Top 15 Best Immersion Blender Review In 2020

Top 15 Best Immersion Blenders Review 2020

Immersion blenders are a fantasy come true for your smoothie enthusiast, nut-butter manufacturer, or parent who wants to DIY their baby food. They are simple to use, do not take up much storage area, and wash or wash clean without fuss.

Even though you can chop or grind in a food processor and blend or puree into a countertop blender, an immersion blender frequently known as a hand or stick blender leaves food preparation much easier. As soon as you purchase a stick blender, you will probably reach for it far more frequently than its bigger kitchen cousins.

Dadongny researched all of the hottest and Best Immersion Blender on the current market, searching for the ones that provide the maximum bang for the dollar.

Which exactly are immersion blenders best for

Which exactly are immersion blenders best for?

Ideal for smaller tasks like making pesto, dips, mayonnaise, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and much more, immersion blenders can whip up smoothies, milkshakes, and frozen beverages for a couple of individuals but that is where they cap out because the engine (and blades) are smaller and cannot operate for a lengthy time.

Avoid hard foods (nuts and seeds) or quite tough ones (carrots and kale ) since they won’t find silky smooth. Instead, stick with some high-powered blender or food blender. Additionally, the blade has to be completely submerged to operate – you will have difficulty blending in very tiny amounts.

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What to consider before Purchasing an immersion blender

What to consider before Purchasing an immersion blender

Blade guard: This really is the dome-shaped region of the blender which covers the blades. We discovered that broad blade guards with big vents do a much better job of distributing the meals around for greater and quicker mixing. They’re also easier to wash because food stuck below the blades is more reachable. Just be certain that the blade protector will fit easily on your favorite jar and jar cups.

Manage and grip to run the immersion blender; then, you will need to grasp the handle with one hand and then press on the off or rate buttons with your fingers, so it ought to feel comfortable to grip and operate. Your palms will hurt if the deal is too big, the buttons are too small or awkwardly placed, or when the blender feels hefty.

Additionally, the buttons must be simple to press without a lot of force. Ideally, your palms must fall naturally on the buttons once you hold the deal. We discovered non-slip rubber grips to be thicker and easier to grip.

Style: Locate a streamlined model that is easy to keep in a kitchen drawer. Though immersion blenders are super easy to wash, we favor models with a detachable blender attachment and, therefore, dishwasher-safe.

Corded vs. cordless: Cords offer you constant electricity, but an electrical wire can get tangled, burned, or may knock things over to busy kitchen countertops and stove-top. Cordless versions are portable and suitable but might burn before you can complete the job.

Added attachments for printing, processing, whisking, or frothing might be contained. If you currently possess these appliances, you can save yourself cash by purchasing a version with no extras. One attachment we enjoy is a hardy, tall, and narrow mixing jar. It reduces splattering and leaves the up-and-down motion required to combine simpler. Besides, you can store or serve food straight inside!

Wattage: The immersion blenders we tested motors between 225 and 600 watts and even though wattage is a sign of electricity, we discovered that it is not a reflection of quality, functionality, or relaxation.

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Best Immersion Blenders Brand

1. Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blenders

What We Like

  • Variable speed controller
  • Convenient attachments contained
  • Simple to wash

What We Do Not Like

  • Awkwardly set safety button

Cuisinart could be the most recognizable name in a food blender, so we’re convinced from the brand’s understanding of spinning blades, so regardless of what size they are. This immersion blender includes a button for continuous or pulses blending, and variable speed controller so that you can choose precisely the speed that is correct no need to rely upon a preset high and low which may not be ideal.

It includes a jar that is ideal for blending smoothies or making a chopper attachment that is good for creating salsas and a whisk attachment for making whipped cream or beating egg whites.

2. KOIOS Oxasmart 800-Watt 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

What We Like

  • Anti-splash layout
  • Versatile
  • Quite powerful

What We Do Not Like

  • Tricky to wash food stuck in blades

Together with 12 speeds along with also a turbo mode, this immersion blender will make short work of fruits and veggies to create smooth milkshakes and smoothies, in addition to simple salad dressings, mayonnaise, and leftovers.

