Best Baby Food Containers 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Baby Food Containers

The Best Baby Food Containers for storing and freezing homemade baby food purees. Plus six pro suggestions about the best way to store baby food in addition to a how-to manual on freezing and freezing your infant food.

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Top Best Baby Food Containers

OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks with Silicone Sleeves

Quickly rising to the very best baby food storage containers for numerous reasons, the OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks is one of our favorite storage methods. Its borosilicate glass layout holds advantages and flexibility. This material is more durable, can withstand abrupt temperature fluctuations, and is not as likely to split from drops and falls. Also, it is not as inclined to Leach chemicals about safety and health, a possible concern with containers.

The 4-pack of 4-ounce sizes are excellent for purees, and we value the quantity markings on the container side to help monitor your infant’s consumption. This system involves a freezer for more significant business. The snap-on plastic sheeting makes this system mobile for dishes on-the-go, and we enjoy that they can move from a freezer bag without spilling a drop. These containers provide endurance, providing service after your baby has moved on from soft foods.

While the glass part is dishwasher-safe, we recommend hand washing to protect the volume markers. We also recommend the plastic lid and silicone gasket to stop possible degradation linked to elevated temperatures. Regardless of the handwashing process, we believe these containers are easy to clean, and they don’t have any annoying nooks or crannies. Consequently, if you fancy glass and favor a system with quantity markers to monitor your infant’s consumption, we highly recommend this choice.


  • Material
  • Volume markings
  • Portable


  • Heavy
  • Silicone gasket needs cleaning
  • Expensive
OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks Food Storage Containers with Silicone Sleeves, Teal, 4 oz
83 Reviews
OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks Food Storage Containers with Silicone Sleeves, Teal, 4 oz
  • Portion, store, heat and serve baby food at home or on the go
  • Silicone sleeves protect hands from hot glass from the microwave and provide a comfortable grip and help keep glass from breaking on the go

Wean Green Baby Starter Set

The Wean Green Baby Starter Sets contain two 4 ounces Wean Cubes, two 5 ounces Wean Baths, and 2 5.4 ounces Wean Bowls, developing a varied feeding method to fit many needs. The containers have been tempered glass, which is more durable and more resistant to thermal shock than ordinary glass. For example, these containers are freezer safe and will withstand high heating temps with no problem.

The set also has plastic snap-on locking lids, which are faithfully leak-free. With no lids, these containers are oven safe up to 250° F, which adds a dose of flexibility. The glass part of those containers is dishwasher safe, but as always, we recommend hand washing vinyl components.

The silicone seal onto the lids will require some periodic cleaning and thorough drying to reduce mold growth due to trapped moisture and food particles. Besides regular maintenance demands, we adore the Wean Green storage system.

We consider that the system’s elements are flexible and serve your cabinet well past the infant food stage. The several dimensions are excellent for lunch box condiments, dips, yogurt, and much more, and reheating food away from your home. Consequently, if you search for performance and flexibility, we believe this system is exceptional.


  • Material
  • Leakproof lid


  • Snapping the lid can require effort
  • Silicone gasket needs cleaning
  • Expensive

Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker

The Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is made from lightweight and durable food-grade silicone. The broad neck permits you to flip the pouch inside outside for easier cleanup, in addition to the unique spout method is comparatively straightforward to wash. We appreciate the machine has two spout styles with a “no-spill” or even a “free-flow” style.

These choices enable you to tailor the pouch’s functionality to the age of your child. The free-flowing lid is very similar to most squeeze components that have a little opening to suck through food. We prefer to utilize this alternative for older children with a little more motor control. The no-spill fit is ideal for younger users who are still obtaining the ability to maintain a pouch without squeezing the contents out.

If you do not utilize the no-spill spout, even younger kids might squeeze the pouch a bit too closely, causing a huge mess. Additionally, younger children may find it hard to get all of the food from the pouch. Despite these minor drawbacks, we believe these reusable components are travel-friendly and deserve a spot on your food storage lineup for excursions away from your home.


  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Several sizes


  • Too &quot
  • Hard to get everything out

Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray

The Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray stands out among the contest for a few reasons. This food-grade, elastic silicone tray contains nine dome-shaped segments, each approximately 2.6 ounces in size, holding the ideal amount for one feeding. The tray generates suspended cubes that easily pop from their chilly nest and shop together in a bigger container. The tray is tagged oven safe up to 446° F, which means it is possible to whip up muffins or mini-egg dishes.

