Best Happy Meal Toys 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Happy Meal Toys

Are you searching for the best happy meal toys of all time? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best selling Happy Meal toys. Can there be anything more ambitiously named compared to McDonald’s Happy Meal? It is a tall order to serve up emotion as evasive as joy. And much more so, to assert something as straightforward as a hamburger and tiny chips can cause said euphoria. But let us be fair. It doesn’t have anything to do with all the meals, and it has. The “meal” isn’t what makes it joyful.

It is all about the toys. These magnificent, astonishingly well-made, and collectible toys. And it all began in 1979, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The toys were not the best at the beginning (shirts, anybody?), but they got better. Subsequently wonderful. Then occasionally… disappointing. They also dropped under scrutiny for the promotion of unhealthy food to kids (through NBC News). But despite this, they mostly lived up to the promise. They are attracted to joy. Below are a few of the best Happy Meal toys.

Happy Meal Toys

Top Best Happy Meal Toys In The World 2021

Hot Wheels Bulldozer Monster Truck

Hot Wheels and Happy Foods go together just like a hamburger and fries. Not just were Hot Wheels a few of the very first hugely profitable toys, but they stuck around. MVPs of McDonald’s toys, that they appear over and over in cooler, newer, and occasionally themed iterations. Under Sophisticated, this product showed up approximately 15 different times from the first 25 decades of Happy Food alone.

With this romance, Hot Wheels first hooked up with the Happy Meal in 1983, and also, the very first toys were exceptionally high-quality, painted metallic automobiles. From the 90s, they changed to plastic but retained the coolness. These days, these toys made for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are created particularly for the business (through Hot Wheels Fandom).

The retro Hot Wheels out of 1983 are now found on eBay for around $30, and the 2019 automobiles are available in a variety of versions like the D-Muscle and Formula race cars. They also include several paths because of iconic Hot Wheel oranges, such as tight turns and ramps.

McDonald’s Food Changeables

When transformers arrived at the toy arena in the 1980s, McDonald’s made sure to jump on such a morphing-robot bandwagon. Nevertheless, they desired to do this while also promoting their products. Therefore, these best Mcdonald’s toys were firstborn. Plus, they have a trendy commercial to proceed with.

The assumption is that the Munchoids are stealing all of the Happy Foods from Earth, and the Food Changeables need to prevent them. The robot called Fry includes the smart concept to shrink down and replicate themselves so that everybody will get one in their brand, and also, the Munchoids will probably be defeated. A good strategy. Burger appears to be the chief because, of course. They assemble and mind the Earth.

The robots were published many times from the’80s and ’90s and finally came in many shapes of different hamburgers, drinks, chips, chicken McNuggets, ice cream cones, hotcakes, and the Egg McMuffin. Having some flips, they became small robots with vibrant faces. These were very popular enough to inspire a spin-off that featured dinosaurs and the Happy Meal box as a disguise (through Dinosaur Dracula).

McDonald’s Teenie Beanies

There was just one time that the McDonald’s Happy Meal was possibly too great. From the 1990s, Beanie Babies was one of the trends, and McDonald’s cinched the coveted chance to collaborate with Beanie Babies proprietor Ty Warner to make the McDonald’s Happy Meal Teenie Beanies set in 1997. According to the New York Post, the thought was to present the Beanie Babies to individuals in lower socioeconomic classes. The marginally smaller toys arrived in the exact adorable animal shapes with cute names. It was pandemonium.

And just like Hot Wheels, Beanie Babies has stuck about, but they have evolved a long time. They are currently known as Teenie Beanie Boos, and you have probably seen them around without realizing their ancestors. Like with this brand first beanie babies, they’re in different creatures’ shapes, but they have big glittering eyes. The 2019 collection arrived in rainbow colors using an incredibly Lisa Frank-styled color palette. They still include that touch “Ty” label.

Fast Macs Ronald Mcdonald Runabout Car

These 1984 pull-back cars may appear straightforward. However, this Happy Meal toy wasn’t only useful at entertaining children, but also, it introduced them to the enjoyable characters of Camp McDonaldland. According to a movie published by Toy Polloi, Quick Mac Happy Meals toys were based on the famous Penny Racers, so-called because you can”pop a cent in the automobile,” The automobiles could perform a wheelie as they drove around. They had been tiny but well-made, and McDonald’s was motivated.

