Best Fixed Blade Knives 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Fixed Blade Knives

There’s not any substitute for a fantastic fixed blade knife. Whenever your job goes into the crazy, a stationary blade is frequently a better option than a folding knife. They’re more powerful, more considerable, and may often be abused into a level no pocket knife will ever have the ability to stand around. A fixed blade knife could be an instrument, in a pinch, a weapon.

Fixed blades are frequently the option of soldiers, outdoorsman, and survivalists and are necessary for anybody going into the crazy, or for if the crazy comes into them. Are you search for the best immovable blade knives. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best fixed blade knives.

Fixed Blade Knives

Top best fixed blade knives brands 2021

1. Hoback Knives Kwaiback

The Hoback Kwaiback from Hoback Knives is a modern take on a classic Japanese knife. The Kwaiback is a sharp knife made to be lightweight and fast to use. The Kwaiback includes a 5-inch long blade made from a premium quality steel called S35SVN. This durable steel is strong and chip resistant that is also capable of becoming ultra-sharp.

The Kwaiback includes a tanto hint which will pierce through almost anything. This weapon features an upward-swept blade, and also the combo of this blade and tip design makes this an extremely effective weapon.

2. Morakniv Garberg

The Morakniv Garberg is a timeless knife layout made for a useful instrument. It is easy, rugged, and comfortable to use. The Morakniv Garberg includes a 4.3-inch blade that matches a complete tang to the polyamide handle. The sheath is polymer, as well as the knife clicks, holds on to the long haul.

If you’d like to have an incredibly sharp blade, then the Garberg’s carbon steel blade is a fantastic option. It is hardy and chip-resistant, in addition to corrosion-resistant. The square-shaped spine permits you to hit fire steel using a sufficient spark-producing punch. The Garberg is a straightforward knife that’s ideal for hunting, fishing, swimming, and taking with you instrument anytime you step to the wild.

3. OKC-3S Bayonet Knife

The official knife of the Marine Corps is your OKC-3S, which can be both a bayonet and a utility knife. The OKC-3S includes a passing similarity to the Marine’s famous KA-BAR, but it’s thicker, thicker, and more. Even though you might not ever require a bayonet, the knife’s functional design makes it an excellent alternative for heavy work.

The OKC-3S bayonet features an 8-inch blade and includes a complete tang with a heavy-duty Dynaflex grip. It is significant, thick, and heavy. Marines can break anything. However, it’s uncommon to observe a busted OKC-3S bayonet.

4. Gerber Mark II

The Gerber Mark II has some old school cool for this. The Mark II was produced in 1966, and it found popularity with paratroopers and soldiers of fortune. The knife vanished from production until lately. This double blade dagger features a spear tip and serrations on either side of the Blade.

The Blade is 6.5 inches long, and the module is 12.75 inches. Additionally, it weighs just 8 oz. The handle consists of die-cast aluminum along with the edge out of 420HC. The Mark II is making to be a strategic knife, and its traditional lineage gives it a few provenances within the specialty.

5. E.S.E.E. 4

So far as survival knives, there is not one famous compared to the E.S.E.E. 4. Developed by a set of jungle survival teachers, the E.S.E.E. 4 adjusted blade is renowned for its simplicity and durability. The four at E.S.E.E. 4 stands for 4 inches, and then that is the duration of this Blade. This complete tang knife comes outfitted with just two micarta grip panels much textured to get a fantastic grip.

The Blade is super thick and rather mighty. The E.S.E.E. 4 is still a well made and competent knife made of 440C steel and contains a drop point idea for optimum versatility. You can batten wood, skin match, filet fish, and at a pinch shield yourself nicely with all the E.S.E.E. 4.

6. Emerson Police Utility Knife

The Police Utility Knife, or P.U.K., comes in Emerson prepared to function. Made to be worn to law enforcement’s seat belt, the P.U.K. provides users a remarkably sharp 3.6-inch blade with an overall length of 8.5 inches and a 5.5 oz weight. This lightweight and lightweight 154cm knife have a complete tang.

This sturdy steel is exceptionally corrosion-resistant, holds a very sharp advantage. It’s steel designed for demanding work. The P.U.K. has sharply textured G10 handles, which cling to the hand having a few real excitement. The Puk is lightweight and thin so that it adds hardly any majority to your obligation belt and may easily be carried hidden by your regular Joe.

