Best Baby Spoons 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Baby Spoons

In what can feel like the blink of an eye, your milk-loving toddlers will probably be prepared to eat solids; it is a massive landmark and especially exciting!

Seeing your baby experience different tastes and textures is much pleasure. You might opt to perform most of the feeding yourself since you begin, giving purées at a spoon. Subsequently, as your child gets older, they will take feeding responsibilities into their own hands and begin scooping favorite foods in their mouth with a spoon.

With so many infant spoons on the marketplace, however, the options can be overwhelming. Here is the lowdown on a few of the best baby spoons brands and forms for various functions and budgets.

Do you require baby spoons?

If it comes to purées and solids, infants eat with their hands and utensils. Their hand-eye coordination might not be the best, so they will probably need your help initially.

As they become older and enter toddlerhood, learning how to use spoons and other utensils is a developmental landmark. Therefore, as you do not necessarily need to use a spoon out of day one (particularly if you’re after baby-led weaning), then it is not advisable to add you to your bag of tricks.

baby spoons for self feeding

When can you get started using baby strands?

Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Supply, infants can begin using spoons when they are ready to consume solid foods. Presently, the recommended age for starting solids is just six months old. In this era, it is appropriate to provide infants food from a little spoon with supervision.

It is also possible to give your infant an easy-to-grasp spoon to the clinic within their own or to chew off for teething. Again, you will always need to be seeing what your child is up to if they are ingesting or using tools such as spoons.

When can infants begin feeding themselves?

The CDCTrusted Source states that older infants can begin to utilize strands independently as soon as they hit 10 to 12 months old. Every baby is unique, so definitely consult with your physician to ensure these guidelines are relevant to your loved ones.

How did we choose the best baby spoons for self-feeding?

The subsequent infant strands are ranked highly for their quality, design, and performance. Beyond this, we also broadly considered customer testimonials from parents are caregivers to weigh out the good, bad, and awful.

All spoons (along with other infant products) offered in the USA must meet specific safety guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

These include things like not including direct, phthalates, or other potentially harmful substances. Likewise, they need to undergo testing in CPSC labs until they may be distributed and sold.

baby bowls and spoons

What are the various sorts of baby strands?

You have probably seen a vast array of infant utensils in the regional big box store or online. There are indeed numerous alternatives that have various shapes, fabrics, and functions. Here is what you may encounter:

Long-handled baby strands. These are generally great for parents seeking to feed infants. The handle length aids the infant to reach the infant without parents needing to overextend their arms/wrists.

Short-handled baby strands. These are typically simple to hold and create a fantastic alternative for teaching infants how to utilize spoons independently.

Travel spoons. These can fold or become small enough to assimilate in a transport case for on-the-go feeding sessions quickly.

Temperature-sensitive spoons. This changes color as an extra security feature. They reveal to parents when meals may be too hot to nourish two babies.

Organic or eco-friendly baby strands. All these are created from organic substances that are better for the entire world and might be safer for the baby.

Baby-led weaning spoons. These assist even the youngest infants to get food for their mouths. Usually, spoons from the class have a unique design.

Bendable or loadable baby strands. Baby strands that bend or permit you to load them with meals could be worth trying if you’ve got a picky eater or want a little additional help with mealtime.

What to look for in best baby spoons and bowls?

When picking a baby spoon for your small one, you will want to consider the following:

  • Material. Spoons come in materials that range from plastic to metal and much more. If your baby likes to snack on everything while teething, you might wish to pick a softer cloth. On the flip side, you might prefer an eco-friendly substance or some conventional metallic utensil experience.
  • Construction. Some strands are made from 1 substance while others combine two or more substances, such as metal and plastic. Spoons that are all one piece could be a lot easier to clean and less likely to split.
  • Price. You may acquire standard infant strands very inexpensively. The ones that have particular materials or additional features may be more expensive.
  • Added features. Do you require a spoon to perform double-duty? It is possible to discover spoons that function as teachers. Others, such as folding strands, are great when you travel or are different on the move.

safest baby spoons and bowls

Top Best Baby Spoons

Monee Silicone

Entirely made from platinum silicone with 100% BPA and phthalates free, these Monee baby strands are soft on the baby’s teeth, making for a fantastic starter spoon.

This spoon doubles as a teacher and includes a textured, nubby finish to chew and gnaw as if your child’s teeth begin breaking. Its medium-long handle enables parents to nourish their kids or even functions for baby-led weaning.

