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Top 15+ Best Oyster Knives Reviews 2020

If it has to do with oysters, folks either love or despise them; however, they seldom go unnoticed! This low-calorie and low-fat, protein-rich seafood is considered a culinary delicacy for a very long period.

Tasty and rather costly, this kind of seafood demands great handling and prep. This is has been said, and it’s vital to have the very best oyster knife from your side to maximize their preparation.

Regardless, if you prefer them cooked or raw, you have to open up them, i.e., to shuck them and eliminate the outer shell. To be in a position to try it, you want a technical knife, i.e., an oyster shucking knife.

However, knowing the prosperity of Best Oyster Knives available today, making the best choice isn’t necessarily straightforward.

Consequently, if you’re trying to find the Best Oyster Knife to add to your group, check out our review below to discover more!

Points to Consider Before Purchasing

Points to Consider Before Purchasing

Why Do I Need an Oyster Knife?

‘An excellent shucking knife will create the shucking intriguing and simple, not dull and complex.

Since you probably already know, oysters have a tough husk that’s tightly sealed and hides the muscle/ meat that is consumed. Thus, it requires the ideal tools to be opened satisfactorily – a well-designed oyster knife that will make all of the difference.

On the flip side, using a normal knife can impede the shucking due to its thinness and sharpness. Thus, you will undoubtedly complete the job better if you choose a blunt and stronger blade instead of razor-sharp blades of knives.

Moreover, because the shells of oysters are extremely slippery, you have to be cautious with all the pressure you apply with the shucking knife’s suggestion. As soon as you opt to open the oyster in the side or by the hinge, you want to gradually insert and then twist the blade beneath the casing before it pops out.

Knowing that oysters are available in numerous sizes and shapes, there are multiple kinds of oyster knives. To find out additional information about the types of top-quality knives, look at the part below.

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What Are the Different Forms of Oyster Knives?

Were you aware that many oyster knives include pear-shaped handles, though their length can fluctuate? You could even locate shucking cutters handles more like an elongated oval.

The principal distinction between different versions of this knife is its form and length. Oyster knives are broken up into four big categories, and each class has its unique properties.

Find out more about these differences under:

  • Boston oyster knife- extended and thinner blade with a rounded tip; more convenient for shucking in the sides
  • Galveston- more blade, curved tip; finest to get shucking medium and Massive oysters
  • New Haven- wider and shorter sword, pointed and upward-curved suggestion – perfect for oysters served on the casing.
  • Providence- wider and shorter blade along with a pointy tip- perfect for shucking small and medium oysters in the hinge

Things to Look for in an Oyster Knife?

Typically, shucking knives have stainless material blades, although some producers may use other proprietary steel combinations. The grips are largely designed with polypropylene or timber for optimum grip and very low slippage.

Some versions also provide finger guards between the blade and handle for optimum protection. Bear in mind, irrespective of the kind of oyster knife you decide on, protect your hands out of shucking accidents by wearing cut-resistant gloves.

Since shucking knives are used for probing and prying, there’s no demand for razor-sharp border features and super steels. Here are the properties you need to pay more attention to when deciding on the ideal oyster knife for you.

Stainless steel, i.e., 420HC, is your very corrosion-resistant stainless material. This is vital since oysters include a good deal of pure salt that’s highly corrosive to metal.

Short blade, no longer than 3 inches because more ones will bend and might snap upon the lateral strain.

The New Haven suggestion is the most acceptable for opening the cubes since it’s upturned, and it won’t tear the muscle-up.

The handle should be ergonomic and large enough to feel great in your hands and apply pressure.

A shucking knife should be mild enough so that it’s comfortable to work with for a prolonged period – occasionally, you might have to shuck a dozen or more oysters.

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The Way to Take Proper Care of my Oyster Knife?

Though there are dishwasher-intact oyster knives, it’s best once you wash them by hand using dish soap and warm water and instantly towel-drying them.

