Top 20 Best Personal Blender Brands 2020

Top 20 Best Personal Blender Brands 2020

Here in the list the Best Personal Blenders, we like to consider ourselves as mad (in a fantastic way) about the things we buy, as far as we would love to, we can not try everything. That is why we have ​People’s Choice, where we locate the best-reviewed products and only out the very persuasive ones. (You can find out more about our evaluation system and how we select each product here.)

And while we have written about lots of kitchen gadgets – such as the finest blenders, the very best blenders, and also the very best single-serve coffee manufacturers – here, Dadongny has rounded up the most effective private blenders, as praised by the very enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Things to Look for in a Personal Blender

Things to Look for in a Personal Blenders

Amount of to-go cups

Single people might not want numerous cups they’ll want to shop, but if you are making morning smoothies to your household, needing one for every single individual may be fine. Though you can usually purchase extra cups for all these blenders, it is convenient to get just what you want all in 1 kit.

Blender cup sizes

How large is the morning smoothie? Would you enjoy the concept of mixing after and then portioning it into many cups, or even do your relatives have distinct taste preferences? Start looking for a kit that is perfect for you.


While wattage is not the ideal index of a blender’s energy, it is a fairly good sign. Should you generally combine milder foods (such as bananas and yogurt), you will not need electricity as somebody who plans to mix difficult veggies, ice, and fruits. Greater power may also signify the grinder will be a bit wealthier that may consider if you are mixing in the daytime while your family remains asleep.

The Personal Blender Buyer's Guide

The Personal Blender Buyer’s Guide

With such an outstanding variety of single-serve blenders, you ought to be seeking to get one on your own. We’ve compiled the info you’ll have to acquire the most effective personal blenders to suit your requirements now available…

Motor Power

The electricity is inserted in watts or horsepower every grinder. This is only one of the most important variables you need to keep an eye out for. Nonetheless, compared to a normal blender, the private lender will have relatively less power.

The electricity will change, some may have from as low as 200 watts, whereas some as large as 1000 watts. Based on your needs,o for that which suits best, if you’re only mixing straightforward smoothies from soft fruit, you will not require much power. But if you would like to use it to crush ice hockey, you’ll need far more.

If ice hockey is in your list of priorities, you need to look at our reviews of the top blenders for crushing ice.

But that is not all. Also, there are different aspects to consider…

Aim of the Blender

The very best blenders for individual use ought to have the ability to meet and meet all of your requirements. These may consist of juicing on the move, which makes hefty smoothies, and breaking ice. As previously mentioned, for a few blenders, the horsepower might not enable you to some matters like breaking the ice.

For this reason, it’s crucial to choose the principal intention of your purchase. Therefore, you might realize you do not require some fun functions that save a great deal at the expense of this grinder.


The blender could be appropriate for one host, but you might want it to take enough liquid while traveling. Smaller capacities are about 14oz, but others have a great deal more at around 40 ounces.

The median is your very best alternative seeing that you don’t wish too much or too small of your tasty drink. Anyway, the extra space permits for free surface space to the blender to combine the contents satisfactorily.


Private blenders have free cups and bottles to let you drink on the move. Together with the negative effects of vinyl, you have to make certain that the substance is BPA. It is much safer for you, particularly once you consume your beverage at a subsequent moment.

Additionally, always select high-quality vinyl; this ought to ensure the longevity and durability of this product and your contents.


Some blenders come with more accessories than many others. Just like with almost any other product, diversity is a substantial element when you purchase anything.

The finest single function blenders include a range of accessories included. These may consist of anything from extra cups into replacement blades. Should you need one of these things, it is always best to buy them together with the blender, since that’s normally a much cheaper and simpler alternative than having to purchase these products individually.

Cleaning Options

Going through the guide, you might have discovered, under the pros section, which many as recorded as easy to wash.’ Well, you may wonder, why does this issue?

