Top 13 Best Countertop Water Filters Review 2020

Top 13 Best Countertop Water Filters Review 2020

Popular due to their easy installation and affordable rates, countertop water filters are among the simplest ways to tap water improvement. Nobody should have to cover bad-tasting tap water, and better-tasting tap water does not need to drain your bank accounts or need an exhausting setup.

Countertop water filters provide good, clean water for you in your kitchen, hotel room, RV, or even on the move. On top of that, they are available in several styles and extend a range of remarkable filtration choices, from removing germs to fluoride decrease. Dadongny has assembled five countertop filters according to their design, efficacy, and application that will assist you in selecting which filter will be the Best Countertop Water Filters fit for you.

Different types Of Countertop Water Filters

Different types Of Countertop Water Filters

1. Filter Dispenser

Powerful (quite ), mobile (marginally ), and cheap in the long term, plus requiring no power to operate, the filter shredder would be your love of a device for both large and smallish families alike.

The normal filter dispenser consists of a top and a lower room (a container), using many filter components in the center. You fill the top tank and then await the water to run through the filters to the lower room purified. The entire process usually requires a few hours.

The filter mill’s great thing is it is not linked to anything, no power plug faucet or water. It would sit in your workplace as it might on the kitchen countertops or in your car on a road trip.

Your only problem is to fill it up every few days. Suggestion: A pull out kitchen faucet gets reloading the tank a million times simpler.

2. Water Distiller

When exceptionally purity is necessary, the system of distillation always appears to get the top hand.

A water distiller stalks up the water, runs the vapor through its coils, and then turns it into the liquid’s shape to fall into a container. Each of the contaminant sediments, heavy metals, and many substances are all left behind, condensed from the rest of the water to be discarded.

Not many water distillers are made the same, nevertheless. You might get medical-grade water that tastes sweet and refreshing with real health benefits. Or you might find a funky smelly liquid after hours of waiting. That mainly depends on the character of the substances used to generate the machine. (Quick tip: if heating is demanded, the consensus is to prevent plastic.)

Water distillers are normally quite small in size, processing just a few gallons at one time. They are most acceptable for people or families of two-three individuals. They have some time to do their job. The wait is generally hours. Thus, if you are forgetful like me, you probably will be much better off with another kind of water processor.

3. Water Ionizer

The water ionizer is owned by the more complex (and more expensive) set of water processors. Let us consider it this way: they’re the Rolls-Royce, both concerning quality and cost.

An ionizer manages water with a process called electrolysis. In this process, positive ions from the water accumulate at the negative electrodes to make cathodic water. The negative ions, however, collect on the opposite side to produce anodic or oxidized water.

With higher alkalinity and anti-oxidating possible, the cathodic water includes a”sweeter” flavor and is thought to maximize your blood pH. Therefore, it is believed to decrease the dangers of a huge array of ailments and lotions, from cancer to minor skin irritations and allergies.

The consequences are still under discussion, but something could be verified: tap water comes from this machine, tasting like paradise. You can not see or smell anything, but it seems great. Part of the reason might be the pre-filters that arrive from the package.

The water ionizer is created for one person: the person who desires the very best for their health also gets the cash for this.

4. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter

A reverse osmosis filtration process is among the very best water filters you may get. It can manage virtually every water pollutant you may consider: by sediments, to substances like chlorine, fluoride, to heavy metals such as mercury and lead, in the purchase price of a slowed stream.

Usually equipped with various capsules of pre-filtration materials along with also a tank, RO systems are often very overwhelming in size. They’re more frequently seen set up in a cupboard below the sink for decorative reasons. In the past several decades, however, countertop RO filters have also gained some fame due to their appealing design and simplified setup.

RO systems are acceptable for spacious kitchen countertops. They’re recommended particularly for houses with elevated risks of exposure to lead and other heavy metals from the water, like homes with older pipelines or apartments in hard water areas.

5. Sink-top Filter

Of filters, the sink top is probably the best choice timewise, money-wise, and space-wise.

The sink is a very simple system incorporated into your faucet method to filter water directly until it runs from the tap. It is small, typically consisting of a filter capsule within a plastic or metallic casing, and a faucet-type spout out of in which the processed water arrives.

