Best Airtight Food Containers 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Airtight Food Containers

Have you got trouble keeping food clean? Individuals who prefer to get active in the kitchen are more likely to discover that there are often leftovers. But, finding the ideal means to store meals can, at times, be a small challenge.

Therefore, what’s the answer?

Airtight containers have been designed to keep food fresh for extended intervals. These convenient containers come in a broad range of unique shapes and sizes for optimal advantage.

Thus, let us have a better look at a few of the very best airtight food containers presently available…

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Buying Guide

Even though you might need your airtight containers to appear great in your house, it takes more than seems to make the very best airtight food storage containers potential for keeping foods and other things. It is possible to discover airtight containers everywhere out of the regional retail shops to online marketplaces; however, maybe not all containers are made equally. While they may seem very similar on the outside, they could include several distinct features that set them apart from the audience.

Below, we will discuss which features you must be looking for when deciding upon your kitchen’s upcoming airtight container.

Benefits of Opening

Airtight containers are made in a means that means nothing could pass them through, not air. This leads to them being tightly shut. Though this is excellent for protecting the food indoors, it may become exceptionally frustrating if it takes all of your might to close or open the container every time you use it.

This is a great reason to search for containers offering an easy to open lid. Some new airtight containers utilize a latch locking system, which makes opening and closing the container a whole lot comfier. If those are containers you intend to use frequently, it is ideal to decide on an easy-open choice to save yourself (and your fingers) the extra time and energy.

BPA-Free Considerations

Bisphenol A, more commonly called BPA, is a compound used to produce some plastics and has existed since the 1960s. It is also a toxin that may be absorbed into your meals and then your entire body, resulting in possible health dangers.

Plastics that include BPA shouldn’t be used for lengthy periods of storage, nor should it be microwaved. Your very best choice is to prevent any containers which use BPA in any quantity. The fantastic thing is that most businesses no longer create products with BPA. Therefore it should not be too hard to locate a safer choice.

Thinking About Ability and Size

The first matter to consider concerning size and capability is how many distinct sizes you would like to acquire in a pair of airtight containers. It would help if you also considered precisely how much you need each container to maintain.

Typically, airtight containers will come at a place consisting of containers of the same size or various distinct sizes. Think of what you will need the containers to choose, whether you want a single dimension or even a more diverse choice.

The size and capacity of these containers will be dependent on how you will utilize them. If you’re planning to store spices or coffee in them, smaller containers will probably be sufficient. People who need airtight containers to wash food or homework foods will want to go with bigger containers.

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The Choice Between Conventional and Freezer Safe Containers

If the reason you require airtight containers would be to prepare foods for the entire week or whether you would like to store leftovers in them, the best airtight containers for food for you’ll end up in a refrigerator and freezer-safe fashions. Selecting anything less may compromise food security, as the containers won’t adequately protect your meals from the components. But if you are not utilizing the containers for this function, you might not require this feature.

There are many advantages to choosing airtight containers, making them a superb option for keeping food for the forthcoming week. One such perk is they may continue to keep your dishes clean in the fridge or freezer. Since nothing could reach within the container, odor and moisture can not get to the food and help it become chilly or moist.

Microwave-Safe Containers and Their Value

Something else you are going to want to remember should you use containers for dinner prep because they should be safe to be used in the microwave. Remember that smaller containers aren’t microwave-safe most of the time because they’ve been made for use mentoring spices, coffee, tea, and similar products. You might have to select bigger containers if you’re planning to set them in the microwave.

Some airtight plastic containers won’t be secure in the microwave. The very best thing you could do is see the company’s site to find out whether the thing you desire is marked as dishwasher safe. Then you can be confident you’re making the best option.

Leakproof and Stainproof Properties at Airtight Containers

A number of the airtight containers you may notice are leak-proof, which is an excellent alternative for anybody who intends to keep liquids in them. This might or might not be required, based on the sorts of items you plan to store. For example, the leftover soup may go to a leak-proof container, as could homemade dip or chutney.