Today, people wash their utensils in distinct manners, by hand, a fast wash, or in the dishwasher. But, it is important to be aware that some products aren’t dishwasher safe. Additionally, some need more cleanup than a fast clean with water.

Based on your taste, buy something which will be simple for you to manage and clean.

Best Personal Blender Reviews

Best Personal Blenders Review

1. Nutri Ninja Pro

The Ninja business is famous for its advanced appliances and has been among the first to think of personal-sized blenders. Now that the industry is crowded, these blenders are still user-friendly since they check all the boxes. This one has 900 g of mixing power that may pulverize fruits and vegetables, turning them in a silky smooth beverage. It may also crush ice hockey. Therefore slushie iced tea or lemonade is possible on warm days.

The twist-on spout lids make it easy to spend the beverage to go. Including an 18-ounce cup plus a 24-ounce cup, every having a cover, and much more are offered if everyone in the household needs their very own. For easy to clean, the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so this is as easy to look after as it is to use. It is very suitable for preparing baby food.

2. Magic Bullet Blender, 11 Piece Place

This handy private blender includes enough bits to make it easy for more than simply smoothies plus a 250-watt motor that is s’rell very competent the maker states it could blend in 10 minutes or less. Even though it may not have the capability to rival increased wattage machines, consumers enjoy it for more than only smoothies, such as grinding spices, nuts, and coffee, to create salad dressing for chopping chunky salsas.

Including a 10-second recipe book with lots of recipes for smoothies, soups, dips, and sauces. Additionally, it contains three distinct blender containers, reusable lids, along with a flip-top to-go cover. The removable components are all top-rack dishwasher intact for easy to clean.

3. Tribest PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender

Most private blenders utilize proprietary jars or cups for mixing, and extras may be pricey once you want more pots for the entire family or the guests. This blender is designed to utilize conventional mason jars, so it is cheap and simple to blend smoothies to get a crowd working with the mason jar adapter. Additionally, it contains its own big and tiny cups with cup lids, in addition to mason jars, mason jar lids, plus a commuter lid so that you’ll have tons of alternatives for mixing large or smaller quantities.

Two milling blades are also included. One has four prongs, and another has two. The blender has a 200-watt motor so that it’s not quite as successful as some, but it is adequate for teas, smoothies, and leftovers.

4. Supkitdin Portable Rechargeable USB Private Blender

You don’t have to plug this into a power socket, so it is great to have the path to combine a fast smoothie when you would like to. When fully charged, it may make 15-20 smoothies, so it is ideal for weekend or overnight excursions, or merely for cordless use in your home. The juicer is mild enough to tilt, tap, and shake it in usage for superior mixing. For simple drinking, it comprises two straws and a straw-cleaning brush. When it is time to recharge, it features a power adapter and USB cable to create it simple.

5. Open Kitchen with Williams Sonoma Personal Blender

Still inexpensive but a little more expensive than many, this includes a highly effective 800-watt motor, so it is a fantastic private blender for smoothie fans who do not need a full-size blender. This consists of their ability to electricity through fibrous foods such as pineapple and veggies that are tough such as green smoothies, and it may also grind tough foods such as seeds and java beans. This includes a locking system that guarantees that the jar will not twist loose and make a mess to stop leaks.

Perfect for couples, it comprises two indistinguishable 24-ounce tumblers, two lip rings, one storage lid, plus one traveling lid. For simple cleaning, each of the removable parts is dishwasher safe.

You can read more:

6. COSORI Personal Blender

A remarkable 800 watts of electricity, auto-blend and heartbeat configurations, and also a start/stop button create this tiny machine perfect for mixing everything from soft veggies to demanding kale. Additionally, it may crush ice to get slushie drinks on warm summer days. It has three distinct blade styles in 1 meeting for the best outcome each time.

The revolutionary auto-blend option blends in 3-second bursts with 1-second fractures in between, stopping after ten explosions. Meanwhile, holding the heartbeat button blends in the maximum rate for so long as the button is held down.