Their version of this toy was quite similar. However, they removed the cent component and inserted a burden in the rear of the vehicle instead. Also, they were not going to give up a little additional advertising. From the 1970s, McDonald’s had invented an advertising campaign called Camp McDonaldland, a literary property at which Ronald McDonald and his cohort of all food-based personalities lived and cried (through The Straight Dope).

One of the most well-known characters contained the Hamburglar, understood (you guessed it) for murdering burgers, also Birdie the Early Bird, introduced in the 1980s using McDonald’s brand new breakfast menu items.

Inspector Gadget Build Your Own Figure

Some of the very addictive, these best kids’ meal toys are glorified advertisements for films. This is the case for its Inspector Gadget set of 1999 (through Drive Thru Toys). The toys are predicated on a picture, including Matthew Broderick, where a safety guard is dismissed and then put back together again using different robot features with crime-fighting capacities.

The genius of this Happy Meal set was that while every toy (or limb, in this instance) could operate by itself, it may also be constructed to a full-sized, working-Inspector Gadget action figure. The toys were of substantial-quality, with entertaining, innovative features and a face that resembles Broderick. Every individual piece was finished with intricate detail and color, and as a complete, Inspector Gadget’s limbs can expand, move around, and turn.

This toy was harshly trendy, especially considering it came with a meal. By way of instance, if you pressed down Inspector Gadget’s mind, it might cause a spark in the middle of the torso. His left arm was employed as a mini-grabber, and his left arm was a spiffy water rifle. His thighs, which might extend him to about a foot tall, were also a spiffy green laser pointer and a set of pliers. Then clearly, the pièce de résistance, the propeller hat, that seemed like a real-life helicopter once spun.

Inspector Gadget Build Your Own Figure McDonald's Promotional Toy 8 Piece Set
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My Little Pony Minty

Comparable to Hot Wheels, My Little Pony and the Happy Meal have had a mutually beneficial relationship. Among the most recognizable McDonald’s toys for this day, My Little Pony first surfaced in 1982 and turned into a Happy Meal Toy in 1985. The toys spawned an animated series and film, which fostered the toy’s popularity around the’90s (through 24/7 Wall St).

It had been the 1997 Happy Meal set, which wowed children with brush-able tails and manes, intricate stickers, and heads that might flip (via Fast Food Toys Reviews). Even though the plan of My Little Pony has shifted since that time, the toy has preserved enormous popularity, with assistance from the 2010 reboot display My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

However, not only is My Little Pony cute and collectible, it is fun for kids to play. Different characters’ usage increases these toys’ playability, allowing kids to reevaluate the toys generation after generation.

Walt Disney 10 Piece Hercules TOY Figurines Set

This brand frequently teamed up with Disney to ensure we felt left out for children whose parents could not afford to purchase them the brand new doll or action figure. The’90s have been the Disney Renaissance decade, beginning with The Little Mermaid in 1989 and ending with Tarzan in 1999 (via Decent Films). Close to the age’s conclusion was Hercules, along with the Happy Meal figures published in 1997, were a few of the very best.

Hercules himself arrived with a sword and a shield, and his arms can move down and up to get actual fighting activity. The purple monster Hydra was hollow and maybe popped open to get a secret hiding place. Also available were Meg, Pegasus, the Titans, and assorted gods.

Each figure was exceptionally comprehensive and well-painted, and most came with moving components. This attention to detail is something that you’ll also see in additional Disney-inspired Happy Meal figurines, such as The Lion King, Mulan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Nickelodeon Game Gadgets

Disney is considered the destination for kid programming, but again in the 90s, which wasn’t the situation, as Nickelodeon held back the crown afterward. Considering how hot Nickelodeon was, McDonald’s chose to associate with them a few times, explaining why we obtained the Nickelodeon Game Gadgets. These toys comprised Applause Paws, Blimp Game, and Loud-Mouth Mike, which were utter disappointments and essentially served to flaunt the community’s logo in blue lights. The only bright spot was the Gotcha Gusher, but that proved to be a feeble water pistol.

Power Rangers

Some individuals might consider the Power Rangers franchise to become absurd, but children still enjoy it after 25 decades. The first series is always thought of as the very best, and it led to some feature-length film premiered in 1995, and McDonald’s helped promote the movie by providing Rangers in their Happy Meals. These toys were excellent since they looked just as though their on-screen counterparts, which makes them among those coolest toys ever produced, and they came with their particular words, which might also be utilized as a belt buckle or flute.