The KOIOS Oxasmart carries a chopper attachment for chopping herbs or onions, a whisk attachment for whipping eggs whites or thick cream, and a bean jar for days when you are not using your container for mixing and emulsifying.

The blade is reinforced with titanium for additional strength, and the bell-shaped casing above the blade retains the blade of the base surface of the own containers and helps prevent pops. A loop on top of the grip makes this simple to hang on a stand to keep it handy.

3. KitchenAid KHB1231 Empire Red 2-Speed Hand Blender

What We Like

  • Comfortable soft-grip manage
  • Variety of colors to Select from
  • Easy, easy-to-use layout

What We Do Not Like

  • Blending arm may detach while in use

This easy two-speed blender includes a detachable blending arm, which makes cleanup easier and comes out of a much-loved brand regarding kitchen gadgets and appliances. The blender does not incorporate a lot of accessories or frills, which add to the price tag. Therefore it is quite affordable regardless of the quality.

This can include a useful mixing jar with a lid, so that it may be utilized for storage after foods are mixed. The soft-grip manage is easy to hold when mixing, so it is comfortable to use, however far you have to blend. Like most KitchenAid products, this includes a vast array of colors, so you’re able to match this to a stand mixer or kitchen décor, or include a pop of mad color.

4. Cuisinart Smart Stick Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender

What We Like

  • Quick recharging
  • Convenient comprised attachments
  • Includes storage case

What We Do Not Like

  • Slightly clunky controls
  • Larger and thicker than other versions

Vacuum immersion blenders make sense from the user standpoint. Still, they are not as simple to manufacture because the engine has to be powerful, and the battery should continue long enough to perform its job.

Cuisinart has solved this problem with this specific 5-speed cordless blender that’s promoted to operate 20 minutes on a single charge. When it is time to recharge, it’s a quick-charge attribute, which means you will be back in the office right away.

Including a 3-cup chopper to slice nuts for garnishes or make short work of onions for salsas; a whisk attachment for whipped cream and other fluffy, aerated mixes; plus a convenient blender jar with dimension marks, a pouring spout, and a treat. One very distinctive attachment that includes this blender is that the electrical knife attachment makes cutting everything from bread into roasts simple.

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5. Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby Hand Blender

What We Like

  • Contains a Lot of convenient extras
  • Fantastic for smaller jobs
  • Simple to operate

What We Do Not Like

  • Freezer tray is fine

While some immersion blender may be used to puree carrots and carrots, this collection was made with infants in mind. It has an excess blade and bigger cutting place, so purees are simpler quicker.

The bell-shaped shroud above the blades keeps splashing into a minimum. Therefore there’ll be less mess and less to wash up when cooking is finished. It has two rates, which means it’s possible to correct the food feel to fit your infant’s needs.

The added one 1/2-cup chopper allows you to chop in addition to puree, which means that you may add some texture into the infant’s puree or create some dinner on your own at the close of the day.

Including a 20-ounce mixing, the beaker is the ideal size for your blender, which means you don’t need to scramble to get a glass or jar to use. You might even utilize the beaker for making cocktails or smoothies. An elastic silicone freezer tray enables you to create and freeze around nine parts beforehand, then just pop them out and thaw or heat them if you want them.

6. Breville All In One Processing Station

What We Like

  • Extremely versatile
  • Includes compact storage case
  • Strong

What We Do Not Like

  • Can overheat when running for long intervals

While most immersion blenders are designed to mimic a blender’s purposes, this one also takes on most of those purposes of a food blender with a 6-cup processing bowl that’s powered with the blender body.

You can do more than simply dip in that bowl. It includes a flexible cutting blade using 19 thickness configurations, which means that you may slice potatoes for chips or carrots. A reversible shredding disk enables you to pick from two shredding alternatives, whereas the processor bowl S-blade allows you to chop, mix, or puree, the same as a bigger food processor.