The Way to Open Oysters Safely?

For novices in shucking, it is essential to bear in mind that there are numerous ways which you may shuck, such as from both sides or via the hinge.

The larger the oysters are, the tougher it is to cut through the hinge and adductor; therefore, it is best to start with smaller oysters.

The oysters must be living and chilly, and closer oysters are living. When it’s open, gently tap it- whether it closes, keep, if it does not, throw it off.

A hollow sound throughout the taping means that the oyster is dead and has to be thrown off. Good music will be noticed when the oyster’s living.

Scrub the oyster with cold water and then brush it to remove any grit. Hold it with the pointy end towards you along with the top upward. Begin working on it using a side-to-side motion to the hinge.

If you feel that the knife intwist the blade and hand, use a small force to split the joint. When you hear that the soda, it means that the hinge’s broken, now slide the knife all of the ways through the border till you’ve got two distinct halves.

What Should We Know About Eating Oysters?

When eaten raw, oysters could be transmitters of vibriosis, a kind of disease. Considering that the oysters who have it do not smell or look differently from people with no, the best method to stop it would be completely cooked.

Also, ensure that you pay for any open wounds or cuts before tackling oysters. When you are done with routine treatment, always wash your hands well with warm soap and water. And, whenever possible, utilize superior oyster gloves and clean them frequently.

Best Oyster Knives Brands

Best Oyster Knives Brands

1. Archer Premium Shucking Knife With Gift Box

Verified reviews reveal how happy clients are that Archer has set security first with this particular oyster knife. It is fine but not eloquent on the finish, along with the blade, runs the whole length, including the handle.

The blade is a nice 420 stainless material. It is formed to loosen up and raise oysters from the shell hole. The extra-long Pakka wooden handle keeps fingers from harm’s way.

The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort. It is shined into a mirror-like complete, affirmed client’s state. The oyster knife has been sent in a gorgeous box acceptable for gift-giving.

The cost is right, also, affirmed reviewers state. Archer adds an excess vote of confidence using its 100% money-back guarantee. The refund is returned for any reason, and something asserted buyers value.

Key Features

  • Blade Is the Best form for loosening oysters.
  • Long Parka wood manage
  • Blade includes a mirror-like fine-grained glow
  • Comes in a box Acceptable for gift-giving
  • 100% money-back guarantee

2. OXO Good Grips No-Slip Handle Oyster Knife

This is the Good Grips oyster knife that our staff researched. Nonetheless, it’s leagues over other knives at its price group, verified clients state.

The silicone handle provides serious traction, so the knife will not slide as you are shucking. That is true even when the blade is moist, according to testimonials.

The blade has a standard shucking length and contour. Nearly 500 buyers thus far affirm that scooping oysters are easy and secure with this version.

To make cleanup easy, the Great Grips knife is dishwasher-intact. It is the ideal gift for sailors and girls or to get oyster enthusiasts with its low price.

Key Features

  • Low price point
  • Highest-quality super-strong blade
  • No-slip silicone security handle
  • Stays grip pable even if wet
  • Ideal for gift-giving

3. Toadfish Put ‘Em Back Knife

Verified customers believe this instrument is cool since Toadfish puts a part of their proceeds back to Circuit habitat recovery. That makes purchasing this knife a responsible option, buyers state.

The most important thing is all about functionality. The Place them Back comes with an ergonomic handle using all the provider’s signature thumbprint grip. It will not slide. Therefore it is a safe option based on testimonials.

The blade has a pivot-point layout, making it effortless to lift steamed or raw oysters in the shell. The module is a stain-free high carbon, according to the organization.

Toadfish involves a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, return it for an exchange or refund.

Key Features

  • No-slip recyclable plastic manage
  • Combines traditional contour with state-of-the-art Security features
  • Rust-resistant high-carbon stainless material blade
  • A portion of proceeds goes into oyster habitat recovery
  • 100% client satisfaction guarantee

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4. Opinel No. 9 Folding Oyster & Shellfish Knife

Opinel has a winner with this timeless pocket shellfish knife, based on confirmed reviews. Buyers say it is suitable to take along on holiday or to clam bakes.