This type of filter would be the least intrusive of all sorts of plain water processors. It can sit next to the faucet, and leaving more sink great space for some other things/activities. Filtration is fast with moderate water pressure within the home.

While filter durability isn’t among its advantages, it can normally last a few months, and installation/replacement requires no longer than a few minutes. That is why it is a preferable option for people in a rented house or someone who only needs a fast, affordable solution to fluoridated tap water or chlorine’s icky smell.

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Best Countertop Water Filters Brand

Best Countertop Water Filters Brand

1. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey utilizes gravity to force water through the filter cartridge to remove contaminants.

You fill out a high reservoir (like a filter pitcher) using water. As a result, you don’t have to attach the filter right to a water supply, as with new counter systems.

You’re able to continue to keep the Big Berkey where it is convenient. Being readily mobile, this is great since the physical dimension of this filter is rather large in comparison with a number of its rivals in 19.25″ or 8.5″.

The bottom reservoir retains 2.25 gallons of filtered, sterile water.

The Big Berkey filters water as efficiently as a conventional countertop system connected up to a waterline. The filters, Berkey Purification Elements, as they’re dubbed, continue up to 6,000 gallons before they need replacement. This is the Best Countertop Water Filters.


  • Filter components have remarkable 6,000 gallons lifespan
  • Doesn’t Have to Be linked to a water supply
  • Could be used to wash well water


  • Much bigger physically than other countertop water filters
  • Doesn’t filter water

2. APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The APEX MR10-50 Countertop Drinking Water Filter eliminates foul odor and flavor and adjusts the pH of your own water.

This countertop system uses a 5-stage filter that effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants. It must be mentioned that this system doesn’t remove fluoride.

The final stage of filtration includes a remineralizing component that changes the water’s pH into a more alkaline level between 7 and 8.5.

The filter lasts for approximately 750 gallons until it is going to require replacement.


  • Taste is improved by chlorine elimination along with pH changing minerals
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Some individuals have found it Hard to replace the filter
  • The lifespan of filter is relatively brief
  • Doesn’t remove fluoride

3. New Wave Enviro 10-Stage

The New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filter System, as its name implies, boasts an impressive 10 stages of filtration.

This filter removes contaminants like lead, dirt, rust, chlorine, and other heavy metals. If you do not need to spend extra to have a reverse osmosis system but wish to eliminate an impressive number of contaminants, this filter is one of the best bets.

After eliminating contaminants, the filter also comes with a remineralization stage, which adds salt back into the water to improve its pH and provides a more pleasing flavor.

The filter itself needs to persist for a year before it needs replacement.


  • 10 stages of filtration
  • Simple to set up & alter the filter


  • The guarantee is only Great for one year
  • Doesn’t remove fluoride
  • Effectiveness of replacement filter Might Not Be as good as first

4. Ecosoft Countertop

A more budget-friendly alternative, the Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System eliminates an entire plethora of standard contaminants, is compact and lightweight, and does not require professional setup.

Whatever you want to set up the machine, such as a wrench, faucet adapters, and additional hose length, are included in the bundle, ready to proceed.

The filter will last for around 1,500 gallons until it is going to have to be replaced. It’s made of coconut oil shell, efficiently eliminating chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, direct, and by-products in the chlorination treatment process.


  • Low-cost point and efficient filter. Fantastic value for the money
  • All things necessary for setup are contained in the bundle


  • Written directions can be improved.
  • Shorter filter lifespan compared to other comparable products

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5. cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System

This countertop program sets itself besides the very fact that You Don’t need to change the filter during the life span of this product, lasting around 7 years (in an estimated 1,500 g / year)

The cleanwater4less countertop water filtration system delivers very low maintenance, the cost-saving option to other standard countertop systems which require regular filter changes. The value proposition is that you just utilize the machine and also dispose of the entire thing in the conclusion of its long run.

This 5-stage system may filter 10,000 gallons through its life span, effectively eliminating sediment, chlorine, organic chemicals, unpleasant odor, and flavor.


  • It’s not necessary to spend on filters.
  • Incredibly easy to install


  • The filter might not last the whole 7 years as advertising since it depends on use.
  • Not to use with water that is well

6. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2

The Home Master Jr. F2 is a space-saving countertop system with an additional long chrome tap.