You also need to think about spots and if the container’s fabric will cause them to be probable as time continues. The most common substances that cause this are glass and plastic containers. Stains become more pronounced and more challenging to eliminate overtime, and occasionally it’s not possible to eliminate them.

If you can not stand the stains’ sight and need a choice to replace containers in the future, your very best choice will be stainless steel. Remember these aren’t likely to be more microwave-safe and might or might not satisfy your other requirements.

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Top Rated Airtight Food Containers

1. Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers

Suppose you are trying to do a while, considering this set from Rubbermaid. It includes ten jars with fitting lids, and the jars come in many different sizes to keep unique sorts of meals such as pasta, grains, sugar, coffee, etc… The containers are made from sturdy and BPA-free Tritan vinyl. The lids have snap-on handles on both sides, making them airtight while making them simple to open and shut.

Pros: Great bulk choice. The rectangular shape makes them simple to stack and save. Easy snap-on lids. Three lid dimensions for ten jars, which makes it effortless to get the ideal size.

Cons: A few of those smaller containers aren’t that practical.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 10 (20 Pieces Total)
7,023 Reviews
Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 10 (20 Pieces Total)
  • Rubbermaid Modular Food Storage Containers can hold pasta, baking ingredients, or other pantry staples; save space and keep pantry organized
  • Great for pet food; easy to clean and scoop food from, and tight lids keep out moisture and humidity

2. Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Round Glass Food Storage Containers

If you’re searching for an alternative for containers or leftovers, you’ll be able to choose the move, then consider these sturdy glass containers from Anchor Hocking. Anchor Hocking produces their hardy glass products in America, and, as it is glass, you don’t even need to think about plastic scents or substances. Plus, these containers may be utilized in the microwave or oven. The glass jars include pliers made out of plastic with a flexible silicone pull.

Pros: Sturdy glass containers which are oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. A convenient alternative for leftovers or packaged lunches.

Cons: Lids may be somewhat dull to eliminate.

3. OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container SeSets

This choice from OXO is offered in many different packs between three and 20 bits, and we have decided to underline the five-piece container because of its significant number of sizes. There is one 2.1 Qt Container, one 1.5 Qt Container, two 0.9 Qt Containers, and one 0.3 Qt Container. The quality that sets the OXO POP containers apart is the exceptional lid, which features a button that seals and unseals the container’s cap. The containers are made from lightweight, BPA-free vinyl.

Pros: Particular push-button lid seals the container, and also the soda lid also functions as a comfortable grip for removing the lid rectangular shape for a more specific business.

Cons: Expensive.

4. Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister

The problem with the very best food storage containers is that there is still air within the container while no air is getting in. That is what makes this choice so exceptional. There is a second lid pressed to the full lineup’s peak and a different lid that covers the surface of the container. This will help extract as much air as possible from the container, so maintaining your food fresher for longer. It was created with java in mind, but it functions for grains and other foods you anticipate keeping for quite a while.

Pros: Particular moment lid pushed to match line, to keep coffee fresh for more.

Cons: Just one canister included.

Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister - Patented Airtight Lid Preserve Food Freshness, Stainless Steel Food Container, Brushed Steel, Small 4-Inch Can
1,706 Reviews
Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister - Patented Airtight Lid Preserve Food Freshness, Stainless Steel Food Container, Brushed Steel, Small 4-Inch Can
  • INNOVATIVE & PATENTED DESIGN - Original Airscape coffee & food storage canister with patented plunger lid removes and locks out air and humidity. Integrated two-way CO2 valve to preserve & protect freshness & flavor
  • SOUND OF FRESH - Airscape lid removes all air in the canister creating airless food storage; extends the life of coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods. The “swoosh” sound lets you know it’s working

5. SilverOnyx Canisters Sets for your Kitchen Counter

These airtight containers out of SilverOnyx are designed; the sides are made from alloy, maintaining light from lessening the food’s freshness, but the shirt is created of glass so that you may still easily see what is inside. The glass lids have convenient metal handles for simple opening, and the lids have rubber bands to get a more airtight match. Five containers of varying dimensions are contained, and also a set of measuring cups can also be included.