That is made possible with all the security retraction of the blade. One fixed and one sliding ring ensures that you won’t get offended by the knife as you tote it together. Then only spring it open if you require it.

Verified buyers say they like the blade is lasting Sandvik altered stainless steel. It is the perfect abbreviated, curved silhouette they wish to shuck shellfish and oysters.

The handle is just another portion of the knife supported buyers are raving about. It is carved from New Guinea Rosewood (Padauk timber ) and feels amazing at hand.

Key Features

  • Closes safely for your security
  • Blade Is the Best shape and dimensions for shelling oysters.
  • Sandvik stainless steel
  • New Guinea Rosewood handles
  • Mobile; take it everywhere.

5. HiCoup Kitchenware Full Tang Blade Knife

The full tang design of the model runs the whole length of the blade. This indicates you’ve got a long cutting edge service for equally eliminating oysters or shellfish out of the casing.

The blade is an impressive quality stainless steel polished to a mirror shine, based on confirmed reviews—three rivets to hold it set up with the module for additional safety during demanding jobs.

This compactly designed knife measures only 6.5″. Verified buyers state the handle fits neatly to the pal and does not slide during use.

As reported by a range of confirmed testimonials, the knife appears magnificent sufficient for gift-giving. HiCoup ensures your satisfaction with its 100% replacement or refund coverage.

Key Features

  • Looks absolutely stunning; excellent for gift-giving
  • Ergonomic no-slip manage
  • Stainless steel, mirror-shine blade
  • Compact; steps only 6.5″ long from tip to tip
  • Return or ask for a refund. No questions asked.

6. Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Sets With Glove

This kit that contains a knife and gloves is an incredible deal, based on confirmed customers. Unlike other oyster knives, this really includes a set of the glove. That means both your hands remain secure.

The blade has the maximum cut immunity available for this kind of tool, based on Rockland. Verified reviews concur that it cuts cleanly and thoroughly to lift oysters out of the casing.

The blade is the ideal 3.5″. It is long enough to manage shellfish but brief enough for extra security, clients notice.

One fantastic feature of this oyster knife is the fact that it is dishwasher-safe. Order your kit based on glove size (S, M, L, or XL).

Key Features

  • Total kit: knife and two safety gloves
  • Non-slip grip
  • 3.5″ ideal-length shucking blade
  • High cutting immunity
  • Has a satisfaction warranty

7. Dexter-Russell New Haven Pattern Oyster Knife

Clients say they enjoy the size of the oyster knife. Having a blade measuring 2.75″, it is compact and simple to take care of, so it is secure, they notice. It easily and easily scoops oysters from the casing.

The blade is high-carbon metal stainless steel. The business utilizes Dexsteel technology. That usually means a stain-free, high-performance knife supported buyers say they have maintained for ages.

With its amazing wooden handle, the knife will not slide as you are using it, based on confirmed reviews. The business utilizes beechwood and has made the contour to be ergonomic.

The business creates a few claims, we could verify. As an example, Dexter Edge is a patented technology that has been reliable for almost a century. Additionally, each knife has been proudly constructed in the U.S.

Key Features

  • Beautiful and practical; makes a Fantastic gift
  • Dexsteel high-carbon technology
  • Ideal span blade for shucking (two 3/4″)
  • Finely crafted beechwood manage
  • Produced in the U.S.

8. Victorinox New Haven Blade Oyster Knife

Victorinox is a wonderful thing. The cost is appropriate, but there is no doubt on quality, as encouraged by a strong 4.7-star average score.

You receive the four best options with this particular model. Catch a 3″ or 4″ Boston or some Galveston, New Haven, or providence style. They have slightly different blade shapes and widths, so be certain that you’re choosing the proper one when you purchase.