If you’re searching to eliminate fluoride from your water, you are in luck. This filter will precisely do that, together with removing other contaminants like arsenic, TOCs, VOCs, selenium, and chlorine.

Concerning functionality, the filter lifespan is a little shorter than the remainder, necessitating replacement after only 500 gallons of usage. Home Master utilizes compression discs between layers of the filter that ensures even, effective filter.


  • Willing to eliminate fluoride
  • Filter design is exceptional, preventing water bypassing the filter


  • Short filter lifespan Has to Be replaced every 500 gallons or 3 months
  • Won’t eliminate TDS

7. Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Water Filter

The Aquasana Countertop water filter can remove up to 97% of chlorine and also can be certified by the NSF to decrease the other 76 contaminants from drinking water.

This system boasts a higher flow rate of 30 gallons per hour, which means that there isn’t waiting for your water to be filtered.

This Aquasana system has been intentionally designed for simple and quick installation.

Employing 2-stage filtration technologies named Claryum®, Aquasana asserts this countertop filter may eliminate 10x more contaminants than the very best filter pitcher available on the industry.

On average, the filters will last about six months until they need to be altered.


  • Very reasonable flow speed allows rapid access to filtered water
  • Twin cartridge usage raises efficacy
  • NSF certified to wash 77 contaminants


  • The greater price point in comparison to competitors. You’re paying for the NSF certified grade.
  • Filter life is about the side

8. iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter

The 10-inch filter capsule of this iSpring CKC1C will eliminate particles that are 5 microns in size or bigger. This includes substances like chlorine, rust, sediment, sand, pesticides, and insecticides, and other compounds.

The crystal clear filter casing of the unit lets you see if the filter is altered. This system can be used with any 10-inch cartridge, which means it is possible to use any filter cartridge of the dimension, independent of the producer.


  • The larger 10-inch cartridge enables a larger surface area for much more successful filtration
  • Can utilize any 10-inch filter cartridge when it comes times to substitute
  • Clear filter casing allows visible observation


  • Doesn’t work well with higher water pressure. It doesn’t have a flow restrictor.
  • Instructions might be more apparent

9. Big Berkey Water Filter 2.5 Gallon System

On the lookout for a mobile dispenser which truly functions to get rid of harmful contaminants? Check out this Big Berkey. Constructed of premium excellent material with filters analyzed by to transcend NSF/ANSI Conventional 53, and sold at an affordable price, this US-made 2-gallon mill is easily the finest to have in your countertop filter this past year.

In actuality, it’s also caused it to our listing of the ideal household water filters to buy for cooking and drinking water.


  • Powerful, long-lasting filters
  • Durable
  • Mobile (smaller versions )
  • Includes Stainless material bottle
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • Assembling instructions Aren’t clear
  • Manually filled
  • Filters Fluoride, Arsenic, MTBE
  • Most countertop filters prevent reducing sediments, chlorine, and frequent VOCs in tap water.

The Big Berkey requires a step further by eliminating water fluoride and re-oxidized arsenic III and arsenic V. Both are components known to create a lot of medical problems at a really low dose. Additionally, it eliminates the water-soluble organic chemical of MTBE, long term vulnerability to that (via drinking) may lead to poisoning.

The secrets of the countertop dispenser are in its excellent filters the black BB9 along with the PF2. They’re all part of the bundle, and will also be available for sale independently.

Durable Construction And Long Filter Life

The mill comes plastic-free: its own upper and lower chambers are equally manufactured from 304 Stainless material, promising to survive decades. It’s intended to remain intact on the street on a long journey. The smaller variations are fairly common among roadtrippers thanks to their durability.

The filters themselves are turtles of their sort.

The PF2s can process 1,000 gallons, or 3800 gallons of water until a replacement is essential, whereas the black BB9s can process 3,000 gallons or 11,400 gallons of water. (Side note: you’ll need to pour all that water to the tank on your own. A pull out or pull down kitchen faucet with a long spout will probably be exceedingly helpful in this instance!)

To give you a sense, an ordinary person only must consume half a gallon per day to satisfy the suggested amount.

To get a family of four, the PF2 will continue about four months, and the Blacks over annually. In case you’ve got sanitary issues, the Blacks are cleanable with the Scotch-Brite pad.

