Best Irish Beer Review 2020 (Top 25)

Best Irish Beer

Are you search for The best Irish beer. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the greatest Irish beer. St. Patrick’s Day is intended for Irish beer. If you are in a bar, you will probably purchase Guinness on draft. However, there is a whole wide world of other Irish brews, which are equally as excellent.

Top Best Irish Beer

Top Best Irish Beer

O’Hara’s Irish Stout

If you are craving a classic dry stout for St. Patrick’s Day, check out O’Hara’s. It has the same full-bodied, strong malt profile and creamy mouthfeel as Guinness, and it ends sweet and dry. Why is this beverage unique? O’Hara remains craft-brewed in Ireland.

Stouts like that were created to stand until this full-flavored goodness of shepherd’s pie that you will need to call cabin pie if it is made out of beef. Listed below are 8 things that you never knew about shepherd’s pie.

Harp Lager

Guinness may boil this beer, but it is all their signature stout isn’t. If you are not in the mood for a thick, thick milkshake-like brew, you will adore the mild, crisp taste of the lager beer. It is sweet, creamy, and refreshing, and it matches perfectly with colcannon potatoes.

Can you not decide what you are in the mood for? Mix this mild Lager with a sterile stout to make a half and half.

Smithwick’s Irish Red

This is another death from the classic heavy stouts. It’s a sweet and malty backbone, but the burst of yummy hops balances it out with a bit of bitterness, maintaining it effortless to drink. Additionally, it is a perfect companion for its rich, salty taste of your corned beef and cabbage.

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Much like Guinness, Murphy’s Irish Stout is sold in draught-style cans, finished with a nitro widget, which helps it pour like it would in the bar. This Cork-based beer is rich and thick, and since it is pronounced java, existence helps it complete less bitter, it almost tastes just like chocolate milk. That makes it perfect for producing adult beer sticks with ice cream.

Porterhouse Red Irish Ale

If you can get your hands on Dublin’s Porterhouse beers, you are in for a treat. The trendy, amazing packaging clarifies this craft reddish as”exuberantly, joyfully fruity with a little bit of malty caramel.” Appears to be a great shift in the traditionally heavy beers! It should pair nicely with carb-heavy boxty, Ireland’s version of potato pancakes.

Kilkenny Cream Ale

While Kilkenny is reddish, it tastes creamy and mild due to its bottling style, which uses 50% less carbonation than many beers. It is still a superb full-flavored selection for St. Patrick’s Day, and it might taste good along with a piece of Irish soda bread.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown

Alright, so Samuel Smith’s could be brewed in Yorkshire in the North of England, but it is still a Superb Selection for a St. Patrick’s Day party. It is ironic, like an Irish stout but nutty and caramel-forward, just like a reddish. It can readily stand out from the rich and hearty flavors of an Irish Beef Stew.

Harpoon Celtic Ale

This Boston-brewed Irish red ale is ample in both hops and malt. It will taste good regardless of if spring comes early this St. Patrick’s Day or winter lingers a little longer than anticipated. Love it together with the luscious mixture of creamy egg sweet and salty sausage by creating a couple of Scotch eggs.

Left Hand Milk Stout

This Colorado brewery is doing it directly with their sweet stout, which is seen bottled with nitro widgets to give it a creamier consistency and a thick, thick milkshake-like head. It may not be a conventional route on the St. Patrick’s Day menu, but this beer produces a killer pairing with oysters.

George Killian’s Irish Red

While it’s the term”red” from the name, this one’s an Irish lager! It will have toasty notes, but it ends mild and peppery. It creates a wonderful equilibrium against rich and creamy dishes, such as cheesy potato casseroles.

Guinness Special Export

I know we said we weren’t likely to comprise Guinness! This distinctive Export edition is not anywhere near the dry stout you understand and love. It is powerful and loaded with a chocolate-forward, sweet taste, making it more of a dessert beer. Pair it with a cheese dish or a piece of chocolate cake, and then you won’t be sorry you did.

Guinness Extra Stout

OK, we could not include Guinness with this listing. The most well-known of Irish ales come in several dozen types, such as this chocolatey Extra Stout.

Magners Original Irish Cider

If you want cider to beer, Magners provides a sweet, crispy beverage made with 17 types of apples. They have been producing ciders in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland since 1935!

Jump House 13 Lager

This beer is like nothing you have tasted before. Entirely modern but true to its origins, this is 1 complicated Bev. It is called medium-bodied with notes of apricot and cherry.

O’Hara Craft Lager

This is a lot newer and has existed since 1996but it comes in an independently-owned household brewery in Ireland’s historic malt-growing”Barrow Valley” area. Their craft lager has a clean, extreme bitterness and pairs nicely with roast lemon chicken, Spanish paella, and broiled sea bass or snapper.

Wild Irish Goose

If you are a lover of sours, this beer out of Lough Gill Brewery is for you. It is completely sour using a sea salt end, which will be a welcome departure in darker and thicker ales on this listing.

Scraggy Bay

Though Scraggy Bay (the one with all the yellowish wrap over ) is not among the most well-known beers in Ireland, it is hands-down among my favorites. I began drinking this a couple of years back when I was working in Dublin City. It is produced by a Donegal-based brewer named Kinnegar, and it is a powerful beer.

This is a somewhat powerful (5.3% quantity ), refreshing, Irish beer that packs a punch. You might want to dig to get this particular one, but it is well worth looking for.