Considerations: Many parents notice these strands are too bendy and tend to allow infants to drool purées throughout the area. Other people state the silicone stains with time, particularly with orange purées.

Monee Baby Spoons with Teethers - Utensils for Baby Feeding and Baby Led Weaning. Super Soft Silicone Baby Spoons
818 Reviews
Monee Baby Spoons with Teethers - Utensils for Baby Feeding and Baby Led Weaning. Super Soft Silicone Baby Spoons
  • Early Stages Baby Spoons – this 2 pack is designed for baby food stage 1 and onwards. Easily introduce solids and encourage self-feeding in the first stages. The soft rounded edges holds food in place while protecting your baby’s delicate gums.
  • Dual Purpose Design –Each silicone baby spoon is designed to hold just the right amount of food for weaning, while the easy-hold handle is shaped you help your baby hold on tight! The base of the baby feeding spoon provides a textured end which acts as a teething toy.

Avanchy Stainless Steel

There is not any plastic in the construction of those spoons from Avanchy. Instead, they are manufactured from durable stainless steel and silicone. They have a short and broad handle that is fantastic for older infants and toddlers studying to self-feed. Reviewers such as the size of these spoons and they’re heavy consume more food than many others of comparable size.

Considerations: Overall, the reviews of those spoons are positive. However, they are produced from metal and might not feel that way against raw gums. And they are definitely on the pricey side.

Bambusi Natural Bamboo

Bambusi infant strands are made to be used from the moment you introduce solids before your baby is old. They are made from natural bamboo and soft silicone, which come in many different gender-neutral colors. Reviewers like these spoons are streamlined, flexible, and can get food from jars’ tight corners.

Considerations: While most parents adore those spoons, some notice that the silicone component can come off the bamboo handle, making them a potential choking hazard. So, make sure to supervise mealtime (always!). And various other reviewers state the spoon part which goes to the baby’s mouth is much better suited to older infants or toddlers.

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons (12-pack)

The thing is that you feed your infant for a lot of meals. This usually means that you’re continually using washing and naturally shedding spoons. This pair of 12 infant strands by Munchkin comes out to approximately $.66 per spoonful. They are brilliant and created out of BPA-free vinyl using a round tip. Reviewers say that the strands are nicely made and at a fantastic price.

Considerations: These leftovers have rave reviews from parents. However, some warn that when a baby likes to bite them down, they will probably not last long. And a couple of men and women state that the spoon’s curved tip does not have a soft border to be uncomfortable, contrary to tender gums.

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NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

These strands may seem a little funky, but there is a reason behind their distinctive design. First off, the horizontal grip and mind allow your infant to maintain it any way they like without needing to equilibrium or scoop. And the maker asserts that all these are doctor recommended for baby-led weaning (ages 6 to 18 months).

They operate with phase 2 and 1 purées and with preloading of table meals. And rest assured, they are made from silicone that’s 100% free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Considerations: Reviewers such as the one-piece, easy-to-clean construction of those strands. However, they say that they are smaller than most baby spoons and many infants prefer to utilize them as teachers’ toys or toys. And a few people said that the strands fell apart with time. Therefore they might not be the longest-lasting for the purchase price.

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils | Baby Spoon Set (First Stage + Second Stage) | BPA Free Silicone Self Feeding Baby + Toddler Utensil | #1 Doctor Recommended Baby Led Weaning Spoon for Kids Ages 6 Months+
10,593 Reviews
NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils | Baby Spoon Set (First Stage + Second Stage) | BPA Free Silicone Self Feeding Baby + Toddler Utensil | #1 Doctor Recommended Baby Led Weaning Spoon for Kids Ages 6 Months+
  • BABY SPOON SET IDEAL FOR AGES 6 MONTHS TO 18 MONTHS – NumNum’s innovative flat design is better than a spoon because there's no scooping, no balancing, and no wrong way to hold it. Thicker, contoured handle designed to comfortably and securely fit a child's hand. NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils: The revolutionary first step to self feeding.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED BABY TRAINING SPOONS (FIRST STAGE + SECOND STAGE) – Dual-stage baby + toddler utensil set includes: Stage One GOOtensil for beginners + Stage Two GOOtensil for kids who have learned the food-to-mouth motion. Help prepare your baby to easily transition from introduction to a utensil to being ready for a spoon with one set.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons

Munchkin’s heating sensing strands have existed for quite a while. They are a favorite option amongst parents since the vivid suggestions turn white when food is currently at over above 110°F (43.3°C).

