Best Pizza Cutter Reviews 2020: Top 10+

Are you searching for the question of qhat is the Best Pizza Cutter? Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best-rated pizza cutter. Pizza cutters are among the kitchen gadgets which often get overlooked. I mean, they have one usage. They are cutting pizza. Therefore it is logical that the majority of folks will go for the cheapest option possible.

But ends up, you can do much more with a cookie-cutter than cut pizza. Use them as a pastry wheel to cut off homemade bread or pasta. It is also possible to use them to reduce quesadillas, fondant, as well as herbs. So don’t just get any pizza cutter. Purchase the very best pizza cutter.

Whether you’re searching for cushioned cutters, rocking blades, or scissors, then these would be the ideal pizza cutting tools available on the current market, based on tens of thousands of reviewers on Amazon. These pizza cutters may seamlessly slit through thick pizza crust with no dragging toppings and cheese with it. Continue reading for the best pizza cutters you can purchase based on Amazon reviewers.

Top Best Pizza Cutter

Top Best Pizza Cutters 2020

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

This top-rated pizza cutter was reviewed over 7,300 occasions, and I believe that this one reviewer sums it up fairly nicely: “Among the cases where you are not certain why the previous version was even invented. I know you probably think your kitchen knife works well, and that is cool. I don’t know I would find this only for pizza, but for a parent that wants to cut food to secure sized bits each time, this is an excellent little gadget that does the job faster, simpler, and possibly safer if you shut it when you are done. Washes easily hold up nicely.”

This easy to use pizza cutter fits in the palm, which means you’re able to keep control of the superb color blade since it effortlessly creates its way throughout the pizza. And if you are considering this gadget wondering how you’d clean it, everyone disassembles all you need to do is place them into the dishwasher. Here is the only pizza cutting off the device you’ll ever want (though it may do a whole lot more than cut off pizza).

Yigezu Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

A pizza cutter’s attractiveness is you don’t need to break the bank to find a good one. This top-rated wheeled cutter can be found on Amazon for under $5. “The shape and weight of the deal are perfect,” says one 5-star reviewer. “Clean up is easy, too!”. This pizza cutter has a timeless design that has been proven to plow through almost any pizza without ruining it. It’s an ergonomic, non-slip silicone handle to get a comfortable and secure grip.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel and Cutter

If you are trying to do some heavy-duty pizza trimming edge, this America’s Test Kitchen advocate cutter from OXO is your thing to do. One reviewer put it this way: “This cutter is wonderful! I am in a position to cut through frozen pizzas once I wish to create half. The cost is worth it since I feel this may be used for several years without difficulty.” You do not need to worry about cutting yourself on the beveled stainless-steel due to this built-in thumb shield. Like all Good Grips products, it’s a comfy non-slip grip. This $13 investment will last two years and years.

Really like This Kitchen The Supreme Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Do as the Italians do and utilize a rocker blade to cut off pizza from end to end immediately. “I purchased this because I don’t enjoy the rolling pizza cutter preferred by my husband (not eloquent ), also because a knife will cut through the box rather than only the pizza! This Rocker Blade cutter works extremely nicely and is simple to use,” says one 5-star reviewer.

“I do not need as much stress for cutting so that the box does not get cut to pieces, either. I had been worried it would be too large for the massive pizza box, but it fits nice. May need to have a medium-size pizza from the box. The blade cover is easy to get off and on, and ideal for keeping it securely kept in a drawer. It’s very, very sharp. I would not allow a child to hand-wash it to adults/older teens or place it in the dishwasher.”

Dreamfarm Pizza

Before you pull out some old pair of scissors to cut your pizza, consider getting a set designed to reduce pizza. Even the “Scizza” out of Dreamfarm will not scratch dull or pans pizza stones due to its nylon base that easily slips directly under the pizza. The tempered, German stainless steel may cut any pizza, even dish.

“I purchased these sausage scissors for my husband, making his very own pizza once weekly. Before, he’s always cut the pieces using a set of kitchen scissors, which never worked well…” says one reviewer. “These sausage scissors are excellent! They’re sharp and cut the pizza readily and comfortably. They’re sturdy and nicely made, and appear to get built to last.