7. SOG SEAL Team Elite Knife

The SOG SEAL Team Elite is among the several knives based on the first SEAL 2000. The SEAL 2000 that the Navy SEAL knife for a long time. The SOG SEAL Team Elite is created of ultra-tough, rust-resistant, and amazingly sharp AUS-8 steel. It is ideal for men who may or might not be swimming in saltwater for a job.

The SEAL Team Elite includes a flexible clip point blade and an elongated part of serration ideal for cutting and sewing heavier materials. The SEAL Team Elite is a significant knife and sports a quarter-inch broad blade with seven inches. The SEAL Team Elite is over a foot in length, although only weighs 10.3 oz. It is a sturdy knife having a long tradition of support.

8. Half Face Blades S.H.P.O.S.

Half Face Blades is possessed by a former Navy SEAL who took the time he invested in support and made a number of the best immovable blade knives and tomahawks available on the marketplace. The S.H.P.O.S. is the selection of several armed professionals, and Joe Rogan also conveys one when conducting.

The S.H.P.O.S. is a fierce-looking knife that’s small enough for easy transport, but large enough for hazardous usage. The S.H.P.O.S. is 8 inches long overall with a 3-inch blade border. It is a complete tang knife intended to flat against your system or even a plate carrier. The slight inward angle of the Blade does not have any difficulties tearing through clothes and flesh.

9. Bark River Bravo 1

The Bark River Bravo 1 is not the flashiest of knives. It is easily overlooked, but this could be an error. Bravo 1 is the consequence of the Bark River working together with the elite Marine Corps Force Recon commandos to design the ideal knife for Force Recon. The Marines discovered the Bravo 1 to be almost durable, and it has been serving with the Marines because 2007.

The Bravo 1 blade is a whopping quarter-inch thick. It is like a powerlifter made it. The edge is 4.25 inches long and slices and dices nicely above its weight. Bravo 1 utilizes A2 steel that is heavily heat-treated to make sure it is sturdy and durable. Additionally, it is incredibly sharp, and it remains bright for quite a very long moment.

10. The Vandal from Toor Knives

What happens when you’ve got two brothers, one a Marine and one an Army Ranger, come together to create knives? You receive Toor knives as well as the Vandal. The Vandal is an 8.5-inch long knife using a 3.5-inch long blade. It is produced from the stout and powerful CPM 154 steel.

It functions as a utility knife, a tool, and also a last-ditch self-defense weapon. The Vandal includes a retention ring to make sure it will not be dropped from the heat of the moment. The Vandal was created by men who have been there and done that, and it reveals.

11. Winkler Knives Field Knife

Winkler Knives is a mythical firm founded and ran with a mythical blacksmith. Winkler designed knives to the Last of the Mohicans, a tomahawk for SEAL Team 6, and many modern knives. The Field Knife is a mixture of function and form. The Blade is 80CrV2, and it can be superior quality steel famous for its durability and razor-sharp character.

The Field Knife combines an old-school appearance, with contemporary function. It’ll last you forever, and it may be run hard daily without slowing down. The Field Knife is a comfy heavy work knife that’s ideal for camping, hunting, and adventuring. Dan Winkler’s job is indeed famed among elite operators for a motive, the blades operate, plus they won’t stop.

12. Benchmade Nimravus

The Nimravus is an ultra-modern fixed blade made out of 154CM steel. This steel is sturdy, durable, and resists rust without any difficulty. 154CM was created for heavy-duty industrial resources, so it shrugs off the regular work knives are placed through. The Nimravus comes in a drop point blade or even a tank. Tanto blades are fantastic for entering heavy and stabbing through almost anything. The falling point is more flexible for chopping and skinning and improved as a discipline knife.

The Nimravus packs a 4.5-inch blade and can be 9.45 inches. It is a complete tang knife equipped with aluminum grips that are textured for a sure grip. The Nimravus can be amazingly lightweight, and it is quite comfy for all-day carry.

13. Spyderco Ronin two

Spyderco is very well-known for its folding knives, but the Ronin 2 demonstrates how nicely Spyderco can perform fixed blade knives. The Ronin 2 utilizes steel you might not have ever heard of. It is named CTS BD1 and can be vacuum-melted stainless steel. That means that you just get sturdy steel that gets razor-like with very little work.

The Wharncliffe blade provides you a lengthy cutting edge using a lightweight and balanced knife. The module is a complete tang design that integrates two G-10 grips. These grips are textured to create them slip-free. The Ronin 2 also includes a G-Clip outfitted sheath which lets you take the knife only about any way you desire.