Enables One To Ditch Plastic Bottles For Great

The filter dispenser package does not only bring you to wash water out of the countertop filter. It includes a large Stainless material jar so that you can enjoy purified water on the move. That is one fantastic way to save yourself from hormone-irritating vinyl bottles and also to conserve the environment.

The jar does look a bit too large to carry around daily (it may hold 24 oz of water enough three times ). If you are on a camping excursion or are likely hiking for a few days, however, you are going to enjoy it.

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10. APEC Portable Countertop Water Filter System

With cost, efficiency, and advantage taken under consideration, the APEC RO-CTOP wins hands down as the best RO water filter for countertop in 2020.


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Straightforward setup
  • Powerful RO filter
  • Has covered case
  • NSF certified components


  • No independent faucet
  • Takes countertop space
  • Four Stages Of Water Processing

Having more compact dimensions, the countertop filter variant is simplified to 4 phases of water processing.

Water will initially run through a sediment filter with pores of 5 microns in size. To give you a notion of just how little this is, the individual red blood palette includes a diameter of approximately 6 – 8 microns.

Following the sediment filter, the water will be processed in the next phase with activated coconut oil, where a vast majority of all VOCs, pesticides, pesticides, and disinfection by-products, such as chlorine, are eliminated. The water is then processed and obtained free of heavy minerals and metals through the next phase: the inverse osmosis.

The fourth filter capsule provides a closing decorative polish with activated coconut carbon to carry any residual foreign smell/taste from the water.

One Minute Setup

Unlike the under-sink edition, the countertop is quite simple to install. Place it to the countertop, join it using a normal faucet. Turn the valve, and voilàout conducts the purified water, tasting as clear as from a jar!

With no tank to store water, the leak isn’t overly powerful. Regardless, it may take approximately 3 gallons each hour, given the initial pressure is somewhere between 40 and 80 psi. That is more than adequate for everyday cooking and drinking purposes to get a medium-sized household.

The machine is simpler than a standard simple filter such as the Home Master, and it requires some distance. At least you won’t ever need to spend one minute cramping yourself beneath the sink for drilling and screwing each time replacement or installation is necessary.

Besides, you choose to have a fairly unusual scenario, which covers each of the capsules and makes things a lot easier on the eyes. If you don’t have too little, a countertop to adapt to this system is necessary.

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11. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

When it is COMPLETE purity you’re searching for in your drinking water, then a countertop distiller will be the precise answer.


  • High purity level
  • No plastic in contact with water
  • Automatic shut off
  • Simple cleanup
  • No setup required


  • Takes the time to process water
  • Requires electricity to function
  • The MegaHome stands out as our primary selection for lots of factors.
  • No Plastic Involved
  • To be precise, there’s plastic, however, water won’t touch it.

Everything that comes in contact with water: the interior of the distiller, the coils, and also the storage tank are manufactured from 304 stainless steel or glass. This makes sure the best purity of liquid.

UL Approved For Safety

When a product includes a UL listed mark, you may be assured peace of mind concerning security.

The distiller is simple in construction. However, it was created in a manner that guarantees smooth, accident-free functioning. It’s an automatic shut off purpose, which makes it secure for you to run it immediately or leave the home half. If you are like me and have a goldfish’s memory, this can be a characteristic you are going to love truly.

Easy Cleanup

The distillation is completed after approximately 5 hours, and then the system turns itself off if there is about half an inch of unprocessed water. In this manner, the rest of the residue will not wind up cutting or sticking to the floor. Should you discard the wastewater and wash out the machine thoroughly after each use, the device will probably last for long years with no place in its room!

However, some hardcore users go the extra mile by installing a timer to turn the distiller off if there is still an entire inch of water indoors. They assert this raises the purity of their water. While I could find no evidence that this can be effective, common sense tells me that this leaves cleanup much more bliss. Whatever the case, it will not hurt to try this.

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12. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

If you are into alkaline water and food, this well-known Bawell Platinum Card Ionizer will most likely make you happy.


  • Makes both alkaline (pH around 12) and acidic water (pH 2)
  • Simple to install (includes faucet adaptor)
  • Pre-filters added
  • Requires low water pressure to function (20 psi)


  • Requires electricity to function
  • High price tag
  • It Makes Both Alkaline And Acidic Water

As an ionizer, the Bawell functions to split water into two streams, one with exceptionally low and another with a higher pH level.

