Best Cast Iron Griddle 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Cast Iron Griddle

You’ve opted to improve your kitchen arsenal, and you also ought to be sure to have the best cast iron griddle you’ll be able to get your hands on. We completely support your choice of going with cast iron as a material of choice, and that’s precisely why we will give you a hand with this manual. The current market and basic requirements for cast iron are on the upswing, and the options are a lot, so we grabbed the most well-known versions to check them summed it all up in those cast iron griddle reviews.

Mastering cast iron for a substance takes a while and a few trials and errors. However, don’t worry, this manual covers all you want to begin, and much more. Let us get right to it!

Why Should You Purchase A Cast Iron Griddle?

A couple of quick points for those nay-sayers or even if you’re on the fence about getting a cast iron griddle.

All-weather cookware cast iron griddles can occur in almost any weather and may be used for indoor and outdoor cooking. The cast iron grills and griddles may be used to cook any meals. With their flexibility, these may be the only thing you want.

Organic and non-stick There’s been a great deal of speculation about non-stick surfaces with no health hazard. While all great brands have protected non-stick surfaces, it always seems better to utilize organic substances. Cast iron griddles are non-stick due to this patina that creates on the surface. Many griddles we’ve reviewed previously come pre-seasoned. Anyhow seasoning is relatively simple and needs the least bit of work.

Heat retention and supply cast iron griddles take the time to warm up but possess good heat retention and distribution. This makes sure that you get heat while cooking and no cold spots. It makes cooking more comfortable, and the food does not become tender, providing excellent results.

Durability cast iron cookware will last you a very long time, like quite long.

Easy to wash you can use a gentle soap or eliminate soap to wash a cast iron grill or griddle. The meals lift off easily, and you put the hot pan (use mitten or a pay onto the handle) under running water and scrape off some lingering food using a metal spatula.

Iron in foods It’s broadly recognized that cooking cast iron raises iron from the food. It’s particularly true once you cook acidic foods.

Versatility your cast iron griddle will be the most flexible cookware you’re going to have. It is possible to use it on a stove or set it in an oven also.

Maintaining Your Cast Iron Griddle


Wash out the cast iron griddle the moment you complete cooking. Safely eliminate it from the warmth and wash it using running water or warm water. You may use any soap. Some individuals do not use soap in their cast iron cookware, but we do and urge it. It’s possible to use a metal spatula to receive any food stuck onto the griddle. Scrape it off and wash out the spot thoroughly. But make sure that the flowing water is a small warm rather than cold as it might twist your griddle.

Do not set your cast iron griddle or another cast iron cookware in a dishwasher. It’s essential to wash the griddle once you wash it. Please don’t leave it submerged. Either wash it carefully with a paper towel or place it on low heat across the stove. Until all of the water/moisture is now gone.


When the griddle is dry, place some vegetable oil on a paper towel. Rub this onto the griddle until it’s smooth and glistening after covering it with vegetable oil to keep it over low heat for approximately two minutes to seal from the seasoning thoroughly. Over time, several layers of seasoning have endorsed on the griddle, which makes it non-stick and rust-resistant. You can use jojoba oil, flaxseed oil, soybean, or some other vegetable oil.


Sterile and experienced griddles can be kept anywhere where there’s low moisture from the atmosphere. It is possible to put a paper towel on it while keeping it to ensure it is protected from moisture. Additionally, it makes sure that the surface doesn’t become scratched if you’re piling the griddle.


Don’t leave any acidic foods for a long time in your cast iron griddle. Even though it’s okay to cook them or another sort of food onto it. There are a whole lot of myths about these foods and cast iron cookware, but rest assured that you can cook them all that you need in your griddle. Use medium or low heat for cooking on a cast iron griddle. Wash out the griddle or grill straight away after ingestion.

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Top Rated Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle, 10.5 Inch (Pack of 1), Black
16,411 Reviews
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle, 10.5 Inch (Pack of 1), Black
  • Foundry seasoned, ready to use upon purchase
  • Use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires

This version is somewhere between a cast iron skillet along a cast iron griddle. It’s skillet shaped, however more significant, very similar to a griddle. This skillet-looking griddle has a well-designed cast iron grip with a hole in the center for quicker cooling. The substance is already experienced, and it’s about to go after you get your hands on it.

