Best Refrigerator Under 1500 2021: Top Brands Review

Top 13 Best Refrigerator Under 1500 In 2020

If you are thinking about utilizing nothing more than salt and a succession of lovers to conserve your meals, we are likely to publicly inform you that it isn’t a good idea that you should probably purchase a REFRIGERATOR!

You will really see a difference in just how much longer your meals will survive before spoiling! Below, Dadong had a list of some Best Refrigerator Under 1500 dollars you can choose from.

Refrigerator Purchasing Guide

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Which Kind Of Refrigerator Has The Most Freezer Space?

The top-freezer grills are inclined to provide more distance than others as their widths differ between 28 and 33 inches. Hence you may put ice cube trays, frozen meals, and lots of other things quite comfortably.

What’s the Primary Goal Of Getting A Reversible Door At A Refrigerator? How Can We Offer It?

The most important intention of owning a reversible door-in-door would be to modify the management of the doorway opening of the fridge, depending on your liking.

Because it is quite a fascinating feature that’s not seen in every other appliance which the management of the opening of these doors could be altered the way you’re familiar with. It is also possible to just stick to the guidelines that can help you alter the doorway opening direction.

For changing the doorway opening management, you want to have four easy tools, i.e., a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, pliers, and a socket/ratchet set.

First, you have to disassemble the door out of the stationary position and keep track of the items like screws and materials not to misplace them. Gently unscrew the screws and take the door from its place. And put it back on how that you feel as it’s simple to start for you.

How Long Would Refrigerators Last?

According to the 23rd yearly portrait of the U.S. appliance business, a standard refrigerator lasts approximately 10 to 18 decades, obtaining a typical life expectancy of 14 decades. Those who are compact, which has less life expectancy ranging from 4 to 12 decades, and the average they can endure is approximately eight decades.

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What Are the Various Storage Choices Which A Refrigerator Offers?

There’s a great deal you can save in the fridge in a more organized and proper manner. In most refrigerators, you will realize they include toaster storage, so it is possible to put a gallon of milk. Plus, you can put butter and yogurt in another compartment, called a milk bin, which lets you keep the milk things in order.

An additional thing that allows you to maintain the fruits and veggies to keep them different from one another is that the humidity-controlled crisper drawers are also removable. The shelving from the fridge lets you put more food such as pudding cups, boxes filled with cooked meals, etc… The door of the refrigerator has a lot of space that you keep bottles and juices.

How Can Refrigerators Help In Preventing Spoilage?

The dishwasher maintains the food things fresh for a longer time frame and does not allow your veggies or fruits to be spoiled. In 2018 there was a bit by Food Safety News, where they spoke about the fact that the food stored out in the open is either deadly or harmful to some human body on account of the germs shaped in the meals.

You may not even have the ability to tell; however, bacteria may begin performing on the food stored at room temperature very fast and can cause gastrointestinal problems if said food is consumed.

A fridge is a safe harbor for the food that does not allow your food to be spoiled since the chilly temperature does not make for a positive environment for germs. Anything that has spoilage capacity always has to be kept in the fridge to don’t wind up taking in bacteria and parasites.

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Best Refrigerator Under 1500

Top Rated Best Refrigerators Under 1500

1. Frigidaire – FFTR1814TS

Frigidaire’s fridge is unquestionably quite large on storage. The generous spacing it provides keeps numerous food items and drinks fresh and cool for a longer period of time.

Construction: Frigidaire is a leading mount fridge with a freestanding design. It’s an entire potential of 18.1 cubic feet, where the freezer contains four cubic feet, and the refrigerator has 14.1 cubic feet, which makes it spacious enough to keep anything you throw at it.

It features a dairy bin, two crisper drawers, three closets such as a toaster door shelf, two racks, and inside lighting. From the freezer, there are two shelves around the door, and it’s just one rack. Additionally, the fridge’s doors are reversible so that you alter the path of the swing of the door in whichever manner you prefer, either right or left.

