast 8 pounds chicken or even 6 pounds meat.

You might even use it for cooking in bulk, and also the best part is that the slow cooker does all of the work. If you find yourself with a programmable slow cooker that the toaster will change automatically to keep heat, keep your food from becoming chilly.

8 quart slow cookers and Crockpots save money by consuming less electricity, and also, you may purchase cheaper cuts of beef so that you may buy feed and more for less. Just put, you want a slow cooker this Christmas/New Years’.

Programmable 8-Qt Slow Cooker

Arranging a party can be challenging if you don’t have the ideal tools available, by way of instance, suppose that something comes up last minute and you need to go somewhere for something. The problem is you’ve got some cooking on the stove, today you’re in a problem. How to proceed?

Both options have consequences, so select carefully; there’s a way to prevent this dilemma. The solution is a programmable slow cooker or crock pots with timer delay that you can find more information here; why? 8 quart slow cookers can hold a great deal of food.

That usually means they are ideal for entertaining; additionally, slow cookers provide you more freedom. It is possible to abandon it working without worrying about your food becoming burnt, chilly, or overcooked.

8 Quart Crock Pots and Slow Cookers

If it comes to slow cookers size issues, why? The thing is, it’s suggested that if you use a toaster, you need to fill it halfway or three-quarters complete, motive?

Doing so will stop spillovers, overcooking, and under-cooking. If you’re expecting guests or households this Christmas/New Year, the best thing to do would be to purchase 8-quart slow stoves Crockpots.

The cause of that is straightforward; it’ll help save you money and time. The wonderful thing about slow cookers is similar to stoves; slow cookers do not require a hands-on approach when sleeping.

best 8 quart programmable slow cooker

Buying Guide

Before you decide to purchase a specific product, consider a few of these product features original. Picking out the proper cooker can help save you naturally happening post-purchase stress or a necessity to get some different version later in the long run.

You should look at the following three areas:

  • General Product Features
  • Features Specific to Your Prerequisites
  • Few Different Things

1. General Product Features

We advise you to evaluate the next 2 product features (they generally use to some version; no matter what You Plan to use it for):

Pot Material

Slow Cooker Pots comes in the three most frequent materials. Cheaper versions include aluminum pots with non-stick coating. From experience, these are even the least durable.

Aluminum pots often peel-off following some time. You’ll have to replace them by buying new products because it could prove challenging to get spare parts. Simultaneously, remember that containers with all the peeled-off coating can flow aluminum to the meals that could pose particular health risks.

Better quality Slow Cookers come with ceramic pots. These are far better than aluminum lasting nearly four times more.

Ceramic plates aren’t manufactured with any dangerous materials such as PFOA or PTFE employed in conventional non-stick coatings. This is their primary advantage in comparison to aluminum pots (and other aluminum cookware too ).

Another benefit of ceramic plates is they disperse heat more efficiently and evenly, thereby shortening the cooking occasions. You can usually save as much as 20 percent of the time.

The third common kinds are the stoneware pots. Likewise, like ceramic pots, stoneware containers do not include any potentially harmful chemicals. The fantastic thing is that even the least expensive models nowadays have stoneware pots.

Some versions may also arrive with stainless steel or pure non-coated aluminum, although these are incredibly uncommon now. I’d expect bare aluminum pots just in the least expensive versions or in products sold in specific Asian warehouses. Surprisingly, aluminum cookware remains relatively common in several Asian nations.


Most products have a standard 1-Year Warranty, though a few offer around a 3-Year Warranty, particularly Cuisinart Slow Cookers.

Slow Cookers are not overly expensive appliances; therefore, even if they cease working after a year, it should not cost a fortune to replace them. But when you’ve got environmental consciousness or want not to purchase new appliances each year or so, then picking a model using a more extended guarantee does make sense.

2. Features Specific to Your Prerequisites

Temperature Control

Various recipes will need a particular temperature. Better models provide variable temperature controls that allow setting your preferred temperature just on Digital Displays in degrees Fahrenheit.

Cheaper versions typically have just 2 or 3 heating controllers clock-style knobs, allowing you to opt for the temperature just as low, moderate, or higher heat setting.

Temperature Probe

Although not too common an attribute, a few Slow Cookers come using a probe. Temperature probes can help you ensure your food will not become over-or under-cooked.


If you’re planning on using your Slow Cooker in your home for only a couple of individuals, then the compact quantity of 3 to 4-Quart is likely to be more than sufficient probably.

For restaurants or more prominent families, we advocate a product with a minimum quantity of 6-Quart. This will let you serve food for many of your guests at precisely the same moment.

The worst thing that may occur during a celebration is when you need to cook the same meal twice. Even though the first half of your guests are eating and another half is awaiting. It is simple to prevent that by using a giant Slow Cooker.


Programmability is a convenient feature. It’s possible to put your desired temperature and specify the cooking period and depart the cooker to finish up.

With this choice, you won’t have to keep watching time or cooking progress. Following the cooking is finished, the stove will automatically change itself into some”hot” mode. This may keep your food hot and ready to function at any moment.