14. C.R.K.T. Humdinger

Columbia River Knife and Tool, or C.R.K.T., makes a few of the unique knives available for a brief. They team up with prominent martial artists, survivalists, and blacksmiths to provide practical, but one of a kind knife designs. Ken Onion made the Humdinger, which knife provides you much cutting edge as you can at a 5.9-inch blade.

The major stomach allows for deep and precise cuts, along with the knife’s extended Blade provides you lots of fat to get heavy-duty chopping. This area knife is in the home with all the hunter and shop and the weekend warrior searching for an outstanding chopper.

15. Gerber StrongArm

Finding a cheap fixed blade knife that is not crap can be rough. However, the Gerber StrongArm pulls off it. The Blade is an easy 420HC steel that’s rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. The knife has a complete tang located in a rubberized grip coated using a diamond feel. It is a comfortable and well made fixed blades.

The StrongArm includes a 4/8 inch blade and an entire span of 9.75 inches. It weighs only around 7 oz and is exceptionally comfortable to take. Speaking of carrying, it’s among the greatest modular sheaths available on the marketplace. You can connect the knife vertically, horizontally, and it comes with a MOLLE attachment.

16. KA-BAR USMC Bowie Fixed Blade

Launched in the 1940s, the Ka-Bar U.S.M.C. marked a movement away from dagger-like trench knives plus a movement towards utilitarian designs. The Ka-Bar U.S.M.C. fixed blade bowie is among the most frequently used knives history with the routine issues to soldiers taking place for this day. It is up to you to add this bit to your screen case or place it to function.

17. Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade

The Spyderco Bow River are flexible fixed blades made to handle a vast assortment of outside cutting chores. Spyderco collaborated with hot custom made knife-maker Phil Wilson, who set all of his fishing and hunting experience within this design. This streamlined fixed Blade is constructed with a full-flat floor blade along with an ergonomic G-10 handle. The Bow River also includes a high-quality leather sheath for protected belt carry.

18. C.R.K.T. Minimalist

Alan Folts’ Minimalist collection of blade neck knives can be found in several blade fashions. The C.R.K.T. Minimalist Cleaver has precisely the same exceptionally secure three-finger grip as other versions and provides a top utility knife, cutting profile. Contains a neck bend cord and glass-reinforced nylon sheath.

19. Cold Steel S.R.K.

The S.R.K. (Survival Rescue Knife) from Cold Steel is a versatile knife that could withstand the most intense abuse. It delivers a solid clip point blade that is nice enough for delicate work. Nevertheless, it owns enough stomach for cutting, cutting, and skinning strokes. At 3/16 of an inch thick, the Survival Rescue Knife provides the sturdiest potential stage and edge settings, without sacrificing sharpness. The S.R.K.’s handle sports a single quillion finger guard and a deeply checkered Kray-Ex grip. The item involves a Secure-Ex sheath for comfy everyday transport.

20. C.R.K.T. S.P.E.W. Fixed Blade Knife

Unusual name apart, the C.R.K.T. S.P.E.W. (Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe) Fixed Blade Knife is an outstanding piece of gear. Having an adverse profile and user-friendly layout could stand up to a number of the most beautiful knives you’ll locate and outdo all of the rest. Measuring in at only six inches, you may be tempted to discount this knife because of just how little it is.

21. Tops Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife

Tops’ Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife is a distinctively designed blade rather unlike anything else on this list, even though it’s more than earned its place among the other entrances. Its high quantity of usefulness in addition to its generally fresh look over visit that. Like the title states, this knife was made to mimic a mini harpoon’s appearance, obtaining the trademark long, triangular blade form and a razor-sharp single-edge.

22. Schrade SCHF14 Drop-Point

This Schrade SCHF13 Drop-Point rigid figure is a well-crafted and aesthetically marvelous tool that’s ideal for the E.D.C. wants and the occasional camping trip or survival scenario. Sturdy, rugged, and great looking all in one, this nine-inch knife is more than you looking for excellently. The knife blade’s appearance and usefulness are off the charts, being constructed of 8Cr13MoV stonewashed high carbon steel for a fascinating look and superb edge retention.

23. CRKT 3500 HoodWork Knife

C.R.K.T.’s 3500 HoodWork Knife is a terrific survivalist tool which may be prepared for action at a moment’s notice. At just over 10 inches in length and equipped with functionality in mind, you should not have any trouble roughing it out in the jungle using this knife on your side. The approximately six-inch Blade on this knife is made from 1095 high carbon steel, so keeping an advantage like no other while using its durability strengthened by Cerakote ceramic coating.

