Top 20+ Best Air Fryer Under 100 Reviews 2020

Best Air Fryer Under 100

Air fried foods come out tender and delicious on the inside and golden and crispy on the outside, which is achieved with much less oil than a regular deep fryer. And of course, your cook occasions have chopped in half, also. From french fries and chicken nuggets into mozzarella sticks and crab rangoon, the options are infinite.

The only drawback to some is that air fryers can frequently be among the pricier compact kitchen gadgets. We have chosen our best picks for 2020’s finest air fryers, but we believed we would select options for people on a budget and locate the best versions for under $100. Are you search for the question of what is best air fryer under 100$. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the top best air fryer under 100 in 2020.

Top 21 Best Air Fryer Under $100

Why Do You Want An Air Fryer Under $100?

1. Convenience

The food items require minimal observation. Once coated from the desired/necessary petroleum coating, they may be left within the air fryer using a timer place and maybe abandoned for cooking. Many fryers have a timer using an auto turn off center.

Sometimes, the vibration of contents and basket may be required for even oil policy, but it’s a lot more convenient than the conventional stovetop.

2. Security

Security is another crucial facet of an air fryer. It removes the danger of hot oil escaping and splashing within the individual that could be the case differently.

3. Health Benefits

The foods cooked within an air fryer require considerably lesser oil than conventional cooking (1 Kilogram of french fries or potatoes can be cooked using only 1-2 tbsp of fat).

Some dishes may even be cooked using only spraying of petroleum. By eliminating fat/oil use around 80 percent, the bite cooked at an air fryer includes much lower calories and, thus, are fitter and diet-friendly choices.

Let us look at the five finest air fryers available under the purchase price section of $100.

Top Best Air Fryer Under 100

Top Rated Best Air Fryer Under 100 2020

1. Gowise USA 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer

This product was on our listing of high all-around air fryers and has been the only one that arrived at under $100. It does a fantastic job at air frying your favorite foods, with no significant price tag. Additionally, it’s an easy-to-use touchscreen that’s level so that it wipes clean easily. If you are forgetful, the built-in alert lets you shake the basket that all your food becomes evenly crispy. The Gowise retains a max of 3.7 quarts, which can be on the bigger end for our budget-friendly selections.

2. Black and Decker Purify Air Fryer

Make way with this brilliant 2-liter fryer from Black and Decker. The Purify includes a basket separator, which lets you cook two excellent meals without blending flavors. If you have ever had a bass fillet that tastes kind of like yesterday’s Bagel Bites, then you will know how great this small addition is.

The 2-liter basket is large enough to match up to four portions of your favorite meals simultaneously. The temperature controller may be adjusted from 175 to 400 degrees, allowing you to zero in on the ideal crisp for your entire family recipes. If you have got a batch of chips that need intermittent basket vibration, the purify includes a 60-minute cook timer for only this kind of precision cooking. To top things off, the fryer basket can also be non-stick, making clean up a cinch.

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3. Elite Platinum EAF-1506D

It looks like the Death Star from Star Wars, but the Elite Platinum Card EAF-1506D is friend, not foe. It may cook up many crispy chips in virtually no time in its 3.5-quart basket and contains six different menu capabilities. The best part is that the touchscreen. It’s flat so that any spills can be easily wiped clean. Additionally, it is among the simplest fryers to cook. Yes, even the Death Star may incinerate whole planets with its laser, but the Elite Platinum Card EAF-1506D can broadcast nourish your meals with good crisp.

4. Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Right off the bat, we are in love with the simple fact that the Dash Deluxe utilizes committed air-crisping to cook the vittles. Hence no oil is needed with this boy. Say hello to healthy eating. The 6-quart basket is among the greatest on our listing, which means that you can depend on your Dash for any large impromptu gathering. Cook vast portions of your favorite fryer treat, from french fries and chicken tenders to baked products and lots of types of desserts.

The Dash also features a 30-minute shut-off timer and adjustable temperature controls, which you can mess with mid-cook if you feel the need bored or inexperienced? The Dash includes a killer recipe book to get all those more experimental foodie nights, or when you want a helping hand for this batch of chips.

5. Cosori 3.7 Quart Air Fryer

This 1700 watt air fryer out of Cosori is just one strong gizmo. Due to some generous output rating, you like reduced cooking times. This Cosori air fryer lets you cut the calories contained in fried snacks without compromising on flavor. To be exact, you can replicate those deep-fried desserts in your kitchen with all the fat content becoming less than 85%. Forget the times where you needed to think of an excuse to binge on your favorite fried food.

6. Ninja Air Fryer AF101

The Ninja Air fryer is just one of those very few highly acclaimed air fryers you could buy for under 100 bucks. Users love it, and so do we. We will inform you of each reason why the Ninja air fryer appears to be among the best contenders in the class.

To start with, the construction of the air fryers air entirely BPA free, and also the non-stick basket is PFOA free. The two most significant issues right from the way! Moving forward, the ceramic-coated non-stick basket along with the crisper plate is dishwasher safe. Thus, cleaning the basket is reduced into some little undertaking.