The alkaline water that it makes may have an ORP of +600 into -800 [exactly what this means], and pH as large as 12. That is greater than the water sold in bottles at ridiculous prices in convenient shops. We do not usually aim to consume pH 12 water we should not, but it’s dependent upon the source water, I figure.

Regardless of my agnosticism towards alkaline water’s remarkable effects, I must acknowledge the water improves remarkably concerning aestheticism. It’s a sleek, silky feel, and scents and tastes super pleasant.

There are claims that this water has anti-oxidating consequences, but stronger studies will probably be required to affirm.

The contaminated water, nonetheless, has a pH level of as low as two. This is great for washing fruits and vegetables, but not direct consumption, because of the prospective capability to”nurture” unhealthy actions within the human body. Additionally, it is not the world’s ideal drink unless you are a lover of slightly salty water.

Integrated Filters

The ionizer includes two filters: a single pre-activated carbon filter along with a granular activated carbon filter. This duo eliminates remove specific sediments, VOCs, and compounds like chlorine in the water until it runs throughout the ionizing stage.

The filters help reduce pollutants from the water and boost the lifespan of this ionizer itself. Additionally, it is quite convenient these two capsules can last for an entire year if you’re using public water. There is a mileage indicator to allow you to know when they need altering.

While both are more than adequate, it can not hurt if you wish to put in more capsules from warning. In reality, if you are using well water, then I highly recommend using this three Stage Topical Filtration system, which comes from the bundle.

The fantastic news is, even while the machine should just remain on the countertop, the additional filters are great to go under the sink.

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13. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filter

Using tap water and looking for a fast, simple, and efficient remedy to the amazing smell? The Home Master sink-top filter will cut the mustard to you.


  • Filters fluoride, chlorine, Amongst Others
  • Successful in improving water taste and odor
  • Compact, mobile
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Reasonable Price


  • Short filter life
  • 93 Length Of Fluoride/Chlorine Reduced

Sink top filters aren’t typically known for their efficacy. They are somewhat small and many have a layout that occasionally allows water to run without even being processed.

To address the problem, Home Master leaves their filter with complete layers of filtering substances. They also put in compression discs in the inlet, outlet, and between the sheets. This makes sure the water will run via coconut oil to filter out chlorine and an array of VOCs, then a layer of aluminum for fluoride elimination.

You will certainly see a difference in the flavor and odor of tap water!

Installation Takes 5 Minutes

With a streamlined and easy exterior layout, the Home Master is super simple to install and uninstall. All you need to do is link its faucet adaptor on your faucet, and you are going to receive pure water in a few minutes. No tools required. No difficulty drilling or wrenching. And zero time inside the crate of a cupboard.

That’s why it’s the ideal selection for a rented flat or any sort of temporary lodging, in which water quality remains an issue, but an under sink process is a lot to deal with. The item does take a little distance, but it fits in the pink shirt area that’s hardly ever used for anything else. After a time, you won’t even notice it is there!

The only minus for this particular filter, as I view it, is that the somewhat short filter life. The filter cartridge lasts just 500 gallons or approximately 1900 gallons of water. Should you use it only for ingesting (half a gallon per day), it continues just over two months to get a household of four. Replacement is as fast and simple as the installation. However, you’ll need to remember when to perform it.

Then again, you do not need to fill up a tank daily manually, just like you do with a toaster or a dispenser.

Countertop Water Filters FAQs

Countertop Water Filters FAQs

1. Do countertop water filters work for all kitchen faucets?

Countertop tap water filters relate to the vast majority of kitchen sink taps. If you are unsure if one will match your particular faucet kind, research to the product and discover whether there are any taps that it can not be linked to.

2. Can I connect my countertop water filter to multiple faucets?

No, your filter may only connect to a faucet at one time. Should you wish to move from a faucet that applies to a different, it will not take too much time to disconnect and reconnect at a brand new site.

3. What common contaminants does a countertop water filter remove?

Most countertop water filters may eliminate chemicals, including pesticides, chlorine, insecticides, heavy metals, and some germs. An increasing amount of countertop water filters comprise alkalization filters to demineralized water with magnesium and calcium for optimal taste.

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