For simple cleaning, each of the removable parts is dishwasher safe. Including two 24-ounce containers, one 12-ounce containers storage lid, a traveling lid, a cleaning brush, and a recipe book

7. HOVNEE Mini Personal Blender Juicer

At a very similar cost to what some traveling glasses cost, this portable blender will not break your budget. It’s a rechargeable battery and a 50-watt engine that spins the blades at 20,000 RPMs for astonishingly efficient mixing for smoothies, salad dressings, milkshakes, and infant food.

While it might not be powerful enough to take care of kale or whole ice cubes, the hardness means that it can go where you desire this, and it is light enough to shake or tip to find the ideal mixing. This recharges via USB, which means you can recharge in the vehicle or simply plugging it in your notebook computer.

8. FOCHEA High-Speed Personal Blender

More than only a personal blender, this comprises a 51-ounce pitcher for larger quantities or chopping fruits and veggies for salsas, sauces, and meal prep. Additionally, it includes a 10-ounce jar for cutting small amounts for garnishes and a 20-ounce travel cup for carrying smoothies on the street.

This includes a 700-watt engine and sharp blades that may manage vegetables, fruits, and ice hockey, and it’s suction cup feet that help keep it secure on the countertops. The removable parts are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple, regardless of what you have blended.

9. Frigidaire Retro Smoothie Maker

Most private blenders seem useful and prepared to hide in the cabinet. Still, this one has a stylish retro appearance that gives it a character, so it will seem decent residing on the counter for daily usage. It’s a 300-watt engine that operates at two rates for effective mixing, and the chrome side lever begins and quits the blender.

It features a sizable 20.3-ounce plastic wash jar, a glass mason jar with a handle, and two lids. While that does include a glass mason jar, the threads onto the blender aren’t compatible with conventional canning jars to not be utilized as replacements.

10. Nutribullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The NutriBullet Pro was considered as one of the very best personal blenders for decades. It includes the most recent technological improvements in addition to being quite simple of use.


Powered with a 900-watt motor, this is acceptable for just about any kind of mixing or mixing. Besides this high power, the stainless steel blades allow quick and convenient mixing while cutting through almost any fruit or vegetable. Additionally, it features a distinctive cyclonic activity, allowing it to breakdown any meals readily, emulsifying, and pulverizing it without any problems in any way.

It is among the very best single function blenders for smoothies, and it produces glossy smooth beverages better than a normal liquefier. Concerning the dimensions, it is quite streamlined, allowing for simple storage and shelving.

But, it’s a bit noisier than the rest of the blenders we examined. If noise is a problem for you personally, as an instance, if you’ve got a mild sleeping infant, then be certain that you have a look at our reviews of the very best quiet blenders out there.

What is in the box?

This blender includes a broad selection of accessories including other flop cups, big cups, lip rings, etc. and detailed documentation, and a recipe book. These can make sure you enjoy your mixing experience much more.

Easy assembly and disassembly, quick and effortless cleaning, in addition to high dishwasher load, protected. What more would you desire out of a blender? Nothing in Any Way!


  • Exhaustive attachment list.
  • High power motor electricity.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Stainless additional sharp blades.
  • Cyclonic action.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.


  • Noisy motor.
  • Non- rechargeable batteries.

11. Ninja Bl456 Blenders

Next up, we’ve got the Ninja Pro from NutriBullet, which features ultra-high performance and simple to follow directions.


It would not name something if it could not perform its job nicely. The company also claims this grinder can extract all of the vitamins and nutrients from vegetables and fruit using its 900-watts motor electricity.

But that is not all. With this much electricity, the extraction blades can cut just about anything. These include ice cubes seems, peel, and virtually anything else you can put into a blender. Following a smooth mix, it will produce silky-textured beverages, using much consistency, which makes it among the greatest Ninja blenders you can purchase in the marketplace.

The blades aren’t the only simple to wash items; the seals and cups are dishwashers. Making for an easy to clean following the mixing is complete.