The offset design keeps your palms over the hot pizza, so you don’t burn your hands on the hot cheese or make sauce all over your hands. Also, I adore the footed characteristic of the base of the lower blade. We can set the hot pizza directly along with our countertop and cut there, along with the scissors, will not scratch the countertop.”

Roslë Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter

Design and function wed to make this sleek, all stainless steel pizza cutter with a satin finish handle. It is one that you’ll want to pull out once you’ve got company. “That is an amazing cutter, it is sharp and has a fantastic grip for the finger and thumb to press while cutting edge,” states a 5-star reviewer.

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

Whether you opt to hand wash or use the dishwasher, KitchenAid makes this easy yet slick design as easy to clean as you can. One reviewer put it this way: “Like most Kitchenaid’s other handheld tools, this one suits comfortably in my little hands. There’s sufficient distance between the wheel and the handle so you can wash in between that region should you receive any food debris. The wheel itself is a pretty great size and is not wobbly, but has a little give to it that it is easy to run via food with.”

In classic KitchenAid style, this simplistic cutter is available in several colors, such as aqua, red, and black. Learn for yourself why this pizza cutter maintains 4.8 celebrities with nearly 1,000 evaluations.

SOHO Kitchen Bicycle Pizza Cutter

For a minute conversation starter at any party, consider this “Tour de Pizza” bicycle filler from SOHO Kitchen. It includes two stainless steel blades that makeup both the front and the rear wheels, using a non-stick border that glides effortlessly through pizza. Additionally, it is dishwasher-safe (top-shelf advocated) for simple cleanup.

This makes the ideal gift for any fisherman or pizza-fanatic (or both!) . 1 happy client states, “This not only seems fantastic, however, but is also research, heavy-duty cutter which will delight and amaze guests. Children also love it when dinner is played.”

Winco Winware Pizza Cutter with Handle

This wallet-friendly cutter works well and is cheap enough to maintain in a holiday home or take to a potluck without worrying about leaving it behind; nevertheless, it does the job nicely. The blade is 4 inches in diameter, so it is big enough to cut thick or thin pizzas, along with the plastic handle that is both durable and easy to hold. It is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning, which means you can throw it in with the rest of the utensils and gadgets.

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COOK WORKS Stainless Steel Rocker Style Pizza Cutter

Made from one piece of metal without the springs, tendons moving parts, there is very little that may hurt this cutter. At 11 inches long, it is going to slice easily via medium-sized pizzas with a single movement or slit through giant pies with only one move to some other place, yet it’ll fit in most kitchen drawers. The rolled top border provides a firm handhold anyplace along the cutter’s surface and retains both hands away from the blade. For simple cleaning, this is dishwasher safe. However, it is equally as simple to wash the edge clean as you are washing your knives.

OXO Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Wheel

If you have other OXO Good Grips tools, you realize how simple they are to take care of. Use them, toss them in the dishwasher, and set them away once they are clean. This cookie cutter is no exception. This cutter has a 4-inch wheel that could cut thin or thick pizzas, and it’s a sharp blade that could take care of any short or chewy crust. A diecast thumb guard keeps your thumb from the way of the edge while it also lets you apply additional pressure when cutting.

The handle is comparable to people on other OXO tools, using a sizable, soft-feeling grip that is easy to hold on, even though your hands are greasy or wet. When pizza, which can be completed, may also be convenient for cutting pasta or pastry dough and some other kinds of lean bread.

Cangshan N1 Collection 18/10 Forged Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Made entirely from stainless steel and a forged instead of a stamped manager, this cutter is durable and beautiful. Winner of a design award for its all-metal structure along with the ergonomic handle, this includes a mirror finish, an elegant looking manager, along with a curved thumb shield that’ll keep your hands away from the blade.