The maker, which can be about the cookware market since the 19th century, also meant with this griddle to be utilized for food. Curved edges make this cast iron griddle perfect for foods that need a great deal of stirring while cooking. Omelets and cut meat will be the foods that this griddle shines on.

The heating is 10.5 inches in diameter and.5 inches deep. Cast iron handle can also be designed for a hook grip if you would like to hang the griddle someplace dry.

Camp Chef CGG24B Cast Iron Griddle

Here, we’ve got a cast iron reversible griddle version. This thicker griddle includes a combo plate that may be reversed to select between a griddle and a grill surface. This feature is also suitable for toddlers or for people who consume a good deal of meat or succulent veggies.

As a slightly milder and thicker griddle, it weighs a total of 22 lbs. This is excellent news regarding cast iron the thicker, the greater the heat capabilities of this griddle. The grips are modeled on and adapt to whichever side you’re on, griddle or grill.

The heating of the cast iron griddle-to-grill combo plate is 384 square inches (15 to 24), and it’ll be more than sufficient to get a bigger breakfast. This also suggests that it covers two stove burners, so ensure your stove can match the griddle on.

Lodge Pro-Grid Cast Iron Grill and Griddle Combo

Lodge Pro-Grid Cast Iron Grill and Griddle Combo is why half of the list is populated with Lodge cast iron griddles. They produce strong cast iron, which is extended reversible, isn’t any exclusion. The griddle top grill combo includes a 208 square inch heating system, which is flipped to match your requirements. Thus, griddle or grill at one time.

The cooking surface can deal with any obstacle, from breakfast food to beef and complicated recipes with many vegetables. The grips are beautifully designed and, therefore, part of the entire griddle, making it one piece of cast iron.

The ideal thing concerning the portability of the cast-iron griddle is it weighs 3.35 pounds just. This makes it perfect for camping trips and open flame cooking. It’ll take two frequent gas stove slots on the stove, providing more equivalent warmth than the ones gas grills would. The griddle/grill plate is pre-seasoned.

Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Single-Burner Reversible Griddle

Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Single-Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle, 10.5-inch
1,237 Reviews
Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Single-Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle, 10.5-inch
  • Reversible cast-iron grill/griddle provides fast, even heating
  • Flat on one side and ribbed on reverse for indoor or outdoor cooking

Now includes the sole square-shaped cast iron griddle on the list. This 10.5 by 10.5-inch cast iron griddle was designed to cover one stove burner or one electric stove heating apparatus. The iron plate is also reversible, including a sleek side for bacon, egg, and walnut food generally, plus a barbecue side for meats, hamburgers, and succulent veggies.

This version is handmade by an organization that’s been in the marketplace for more than a century. The iron comes already experienced, so that you may start cooking straight away. The streamlined, two-sided layout makes this reversible cast iron griddle right into a great oven.

This usually means that baking a variety of dishes is also on the table for a potential. There are two handles on the diagonal size of this square-shaped griddle plate. This griddle is best to cook recipes created for two individuals simultaneously, also makes a fantastic breakfast addition.

Vremi 20 inch Nonstick Large Cast Iron Griddle

This rectangular-shaped cast iron griddle can also be reversible, doubling the operation. The other hand is, as usual, made to a little grill. Though the griddle appears hefty, we’re amazed to learn it weighs just under 7 lbs. The heftier appearance comes out of its elongated measurements, using its 197.5 square inches cooking surface.

On the flip side, we could observe a few well-made cast iron handles, which comes in extra handy in the event you’re cooking out on a grill, or even a campfire. As a result of its size, it could manage to prepare meals for 4people concurrently. It’s possible to earn a super big breakfast without needing to occupy three or four pots and pans.

It’s reversible that carries up to two stovetop stains, but it replaces over two standard stovetop units. Just be sure it matches. This griddle-to-grill reversible come seasoned.

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Amazon chose to throw their hat at the ring and provide this extended reversible griddle-to grill combo. Rather than its similar lightweight versions, this one weighs just over 11 lbs, making its weight marginally above average. The cast iron is pre-seasoned, along the plate can work as a level surface for liquid foods such as eggs, also as a barbecue for meats, hamburgers, and vegetables.

The built-in grips are part of the griddle and are lean, so they’ll cool down quicker. The heating area is 208 square inches (20 x 10.4) and will take full breakfast for 2-4 people simultaneously. The substance was designed to resist temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and also the form of the plate allows you to utilize it for oven baking. The plate carries up to two slots on the stovetop.