The Supergrip saline handle guarantees you keep safe even if shucking steamed or fresh oysters. It is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The knife is NSF approved and dishwasher safe. It is little enough to carry over on clam bakes or camping excursions. Verified reviewers say that this is their go-to oyster knife.

Key Features

  • Choose from 5 Distinct styles
  • Safe Supergrip handles
  • Ergonomically shaped to fit your hands
  • The very appealing price point
  • Dishwasher intact: mobile

9. Melocean Set of two Professional Oyster Knives

Wow, when it comes to presentation, this collection from Melocean certainly wins daily. Two oyster knives arrive wrapped in a foam-lined wooden box. Verified buyers say they’ve given this as a gift and could do this again.

Two different colored forests are used for the various grips. Each is carved out of a solid piece and can be buffed to a super-smooth finish.

The blades are manufactured from 3cr13 highest-quality stainless steel. Each module is thick, quick, and powerful, and all attributes are perfect within an oyster knife.

As an additional bonus, Melocean comprises a useful brochure and PDF utilization manual. These provide the receiver of this gorgeous gift suggestions on launching oysters, in addition to interesting facts.

Key Features

  • Absolutely lovely, conventional wood box demonstration
  • Comes with two knives in two different toned kinds of wood
  • The handle is carved out of a solid wood block.
  • Thick, powerful no-bend manage
  • Has a manual on oysters and oyster shucking

10. JXE JXO Knife with Leather Sheath

Nice, this oyster knife comes as a complete collection! Verified reviewers say they enjoy that they do not need to get a security glove individually. They also love the security leather sheath.

The wooden handle is long enough for almost any size hand. It is pliable curved and comes in your choice of timber kind.

The blade has a distinctive notch-bottom form and is powerful enough to lift oysters out of the shell in 1 piece, affirmed buyers state. It is ideal for small or massive oysters.

The entire duration of this knife is about 6.5″. It’s easy to take along, based on confirmed reviews. Blend it in its sheath and proceed. Therefore, the sheath includes a snap-strip that it will not slide out, something confirmed customers say they certainly like.

Key Features

  • Ideal size blade for either small or Massive oysters
  • Safety glove is comprised
  • 2 different wood colors to Pick from
  • Handle ergonomically fits any size.
  • Comes with leather security sheath

11. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Collection Oyster Knife

There are tons of options with this sequence. Pick from two, 3, 4, or 5-pack. Or purchase moderate size alone.

Verified buyers say they value the cost savings on purchasing more than one knife.

Dexter uses reliable Dexsteel because of its powerful, no-rust blade. It is a high-carbon, high-alloy steel that may last a lifetime, based on confirmed buyers.

For security, the blade has been attached to some no-slip gripping handle. The handle is ergonomically shaped, and confirmed reviewers say it fits any size hand.

Maintenance of the distinctive knife entails handwashing, but that is easy and fast with this version, based on consumers.

The business proudly produces this knife set from the U.S. and has passed the production processes’ NSF certificate.

Key Features

  • Comes in packs of multiples up to Five knives
  • Oxo Good grips handle
  • Ergonomically shaped and comfortable to use
  • Manufactured under NSF criteria
  • Produced in the U.S.

12. Deglon Stainless Steel Blade Oyster Knife

This trendy spin in an oyster knife lets you drill in the shell. It’s a 3-point additional sharp tip and a hardy long, slender blade, which certified customers state is almost indestructible.

The blade easily extends beneath the oyster to remove it, verified buyers’ notice. If you would like, there is also a conventional brief, wide blade. Reviewers state both works flawlessly.

The deal is different in the two distinct varieties, so they are easy to keep organized if you purchase both. And buying more than one sounds fairly standard for confirmed clients. That is probably down to this very low-cost point and performance.

The business notes that Deglon is a trustworthy name in high-quality tools. Each knife is crafted in Thiers, France.

