Best Halo Top Flavors 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Halo Top Flavor

Are you search for the question of what is the best halo top flavor? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best tasting halo top. Ever since Halo Top flavors lurk a roster of low-calorie frozen dessert packaged with colorfully stylized pints, hordes of millennials we are speaking those tear-stricken, recently single millennials and dieters seeking non-chalky ice cream nutritional supplements may pull one or two (or many) pints in the freezer and polish off a whole carton.

Halo Top Flavor Healthy

Is Halo Top Great For You?

Just because a spoonful of Halo Top flavors are reduced in sugar and calories and high in protein, it does not make it automatically “fitter” than usual, full-fat frozen dessert.

“Adding protein and prebiotics to products and calling them healthy is a massive fad nowadays, but wellness goes far beyond several nutrients,” states Heather Mangieri, RDN., writer of Fueling Young Athletes and also a nutrition consultant in Pittsburgh, PA. “A healthy diet goes far beyond looking at the individual foods we eat; it is a package deal. Full-fat dessert may quickly fit into an overall healthier eating pattern, as Halo Top one may.”

However, Mangieri does concede that Halo Top dessert has one massive advantage over routine ice cream: You have to eat more to get the same calories.

Where Can I Purchase Halo Top?

It’s possible to receive your Halo Top product repair by heading to one of those over 65,000 grocery shops around the nation that inventory it. And if you’re fortunate enough to reside in California, the one you can see is one of the Scoop Shops in Los Angeles. There is just one in Topanga, one near the Grove, and yet another in neighboring Century City.

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Halo Top Flavor

Top Best Halo Top Flavor

Birthday Cake

How do you say no to anything streaked with rainbow sprinkles? And let us be fair, everybody at some time in their lifetime (probably!) She has dreamed of sitting down and eating an entire cake in one sitting. Now you can, in this kind of newfangled, less-caloric manner: using a polka dot print and a large spoon hand.

Halo Top, Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Pint (4 Count)
17 Reviews
Halo Top, Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Pint (4 Count)
  • An Anytime Treat: At 280 calories per pint, Halo Top light ice cream is an anytime treat!
  • A Smart Indulgence: With only 6 grams of sugar per serving!

Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This flavor is readily Halo Top’s most excellent taste between the rounds of cookie dough and a liberal peppering of chocolate chips. It is the type of ice flavor that does not leave you feeling disgustingly sick after consuming just a small number of pops.

Perhaps above all, however, is Halo Top’s openness to the station that the visceral nostalgia of a young, quick metabolism: times spent scraping raw dough out of the depths of a mixing jar and licking drippy, ough-studded cones plopped precariously atop cake cones. So from all of your dedicated fans, thank you from the bottom of our today stevia-caked hearts for changing our treasured dough into dairy-free dessert. We are going to go right ahead and eat a lot.

Mint Chip

The mint is not that imitation green shade, but more of the off-white cream, punctured only by a ton of miniature chocolate chips sprinkled through the carton. The taste is robustly peppermint but significantly, not horribly like toothpaste. It tastes and feels much like an utterly sugar-drenched variant that while you are shoving spoonful after spoonful of it in your mouth, you will wonder the way the entire pint is simply 320 calories.

Sea Salt Caramel

Truth: Earth’s greatest gift to humankind is anything flecked with shards of salt from seawater. This salty-sweet combo is an eruption of beauty and paradise and puppies in your taste buds. If you are the monster that prefers to maintain savory separated from candy, thank you very much, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. For everybody else who is on the side of appropriate (welcome!), you would be remiss to not dive into this pint teeming with pieces of ribbons and salt of sticky caramel.

Peanut butter

This is just such as a peanut butter cup except an ice flavor variant tossed with enormous peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter cup clusters. It is excellent; need I say more?


It is the easiest and timeless taste in which Halo Top excels. That is true because of their chocolate that pops closer to milk than the dark and reminds me of licking a Fudgsicle, which milk chocolate flavor cool and refreshing as it slips down your throat. Can it fulfill your chocolate cravings? Indeed, but at a price: It is way too easy to eat it directly from the skillet, to look down and find the spoon has scraped on the cardboard bottom.

Halo Top, Chocolate Ice Cream, Pint (Pack of 8)
4 Reviews
Halo Top, Chocolate Ice Cream, Pint (Pack of 8)
  • Light Ice Cream
  • Good Source of Protein

Red Velvet

It must come as no surprise that Red Velvet, chocolate cake beet-tinged cousin, is beautifully packed to a blood-red ice cream type, one peppered with chunks of brownies. And it must come as no surprise, then, that the entire pint boasts 360 calories that is the maximum caloric of Halo Top’s line. Do not worry; I am still cradling the pint, fishing outside those brownie bites, and observing my tongue cherry red.


Once upon a time, Gogurt was the rage. As a jaded yogurt consumer, I will infer the purpose of producing strawberry Gogurt so parents of vegetable- and fruit-hating kids can convince their perturbed offspring this tubular product was a nutritional supplement for Earth’s bounty and a dessert. If you were among these kids, here is that same precise taste, eventually (!) In simple dessert form. The best part? You do not need to worry about sudden, flying spurts of yogurt staining your clothing.

Candy Bar

Meltdown a bar, and voila: Candy Bar Halo Top flavor. The creamy flavor is not only spotted with roasted peanuts (and plenty of, naturally) that there are lots of caramel, also, and with this very first lick includes a deep-seated desire to listen to this sweet, sweet, sweet sound of ripping open a brand-new candy bar Halo Top.