It is not about looks, however. This cutter has a hand-sharpened blade created by a business famous for knives like quality knives, and washing is the most excellent. However, this should also resist cleaning in the dishwasher. For storage, this comprises a blade protector to protect the cutting edge and your palms as you’re looking for your gadget drawer to your favorite peeler.

Boucher 1 X Premier Pizza Cutter

The extended 14-inch two and blade are leading handles to supply you with the strength and length to cut massive pizzas in a single neat rocking movement. Shaped like the more compact mezzalunas which are utilized for mincing herbs, this also provides excellent control and enables rapid rocking, in the event you’re ever confronted with a massive pile of vegetables or herbs which have to be minced.

The length makes this excellent for cutting edge bar cookies, brownies, and even sheet cakes in addition to smaller things such as tortillas and lean bread such as focaccia. When it is time to wash up, this is dishwasher safe, but it may be a lot easier to clean by hand due to the size and shape, which may not match well in most dishwashers.

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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Prepare yourself to get a ride at the galaxy, one of the celebrities with fellow Trekkies! This Star Trek unique cutter is a complete bliss for its genuinely loyal lovers of the Enterprise and comes in the form of NCC-1701 in the first series. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the blade in which the title of this starship is eternally engraved!

It has been commended by the clients to get their attention to details and is guaranteed to fulfill your nerdgasm senses. Being formally accredited as collectible, unique heed was paid for the packaging design. The cutter is cushioned with foams and comes at a fancy box, making it a great gift alternative.

The blade is a big and extremely polished one with sharpness on stage! It’s also quite hefty but promises to become durable being manufactured from stainless steel. But be careful when using it because there’s absolutely no blade protector provided, and thus you’ll be prone to becoming hurt. The massive circumference increases its performance because it can help to cut the pieces more easily. It’s closely coupled to the handle for simpler movements. So call up your buddies and purchase a large hot pizza to flaunt this exquisite variant of a cookie-cutter now!

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

This multipurpose cookie cutter from Checkered Chef is a breath of fresh air for those consumers. Rather than the typical wheel arrangement, its manufacturers opted for a design concentrated on the long straight blade. Because of this, it may be utilized more effectively on many food items such as pizza. Owing to its unusually large amount of sharpness, it merely slips through the pizza without creating a wreck of these toppings. All of them remain just set up to be savored on your mouth.

Additionally, you may cut numerous different delicacies using it, such as cheesecake, brownies, and nearly anything using a crust! Further, herbs and vegetables may also be sliced up based on the condition with it. The blade is essentially made from one solid piece of stainless steel and does not have any wooden handle associated with that. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to wash and eliminate those germs. Remember to always keep it together with the protective cap made from black plastic attached, so that your palms are kept protected from impending wounds.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

The London-based firm Utopia has included this fashionable pizza cutter for its abundant selection of cutlery accessories. It’s constructed from stainless steel from beginning to finish, and that is why it shines through the rest of the contemporaries.

From its overall length of eight inches, 3.5 is devoted to the sharp sword. But, it tends to be a little shaky when utilizing, as many clients pointed out. The handle is contoured to provide better traction and comfort. There are a security grid and blade guard. However, its shape and position both are somewhat embarrassing.

You can’t place the needed amount of strain on it as readily as with other comparable choices. It is available in a great size and could be washed easily throughout the dishwasher. This cutter comes at a remarkably affordable cost and can be, in actuality, the least expensive one on the list.

Wizard Greatest Deluxe Professional Pizza Cutter Wheel

This deluxe pizza cutter from Vinzard is among those conventional ones. The plan is quite simplistic and straight-forward. On the other hand, the packaging adds a great deal to its visual aesthetics rendering it an ideal gift choice. The cutter comes in a gorgeous box with all the poems “She walks in beauty” by Lord Byron composed behind it. The sharp stainless steel blade includes a protective cover to help maintain the tool securely in storage. It’s 3.5 inches in dimension and comes at the ideal burden by finding the perfect balance between too thick and too mild.