  • Dishwasher intact accessories.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Highly optimized blade functionality.
  • High power engine.


  • No automated programs.
  • No strings contained.

12. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Place

The Magic Bullet Blender is a worthy addition for our inspection because of the refined appearance, reliability, and flexibility.


This particular individual blender includes a minimal horsepower of 250 watts. Nonetheless, this is much more than sufficient to create fast smoothies and milkshakes but will probably be more difficult to crush ice. The mixing process, however, is quick and suitable for the consumer.

Versatility is at it is it’s with this blender which does not only blends and mixemixes also grinds, chops, and whips up infant meals in no time in any way. The business refers to its mechanics as magical the all in 1 blender for all your juicing options.

When it comes to its cleaning, it is very simple, and it’s simple to assemble and disassemble the parts. The elements, including the 3 cups, are top-rack dishwasher safe. The product also features a recipe, and as all of us know, there’s not anything better to help keep you moving compared to a smoothie cookbook.


  • High effect BPA plastic cups that are free.
  • Versatile uses.
  • Dishwasher intact accessories.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Recipe book included.


  • Not powerful enough for ice cubes.
  • No sharp blades.

13. Bella Bla13984 Rocket Extract Pro Power Blender, 15 Piece Place

The Bella Company devised this new rocket extractor and electricity blender set to combine just about anything to liquid in moments. It is an emulsifier, a chopper grinder, and everything else? Let us see…


A comparison evaluation conducted about five decades back from Cortland, New York found this liquefier could grind coffee beans, split pulp, and seeds significantly less time than the vast majority of its rivals. Along with both power generators, with its 700-watt motor, are far more powerful compared to several different products.

The hand-held extractor works nicely to release the juices and nourishment from leafy veggies, seeds, fruits, and nuts. And for all those who like to create homemade peanut butter, the blender can do it. Due to both large powered, emulsifying stainless steel blades, there is essentially nothing that this mixer can not do.

Easy to wash…

Apart from its high performance, the blender includes five extra tumblers, which could be attached. This allows for quick assembly and transport, as you can just mix and proceed. This means cleaning, and the mug includes a flip-top lid used to pay and drink.

The blender is quite durable and made out of solid and high-quality vinyl. It’s BPA free, FDA approved, and safe to be used. It is hassle-free cleaning using its dishwasher security.

Ultimately, its compact size makes it quite easy to carry around and shop in the kitchen. An easy and convenient kitchen appliance, do not you believe?


  • 1-year warranty.
  • 700-watts.
  • Simple to wash and use.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • Two powerful stainless steel blades.


  • Difficult to replace blades.
  • Heavyweight.

14. Mobile Blender, Popbabies Personal Blender, Smoothie Blender

The Popbabies Company are fameisor bringing customers with their use of vibrant colors. This Carolina Blue mobile mixer isn’t just enjoyable to use but may also brighten up anybody’s day. But that is not the only exciting part…


The personal blender includes a small capacity, which can be both a positive and a negative. On the positive, it can easily be carried out or saved in the home without worrying about the distance. But, it’s simply about 14 ounces, which can be less than ordinary. Consequently, it provides you with a limited extent of using this blender.

It is fantastic for use when traveling on the move with its USB charging mechanism, which also lets you blend as it costs. The blender also features an ice cube tray and a funnel for simpler use.

With just 175 watts of horsepower, it’s the strongest grinder within this review. But regardless of its minimal energy, the smoothies it produces are smooth in texture and have much consistency. Additionally, it is quite versatile, letting you easily make smoothies, mix baby food, and mix shakes.

The product utilizes BPA free vinyl, is dishwasher safe, and was approved by both the FDA and ROHS.


  • Compact in size.
  • Fantastic functionality considering the minimal energy.
  • High power rechargeable battery.
  • It can blend and cost.
  • Added accessories.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Low power
  • Fixed blades hence more difficult to wash.
  • Restricted mixing purpose.