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3. Others Matters

You will find more features worth considering that may establish the product quality, endurance, and eventually its lifespan (maybe breaking down after a couple of months).

Among these things is a state where the product is made.

Products manufactured in the USA or Europe (countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, or Italy) are often of better quality than those produced in China. I am aware that not many production plants are left from the developed world nowadays, but few still exist. If you’re able to acquire such a product, then buy it.

But, take this principle just as a general guide, not a thing written in rock. This could have been mostly true previously. Chinese plants are becoming better, and many higher-end products produced in China are of fantastic quality.

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best rated 8 quart slow cooker

Top Rated 8 Quart Slow Cooker

GoWISE USA 8- Quart 8-in-1 Slow Cooker

GoWISE USA 8-Quart 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker
562 Reviews

Top Ranked 8 Quart Slow Cookers GoWISE USA is among the top-rated eight qt slow cookers with programmable features that are simple to operate. It’s constructed from high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and dishwasher safe.

As its name implies, this toaster is 8-in-1; hence diluting kitchen accessories such as steamer, sauté, white rice cooker, brown rice cooker, beef stew, beans, and multigrain.

It’s an automatic hot program that ensures your food cooks gradually and contains an automatic turn away, a security feature in this toaster. This toaster is readily portable, making it convenient for thorough cleaning.

It includes different accessories like a measuring cup and spoon, and its measurement is 13.75”L X 14″W X 17″H and weighs 16.5 lbs.

GoWISE USA 8- Quart 8-in-1 Slow Cooker is simple to remove and keep after ingestion, making it more suitable.

It includes a one-year warranty. The presets are easy to work, and it is, therefore, economical and efficient. With this slow cooker, you can readily assess the progress of cooking, and also the lid guarantees that you fasten it well until it cooks into your favorite tenderness.

Brentwood Slow Cooker

Brentwood 8 Quart Stainless Steel was rated as the top slow cooker due to the three flexible temperatures from low, large, and automobile. You can start slow cooking when you begin your day and complete a tasty meal at dinner time. This toaster is oval and consequently can accommodate a complete chicken and enormous meat stew.

It’s not hard to function since you’re able to eliminate the ceramic, preventing it from breaking, and easy to wash as it’s dishwasher safe. Brentwood Slow Cooker includes an easy manual plus a recipe, and for that reason, it’s not difficult to assemble. It requires around 8 hours of ingestion, and for that reason, you can cook your favorite meal in the morning and have it ready by dinner time.

It’s 8 quarts and may cook for ten individuals, and for that reason, you can invite your loved ones for supper, and with a single cook, your dinner will soon be prepared. The meals cooked with this cooker are yummy and incredibly tender, which will cause you to utilize this cooker every day.

The size of the slow cooker is 27”L X 11.5″W X 18”H. It’s powered by 380W of electricity. Brentwood Slow Cooker is made from steel, and for that reason, it’s durable. You can readily find fingerprints, which is what the majority of individuals don’t like.

Open Country Slow Cooker

Open Nation is just another best rated compact cooker included with an 8-quart capability and will prepare a meal that’s enough to feed a more significant household. It’s versatile and lovely, and its performance is unmatched.

With this toaster, you can set your meals in the morning and go to work and come back to discover a tasty and healthier diet plan is prepared. It’s thus efficient and economical as you don’t need to wash lots of dishes.

Anyway, it’s dishwasher safe, and consequently, it is easy to wash and maintain. Open Country Slow Cooker is camouflage, and so you are only going to place your components, along with your favorite temperature, subsequently abandon it to cook the meal. The meal is delicious, but it’s secure as it doesn’t overcook, and so you may delight in the first taste.

It’s a multipurpose toaster since you can make it a serving dish and prevent different soiling utensils, saving you time and money. This slow cooker weighs 14.5 pounds, and its own dimensions is15.38”L X 10.5″W X 11”H. It’s excellent for any occasion as it could cook a massive steak, poultry, poultry, or fish.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach 33480 8-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Silver
2,832 Reviews
Hamilton Beach 33480 8-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Silver
  • Countdown timer shows you how much cooking time remains
  • Prevents overcooking by automatically switching to warm after cooking

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker has been rated as a superb slow cooker, which can be programmable for 18 hours, and so you can cook all of your food through the night and day. Additionally, it has an 18 hours warmer program, and so your meals will be prepared for serving anytime after ingestion without needing to heat it.

This product was made to cook fish and poultry during the sous vide system, making it a superb slow cooker. It’s quicker and ensures food is evenly cooked, flavorful, and crunchy for you and your loved ones.

It’s programmable, which makes it excellent, and you may readily assess the progress of cooking while the transparent lid is readily mobile as it clips nicely. Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker is easy to wash as it’s dishwasher safe. Additionally, it includes a unique feature where if cooked food, it adjusts itself to warmer temperatures, thus preventing indefinitely.

It is, therefore, perfect for cooking 7lbs poultry or 6lbs roasted meat. The temperatures may be corrected easily, and so it cooks nicely and evenly. It’s a period of 30 minutes to 18 hours of ingestion, helping you plan readily what’s for supper. The measurement is 11.5”X 17.5″W X 10”H. The disappointing thing about this toaster is that it produces an electrical odor during its first usage.