7. Secura 4 Liters Air Fryer

Having a broad potential of 4.2 Quarts (roughly 4 Liter), Secura air fryer is still one of the people’s favored and arguably among the hot air fryers offered in and about the US. The air fryer features knob-style controls to modulate timer length in addition to the warmth by the operator’s requirements. The temperature could be put between 180 to 400 °F, and the timer could be set up to 60 minutes according to specific requirements.

The timer features a car turnoff center, which turns off the device once the timer is up. This appliance’s energy rating is 1500-watt, which leaves it to cook quicker than several other versions on this listing. The device also has warmth and power-indicator lighting.

8. OMORC 6 Quart Air Fryer

Being a relatively new version, this OMORC air fryer has won users within a brief length of time. This air fryers unites the ideal proportions of appearances and performance at a low price. Starting, the fryer includes a commendable potential of 6 quarts that proves to be 5.7 liters. To put that into perspective, it is possible to easily place an entire chicken within the basket with no overstuff. Meaning, it is simple to cook 4 to 5 starving individuals in 1 go. Now alone, it is a feat to get an air fryer that’s priced under $100.

9. Avalon Bay 3.2 Liters Air Fryer

This Avalon Bay air fryer includes a capacity of 3.2 liters, making it a beneficial choice for small to medium-sized households. The plan of the air fryer matches the criteria set by its complete functionality. Offered in three colors, i.e., black, red, and white, the air fryera display a cooking temperature ranging from 180 to 400 °F, which may be corrected according to requirements. Despite being manufactured from BPA-free vinyl and the heating element manufactured from 304 stainless steel, this 1400-watt air fryer is a tad bit heavier in weight, weighing at 14 lbs (~6.35 Kgs).

10. Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic 3.3

This Oster air fryer is unique to other people in the “under $100” class in one crucial aspect. The cooking basket includes a PFOA free, aluminum infused version of this ceramic coating that’s trademarked by the title DuraCeramic. This coating is extremely durable and can be resilient to bleach. Folks yet uninformed about it may guess it to be another made-up title. However, be assured, it is greater than that.

11. Simple Chef 3.7 Quart Air Fryer

Our tenth choice is a 3.5 L (14 cups) capability air fryer from Simple Chef. The plan emanates caliber as the entire body of the air fryer consists of 100 percent BPA free vinyl, ideal for daily snacks, and weekend start.

This air fryer has a spacious cooking basket while still maintaining compact dimensions. It weighs 10.7 lbs (~4.85 Kgs), includes a power rating of 1400-watts, and features a single-layered stand alone. This air fryer features a flexible cooking temperature assortment of 180 to 400 °F.

A 30-minute standby timer center is also available to render your electrical chef with desirable settings for a particular quantity of time, and it’ll turn off when time’s up. It’s also outfitted with screen lights (blue and Green, signaling’connected’ and’heating’ respectively) to monitor this apparatus.

12. Blusmart 3.4 Quart Electric Air Fryer

Like every other choice in this listing, this Blusmart air fryer could be doubled for grilling, baking, and roasting alongside a skillet. The plan of the one is, I would say, minimal. There is a fundamental power button to change the fryer on/off. Then, to the right, you have got two buttons to increase/decrease the timer. In the same way, it’s two buttons on the left for temperature alterations. The user interface finishes with a streamlined digital screen located directly above the power button. The timer could be set around half an hour, and the temperature limitation is 400 °F. This generous array certainly covers all mixtures of timings and fever configurations that professional chefs advocate.

13. Tidy life 6 Quart XL Air Fryer

This air fryer out of Tidylife is another fantastic choice for those searching for household size air fryers. Having a spacious six noodle basket ability, you will not ever have to cook in batches. For context, the fryer can be conveniently utilized to cook for five adults. Doesn’t seem like a must-have for all those weekend household binges?

14. Zenchef Pro Xxl Air Fryer

This air fryer includes all you want to begin straight away. It uses rapid air technology that surrounds the food using a constant flow of heat in the device, helping extract the surplus oil from the food you’re preparing. French fries’ enjoy will surely enjoy this ZenChef PRO XXL Air Fryer, which prepares crispy and flavorful chips compared to French fries submerged in a traditional deep fryer. This ZenChef air fryer includes a more vital food ability, is more robust, is silent, and automatically shuts off. It’s an excellent purchase.

15. Kitchen Academy Air Fryer

The Kitchen Academy Air Fryer is among the very best air fryers under 100 dollars bucks out there now. This version uses rapid hot air flow tech to circulate high temperatures all around the fry basket to get consistent supply and thorough cooking of your foods.

The Kitchen Academy Air Fryer is a fantastic alternative if you would like something to prepare crispy and yummy meals without utilizing those cooking oils. It’s an excellent value for your money, considering all of the impressive features it gives at such a reasonable price.

16. Gourmet Digital Air Fryer

The Gourmia Digital Air Fryer is a 4-quart oil-free healthful cooking appliance. This version includes 7-in-1 preset functions and an intuitive LED control panel with adjustable temperature controllers. This Gourmia air fryer is your ideal purchase for all your cooking requirements. With this unit, you can create your very own French fries and potato chips. It consistently provides rapid results every time and with much less work.