Another exceptional accessory is that the Variable Mashing Leg allows you to select medium, fine, or rough mashing using the twist of your mind, which means it is possible to use your immersion blender for mashing potatoes without the danger of turning them to adhesive.

When you use the immersion blender in its conventional manner, the form of the blade casing reduces suction. Therefore it will not get stuck into the bottom of your container though you mix, and it’s 15 rates, giving you better control of this outcome. Ice crushing blades and a whisk attachment are all included, which makes this a versatile appliance.

7. All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

What We Like

  • Shaft and blade are dishwasher safe
  • Easy, one-handed use
  • Strong construction

What We Do Not Like

  • Bulky end will not fit in smaller containers

This might be among the simplest immersion blenders to wash since the shaft eliminates this blender’s body. The rotating shaft and blades are dishwasher safe so that you do not need to be concerned about protecting the engine from water or hand washing still another product. The removable rotating also provides your storage choices in tiny spaces where the complete blender may not match.

Cleaning does not matter whether the blender does not work, but you should not worry about this since this blender gets the All-Clad name backing it up.

This is a high-powered immersion blender with a variable-speed control dialup, routine, and turbo modes through mixing and easy pulsing so that you’ll have full control of your feel refried beans, soups, or pureed vegetables. You may even use this to get a quick chop of nuts because the blade shroud provides you a lot of space.

While this does not contain any accessories that you may find with different blenders, a mini-chopper, and a whisk can be found for purchase, should you will need these choices.

8. Waring Light-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender

What We Like

  • Durable
  • Perfect for big batches of soup
  • Simple to operate

What We Do Not Like

  • Difficult to clean

Designed for commercial kitchen use, however, priced according to home-use immersion blenders, this gets the capability to combine three gallons of soup. Though this is referred to as a light-duty blender, it is made for light-duty in a professional kitchen environment. Therefore it’s going to be more than sufficient for your home kitchen.

That can be lighter in weight than stronger industrial components, so it’s easy to use and hold. It’s two speeds, so it’s possible to control your meals’ feel, operated using an easy button. This doesn’t include any extras, but it is a strong option for cooks who prefer appliances.

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9. OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

Versatile and sturdy, this highly effective hand grinder features an impactful collection of attachments that take the strain from regular cooking jobs, turning your green components into a quick frozen dessert in no time in any way.


  • Fantastic for a fast mixing job
  • Simple to build
  • Various rate Choices
  • Sleek looking


  • Can not be used to combine hot fluids

The machine includes a stand blender (also referred to as an immersion blender), a beaker, and a whisk attachment. Every one of these attachments is readily connected to the engine, which moves into the walls and controls the rate and power. They’re all dishwasher-safe, easy to wash, and of premium quality.

While the engine casing feels sturdy and the metallic components look well made, the blades aren’t so sharp. Nevertheless, they are still bright enough to thicken all types of foods if dry, wet, or even frozen.

There’s a lit-up dial that includes six different speed settings, enabling you to personalize the electricity for what you’re mixing. These electricity controls are extremely well designed and simple to use in comparison to other people. There is also a”turbo” button to provide an additional burst of power when required without needing to turn the dial.

According to the documentation, it’s inappropriate to combine hot liquids. There is no in-depth explanation for that situation. Maybe this is down to splattering hot fluids, posing some threat to both the consumer and the blender. For this reason, it’s unclear whether this system is acceptable for making soup.

The OXA Smart Powerful is constructed vertically to stay on the counter corner without controlling the space. Some might believe that it is too little, but believe me, it is large enough for whatever you might want to do- unless you are trying to combine concrete!

10. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Frankly speaking, I like Breville products. Their construction and quality are usually very nice, and the one in this deal is no exception. Powerful yet quiet, the system itself has made cooking more suitable.