Unlike glass, silicone is much more robust, and it will not become brittle like vinyl. The Kiddo Feedo silicone does not have any phthalates, PVC, BPA, direct, latex, and nitrosamine. Additionally, it undergoes rigorous excellent control inspections. Although it’s dishwasher safe, we recommend soaking and handwashing for increased longevity.

While studying, we noticed the tray’s plastic lid does not snap-on and remains compared to other kids from the contest. The Feed machine has an “out of the box” chemical odor that prompted us to switch it out until the first usage. In their FAQ page, Kiddo Feedo clarifies this odor is due to the silicone heat-treating process.

On the other hand, the food-grade silicone is odorless and tasteless, and after the first airing out, the product is excellent to go. Regrettably, silicone could absorb smells in the fridge or freezer in which it’s stored. You have to take more actions to prevent this problem, and Feedo provides help in their FAQ’s segment on their site. If odors are consumed, Kiddo Feedo includes a remedy for it. While the scents may be a problem for many, generally speaking, we enjoy how simple this tray would be to utilize, and the more compact size is ideal for individual part control.


  • Frozen items pop out easily
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean


  • Lid is tricky
  • Silicone may retain odors
KIDDO FEEDO Baby Freezer Storage Tray with Silicone Clip-on Lid - BPA Free - 9x2.5oz portions - Free E-Book by Award-Winning Author/Dietitian - Pink
5,310 Reviews
KIDDO FEEDO Baby Freezer Storage Tray with Silicone Clip-on Lid - BPA Free - 9x2.5oz portions - Free E-Book by Award-Winning Author/Dietitian - Pink
  • FOOD CONTAINERS THAT ARE 100% SAFE - The Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray is made of premium quality food-grade silicone which is naturally odor and stain resistant and free of any BPA's, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, nitrosamines and other nasties that can leach into baby's food. Both the tray and lid are safe to use in the freezer, oven (460°F), microwave and dishwasher and won't gain scuffs/scratches over time like plastic baby food containers can do.
  • EASILY REMOVABLE GENEROUS SIZE PODS - 9 x 2.5oz portions with 1oz/2oz volume markings offers the perfect size cubes for your growing baby. Fill the pods up to half full early on, and up to completely full as your baby grows. No need for different size trays! The wide, round shape of each pod and the sturdy base of the tray releases each portion with minimal effort - no more twisting and sore fingers and no more cracked/broken glass jars!

Wee Sprout Nature’s Little Squeeze

The Wee Sprout Nature’s Small concessions are recyclable and reusable food components (accessible a 6-pack) at an economical cost. They’re safe to go from the freezer and are top-rack dishwashers. But with vinyl, we recommend hand washing using a bottle brush. The broad bottom provides simple filling, and also the dual zipper produces a safe seal that will not flow.

The components have a maximum fill line, which will help prevent spilling and overfilling when sealing the zipper. The components have a transparent window on the back, which means that you may check out what’s inside, and there’s a blank tag for composing notes, dates, or your child’s name.

These components are plastic, and we are not big fans of the substance because of the possibility of substances leaching into the infant’s food. Additionally, you ought to thoroughly rinse or wash each pouch after empty since food remnants may make cleanup hard, and we propose having a bottle and bottle brush to get completely clean the inside.

To protect against leaking, guarantee that the double zipper is closed. While vinyl is an issue, and a few excess cleaning maintenances is essential, we believe these components are a simple, economical alternative for a fast bite while out and about.


  • Double zipper
  • Clear window to see contents
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe


  • Dried food is hard to clean
  • Can leak if not properly sealed

mumi&bubi Solids Starter Kit

The mumi&bubi Solids Starter Kit comes using two lidded freezer trays, each containing twenty-one 1-ounce parts similar in form into an ice cube. This system is fantastic for big batch infant food prep because your baby may have an assortment of foods through one meal due to its small portion sizes.

Following a short warm-up (possibly a few minutes on the counter or a couple of minutes submerged in warm water), the cubes are easy to release using a gentle push of the finger. The lids help prevent freezer burn and pile the two trays together with one another for convenient storage.

When you eliminate the food out of their pockets, you can’t twist the trays such as regular ice cube trays since this may cause potential breakage. The trays are plastic, and we favor other substances over vinyl, particularly when it comes to baby food, considering the capacity of plastic sheeting compounds to your homemade baby food.

These problems aside, this method may be practical for freezing bigger food batches and may decrease prep time and effort by maintaining back food up prepared to go. If you decide to utilize these trays, we recommend removing the cubes soon after suspension and placing them into a glass container for longer-term storage. In this manner, you restrict the food’s vulnerability to free and plastic the trays for further use.