17. Dash Compact Air Fryer

On the lookout for a wholesome way, your loved ones and friends tend to have a substantial effect on their lifestyles and the quality of their lives. The Dash Compact Air Fryer uses air-crisp technology to prepare fried foods without bringing any cooking oil quickly.

The Dash Compact Air Fryer is a small and convenient modern appliance you shouldn’t lack in your kitchen. The price is very reasonable compared to other costly fryers that use air-crisp technology. In general, it’s a great air fryer because of its budget and provides adequate performance.

18. Chefman X-Large Air Fryer

If you’re interested in something that not only can it fry, but comes with many accessories and is big enough to perform lots of stuff, then the Chefman X-Large Air Fryer will assist the trick.

The Chefman X-Large Air Fryer has excellent and quality features such as rapid airflow technology that can be obtained at a low price and permit you to prepare an assortment of dishes. Consequently, if you seek to invest in the ideal Chefman air fryer, you ought to consider this version. It’s all you will need to take your cooking to another level.

19. Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Deluxe

The energy Air fryer has become the most effective version accessible at 1700 Watts that may carry out a good deal of cooking. The explanation on the machines says it could boil, bake, skillet, and roast your meals. The air fryer includes a basket divider, which such as the Black and Decker air fryer, is used to divide the cooking basket into two so that you can efficiently cook two meals items.

20. Large Boss Air Fryer

The Big Boss air fryer, as its name implies its a large kitchen appliance using a 16 quart (15L) capability to cook two meals and one another. The big boss is a game-changer that unites using convection, halogen, and infrared heating. It’s possible to cook two types of meals at precisely the same time as a successful outcome. It includes an adjustable temperature of around 450 F and a timer.

21. NutriChef Electric Air Fryer

This product provides you oil-free and healthier food. This air fryer machine is relatively straightforward to use and cost-effective product. You need to set your food within the appliance, and this machine will finish the remainder. You can air dry, roast, bake, BBQ, or grill at the device.

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atmosphere fryer

Buying Guide


When you compare air fryers under $100, consider that the potential. Little air fryers around 3 quarts are big enough for person cooking, as you will need a mid-size fryer nearer to 5 quarts for household cooking. Air fryers categorized as extra-large are recommended if you want to cook for five or more individuals regularly.


If it comes to air fryers, the higher the wattage, the more rapidly it can heat food that is cold. Additionally, it means it is more efficient at temperatures regulation. The conventional air fryer uses approximately 800 to 1,500 watts, though high-end versions can use up to 1,800 watts.

Temperature Range

Not all air fryers share the same temperature range, so if you would like as many heating choices as possible, you will need one with a wide selection. Most air fryers feature a minimum temperature of 175°F, but a few versions move as low as 105°F for defrosting. Top temperatures appear to change the most. However, 400°F will be the summit.



Air fryers either have analog, digital, or touch screen displays. Those with analog would be the most affordable, provided their design. Digital and touch screen versions, on the other hand, are more costly since they give advanced functionality and increased control and temperature accuracy.

Indicator lights and timers

Most air fryers include indicator lights and timers, even though some simpler versions do not have those features. Instead, you have to monitor cooking times on your personal computer, which may have mixed effects. Given the small selection of air fryers under $100, you are better off paying the extra $15 or $20 on one with those features.


Mid-range and superior air fryers frequently have innovative presets to cook certain foods, like fries, poultry, fish, or pork. Consequently, you may air fry food with less of a learning curve, as the presets eliminate the guesswork out of the equation.


Some air fryers have tools or accessories to create certain cooking foods simpler, like skewers or toaster racks. If your fryer does not come with these accessories, then there is a fantastic possibility the manufacturer sells harmonious ones individually.


Compact air fryers with approximately 3-quart capacities price between $35 and $55. Mid-range fryers generally have 5-quart abilities and cost between $55 and $75 extra-large air fryers, and people that have complicated settings price closer to $100.

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Q. Does an air fryer take up a great deal of room?

A. It will, and also, it weighs a few pounds. This usually means that you may want to leave it to the counter when it is not in use, but that also means giving up on a square foot of distance. If you would like to use it frequently, it is definitely worth making space for this.

Q. Should I select an air fryer under $100 or invest twice up to a high-end, high-capacity one?

A. It depends on how much cooking you wish to do with it and if you want one that much bigger. For regular usage, spend the excess cash in an air fryer to match all of your grilling, baking, and frying needs. When it’s more of a novelty thing or broken appliance, go wallet-friendly and adhere to the 100 and under-mount.


Obtaining yourself an Air fryer is perhaps the very best gift you can give to yourself. Thinking of not compromising on flavor while still keeping your well-being in check could have been an insatiable appetite with this fantastic appliance.

We’ve tried our very best to present the very best air fryers from the US marketplace. All you have to do is determine the Air fryer’s capacity and pick the one that suits your requirements. Each of the picks above is incredibly budget-friendly and contain all vital features. Please tell us which one you’re choosing for in the remark section. Happy cooking!

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