  • High electricity
  • Useful attachments
  • Efficient
  • Durable


  • Cannot crush entire ice cubes
  • Pretty tall

It is no surprise that the Breville Control Grip continues to be rated the highest excellent immersion blender with a leading consumer magazine. Constructed with stainless steel, this system ensures machines durability and long-term operation without worrying about some breakdown problems.

With 15 varying rates, it provides users precise control to acquire the feel they need, ensuring all of the components are mixed thoroughly and evenly. Every one the attachments are simple to clean that is a bonus. They are also very sensible.

As an instance, the whisk attachment does a good job of eggs and creating whipped cream. The chopping bowl is just the ideal size for chopping vegetables, fruits, onions, etc. You might not need to take your big food processor for a massive batch of rather good basil pesto. The Breville is a food processor in its own right.

My sole concern is how quite tall the device is; it’s top-heavy, resulting in instability when leaving it in a standing posture when pausing through usage. Irrespective of the undesirable span, I would still highly recommend this product collection.

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11. KOIOS Powerful 2-in-1 Hand Blender

Aside from mixing nicely, the KOIOS is presently among the most effective blenders on the marketplace. Even though it’s just about half the cost of several other popular brands, its exterior layout has revealed itself to be superior to each fad. It appears to be constructed to last a lifetime.


  • Low Sound
  • Strong
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
  • Handy
  • Cheap


  • Pretty hefty
  • Simple to Find sexy

It’s an adjustable dial to the top of the grip that could increase or reduce the rate, enabling it to reach a vast array of textures. Additionally, it features an ejection button to detach attachments for simple cleanup, and it is a useful implement that lots of older versions lacked.

Moreover, the directions are fairly clear and highlight safe usage, and also the simplicity of the blender makes it effortless to operate. Concerning the stainless steel blades, the engine permits them to achieve a high enough rate to make enough friction heat to turn components into hot fluids in under six minutes.

There’s a warning not to use the apparatus for over two minutes consecutively, intending to protect it from overheating. My advice it”unwind” for approximately 20 minutes between each cycle and continue using for another two minutes.

12. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed

Allow me to start by stating that this product looks well constructed, simple to use, and powerful. Does this 3-Speed hand blender allow you to mix, crush, chop, puree, and whisk to create smoothies, milkshakes, and soups, it also does an amazing job making baby food.


  • Straightforward operation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quickly and conveniently


  • Undesirable blender cup
  • The poorly constructed food chopper attachment

Unlike many others, it has a storage bag for a number of attachments, which might be fine if you typically travel around. Additionally included are a whisk and a little chopper attachment for boundless choices and increased flexibility.

Specifically, the chopper attachment is excellent for processing hard cheeses, nuts, and producing Graham cracker crusts, whereas the whisk is capable of whipping cream, beating eggs, and even blending items. But it might take a great deal more time to whip lotion than a committed mixer does.

There are several aspects that I am very disappointed about in the cup. Primarily, it’s extremely prone to scratching though I’ve been quite careful when carrying it.

Next, it is quite simple to cause bitterness; however, slowly, I attempt to proceed. You might get splatters all over the counter and wind up wasting lots of food. It would be better if that component were assembled with a lid and a hole in the center that fit within this blender’s immersion component to maintaining foods from leaping out.

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13. Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender

Yet more, the Mueller brand does not disappoint me. This product appears fine and hardy from the exterior, but somewhat on the mild side, offering a potent 500-watt engine and outstanding performance for under $30.


  • Complex design
  • Versatility
  • Cheap


  • Inconvenient cord

Due to the compact dimensions rather than being too heavy, it is a whole lot more convenient than a conventional blender that is usually lighter and bigger, taking more space. Thanks to the two accessible pushbuttons (on/off and turbo style ), simple operation is ensured, and a huge quantity of food could be readily mixed whether you’re using the blender for a chopper, mixer or grinder.

Furthermore, users can benefit from these S-shaped and whisk attachments to do a broad assortment of cooking activities like whipping eggs, mixing peanut butter, pureeing fruits, beating eggs, and mixing smoothies.

