Top 15 Best Cutting Board For Meat Review In 2020

Best Cutting Board For Meat

If it comes to preparing meat in your cutting board, there is a lot to be worried about. Besides accidental injuries, you have also got to be cautious to prevent cross-contaminating your surfaces. Food-borne disorders are no joke, and even the ideal wooden cutting boards for meat guarantee your kitchen stays safe as a possible cook. Are you search for the best cutting boards for meat. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best cutting board for meat.

Top Best Cutting Boards for Meat Brands

Top Best Cutting Board For Meat Brands In 2020

1. Epicurean Kitchen Series

Epicurean proudly makes all their products in America. It’s a unique history, being born in 2004 from a skate park ramp manufacturer. They utilize the surplus material to generate kitchen utensils and cutting boards. They have a dedication to producing not only durable but eco-friendly products. Along with butcher blocks and kitchen utensils, they also sell serving meals, barware, pizza resources, etc. Head to their site for advice about product maintenance and attention.

2. Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board

Joseph Joseph premiered in 2003 by twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph, who had a passion for design. The business is now a global brand, within over 100 distinct nations. You will discover a broad selection of products, from cooking resources to garbage cans to bathroom items. Their website is a fountain of info about everyone these classes and much more.

3. Venfon Enormous Organic Cutting Board

Venfon doesn’t own a site to talk of. A Google search is only going to require you to third-party sites using their products listed available. Regardless of Venfon’s obscurity, this cutting board appears to be the real thing. It’s plenty of unique features that you won’t discover on your regular butcher board. Venfon sells several distinct cutting boards, along with some other miscellaneous products.

4. John Boos Cutting Board

John Boos & Co. was producing meat wood cutting boards because in 1887. They’re easily among the oldest, most recognized companies in the business. Their site includes highly thorough maintenance and cares instructions for every single sort of product. They also make stainless steel carts and tables for residential and business usage and classic butcher boards. Their gear is currently in use at many sports stadiums across the united states.

5. Intelligent Chef Shatter Resistant Cutting Board

The CleverChef market just a small number of kitchen products, such as a baking mat, spice grinder, and wine rack. They do not have their business website because they have far more products to pick from on third-party sites.

6. Premium 2 Tone Chopping Board

Kooq is a high-end online chef shop dedicated to quality. They sell just wood cutting boards and chopping blocks. Their site isn’t too impressive, pretty much restricted to the store. This two-tone wood cutting board is unquestionably a higher-end product, and so is greatest if you’re searching for a board that will endure.

7. Commercial Plastic Cutting Board

Per the name, this cutting board is mostly for industrial usage. The vendor is Chefs, that style kitchen equipment for chefs and foodservice professionals. Their products will also be appropriate for home use. Along with butcher boards, they also sell little kitchen utensils and furniture.

8. OXO Good Grips Cutting Board

Produced from a durable and non-porous vinyl substance, this dishwasher-safe OXO cutting board is just one of the best to purchase meat. With over 500 Amazon reviews, it is intended to withstand deep scratches and discoloration, and that means you won’t need to worry about germs growing over time. Additionally, the double-sided plank has soft, pliable handles for effortless lifting and non slip edges for extra safety. Among its components has juice grooves to feature some messes, which, based on users, helps stop cross-contamination.

9. Neoflam Plastic Cutting Board

Such as the OXO Good Grips alternative, this plastic butcher block by Neoflam, is produced from a dishwasher-safe, durable, and non-porous substance. The difference is this one is created with Microban antimicrobial protection, and it is somewhat more economical, too. But, its lower cost point does not imply fewer features. This one also boasts a double-sided layout to ward off cross-contamination, nonslip advantages for secure cutting, and a groove to capture excess liquid… for $13. No wonder it’s a 4.5-star score on Amazon.

10. Seville Classics

Concerning sanitation and convenience, this naturally-antimicrobial and durable cutting board from Seville Classics gives one of the two worlds’ very best. The 4.5-starboard includes seven BPA-free and dishwasher-safe mats, together with predetermined labels and colors for various kinds of food, which help stop cross-contamination and make cleanup a cinch. When they are not being used, the mats may be saved right inside the outer board to get a suitable organizing alternative. Better yet? The butcher block, which has almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon, has non slip silicone feet for extra stability and counter protection.