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101 Dalmatians Toy Figure

Back in 1996, we had a live-action film version of 101 Dalmatians, and it, children could share in the most significant Happy Meal promotion that McDonald’s has ever needed. The movie dealt with a family that ends up with 101 pet Dalmatians, and watching as children love puppies, the business chose to produce 101 dalmatians toy figures to coincide with the film. Practically no two toys were equal, which is precisely what made them unnaturally collectible; in reality, the only drawback about those toys was the simple fact that it was SO HARD to collect all of them.

Super Looney Tunes

The entertainment business is becoming oversaturated in superheroes, but in the early 90s, that wasn’t true, which explains why the DC Comics and Looney Tunes crossover toys were unique. In 1992, McDonald’s published a pair of 4 toys, which comprised famous Toons such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Taz, and they have been very well made. What was cool about these was that every object came with their particular costume, turning Bugs into Superman, Daffy to Batman, Porky to Wonder Woman, and Taz to The Flash.


Spider-Man has been among the most well-known superheroes for more than 50 decades, and it’s spawned many TV shows, including the acclaimed animated series, which ran from 1994 to 1998. To profit from the show’s popularity, McDonald’s made a bargain with Marvel and produced a pair of 9 toys constituting a number of this show’s famous characters. These toys were very well made and contained both vehicles and figures, but there was one negative aspect: Venom’s simple fact was stuck in a car rather than his model.

Mc.Donal Happy Meal Toys

Tips For Choosing Toys For The Kid

  1. Unit cubes. Plain wooden cubes (lots of these) insufficient sizes to promote construction hours, independently and with other people.
  2. Legos or any other manipulative toy which promotes the development of motor skills and imagination.
  3. Baby dolls and a couple of essential changes of clothes. Nothing elaborate. I am not mad about the dolls which creep, eat, say something, etc. They generally break too quickly, and they decrease the amount of imagination necessary to perform them by whatever they do. I do propose having dolls with different skin tones in the playroom. When kids love their dishes, they’re practicing loving men and women who seem different from themselves.
  4. Play kitchen things plus a drama toolbox for both genders. Children love to imitate their parents and other adults, and their drama helps them get comfy with doing a lot of different items.
  5. Dress-ups, hats, scarves, animal masks, leotards. Look at your cabinets or the regional Salvation Army store and assemble a box filled with things for hours of imaginative play.
  6. An assortment of sturdy plastic or rubber animals (farm animals, zoo animals, and undoubtedly dinosaurs) and a couple of vehicles scaled to operate together with the cubes. Your children will spend hours creating farms, zoos, and striking scenes.
  7. Art stuff. Plenty of it. Playdough and cookie-cutter cutters, chunky paper, and crayons to get small children. Older children like glue, glitter, safety scissors, and a lot of colors of paper.
  8. Finger paint. Every child deserves to be cluttered once every so often. You may also incorporate an inexpensive plastic tablecloth to place on the ground when it is a finger painting period.
  9. Something for making music and rhythms. A kettle and a spoon will do for children under 2. Jingle bells for your young child. Something more complicated, just like a thumb harp for elderly ones.
  10. A hardy dollhouse with a few simple furniture pieces and lasting dollhouse dolls represent everybody in your loved ones. The home has to be large enough and open enough that the children can get in there and perform with. (Do not be shocked if you discover the dinosaur or the zoo creatures in there occasionally.) You do not need to take out another mortgage to purchase one of these expensive wooden homes. This may be a fun family project.
  11. Locate a few sturdy boxes for chambers, cut out doors and windows and decorate the walls and set a scrap of cloth down to get a rug. Little containers, jar lids, some fabric, and bits of wood are readily changed into furniture. Dolls can be produced from old-fashioned clothespins. Even when you are not the creative type, do not forget that your children are.
  12. Whatever promotes physical exercise: jump ropes, balls, essential sports gear, skates, age-appropriate riding toys. Too many of our children lack bodily assurance and competence.
  13. An age-appropriate board game or 2 to promote cooperative play and problem-solving.


  • Recall that play is your job as a youth. Perfect toys help children learn new skills and exercise relationships with other people and their world.
  • If you select a toy, then ask yourself whether it’s really for your child or yourself. (It is fair to use toy purchasing for a nostalgia trip. Just do not expect the kid to talk about your excitement.)
  • Do not get wrapped up in gender-specific toys. Little girls and little boys equally need to know to become comfortable with infants and with resources on the planet they will occupy as adults.
  • Get in there and play with your children. It is part of the pleasure of being a parent.

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