Lodge Seasoned Round Cast Iron Griddle 5 Piece Bundle

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set, Black
4,441 Reviews
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set, Black
  • One Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set
  • Cast iron cover features self-basting tips

We decided to incorporate a 5-piece set in our listing. This collection consists of 4 circular-shaped cast iron cookware bits along with a lid. A 5-quart Dutch oven, a 10.5-inch circular cast iron griddle, and a few cast iron skillets (8 inches plus 10.25 inches). The collection covers a broad range of recipes and a vast array of cooking methods.

The griddle is excellent for breakfast food that must solidify (like pancakes and sunny-side-up eggs), along with the cast iron skillets are there to assist you in preparing meals that must be stirred a good deal throughout the preparation. Though it is possible to use anycast iron pot/pan/griddle for oven baking, this collection includes a Dutch oven, and this can be a cast-iron kettle constructed for ovens especially.

The lid was designed to match the Dutch oven component of this place but remember to divide the bud’s lid when not being used. This keeps it from flowing water, thus prolonging its lifespan. The entire collection is pre-seasoned.

Utopia Kitchen 17 x 10 inches Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Another elongated reversible griddle-to grill cast iron plate onto this particular list is your rectangular-shaped version from Utopia Kitchen. The very first thing we discovered is that the thin design of this griddle/grill plate. It’s just. Seven inches tall, which makes it effortless to maneuver around.

The cooking surface’s total size is 170 square inches, and it could easily resist the challenge of a massive breakfast or a typical meal for three individuals. Use the smooth side for eggs, pancakes, and squishy meals, whereas the grill facet of this cast iron plate functions to prepare legumes and succulent vegetables.

The manufacturer claims that this cast iron griddle is dishwasher friendly, but we recommend cleaning it applying the principles we’ll discuss in the manual. This cast-iron griddle/grill reversible plate is already experienced.

cast iron griddle for gas stove


1. Could I use steel wool to clean my cast iron griddle/skillet?

Surely not, and to get a fat motive. Steel wool is unpleasant, although that is the property we want in the first place when washing dishes, it is going to damage cast iron often beyond repair. We advocate using a milder plastic dish cleansing brush, or when you insist on using alloy, put money into a chainmail scrubber. If you stick to the cleanup process attentively, with extra heating, then you’ll able to get rid of any residual dirt out of the cast iron griddle.

2. How long can I maintain my cast iron griddle about the heat supply?

The attractiveness of cast iron for the material is traditional stove replacements can’t damage it. You may practically keep it to the heat source for as long as you need or want to. Just remember that using longer cooking sessions that the cast iron griddle will get harder and more challenging to wash, so be sure that you do not leave the cleanup process” for tomorrow.”

3. Can I clean my cast iron griddle in cold water?

Even though it’s possible, it’s never suggested. The only real reason is the character of iron for a substance or metals generally. In chilly surroundings iron shrinks, which causes micro-sized holes on your griddle, which consistently leads to more significant damages.

Merely to be sure to get a long-lasting cast iron griddle, wash it using hot or warm water. Mainly if your griddle is not cold from one-time use yet, large temperature differences can sometimes make the griddle crack, so it might be best to leave it to cool by itself before washing.

4. My griddle is filthy; can I soak it to wash it simpler?

We’re conscious that soaking makes meals easier to wash, but this will not apply. As we already mentioned, by all means, avoid exposing your cast iron cookware to moisture or water. Cast iron is cleaned by heating and scrubbing afterward. In the event, the stubborn stain does not come off at the first attempt, try again, and we are sure you’ll have the ability to pull it off.

5. Most cooks advocate the”no detergent” cleaning process. How can I know it’s clean from germs?

Heating the cast iron griddle to 400 degrees (or sometimes more) is vital for the cleaning process. This elevated temperature makes for a much better antibacterial shield than any dish soap on the market. Detergents and soaps are used only in the event of a very old and unmaintained cast iron griddle/skillet.


And there we have it, a thorough guide on the best way best to decide on the best-cast iron griddle for your kitchen. Making meals is something most of us do every day, so why don’t you try and make it as healthy and enjoyable as possible. There are various kinds of cast iron cookware on the market, and we’re certainly happy helping you pick, together with our hottest cast iron griddle reviews.

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