Elite Gourmet Digital Programmable Slow Cooker

Elite Gourmet Digital Programmable Slow Cooker can also be the top-rated slow cooker that may cook rice, sauté, brown beef, and simmer stews. Because of this, it’s a great deal more than its cost as it accomplishes more variety of jobs.

It’s been created with taste in your mind, and so the slow-cooked food is going to be of excellent flavor, and the meat will be tender and succulent. Additionally, it cooks the turkey and ensures that you eat healthy and safe food.

This slow cooker includes two holders secure for your palms as you eliminate them and are so easy to wash as it’s dishwasher safe. It increases the flexibility of your kitchen and guarantees uniform temperatures during cooking time.

Elite Gourmet Digital Programmable Slow Cooker is made from stainless steel, and for that reason, it’s durable. It’s been made to program it for as much as 20 hours and alternate between high, low, and warm settings. Hence you may enjoy all of your meals from 1 pot.

On occasion, the exterior gets too hot to handle, but the grips alleviate the strain of burning your hands. The size of the slow cooker is 16.34”L X 11.73″W X 11.81”H.

Ninja OP401 Foodi XL TenderCrisp Pressure Multi-Cooker

Ninja is among the top brands with many programmable features, including the toaster. It’s big, and so it could cook for more prominent families that make it perfect for use on occasions when you have family or guests thanksgiving.

It may cook 7 lbs of chicken beneath the slow cooking manner until it’s tender, soft, and succulent. This pressure multi-cooker includes many security features that ensure you have peace of mind when you use it in your kitchen.

It’s non-stick and, thus, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This pressure cooker was designed with 3rd generation technologies, such as sharp attributes, making sure that your food has a crisp flavor and gold finish.

The Ninja OP401 Foodi XL TenderCrisp Stress Multi-Cooker dimension is 14.25”X 16.75″W X 14.1″H, and it’s black/gray. It’s constructed from thick metal, and for that reason, it will last longer. These high-quality substances make this cooker flexible and boost their earnings as individuals a few cute household things.

The only complaint about this cooker is it is overpriced and thus a lot of folks, particularly common income earners, can’t afford it.

Ninja OP401 Foodi XL TenderCrisp Pressure Multi Cooker 8 quart Black/Gray (Renewed)
214 Reviews
Ninja OP401 Foodi XL TenderCrisp Pressure Multi Cooker 8 quart Black/Gray (Renewed)
  • The Ninja food I XL - the pressure cooker that crisps. Pressure cooker, air fryer, tendercrisper
  • Tenderizing technology allows you to quickly cook ingredients, then the crisping lid gives your meals a crispy, golden finish

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slow cooker 8 quart best review


Is it safe to leave a slow cooker when you are not home?

A slow cooker was made to be left on and unattended. Therefore it’s safe to use whenever you’re not in the home or even overnight. Since the slow cooker utilizes such a minimal degree of electricity, about precisely the same amount of wattage as a single and a half 100 watt light bulb may be left for an extended time without energy. It would help if you always were careful by reading the documentation and adhering to all security measures.

Could you wash the foundation of a toaster?

If you’re thinking about how to wash out the foundation of your toaster, it’s simple! To begin with, you will need to be sure that your slow cooker is switched off, unplugged, and cool before cleaning it. Wipe the foundation, inside and outside, using a warm, soapy washcloth and let it air dry. Be sure that you adhere to security precautions such as never submerge the whole foundation in water; it might ruin the electrical wiring. In case you have any additional questions regarding your slow cooker version, consult with the Utilization and Care manual which came with it. If you have lost it, then no worries.

What is the difference between around crocks and oval-shaped crocks?

The most considerable difference in the form of your slow cooker, whether or not oval-shaped, depends upon what you intend cooking in it. Oval is better for more oversized, more horizontally-shaped meats such as cows, chuck roasts, or pot roasts. The taller, rounder slow cookers could be better for soups or stews. You will also need to consider the number of people you’re searching for and the quantity of storage space in your kitchen when picking which form works best for you personally.

Would you make rice in a slow cooker?

Our Test Kitchen experts concur that rice is cooked in a slow cooker just when a recipe calls for it. Also, it is a part of a dish such as chicken and wild rice soup. Otherwise, rice has to simmer for a particular quantity of time and demands a large amount of warmth, not the slow and low layout of several slow cookers. If you’re interested in finding a more straightforward way to generate rice, try a rice cooker, mainly designed to excel in cooking rice, quinoa, and other grains.

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All of the slow cookers in the above list are ranked as the best since they’ve been well-engineered with high-quality substances and beneath high craftsmanship with security and efficacy in mind. Hence, they’re the finest slow cookers with flexible temperatures, and this will make sure that you cook your favorite dinner in the morning and proceed with your patterns and come home when it’s about to be served. They’re dishwasher safe and so effective since they’re simple to wash.

In any case, the top-rated eight qt slow cooker is lasting and will make sure your meal is equally cooked with appropriate temperatures and consequently no overcooking or overheating. They’re oval, and so they accommodate more meals to be cooked for a big family.

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