15. Oster Blstpb-Wbl My Combination 250-Watt Blender

Sportsmen and women are among the maximum number of private blender consumers. This goes together with dietitians and moms. Thus, if you are in your sport, you will adore the Oster 250-watt blender, which includes a solid sports jar.


Considering it’s a sports bottle connected to the blender, the first fantastic feature needs to be its compact dimensions, allowing for simple portability. The size also allows for ideal storage. Therefore this blender will fit in almost everywhere.

This single-serve mixer creates a place among the top blenders for individual use due to its powered engine, which permits you to create smoothies utilizing 250 g, and if you would like to use it to crush ice hockey, you can pick greater energy of 400 watts. It’s also user friendly with its one-touch mixing.

Concerning personal capability, the game bottle has 20 ounces, which is great for transporting around, not overly thick, not too light. Suitable for carrying smoothies, juices, as well as salsa. The vinyl has a BPA free coat to keep you secure from ingesting toxic chemicals.

Additionally, it features additional security measures, for instance, resettable fuse. This implies that if there’s excessive heat that may burn out the engine, the fuse will probably activate stopping the blender. Subsequently, it will re-set since the engine cools down, it is going to restart under 15 minutes. This saves on expensive repairs or even more costly replacement.

You can see more:


  • Lightweight with a compact size for portability.
  • High power engine.
  • High power rechargeable battery.
  • Low maintenance expenses.
  • Resettable fuse.
  • 1-year guarantee and three decades satiyears’ion guarantee.


  • Blades can not be dispersed, which makes them more difficult to wash.
  • Low capability.
  • No extra accessories.

16. Breville Bpb625bal1bca1 Boss To Move Plus Private Blender, 25 Oz, Silver

Breville is highly known for the Boss To Move products that market with a bang. This product has been flourishing because of the exceptional features, so let us see exactly what they’re…


The newly released Boss To Move Plus has exceptional features that outshine its predecessors. The advanced serrated blades being among these, which increases the perfection of this specific liquefier. High-quality stainless steel blades don’t only create the smoothies glossy and soft, but they’ll also have a perfect consistency.

The three cutting edge blades are encouraged by the powered engine, which runs at 1000 watts. One of its competitors, it is at the top concerning its horsepower. These rigid blades will crush some other meals from the blender into mush in no time in any way.

What is in the box?

This personal mixer includes a Triton tumbler having a capacity of 25 ounces and two other dual-wall sports cups having a power of 15 oz. They provide an exceptional drinking experience and include many different lids. Also included are a recipe book and a grinding container.

The blender also features an exceptional ring pull technique that will keep the contents securely sealed inside. The plastic cups are BPA free, in addition to being FDA and ROHS approved. They can also readily be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher.


  • BPA plastic cups that are free.
  • 12 months guarantee.
  • One thousand volt of electricity.
  • Three high-quality serrated blades.
  • Versatile and simple.
  • Useful accessories.


  • Heaviest blender within this review.
  • The majority of the components can’t be replaced.

17. Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

The Hamilton Beach Company has existed for decades, and decades doing sneers in the electric sector. So let us take a peek at their Matte Black 51101AV Personal Smoothie Blender, to determine how it holds up to the tough contest…


It’s a distinctive and stylish compact design that enables easy portability. This isn’t just good once you’re on the move but also makes it much easier to store in much smaller kitchens. The jar on the blender, but only has a 14-ounce capacity, meaning restricted smoothie distance.

On the other hand, the jar is BPA free, therefore safe for usage. Additionally, it is safe to wash in the dishwasher. All you need to do is immediately rinse the blades together with soap and water, permitting hassle-free cleanup.

It features a one-touch mechanism to permit a smooth mixing experience. With only a push of this button, you can combine your components to make delicious smoothies, shakes, salsa, and additives. The outcomes are extremely good, particularly considering the blender includes a minimal horsepower of just 175 watts.

Aside from the minimal horsepower, the mixer may be employed to crush smaller chunks of ice, which are less than two centimeters in diameter.