Key Features

  • Produced by specialist tool firm Deglon in France
  • Style 1 includes an innovative slim tip.
  • Style 2 is a high-quality Conventional blade.
  • Clients like the low-cost point
  • Safety grip handles

13. Ken Onion Brewshucker Oyster Knife

When shucking off, an ice-cold beer is crucial. Fortunately, this multi-purpose knife includes a built-in jar opener so you can sip as you shuck.

Crafted from hardwearing stainless material, the Brewshucker features an ultra-sharp blade and powerful double-riveted handle with an ergonomic layout for ultimate comfort. The knife is more resistant to rust and corrosion and constructed to shuck for a lifetime.

Pros: As there are just four knives in the package, you can shuck with friends or family.

Cons: You may not need all four knives which come from this set

14. MOMONI Premium Oyster Knife

For those shuckers using a refined sense of design, the MOMONI oyster knife is, at the same time, elegant and hardy. It features a slick non-slip wooden handle that fits neatly on your hands and will not slide through use.

Nevertheless, the actual pièce p résistance is your blade. Lean yet hard, and it can slide easily into the casing, then manage the oyster open within minutes. Additionally, it has the ideal quantity of bend to detach the oyster meat without damaging it finely.

Pros: The two knives come packed in a classy box and would make an excellent gift for the fish lovers in your life.

Cons: The wooden handle needs slightly more maintenance than stainless material or silicone, and you might want to handwash it.

15. HiCoup Premium Knife

This handmade oyster knife features an ultra-durable pakka wood handle and a mirror-finish blade created from stainless material. Measuring 6.5 inches out of tip-to-tip, the knife is streamlined enough to start modest oysters yet sturdy sufficient to undertake a 4-inch brute.

The comfortable skid-free grip ensures that you open shellfish safely; however, the knife comes with an oversize hand-guard to protect your precious paws for extra protection. You also receive a real leather pouch to keep your sword.

Pros: Considering that its artisanal quality, the knife represents a good price.

Cons: The hand-guard Might Be too bulky for a few

16. HiCoup Oyster Knife

Highlighted Features

  • A Complete tang and lightweight 61/2″ long oyster knife using a two 1/2″ blade
  • Acceptable for shucking smaller tanks, this consists of 420 high carbon stainless material
  • Has an oversize hand guard and leather sheath with a belt loop
  • Brown grained pakka wood handle that can be triple-riveted
  • Has a satisfaction warranty from the manufacturer

The HiCoup oyster knife consists of 420 high carbon stainless material and includes a complete tang mirrored end style blade. The knife’s handle is brownish-grained pakkawood to get a firm and comfortable grip, and it’s likewise triple-riveted.

Measuring 61/2″ long with a two 1/2″ blade, it’s better suited to shucking smaller oysters as a lightweight knife and streamlined knife. This knife also comes with an oversized hand protector for additional security and has a satisfaction warranty. Additionally, it has a form-fitting leather sheath with a belt loop.

The strange buyer has undergone this knife splitting with restricted use, and a few men consider the deal is too little for their palms. The smaller dimensions of the handle may also make it harder to lever and flip if shucking.


  • Two 1/2″ blade
  • High carbon steel
  • Full tang
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Handguard
  • Leather sheath


  • There’s a risk of this blade sometimes snapping.
  • Some users have discovered the handle too little to grasp comfortably.
  • Like a knife, it could be more Challenging to lever together and flip.


We’ve observed in this review the way the look of an oyster knife makes it a lot easier to shuck while decreasing the probability of harm, in addition to a number of the major features you should look for when picking your oyster knife. Together with a fundamental shucking tutorial, we also have considered what you can do to decrease the danger of vibriosis while shucking.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review if you shuck oysters regularly, sometimes are brand new to everything and, whichever way you decide to shuck and no matter what the kind of oyster; we all hope our reviews of the best oyster knife also have helped you to select the style blade that will be right for you and to the own oysters.

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