Best Kitchen Scale Review 2020 (Top 16)

Are you search for The best kitchen scale Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the greatest kitchen scale. If you are even semi-serious about baking, then a kitchen is essential. “Possessing a kitchen scale may seem somewhat nerdy, but if you don’t ever need to figure what 4 oz of chocolate appears like ever again, we suggest obtaining one,” says Sheela Prakash, our Old Contributing Food Editor. The remainder of the Kitchen staff agrees. A kitchen is a must-have. Especially when it has to do with sourdough bread manufacturing, we all know tons of you nowadays.

Which scale if you get, though? We seemed to see what additional specialists, sites, and fulfilled shoppers needed to suggest. In actual Kitchn type, we weighed in (pun intended!) Together with our own two pennies.

Top Best Kitchen Scale

Top Best Kitchen Scale

Escali Primo Digital Scale

This scale was originally chosen as Wirecutter’s favor back in 2017, and the testers still adore how it’s held up with time. They say it is one of the quickest and most precise of all of the scales they have analyzed (reading in increments of 1 g or 0.05 oz, all of the way up to 11 lbs ). They also liked it remains on for more than many before automatically dangling off. Additionally, the interface is simple to use: It only includes two buttons (one for shifting components of measure and yet another for tare or electricity.)

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

The people at Cook’s Illustrated have stood by OXO’s digital scale for many years now. One of the things testers enjoy about it: It is true, hardy, has reactive buttons along with a stage that comes off for cleanup. They also like that the display has brightly lit amounts on a dark background and which you’re able to see ounces only (around 24 oz ), pounds and ounces (1 pound( 8 oz ), g only (2500 g ), or kilograms and g (two kilograms, 500 g ). Additionally, the scale uses decimals rather than fractions, making it more precise and easier to read.

Alton Brown has strong opinions in regards to kitchen scales: that you ought to have one; instant, that it needs to be one. “I have a principle in the kitchen. It’s possible to weigh it… weigh it,” he explained at a post a few years back. “This is particularly true of compressible powders such as flour. Not merely Israelis OXO models are precise and accurate (there’s a gap, but that is a discussion for a different time), the electronic screen pops out for simple reading and positioning.”

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

The kitchen scale Amazon is a budget-friendly choice and contains over 8,000 five-star testimonials. (That’s seriously impressive) Joyful shoppers love the low cost, the slick design, and its simplicity of use. “If you cook and bake a good deal as we do, the scale helps attain a precise measurement. It is super easy when a recipe calls for a component in g, and you do not have the resources to quantify,” says one reviewer.

Kitchen Ideas on The Ideal Kitchen Scale

All these are excellent picks! Kitchen staffers have the OXO scale or the Escali one. While either side made a passionate instance, we formally picked the less costly choice. (No reason to invest $50 if you can spend $20 and place the gap toward bread and other components ) This little man is remarkably true, weighing up to 11 lbs in 0.05-ounce increments with ounces, pounds, ounces, or grams.

The majority of us have experienced our Escali scales for decades and marvel in the fact that it is still true (scales of lower quality may begin to eliminate a bit here and there.) Additionally, it comes in fun colors if you are looking to spice up things. Interesting fact: This scale produced our record of Kitchn Essentials, which started a couple of weeks ago.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

The Ozeri Pronto Kitchen and Food Scale looked lifelike our best pick with a couple of minor differences. Like our top choice, it weighs 1-gram or even 0.05-ounce increments, and in our tests, we found that it was just as precise, marginally more so at heavier weights. But it automatically shuts off after approximately two minutes; roughly half provided the Escali. We also discovered it had been ever so slightly slower, often requiring two minutes to see quite small weights.

My Weigh KD 8000

My Weigh KD8000 is a lot bigger and costs a little more than our best selection, but it provides a couple of extras which severe bakers will love. It is roughly as fast and precise as our top pick, but it’s a massive capacity of around 17 lbs, 6 oz (8 kg) and may weigh at baker’s proportions, a quality which lets you easily scale recipes up or down if you would like to inhale by ratio. It is among the few scales we have come across that permits you to disable the auto-off function.