  • Compact in size.
  • Simple storage.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • 1-year guarantee.


  • Little capacity.
  • Low powered engine.
  • Non-rechargeable battery

18. Tribest Personal Blender Pb-250 Total Blender And Grinder Package

Are you a busy man constantly running from 1 location to another? If this is the case, this is the best blenders for you. Why? The Tribest private blender includes a private cup using the blender which permits you to combine and beverage on the move. Additionally, it features additional mix and function cups, lids, and removable blades.


This high powered liquefier is as flexible as they come. It can blend smoothies up, grind seeds, coffee beans, and nuts and create smoothies making ups, and leftovers. Despite only 200 watts of electricity, the blender provides more effective mixing than a few of its higher-powered competitions.

The mix and function cup adds simplicity and convenience to the blender in greater ways than you’d believe are possible. This isn’t only protected but also makes it effortless to wash and use. Seeing that it is also dishwasher safe, keeping it clean will probably be as smooth as the milkshakes!

Also, it features two modes of operation one-touch and twist and press. Both processes are user friendly, plus they permit for consistency when breaking and grinding.

Whenever you’re grinding coffee or nuts beans, you’ll require something powerful and durable. Tha’s no more prob that’s that the Tribest Personal Blender PB-250 Total Blender since the cups are made from a polycarbonate that’s extremely much like bullet-proof glass. This makes them sturdy as you can, and it is almost impossible to break them.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Sturdy polycarbonate coating.
  • Dishwasher safe accessories.
  • Versatile.


  • Low blender electricity.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries.

19. Vitamix S50 S-Series Blender, Professional-Grade, 40oz. Container, Black

The Vitamix Electrical Business was in existence dating back to World War 1. And they’re one of the major companies in the electric home appliance market. They’ve delivered quality blenders, such as their Professional and S-Series products for several decades. The S50 S-Series blender, which we’re reviewing, is just another in their line of professional, quality high-capacity blenders.


Having a 40-ounce inner surface region, the bender provides great capacity for mixing and incorporating contents. The S50 also features the best rate control and pulse feature, similar features to those found on the S30 blender.

The S50 includes two pre-programmed configurations to cater to all of your smoothie and other electricity blending needs, including little ice hockey chunks. Along with the settings may be controlled with the timer. Following the mixing time is done, it will automatically turn it off.

The double settings also allow this person to blender to be simpler to use without reading the guide broadly. The preferences are set for advantage for high power combinations. The size of this blender is also excellent for an ideal countertop match.

Both containers have excellent high lids that mold that reverse to serve your beverage, smoothie, or frozen fruit. Both are created from BPA secure plastic and are therefore safe to use. Speaking of security, the Vitamax sole consumer blender also comes with an automatic interlock system which shuts down the engine after the lid is available.

What is in the box?

The blender features different accessories such as an extra cup, seals, and blades that are all dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup extremely fast and simple. With all these excellent features, the Vitamix S50 S-Series Blender is easily among the greatest Vitamix blenders currently offered.


  • Wonderful accessories.
  • Variable pulse speed and function controller.
  • 900-watt motor.
  • Two pre-programmed configurations.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Maybe not the easiest to store or carry.
  • Relatively heavy.

20. Oster My Combination 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

1 reviewer place their blender to the test on the first day:”I stuffed half of this jar with rock-hard frozen fruit balls, then inserted peanut butter, yogurt, and milk. The end result was a totally mixed smoothie with no sign of unbroken fruits and vegetables, balls, or peanut butter” They compared the blender into a Vitamix, just”ten times thinner, smaller, and simpler to use.”

The actual secret isn’t overloading it. “I always make sure 50 percent of this jar is liquid, then fill the remainder + ice, mix for small bursts with some vibration between,” one reviewer indicates. “Over two minutes, I’ve my morning protein shake, pleasant and cold.” Dozens of reviewers will also be impressed with just how compact this system is. One packs it in their bag.

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