Best Red Wine For Sangria Reviews 2020: Top 20+

Best Red Wine For Sangria Review

Among the attractiveness of sangria recipes is that it is possible to use several unique wines from the recipe combination. Wines that have yet to be completed the day before frequently make their way to a sangria recipe. Wines at the 10 class also result in an ideal sangria blend.

Each of the Best Red Wine For Sangria listed here is robust wines by themselves and have been chosen for their particular taste profiles and fashion elements that generally highlight the variety of fruit additions to the specific sangria recipes.

Top Rated Best Red Wine For Sangria

Top Rated Best Red Wine For Sangria 2020

1. Marqués De Cáceres Crianza Rioja

Go super classic using a dear Spanish rioja. This reasonably priced bottle isn’t overly sweet but remains super packed with berry flavors that combine so nicely with all that fruit.

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2. Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry reds such as this California Cabernet Sauvignon are beautiful in Sangria, thanks to each of the sweetness coming in the brandy, juice, and fruit. If you pair your pitcher using something hearty like beef or daring cheeses, this can be the perfect jar.

3. Flaco Tempranillo

Following is a super crushable Tempranillo (a traditional Spanish wine) that is simple to drink. You could only need to make two batches.

4. Santa Rita Reserva Merlot

This Chilean is indeed lush and yummy. Adding all those sangria components (we find you berries) makes it such a cure.

5. Montinore Estate Pinot Noir

This man is medium-bodied and will blow your head with hints of cherries, plum, and chocolate (drooling over here). Even when you’re a DIY sangria newbie, then there is not much you can do to mess up this one.

6. 19 Crimes Red Combination

This jar is super flexible so that you may combine it with virtually anything and have it taste ah-may-zing. Pineapple chunks? Hell yeah. Halved cherries? YUM. Are you subbing sherry for brandy? You go, girl.

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7. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde White

This Portuguese Vinho Verde is super refreshing, using some strong citrus flavoring. And. . .that cost.

8. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

What is called in the biz as sangria Blanco goes to get a dryer pick similar to this classic pinot grigio?

9. Alianca Vinho Verde

Another Portuguese fave Alianca’s Vinho Verde, is super light, crisp, and citrusy. It is refreshing and dry, making it chef’s kiss for summer days spent lounging by the pool or onto a deck.

10. Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

This Riesling is crisp and tangy, making it a perfect fit for its acidic OJ and candy punch-up.

11. Archer Roose Spritz Rosé Cans

While sparkling wines are not super conventional in Sangria, they may be selfish, duh. These headphones are super mild but still sweet enough that if you combine them with berries and orange juice, you will find the ideal big-batch beverage.

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12. Chateau Minuty 281 Rosé

Directly from the world’s rosé capital, this shredder contains hints of melon and peach, perf to the grip.

13. Chloe Central Coast Rosé

This rosé already includes hints of berries, raspberries, and watermelon, so that it blends perfectly with these types of fruits. Plus. . .pinnnnkkk!

14. Mirassou Pinot Grigio

This specific pinot grigio would result in an excellent foundation from the just peachy or essential white wine sangria recipes. The pinot grigio’s cherry undertones highlight the authentic peach fruit from the mix of wine and fruit.

15. Campo Viejo Tempranillo

This Rioja wine, produced from Spain’s famous Tempranillo grape, brings out any red sangria recipe’s validity. Consider it if you’re shooting to get a strawberry or strawberry sangria.

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16. Salneval Albarino

Another authentic Spanish wine, this one is having a concentration on the wine group. The Salneval Albarino is a powerful competitor for white wine sangria recipes. You are going to acquire superb citrus flavors ideal for lemon, orange, and lime sangrias. Try it using excellent fruity Sangria.

17. Freixenet Sparkling Cordon Negro Brut

This fantastic wine from Spain not merely adds credibility through its regional origins but also supplies a good base for any layers of fruit utilized in a plethora of sangria recipes. Give it a try with pineapple, citrus, pear-shaped, or apple-accented Sangria. It’s tremendous potential with a passion fruit sangria.

18. Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon

This smoking Loon taxi has a hot, fruit-filled jammy texture. It’s well-suited for wine sangria recipes, which have a lot of berries. Whether you utilize raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, or strawberry, there’s lots of fruit from the vine to encourage the berry mixture.

19. Mark West Pinot Noir

Would you say ripe cherry and succulent strawberry? This wine is a superb value pinot noir, so if you pop on the top and also have somewhat leftover the following day, consider using it as a base wine for any wine sangria recipe.

20. Maipe Malbec

The Maipe Malbec is ideal for any wine sangria recipe. The fruit, arrangement, and flexibility of the red wine service several fruits at a sangria mix.

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21. Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel

That is a wine of surprising depth and fruit to the cos classic in and classic out. In this Zinfandel, juicy dark berry fruit, chiefly cherry, blackberry, and plum, are spotlighted and result in a fantastic mixer at a darkened berry fruit-based sangria.


This one strikes the center of the street well, not too thick or light, with great succulent fruit and perhaps a hint of mint, which will increase the general refreshment element. The blossoms are very old (100 decades or so). However, since the wine is designated Joven or young, there is no oak aging, which means you obtain construction without thick walnut.


This one does get some time (just under two decades ) in good French oak, but you still won’t pour anything out heavy-handed. Old vines give abundant but pliable fruit, cherry and cherry stone, and a little minerality. This will get the job done quite nicely with darker-end spectrum Sangrias (think crushed blackberries, a few new mints, pomegranate.)

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Not each Sangria is made equal, and a few may gain in the ever-so-slightly more considerable spice and leather out of a wine such as this. Not that it is all male stereotypes: large plump blueberries and dark beers are the primary events, which you may brighten up using a little bit of citrus and extend out with a good, subtle pink lemonade pop.


A timeless Rhône Valley mix of Grenache (same matter as Garnacha), Syrah, Mourvedre, and GSM, except that one’s produced in California. Lots of fresh berries, using a subtle hint of florals along with a dab of pink peppercorn. However, you will mostly receive tastes of juicy cherry and berries, although that pepper can help further perk-if your own Sangria.


Do not worry, maybe not a completely different grape variety to find out. Primitivo is the same thing we predict Zinfandel. As you might be thoroughly nice pairing this $20 bottle with dinner, then it’s enough, smooth tannin and refreshing blackberry notes to earn an excellent huge pitcher of late-summer Sangria. That, theoretically, you may share (we will not tell).


It is just a tiny bit more baking soda with a few thick raspberry shake, which is still not too thick for Sangria. Delicate tannins incorporate into the entire bushel of fruit you will get (more blueberries, a few reddish cherry, and cassis). Oh, and the jar’s a ridiculous price. A Sangria fantasy comes true.

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It is $20, but you receive an entire liter of award-winning Italian-based wine produced in California. Additionally, yeah, the delight of using your refrigerator magnet churches on a jar of wine. It is steel-tank fermented and nonalcohol, and that means you get an incredibly refreshing, spunky wine filled with cherries and fruit that is quite simple to gulp by itself but would make fantastic friends with a few fresh fruits on your Sangria.

Red Wine For Sangria FAQs


1. Can you mix wine for Sangria?

Among the attractiveness of sangria recipes is that it is possible to use many different unique wines from the recipe combination. Wines that have yet to be completed the day before frequently make their way to a sangria recipe. Wines at the 10 class also result in an ideal sangria blend. Add the wine, triple sec, and sliced fruit together is one of the best ways for the fantastic sangria.

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2. Is sweet red wines good for Sangria?

(Wine in a can, nevertheless: That is another story). Provided that the wine is affordable, tastes, and fruity fantastic by itself, it will do the job nicely in Sangria. Red. Wines produced from Garnacha (aka Grenache) have many ripe cherry flavors, while Monastrell (aka Mourvèdre) has darker fruit tastes and peppery black notes.

3. Is Merlot the best wine for Sangria?

To produce the very best flavor, you can combine red wine with apples, pears, and apples. Following are famous red sangria that Merlot is usually round and fruity, with a gentle body. Pinot Noir wine, the best cheap red wine for sangria, is a milder option that may bring stagnant fruitiness for your Sangria.

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