American Weigh Scales LB-3000 Compact Digital Scale

For those that need to measure coffee or additional components exactly, we urge the American Weigh Scales LB-3000 Compact Digital Scale. It was the very precise 0.1-gram scale we analyzed this season. But it has got a relatively low ability of 6.6 pounds (3 kg), and that means that you won’t have the ability to use it to take a huge cut of beef. Its two-minute to-off attribute is long enough to account for pouring pauses found in most popular pour-over coffee beans. Alternately, it features an AC adapter that simplifies auto-off when plugging.

Joseph Joseph TriScale kitchen scales

If you do not use kitchen scales regularly, this collection is fantastic to pay off for the infrequent but crucial events when precision is necessary for dry components. The home of the innovative layout is small and slender enough to fit easily into a utensil drawer when folded up, and if the three’legs’ are folded out and secured into position for use, they provide a three-pronged rack for bowls and plates.

Rubber feet create this nifty variety rock-steady. The LED display isn’t illuminated in any way, using a calculator’ style reading that could be reset to zero to add components. The controller and readout are after one of those prongs and are modest, but they could surely be relied on to provide a precise measurement of bigger heaps. 1g increments weren’t so powerful in our evaluations, however.

Stellar Bluetooth Diet

These scales may do much more than weighing ingredients. They can help you realize the nutritional worth of that which goes into each dish you make. Coupling up using all the Modern Chef phone programs and cholesterol, fats, protein, fiber, and sodium values will be displayed and stored on your handset, even whereas the bottom unit reveals things’ weight dimensions. It’s possible to add foodstuffs not logged on the program’s comprehensive database and also keep track of previous foods in its archive.

This is a small faff if you want scales to measure out the flour for a couple of fairy cakes, but it is a worthwhile investment if you’ve got nutritional concerns after a weight reduction program. It also keeps track of daily levels and goals. Simple to wash and with dash controls, we discovered we had to delve in the manual instead of press and move’, but once mastered, it is a clever bit of kitchen kit that will have you studying a good deal about how you eat.

Jean Patrique Electronic Kitchen Scales

If you’re searching for something basic that can correctly measure out dry components around 5kg, then this tiny scale is a big deal that’ll fit directly in your kitchen. It is offered in blue, black, and white tempered glass, and although not as curvy as others, its basic rectangular system has ample room for bowls. The LED screen is easy enough to read, together with imperial and metric weight choices.

There’s a tare function on every new ingredient added to your content that could be calculated separately. But, there’s no choice with this version for measuring fluids. Therefore it’s only appropriate for those cooks to continue using the trusty measuring jug inside their kitchen armory.

Salter 10kg Glass Digital Kitchen Scales

You have gone to your XL stand mixer today for your set of scales that you want to quantify larger amounts. All these wipe-clean scales will correctly quantify around 10kg so that they also come on their own if you are dividing batches of dry components for storage or handling timings to get a Sunday joint.

Instead of having touch screen controllers, such as most electronic scales we attempted, these have a set of sensitive push buttons on the close edge, meaning moist or doughy palms are far not as likely to obscure the controllers. The red LED screen isn’t the greatest we analyzed but bright and clear.

We enjoyed the way the controllers for all these scales were buttons that came out of the front of the device instead of being to the cover of the platform. That way, we can locate them easily when items are being measured on the stage instead of poking about for a touchscreen in precisely the same space.

Tower Black Digital Kitchen Scale

In the beginning unboxing, these scales appeared more lightweight compared to the remainder, and the plastic casing felt brittle compared to the thicker, tempered glass versions we’ve looked at. However, this pair of scales made up for those shortcomings by providing accurate readings along with a large, superbly clear, and bright LCD screen that may be viewed easily, even if bigger bowls and baking trays have been put on top.

If your vision is not 20/20, you do not need to talk with your eyeglasses when you have floury hands, so this will be ideal. The curved control panel was simple to navigate, with imperial and metric possibilities for dry components, in addition to different controls for measuring milk and water (that is denser and weighs more).

As much as 5kg and at 1g increments, we discovered these scales to be more consistent and dependable in their dimensions. A nifty pair that cleaned easily, together with stainless steel pad and enclosing plastic casing streak-free following a wipe down.

Procook Glass Electronic Scales

Another pair of scales includes a useful zero’ purpose, which makes it effortless to add more ingredients as you go along. No liquid-measuring work with this version, however, so it is fantastic for dry components just. The points here would be that those useful digital scales’ exemplified surface helps exercise kitchen conundrums, providing oven heat conversions together with cup and spoon equal measures.