Nonetheless, the attachment comes off too easily on its time in performance.

The vacuum created by the mixing action within the stainless steel mixing cup induces the spin-off’s attachment. There ought to be a much more secure way to lock those components in place. Additionally, the absence of a lid to cover the accessories is a responsibility because the vulnerable blades can be harmful even when not being used.

Overall, the Mueller Ultra-Stick is a fantastic device at this cost. Is it likely to continue forever? Not an Opportunity. Would you grind a massive quantity of ice cubes at the same time onto it? It’s improbable. Would you run it for 3 hours daily? Not a fantastic idea. But if you want an immersion blender for light home use, then this may be worth considering.

14. KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender

The most popular usage for an immersion blender is wrapped up fruit or protein smoothies. While all our selections serve this function well, the KitchenAid KHB2561OB 5-Speed Hand Blender stands out due to its interchangeable bell blade assemblies.

It’s an S-blade assembly for general mixing and pureeing; a multi-purpose blade meeting which makes short work of chopping ice or frozen fruit, along with shreds cooked meat and minces components; along with a frother and beater blade assembly for sipping java beverages, batters, or airy and light smoothies. All it requires is an easy twist to change the blades, no tools, or struggling needed.

The KitchenAid 5-speed is strong and silent, and needless to say has five rates to pick from. The 8-inch mixing arm is useful for heavy pots of soup or even tall smoothie cups, and the device could be hauled away in its handy storage case when not being used.

Additionally, it will come with a whisk attachment for making whipped cream, mayonnaise, and salad dressings; a 2.5-cup chopper for handling herbs, nuts, and cheese; along with a 4-cup beaker using a toast for measuring and keeping smoothies, protein drinks, baby food, and much more.

Pros: Interchangeable blade assemblies, ergonomic design, strong performance

Cons: Some components Aren’t dishwasher safe

15. Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick

If you’re trying to find a no-frills immersion blender, you can not fail to use the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC. In 200 watts, it is not just a high-powered device, but it still gets the work done with amazingly superior efficacy. And it is big enough to whip up a smoothie, batch of pureed baby food, or dressing for a salad.

There are just two speeds to select from, and you will need to keep the power button miserable the whole time you are employing the grinder, which makes it a bad choice for anyone with really weak or arthritic hands.

The apparatus has a stainless steel detachable rotating shaft and blade assembly, making it effortless to wash in the dishwasher. The solely included attachment is a 16-ounce mixing cup.

We came across a couple of customer testimonials mentioning that the Smart Stick fought with mixing raw spinach and frozen fruit, and had difficulty chopping ice.

Pros: Low cost, Affordable power, simplicity of use

Cons: Somewhat flimsy construction, not Great for mixing leafy greens or unsalted frozen components, just two levels

Immersion Blender FAQ

Immersion Blender FAQ

1. How do I clean an immersion blender?

Cleaning an immersion blender is a fast and effortless process. Among the easiest ways is to swish it around in warm soapy water for a couple of seconds.

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2. Can an immersion blender crush ice?

We could use an immersion blender to crush ice. But from my experience, it’d be better not to try out to crush a lot of ice cubes at one time.

3. Can we make fresh whipped cream with an immersion blender?

Instead of employing a stand mixer or a food processor for only a small caliber of fresh whipped cream, you can use a hand mixer to finish this task fast and efficiently.

Simply blend all ingredients in a bowl, whisk them together on high speed until soft to stiff peaks form (for approximately 15-20 minutes ).

4. Can you put an immersion blender in hot soup?

Certainly, yes. Making hot peppers is pretty much what this system was created for. There is almost no obstacle in utilizing it on hot combinations.


The very best immersion blenders need to be streamlined, flexible, and simple to use. The first versions must take less than 60 minutes to get the work done and come together with the ergonomically-designed grips for a non-slip and comfy grip.

OXA Smart is an adequate handheld grinder, and we highly recommend it to consumers that want an inexpensive stainless steel version that may combine almost everything, fast and effortlessly.

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