11. Iron Gourmet Prep Station 28217

Topping our list is a cutting board that manages to deliver the standard of all end-grain timber cutting boards down to a sensible cost. The Iron Gourmet Prep Station 28217 was created so that your blade will hit the conclusion of the wood’s natural grain, which permits the timber to minimize harm and heal over time. We will be getting more into the end grain timber in our buyer’s guide, but generally speaking, the high-end construction of the Iron Gourmet product is among the very best on the market these days.

12. Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Board

Providing a stark contrast to the Iron Gourmet cutting board is the low-cost alternative from Chefcaptain, which might be more beneficial to individuals interested in finding a low-maintenance option. The Chefcaptain Glass Cutting Board is a pebbled chopping block that could withstand almost any knife test. You will have the ability to slice, dice, and split your way through many types of raw meat with no issue due to this exceptional glass design that may also be thrown into the dishwasher for a fast clean.

13. Gorilla Grip 3-Piece Reversible Cutting Board

Particularly active cooks in the kitchen will be delighted with the numerous boards that include this collection from Gorilla Grip. This 3-piece Gorilla Grip set utilizes sturdy, non-porous vinyl to maintain normal tear and wear, and even includes a juice groove on every board, making them ideal for carving meats.

14. HHXRISE Venfon Organic Cutting Board

Though the Seville Classics plank before on our listing surely executed bamboo, this choice out of HHXRISE brings out the entire value to get a bamboo chopping block. The Venfon Organic Cutting Board is not as of a cutting board and much more of a workstation. The included juice works around the most crucial areas of this plank’s perimeter, even though a storage slot and many hollowed out pockets, finish the remaining part of the border.

15. NoTrax Sani-Tuff Cutting Board 161-331-1

The closing butcher block on the list provides another distinct cutting surface that is guaranteed to appeal to people who might dislike metal’s noise on Glass or plastic. The NoTrax Sani-Tuff cutting board is made of thick rubber, meaning that it will quickly have a beating out of your knives and continue moving. Smaller cuts will evaporate soon to this butcher board, so there is no requirement to be attentive when dividing meats with serrated blades.

Cutting Board For Meat

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you were searching for the best choices, but here’s a little more detail of why people may want great cutting board products to help us cut raw meat and maintain the kitchen counter very clean and sterile.

Reduced Boards vs. Butcher Blocks?

Butcher blocks, also referred to as chopping blocks, originated in China and used for centuries. Cutting boards aren’t necessarily synonymous with butcher blocks. A board should meet these three principles to be considered a butcher block:

Produced with end grain timber

Is at least 1.5 inches thick

It is big enough for the meat. You’re tackling.

When a cutting board fulfills those three criteria, it’s safe to use for meat. Otherwise, it’s encouraged that you buy a real butcher’s block.

Forms of Cutting Board Materials

Since uncooked meat is filled with germs, it’s crucial to utilize a board which may be cleaned entirely and won’t home this bacteria with time. It also needs to protect knives from dulling and countertops from harm.

Here’s a list of substances commonly Utilized to create cutting boards:

  • Vinyl
  • Composite
  • Wood
  • End grain
  • Bamboo
  • Glass

Composite is generally considered the best since it’s a cheap, natural substance that’s dishwasher-safe and incredibly durable. End-grain timber is also a top option. Glass isn’t suggested, as it may dull your knives speedily.

What’s the Finest Wood to Use for a Cutting Board?

Should you choose timber, be sure that you go to find the ideal sort of wood. In North America, at least, that’s maple.

Here are some reasons why walnut is your best choice to use for a cutting board:

  • Abundant in distribution
  • Found naturally during North America
  • Cheap
  • Renewable resource
  • Durable material
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation

Other woods available are pecan, teak, cherry, and cherry, amongst others.

What’s the Most Sanitary Kind of Cutting Board?

Even though it’s widely believed that vinyl is the most sanitary substance to get a butcher block, science has indicated this isn’t the situation. Although new planks are disinfected, since the board becomes damaged out of use as time passes, it cannot be thoroughly sanitized.

Bamboo and wood are considered sanitary, as the porous coating will trap and suffocate germs.

How To Clean Cutting Board?

The US Department of Agriculture recommends that it is easy to clean cutting boards with hot, soapy water to prevent water contamination. To sanitize, use a mixture of one tablespoon of chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Pour the solution over the chopping block and let it stand for a couple of minutes before rinsing with water.

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