Vanilla Bean

Here is the benign vanilla one that isn’t too sweet. It is splattered with vanilla beans (a great treat!), but it’s that type of thick, curdled flavor of unbranded, supermarket vanilla flavor.

Oatmeal Cookie

This dessert flavor nearly feels overly healthy… even for low-cal ice cream. The vanilla-based flavor is sprinkled with cinnamon pieces, but what kills it for me would be the whole oats folded into the frozen dessert. They are much too hard to munch, mainly since they are raw, and also a somewhat unwelcome surprise when you are expecting something more like a real cookie. But again, if it had been littered with hunks of biscuits, it definitely would not be 280 calories.

Chocolate Mocha Chip

Recall your very first sip of coffee, you heavily laced with chocolate and in the minimum three sugar spikes so that you could more readily choke it down? That is a chocolate mocha processor for you: a mousse-like chocolate foundation churned with sour espresso and pieces of chocolate.

Lemon Cake

If you seek a sour, too lemony ice cream, then I will spare you a visit to the grocery shop. Lemon Cake is only a sweet, somewhat lemon-like flavor that is more like vanilla than lemon. However, it would pair very well scooped in addition to a genuine piece of cake.

Blueberry Crumble

While the brand new, seasonal taste harks back to summers spent spooning burst polyphenols piled together with sourdough clusters, that pint leads to that quite thick, blueberry yogurt-like flavor. That is not bad, always (if you are into that sort of thing), along with the enormous hunks of pie dough swirled throughout indeed do not hurt.

Cookies & Cream

OK, but where are the cookies? There is a lot of lotion, for sure, but the biscuits? Non-existent. Which leaves us cream.


Ah, don’t you want everything s is an ores-flavored burst with this marvelously bloated and smoky punch? This variant doesn’t (where would be the graham crackers?!) It is mainly a creamy foundation that is only marginally reminiscent of marshmallow and a spoonful of petit chocolate chips (it is more like vanilla chocolate chip). Sozo, if you want to have that taste, then get this one!

Halo Top S'mores Ice Cream,, 16 Ounce (Pack of 8)
3 Reviews
Halo Top S'mores Ice Cream,, 16 Ounce (Pack of 8)
  • Light Ice Cream
  • Good Source of Protein

Caramel Macchiato

Can it be a good or bad thing (or perhaps you don’t care) that Halo Top’s java tastes appear to be suspicious of Starbucks Frappuccinos? I guess if you are into slurping frothy, sugar-drenched java beverages tinged with caramel and crowned with cushions of whipped cream with the extra sugar, then you are golden with this taste. But upon tasting this taste, symptoms might include systematically slipping into your ten years old Ugg boots.


Have you ever dined in a few of these superb, fancy institutions where in between classes, a smart-suited server provides you with a few odd, unconfirmed material stacked with pillow soam? It does not taste like much, but you are advised it cleans your mind to prepare you for upcoming classes. Well, fulfill Halo Top’s verifiable palate-cleansing pint: pistachio. The neon green frozen dessert bears no similarity or flavor to the tree nut, even though it does possess a delightfully creamy consistency and might indeed play a trusted understudy if the stated busy restaurant were to run from the foam material.

Chocolate Almond Crunch

I am aware that there are people around who are business leaders that nuts are inseparable out of ice cream (I hear you, Rocky Road individuals). But, I’m a firm believer that nuts must remain out of this work of cool flavor. Nonetheless, I’ve consented to stay unwaveringly unbiased inside this Important exact field of responsibility when it has to do with the remainder of Halo Top’s nut tastes. But here is the thing about chocolate vanilla pinch: It tastes and smells so similar to marzipan saturated in specific, potent AF vanilla infusions that whatever chocolate taste used to be there’s currently firmly cloaked by artificial almonds.

Pancakes & Waffles

I don’t know about you, but this very heated, very contentious pancake versus waffle debate threatened to finish some of my extraordinary relationships. I believe that it’s best when we keep these two enormously different delicacies split.

Mochi Green Tea

Much like Whole Foods, Halo Top recognized mochi is rapidly getting all of the food world buzzes and chose to capitalize on it. Described by some as smelling and tasting like cologne, this newer Halo Top flavors may have to have a fast exit from the leading lineup of flavors.

Halo Top Creamery Mochi Green Tea, 16 oz (frozen)
6 Reviews
Halo Top Creamery Mochi Green Tea, 16 oz (frozen)
  • Low calorie, low fat, low sugar, high-protein
  • Tasty ice cream

Rainbow Swirl

Calling all Instagram-addicts: that pretty-looking taste is calling your name. Halo Top’s Instagram called out this one as the taste for its artsy ones. Therefore it might be well worth it to purchase this pint #fortheinsta. If I am honest, it is otherwise fair. It lacks the freshness of a sorbet along with the taste of frozen dessert.

Black Cherry

This point does not possess that “medicine-like” flavor that is found in several other cherry-flavored treats. It’s a subtle tartness that swirls well between chunks of soft dark peaches. This taste is not for everybody, but if you are a lover of beers, this will become your new companion.

Chocolate Covered Banana

Chocolate and bananas result in an epic duo; it is no secret. Everybody knows that chocolate-covered bananas taste relatively excellent. Regrettably, the banana taste is very overpowering and much more artificial-tasting than I’d hoped for in this fake. Where is the chocolate taste? You find yourself feeling more like you are merely eating a frozen banana type.

Cinnamon Roll

If you are attempting to combine the love of dinner and breakfast, especially ice cream, this taste is right for you. This taste consists of cinnamon and brown sugar and actual cinnamon roll balls, and a vanilla glaze. Sign up for me.

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