The handle is completed with TPR and so feels soft on the hand. With relaxation, this manager also lets you’re more in charge of cutting because of the durable framework. On the other hand, the durability is compromised due to a flimsy screw frequently coming from this plastic. There’s a plastic part where your palms may be rested while utilizing it, but there’s no protruded shield between the blade and the grip. So it may be hard for the consumer to exert the ideal quantity of pressure without placing themselves at any risk.

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What To Consider When Purchasing a Pizza Cutter

Buying Guide

The Reason Why We Want These Cutters At The First Location?

When we order a pizza or choose to make it ourselves, we must be based on the typical knives to reduce the pizza through the chewy crust. This also contributes to a complete mess because everyday knives tend to drag the toppings together until the end. Thus you and other participants wind up missing a lot of savory tastes. Additionally, blades can’t always form the bits in constant ratio or shapes. Pizza cutters may fix these two things by quickly drifting through the thing from beginning to finish, even if it’s a deep-dish pizza.

2 Big Types

They generally include a rotating wheel or a very long curved blade made from stainless steel. The first one requires the pressure on its extended angled handle to maneuver throughout the pizza in a specific direction. These wheels naturally have been possessing diameters of 3 to four inches. Some people today use this to create art and crafts projects. All you want to do is put it on the dish to get even pieces for you. They include two grips on either end or using a plastic cover at the top. This type can also be utilized to chop up veggies, mince cut, or herbs dessert slices.

Factors to Keep In Mind to Purchase A Pizza Cutter

Factors to Keep In Mind to Purchase A Pizza Cutter


Stainless steel is essential for many pizza cutters. However, aside from that, several different substances are integrated into such tools, such as rubber, various vinyl types, and sometimes wood. Even if the product says stainless steel, attempt and search for cutters containing high quality or accredited ones. They are inclined to provide the maximum performance, make cleanup pieces each time, and maintain themselves miles from corrosion.

Any additional substance attempts to ensure they are first since there are many fake cheaper variants of these in the industry.


As stated earlier, there are primarily two types of design accessible today for pizza cutters. To begin with, think of what you will genuinely use the knife. If it, in actuality, includes just pizza, then the wheel version seems like a much better match.

But should you intend to use one instrument to cut up herbs, vegetables, desserts together with pizzas, the mezzaluna is the more appropriate alternative. Additionally, there are variations concerning positioning, angle, and structure of the grips. Carefully pick the one you’re able to run almost effortlessly.


The blade sharpness may cause horrible accidents for you and your nearest and dearest. So it’s always advisable to locate a pizza cutter that comes with a few built-in protection. It is sometimes a protruded partition between the blade and the handle in a wheel cutter. With this right partition, you can restrict your palms only up into the management area. If it doesn’t reach the blade component, there’ll be no prospect of such conditions.

To get half-moon ones, the existence of rubber or some non-slip gripping material in addition to the round handle is vital. It keeps your hands away from the blade and helps them remain business in that location.


Scan the substance and end of this cutter before purchasing to have a notion about its durability. One approach to be sure of the product’s durability or to save some money is to decide on a pizza cutter with no less than a year’s guarantee or satisfaction warranty.

Next, if it does not survive long enough, it is possible to ask the manufacturers to provide you the cashback by showing them your proof of purchase. A much better alternative is to request a replacement at no cost or later returning them to the broken item.


Most of us know it’s necessary to keep on a budget; however, it’s much better to start looking for a tool using higher performance and relatively reasonable cost if it comes to cutlery bits. Opting for the absolute least expensive one might not provide you some types of satisfaction for a client and continue for 2-3 uses in the slightest.

In any case, because pizza is a dish generally shared with many people, choosing one having a soothing or fashionable design could be a wise choice.


Blades or cutters made from one piece of stainless steel usually don’t have any crack in them. Thus, they tend to create a more substantial fight against germs and therefore are more sterile than others.


Because this is a product that you would want to continue for 2-3 decades, visit the last choice just after doing some study. Request friends and other fellow pizza fans for recommendations and associated experiences. We surely hope among the most excellent pizza cutters analyzed by us will wind up in your abode and deliver you the handiest pieces.

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