The Wicklow Brewery Stout

The stout in the Wicklow Brewery is DELICIOUS. So much so that it topped our guide to the very best Irish stout. Honestly! I am a large Guinness fan; however, it would be my go-to beverage when this stout was readily available.

I had a few pints of the before and after performing a tour of the Wicklow Brewery. This had been the only other stout that I had attempted besides Guinness, and I had been somewhat wary of it. I am not worried, however. The two pints came with fine thick minds, and each fall had pleasant subtle hints of chocolate, coffee, and a little nuttiness.

Mescan Brewery Beer

This beer has been granted to me as a gift with a friend from Westport this past year. As soon as I opened the box and peered in, I presumed it had been something crafty from abroad… I had been wrong. Mescan Brewery can be seen on the slopes of Croagh Patrick at Mayo and is owned and run by 2 Westport vets, interestingly enough.

There are many unique beers out of the lads in Mescan, which you can sip out on. I attempted the Westport Blonde. The only issue I had was that there was just 1 jar of it at the small gift collection. The water utilized from the Mescan beers stems from deep underneath Croagh Patrick through a spring close to the brewery, which can be pretty darn cool. Well worth picking up.

O’Hara’s Irish Wheat

My good, let me begin this one with a disclaimer, although O’Hara’s perform a nice Pale Ale, beverage them slowly and knock some water as you move (that unwittingly rhymed…). Among the worst hangovers that I’ve ever had arrived later, knocking 5 or 6 of O’Hara’s Irish beers at a wedding a couple of years back. This IPA unites the equilibrium of European IPAs using all the dry hopping of American pale ales. Expect zesty notes along with a sour finish.

Five Lamps Irish beer

‘The Five Lamps’ is an iconic lamp post with (unsurprisingly) that stands at the intersection of five roads (Portland Row, North Strand Road, Seville Place, Amiens Street, and Killarney Street) at Dublin.

‘The Five’ Lamps’ can also be a relatively new Irish beer manufacturer that opened up shop back in 2012. I went through a spell of ingesting this back through the summer of 2017 and has to earn a point of hammering some of these shortly.

There is a wonderful, powerful taste to the Five Lamps beer, but it is just a 4.2% quantity. This is great for drinkers like me that need something with a little bit of flavor, but do not fancy the hangover ingesting some psychological 8.9% Irish craft IPA brings.

Dublin Blonde

Next up is a pretty well known Dublin beer Dublin Blonde. This beer is brewed from the lads in Irishtown Brewing Co. at Dublin, and a stone’s thrown out of the sea. Three sorts of jumps, Taurus, Mittelfruh, and Saaz, are utilized throughout the brewing process to produce a crisp beer packed with flavor and easy to sip. I tend to drink this when I am out for a night on the beer as I discover it does not fill me up as much as a clatter of Guinness will.

Boyne Brewhouse Beers

Next up is your colorful Irish Lager in the Boyne Brewhouse at Drogheda in County Louth. I am a huge fan of those beers which come in the Boyne Brewhouse. Mainly because they give such a ridiculous option. There is a heap of unique beers produced from the brewhouse, and they are inclined to be available in many off-licenses and supermarkets. I have tried Some of the beers in the people at the Boyne Brewhouse within the past year. Their Irish Lager and Pale Ale are both pretty damn yummy, but I was not insane on the Amber Ale.

Franciscan Well’s Friar Weisse

This is just another one that can lamp you from using a hangover if you are not careful. If you are unfamiliar with the Franciscan Well Brewery, it is one of Ireland’s longest established and most honored craft breweries. You’ll find it in CorkCork, where it also offers a mortal pub attached to it. The cream of this crop (in my view ) is the Franciscan Well Friar Weisse. This is a German-style unfiltered wheat beer that has a good bit of zest to it. If you’re searching for a fantastic Irish beer that packs a punch, give it a try.

Galway Hooker

A Galway Hooker is a traditional fishing vessel that is employed in Galway Bay… I am putting this in here since I know we will have tons of folks scratching their head within the title (I am looking at you, Americans!). Galway Hooker can also be a beer produced by Connacht’s oldest brewery on the West Coast of Ireland. This is a traditional design of an India Pale Ale and can be packed full of tropical and citrus fruit flavors. If you’re searching for an Irish beer that melts away from your more run-of-the-mill beer tastes, give Galway Hooker a crack.

Irish Beer

What’s The Best-Selling Beer In Ireland?

I can not locate any current statistics on the best-selling beer in Ireland. The latest report I can find is from back in 2015, which shows Heineken as Ireland’s biggest-selling beer.

Would you urge Irish beers which are not Guinness?

There are a good deal of individuals out there who could stomach the taste of Guinness. Suppose you are among these, attempt Murphy’s Irish Stout. It has less alcohol quantity than Guinness, and it will get less of an aftertaste.

I attempted an Irish reddish beer throughout my trip, but I can not recall the title help!

I would hazard a guess that this was Smithwick’s Irish red ale. It was either one of those Irish ales out of O’Hara’s or Murphy’s.

How many Irish breweries are there?

Based on Wikipedia, there are approximately 50 or so Irish breweries now in operation. If you add additional distilleries for this listing, you would have a huge ass list!

What is your favorite Irish beer?

Perhaps you have ever had a go-to Irish beer which you would recommend? Allow me to know in the comments below, and we’ll have a look.

Have you tried some of the beers mentioned above and wanted to spit it straight back out? Allow me to know below!

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