24. S.O.G. Super Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

It is difficult to top the traditional Bowie knife regarding its usefulness in the uncontrolled or its overall standing as the Blade. S.O.G. requested one day. They managed to get it done using their Superb Bowie Fixed Blade Knife. This two and a half inch knife take the signature razor-sharp clip tip AUS-8 steel Bowie blade and give it a black TiNi complete, helping to improve its durability; however hard you work it out from the wilds.

25. Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife

Equipped with concealed carry in your mind, Gerber’s Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife is a valuable instrument in self-defense scenarios. Its distinctive profile and profile make it among the very best at what it does, providing the inexperienced up a leg in battle. Even though a little on the short side at just under seven inches, this also works to its benefit given the earlier mentioned concentrate on concealed carry. With the added ankle wrap and sheath, it is straightforward to hide your knife beneath a pant leg and then whip it out in a minute’s notice.

26. Benchmade Fixed Contego 183 Knife

Benchmade rips it out of the park with a different expertly crafted blade perfect for strategic or self-defense purposes. The Fixed Contego 183 Knife will make a worthy addition to any knife set, entirely appropriate for cutting, stabbing, and sawing applications because of its perfect layout.

27. C.R.K.T. Ultima Fixed Blade Knife

Designed apparently to seem as manly and rugged as you can, it still manages to become a very well-made piece with excellent cutting ability and dependability in addition to it. Measuring in at only ten inches, the single-edge 1.4116 stainless steel blade is almost exactly half that. Along with being exceptionally sharp, it’s a pair of deeply jagged teeth close to the base edge for additional power and a black TiNi coating for extra durability and resistance to the elements.


Buying Guide

Our testimonials of the top knives using a blade that is fixed have a vast array of alternatives. Each Blade has advantages in particular surroundings, even though a couple is intended to be excellent all-around knives. The next thing to do is to discover the ideal knife for you.


When you check over our inspection, you will see a few things. One is that some knives are developed for specific tasks. An excellent example of one such knife is that the diving knife we examined.

While it’s lovely to have a blade that can do that, there are benefits to specialization knives. If you go spearfishing, you’ll have different requirements than a person searching deer.

Different types of Blade

You, therefore, have to look closely at the sort of blade tip onto your knife. Many experts concur that a drop point blade is your most excellent all-around Blade. Additionally, it is generally agreed that stationary blades tend to be somewhat more robust and much more dependable than folding knives.

Full Tang Blade

Pocket knives make great backups but are not the best alternative for your primary. Thus, we’d recommend always picking a complete tang knife layout. They’re more powerful, and you are not as likely to suffer from the manage breaking. Additionally, even when the handle will not split, it is possible to continue to use the knife.

If steel runs from the tip into the grip’s bottom, it’s a complete tang blade. If you can not observe precisely the same steel at the end of the deal, it is not full tang. With no perfect tang, you will probably break the agreement should you try to use it as a hammer.

Type of Steel

There are a couple of distinct kinds of steel that the Blade can be reached from. Most are just one variant or another of top carbon stainless steel. Stainless steel blades tend to be a lot easier to sharpen. But, they’ll also have to be sharpened a lot more frequently.

High carbon blades tend to maintain an edge better and be more lasting. But, more top carbon generators are considerably more challenging to sharpen. This is a real problem if you are trying to do so from the wild. They also tend to be a little more expensive, although the cost was coming down in recent decades.

Length of Blade

The best fishing and hunting knives can let you get the work done safely and quickly. However, the job that you will need the knife to perform will help you determine the length of time the Blade ought to be.

Are you searching bears, ducks, or expecting to hook a catfish?

Every one of those three will need a slightly different blade layout. Similarly, if you intend to skin your new kill, you will require a blade that may be used for these tasks. The bowie design knives are fantastic for cutting the brush, but maybe not perfect for work.

Do you intend to use the knife to reduce firewood for fuel or split a spoon to eat? If you’re performing the latter, you will need a shorter blade to more readily control. Thicker, more leaves, nevertheless, will stand up to higher misuse, like cutting away brush.

The Manage

Everybody has different demands from the knife clasp, rather than all knives match all hands flawlessly. We advise that you ensure a fantastic fit. These are quite dangerous and sharp instruments, after all.


A fantastic knife can help you get through any hardship in 1 manner or another. Therefore it is essential to pick your blades sensibly.

When it’s for crises, martial arts instruction, camping out in the woods, or just everyday carry and preparedness, some of the fifteen knives previewed on this list could make a fantastic complement to your selection.

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