The sharp minds of those brightly colored strands are soft and designed to fit into little mouths. Reviewers state these strands are affordable and practical with no frills, and such as that they are dishwasher safe (top rack).

Considerations: Some men and women mention that this spoon’s mind is very shallow and does not take much food, which could be best suited to younger infants. Some state that the vivid tips blot and the white sexy features tend to be somewhat sensitive (meaning foods that appear warm to the touch may place off it).

The First Years Take & Toss Infant Spoons (16-pack)

At approximately 18 cents a spoonful, the Take & Gamble spoons by First Years will be undoubtedly the least expensive option on the market. They’re created from BPA-free vinyl and are durable enough to use repeatedly but cheap enough to create tossing OK if needed.

Reviewers such as these spoons for carrying out to restaurants and state that they have an easy tip and handle comfortable for both babies and adults.

Considerations: These specimens are incredibly basic, so there is no extra operation, such as teething or bending or folding. Reviewers generally enjoy those strands, but many men and women mention that the head is relatively small and does not take much food. Other people discuss the spoons aren’t easy for infants to use for self-feeding due to the extended handle.

Bumkins Silicone Chewtensils3

This cute and colorful silicone spoon and fork set are appropriate to be used whenever your baby starts eating solids. The spoon has particular sensory bumps to stimulate both bits and are durable, one-piece construction, making for simple cleaning (they are also high rack dishwashers safe).

Considerations: Some men and women say they are enjoyable to chew, but they’re a little too plump to use for real eating. And one reviewer states that the company has an “A for effort,” but these utensils are not helpful for infants more than eight months.

Novos Spoon Fork Set

All these super-satisfying bendable spoons by Novos are created out of a steel cable inside soft, BPA-free thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene plastic. Reviewers share the spoon functions at any angle and may bend up to as little as you would like. This spoon is sold as part of a pair and features a fork to get more mealtime learning and fun in addition to a carrying case for toting out and around.

Considerations: Many parents cite that the spoon (and fork) tend to flex when infants attempt to spear food, making self-feeding difficult. Other people say their infants prefer silicone within this spoon’s rigid plastic tip. Generally, folks say that these utensils are better for older infants and toddlers because of their somewhat large dimensions.

Baby Utensils Spoons Forks Set with Travel Safe Case Toddler Babies Children Feeding Training Spoon Easy Grip Heat-Resistant Bendable Soft Perfect Self Feeding Learning Spoons 2 Sets
2,446 Reviews
Baby Utensils Spoons Forks Set with Travel Safe Case Toddler Babies Children Feeding Training Spoon Easy Grip Heat-Resistant Bendable Soft Perfect Self Feeding Learning Spoons 2 Sets
  • 【Portable and Clean】Bonus Travel Case is convenient to carry the spoon going out , ensures that no matter wherever, your baby utensils will stay incredibly clean
  • 【Perfect for Self Feeding】Unlike other baby spoons, our training spoon is steel wire inside of TPE handle, soft, easy to grip, can bend to the various angles, bring baby fun of learning to eat independently which helps to develop baby’s grasp training, hand-eye coordination or dexterity by learning to use a fork or spoon

OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon

Many spoons you will find come with traveling instances. However, the OXO Tot travel spoon is incredibly compact and easy to throw into a messenger bag. The trick is made of food-safe silicone and has a contoured handle, which makes scooping and functioning comfortable and straightforward at any given angle reviewers such as the spoon’s lean head, particularly for smaller babies.

Considerations: Some parents say that this spoon is somewhat messier than many others, noting it is relatively modest, and that it is far better to utilize thicker purées rather than those which are phase 1 and stage two.


Letting your baby find out how to self-feed could be somewhat intimidating. But not only will they help your infant gain just a small bit of freedom, but besides, it will improve your infant’s hand-eye coordination and fine-motor abilities. Both of these things will help your child as time continues! Thus, consider by providing your baby the best baby feeding spoons in mealtime, you’re also placing your babe up for success later in life! To perform some of this, however, you want the perfect self-feeding spoon.

When you provide the spoon into a little sweetie, be patient since this ability doesn’t happen overnight! It requires a while, messes, modeling, encouragement, and a lot of patience. You and your infant BOTH can do so, though. Enjoy now and shoot a few images because the times are very long, but the years are short!

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