However, what we love about this set is the idea put into how they may be saved when not being used. There is a good stainless steel loop at 1 corner for hooks plus a hanging notch from the back (somewhat like you would find on a wall clock). The loud beeps in the controllers may annoy a few cooks, but the screen is clear, along with the battery charge track being a useful function. Saying this, this arrived with no set of batteries required; therefore, we needed to root out our very own set of AAAs before we can begin.

Lakeland Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scale

The single dry components just’ put in our lineup, which came with a bowl that is weighing; this sturdy collection is from Lakeland, that will always be relied on to provide can not -live-without’ tools to your kitchen. Due to the dome-shaped as with this version, the removable stainless steel bowl has been raised enough to maintain the readings in sight. This tiny bit of elevation functions well even if you use your larger plate or tray rather.

Unusually these scales can provide you a space temperature studying and also have a 99-minute timer, therefore worth having around for bread-making, where the two are particularly helpful when proving dough. It is not a slimline scale that will slip right into a very small gap in the cookbooks’ side. However, the bowl will match upside down on the bottom unit for cabinet or worktop storage. Also, it does not occupy too much space. Our gripes are two AAA batteries that are not included and that there is an automatic switch-off after two minutes, so we needed to turn the device on again several times during a skillet baking session.

Salter Waterproof Black Electronic Kitchen Scales

These scales came into their own when we left two or three cluttered teenage testers to become baking. A dab this, a splodge there in the session’s close, these Salter scales might be entirely immersed in water due to its enclosed battery compartment.

We enjoy Salter versions since they come ready to decide on the essential AAAs, and the small screwdriver required to start up the compartment was a welcome addition. We discovered that these scales were accurate and dependable, but the controllers have been sensitive to the touch, so we needed to ensure we had been hands ‘ to find precise readings.

Heston Blumenthal Using Salter Precision Double Platform Electronic Kitchen Scales

This is very elaborate, but is it worth investing more than twice the dough in getting equal, single-load scales? Yes, if you’re using them a great deal. The bigger pad takes weight around 10kg using 1g increments, whereas the smaller one calibrates weights around 200g, moving in 0.1gram increments. That is pinpoint so weigh up (sorry) if you truly require such exact dimensions, we found them helpful for balancing human spices to our garam masala combination, for instance.

These look amazing on the countertop, which is a fantastic thing since they’re surely the lightest scales we analyzed, and you probably would not need to stuff them in a cabinet like a few less expensive versions. The heavy stainless steel looks very professional; they are extremely exact and are easy to keep clean. Though none for cooks that usually eyeball dimensions and adjust to taste, this may please those who like to be put on when it comes to following recipes the only iso’.

Kitchen Scale Testing

How We Test The Food Scales

We unboxed every scale and noticed its layout, build quality, and some other distinctive features. Using batches of nickels (all which weighs just 5 g ), we analyzed each scale for precision, consistency, and user-friendliness. We also noticed how long every scale required to enroll changes when we added or subtracted weight.

Following those tests, we chose up our three favorites and utilized them to prepare lb cake and pizza bread. After cleansing, we have every one of those finalists great and filthy by smearing them with a combination of oil, bread, and water. We allowed the residue to sit overnight before washing and noted that calls were easiest to wash and, if any, revealed signs of scratching or staining. We also assessed the following variables:


We analyzed whether every kitchen scale may weigh things of varying dimensions and substances with higher accuracy, precision, and consistency. Thankfully, all the models we tested performed well. Therefore precision wasn’t an eliminating factor.


Of those six models, we considered four had a capacity of 11 lbs, which we finally decided was the sweet spot for many kitchen tasks. Other scales, such as the Oxo Precision Scale, which put only 6 lbs, and the MyWeigh Bakers Math Scale, which is larger and may manage up to 16 lbs, are far better suited to more technical needs.

Ease of Use

The ideal food scales have been intuitive and simple for us to use right from the box, without needing to fiddle with a lot of buttons or consult with the manual. We also noted whether each food scale came with a tare function.


We gave points to people who felt steady on the counter and sturdy enough to stand up to everyday usage. We also looked outside for design defects, such as unsealed buttons, which may make cleaning difficult or contribute to moisture damage.

Storage and size

Assuming that many cooks are not searching for a scale to maintain permanently installed onto their countertops, we gave preference to models that have a small footprint along with a slender body that may be tucked easily into a cupboard or drawer.

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