  • Easy to release cubes
  • Great for freezing bulk food
  • Stacking lids


  • The tray may get brittle
  • Material

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Infantino Squeeze Station

The Infantino Squeeze Station is the favorite shovel filling system. It’s simple to use and permits you to fill three pieces of luggage at one time without spilling or overfilling. The Squeeze Station contains ten disposable components, and we recommend ordering blankets to keep them available. The channel itself is top-rack dishwasher safe, and because it will not come in contact with your child’s food, we’ve got no problem cleaning it this way (though we recommend hand washing the top tubes).

It’s possible to buy extra Infantino Squeeze Pouches from 50 or even 100-packs. However, suppose you want a more eco-friendly and non-plastic alternative. In that case, the Squeeze Station also functions together with all the Infantino Reusable Squeeze Pouch, a product made from silicone material.

The filling system functions best with really smooth purees sans chunks; differently, you run the danger of flushing the spout. The spout gap is more significant than the size of a pea. Therefore anything more substantial than this will cause difficulties. Trying to force out bigger chunks will trigger leaking in the spout’s shirt or close to the pouch.

To steer clear of huge messes and wasted meals, we advocate using these pouches with smoothly pureed baby food. But in case you’ve got a fantastic baby food manufacturer that could whip up a smooth puree and desire an easy method to fill components, then this channel is a great find.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Accurate dispensing


  • Chunky puree can clog the spout
  • Can get messy


The Beaba Clip is a lightweight, durable, and convenient alternative for on-the-go foods. The polypropylene plastic containers have quantity markers on both sides and horizontal and vertical snaps, allowing numerous containers to lock together.

In this manner, you can continue to keep all your child’s meals in 1 spot. The set includes two 2 ounces and two 4-oz containers. As those are plastic, they are more durable than other possibilities, and you do not need to worry as much when pitching them into a diaper bag.

The Clips can be challenging to start when shut firmly, but gently twisting the foundation rather than the lid typically solves this problem. Additionally, the Beaba Clip process is plastic, which we do not enjoy as much.

As a result of this, we urge you to hand wash these containers rather than placing them in the dishwasher. Besides, we suggest that you get around the microwave when using them. In general, this alternative is acceptable for a fast on-the-go snack that is not as delicate.


  • Clip together system
  • Volume markings
  • Durable


  • Difficult to open
  • Material
BEABA Clip Containers, Set of 6, 2oz & 4 oz for Snacks and Baby Food, Peacock
623 Reviews
BEABA Clip Containers, Set of 6, 2oz & 4 oz for Snacks and Baby Food, Peacock
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Vertical and horizontal locking mechanism helps to keep you organized
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Freeze, store and transport meals for babies - great for toddler snacks on the go

baby food storage containers


Don’t Overfill: it is important not to overfill any infant food storage container since the purees will enlarge slightly when freezing.

Label Purees: To understand what you’re feeding, baby, it is essential to tag your purees while they’re freezing at the storage container and if they are saved in freezer bags. Ensure you place the title of the puree in addition to the date you created it. Placing the date on it makes it possible to recall when the puree will perish.

Maintain Some/Freeze Some: whenever you create a sip, place several ounces from the refrigerator for the little one to delight in this week, then suspend the remainder of the batch for her to end up at a subsequent date.

Dedicated Space in Freezer: I found it useful to dedicate a particular space in the freezer (a drawer or shelf) only for your homemade baby food purees. That way, you do not need to go rummaging about your freezer looking for a puree when the infant is currently hungry for supper. Additionally, I found this useful to have a fast glance in my freezer to be aware of precisely how far purees we had available and if I would want to generate more.

Have Multiple Storage Containers on Hand: although not inexpensive, using multiple storage containers available is required to be in a position to have the best baby food freezer containers of your baby’s food. I typically recommend having at least four storage trays, two sets of those jars. This way, you can create and save a significant number of purees for your weeks ahead.

Together with the trays, then you may freeze the purees inside them, and then after suspended, you can pop the cubes out and set them in a freezer bag, thus leaving you with additional trays to operate with. For your baby food containers, you’ll suspend the purees from the jars, but they don’t pop out; you must thaw and serve the purees to acquire the car prepared for another round of meals. Either works well; it just depends upon how you operate your kitchen.

Things to search For: no matter the trays or jars you proceed with, start looking for a freezer-safe and dishwasher safe manufacturer because I know you’ve got better things to do than hand washes dishes!

baby food freezer containers


If you may save your infant food securely in the proper storage container, a new world opens for one to research. Caring for your kid by making homemade baby food may be a wonderful experience.

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