Pros: Place of five containers of varying dimensions. Stylish appearance. Steel containers to keep food fresher for more than see-through containers.

Cons: Somewhat pricey.

6. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

These sturdy glass containers are excellent if you prefer to perform meal prep and organize your meals for the week beforehand. This set includes five containers, so it is possible to plan for the whole workweek. The glass jars have dividers so that you may keep your veggies, fruits, and protein different. The containers have lids with vinyl snap-on latches for an airtight fit. These containers are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, plus they are manufactured from sturdy borosilicate glass.

Pros: Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe borosilicate glass. Containers have section dividers, which makes these perfect for dinner preparation.

Cons: Containers are somewhat small and only available in 1 size.

7. Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers, Set of 3

These airtight containers have a sleek modern appearance, which means it is possible to show them on your countertop or store them in your cabinet. The glass jars have lids created from rigid plastic with a silicone gasket, which can ensure a tight seal. The very best portion of this lid is that the sloped design makes a divot quickly and safely pile the jars. The set of 3 jars comprises a 10, 20, and 34-ounce size. The jar and lid are dishwasher safe.

Pros: Easily stackable design. Safe and airtight lids. Three distinct sizes for keeping different types of things.

Cons: Include three, and they are rather pricey.

Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers, Set of 3
1,198 Reviews
Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers, Set of 3
  • Three toughened glass jars - capacity of 10oz, 20oz and 34oz
  • Space-efficient - stackable and modular design

8. Vopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers

Should you have to stock up on lots of containers, then consider this very affordable set. Twelve equally-sized containers have been contained, and their little rectangular shape makes them simple to stack. Each container holds 1.6 liters, and the containers have lids with four tapping locks for a secure fit. Along with the containers, 24 reusable labels are all contained so that you can readily differentiate between meals that may appear similar.

Pros: A set of 12 makes it effortless to stock up. Twenty-four reusable labels are contained along with the containers.

Cons: Even though you can select places with bigger containers, there is no variety in each group’s dimensions.

9. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Container

If you are an avid coffee drinker, then you may appreciate this fashionable container out of Coffee Gator. It’s a convenient snap clasp that is easy to open and shut, and that means you don’t need to bother with it on busy mornings. The cap of the container has a special valve that releases CO2 to keep coffee fresh for more. Additionally, they throw into a measuring scoop too.

Pros: Complex and fashionable alternative for coffee drinkers. Coffee scoop included.

Cons: Expensive, considering just one container is compromised.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Grounds and Beans Container Canister with Date-Tracker, CO2-Release Valve and Measuring Scoop, Large, Silver
6,813 Reviews
Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Grounds and Beans Container Canister with Date-Tracker, CO2-Release Valve and Measuring Scoop, Large, Silver
  • Fresh, Fresher, Freshest. You pay for prime quality ground and whole beans, so it makes sense to take care of them. This premium stainless steel container looks the bee's knees and loves your tea and coffee like a Kardashian loves a selfie
  • Safe from flavor-destroyers. Coffee naturally emits harmful co2 which needs venting away. Our zero-BPA canisters have innovative freshness valves to release co2 but lock out oxygen. Airtight, sealed containers stop this process and wreck coffee

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While seeking the most acceptable airtight containers, everything out of the substances used to utilize the container in the freezer or microwave can make a massive difference based upon your requirements.

Airtight containers could be perfect for keeping spices, herbs, and coffee, or else they may be utilized to maintain leftovers and prepped meals for this week. Now that you understand what features to consider, all you need to do is determine which version is ideal for you and your kitchen.

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