Function: This fridge will look good wherever you put it in your kitchen. In any case, the flexible, reversible doors provide greater ease since you can set the machine where you want without being overrun by managing this swing of the doorways.

At any time you open this fridge, weathered inside lighting illuminates the inside as it sheds light on each corner of your refrigerator. Also, you can adjust the temperature in the freezer by its digital temperature management system.

For keeping food items in the fridge, you’ve got shelving on the doorway for keeping beverages and drinks. Plus, a toaster door shelf allows you to maintain a gallon of milk without giving up inside shelf space. The visible dairy bin will enable you to keep the milk, such as butter and items in an organized manner.

Also, the crisper drawers, which are just two in the amount, allow you to maintain the vegetables and fruits individually in a humidity-controlled setting for your food things will not go wrong.

Both racks, which are above it, provide more room for keeping other food items. The freezer includes one frame and two-door shelves, which offer a spacious area to put frozen food items or ice cream.

This fridge is designed so that everything is within an arm’s reach, making it ADA Compliant so that disabled individuals may also use this fridge with no difficulty.

Cleaning & maintenance: The cleanup of this fridge is compulsory for preserving its performance. To maintain the racks tidy, clean them up after some time, or if you spill something, you’ll have to wash it with a moist cloth and dry it thoroughly, so there’s no security threat.

For cleaning up the outside, simply use a dry cloth to wipe the dust that attaches itself to the fridge. What’s more, it comes with an automatic defrosting system that produces the cleanup a breeze.


  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Electronic temperature controller
  • Quite a few shelves
  • Full-width wire freezer shelf
  • Simple to clean and use


  • No ice maker

2. Frigidaire – FFTR2021TW

This fridge comes in a pristine white finish and can be filled with uncountable features, making it quite a joy to use.

Construction: The 30-inch Frigidaire is a freestanding top-freezers fridge which has an entire capacity of 20.4 cubic feet, for example, fridge capacity of 15.3 cubic foot and foot capacity of 5.1 cubic feet. Its field-reversible doors with a proper hinge, automatic defrost two full-width glass shelves, crisper drawers, and a full-width cable freezer.

Function: The fridge includes a white finish, which produces the kitchen look pristine, demonstrating sophistication and efficacy. The plan features a reversible door hinge to set up the doorway for a left or right swing based on your need.

The glass shelves provide adequate storage space for keeping numerous food items. The cable shelf in the freezer also can help store the suspended items appropriately. Both crisper drawers keep the veggies and fruits refreshing.

Cleaning and maintenance: The automatic defrost reduces the cleaning time. But you have to occasionally clean out the fridge by taking out all of the shelves and washing them, wiping them with a clean moist cloth. The interior and exterior of the refrigerator have to be wiped clean also for proper care.


  • Ample storage space
  • Let’s maintain the food things in an organized manner.
  • Adequate beverage storage
  • No frost build-up
  • Simple to clean and use


  • Loud
  • No ice maker

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3. GE Appliances – GTS21FSKSS

This GE refrigerator includes a sleek stainless steel design that’s UL Certified. Plus, its sufficient shelving space to put different food items.

Construction: 32-inches wide GE Appliances freestanding fridge with a freezer great features an entire potential of 20.8 cubic ft such as the 5.4 cubic feet of freezer capacity.

It’s a reversible door attribute, frost-free defrost alternative, ADA compliance, and UL certificate. Additionally, it’s two glass shelves: spill-proof, adjustable glass freezer shelves, gallon door storage, dairy bin, and LED interior light.

Function: The slick design of this fridge with its stainless steel color looks magnificent. Additionally, the storage capability it provides increases the ease of organizing food things. It’s adjustable spill-proof shelves in the refrigerator, so it’s possible to set them in line with the number of things that have to be stored.

Similarly, there’s an adjustable glass freezer that helps you store and arrange the frozen food things handily. There’s a dairy bin accessible to keep dairy items like cream, cheese, butter, vanilla, etc.

The gallon door helps you to save big and little items handily. In reality, it saves the shelf up space by adapting larger objects so the cupboards may be used for keeping different items. The LED interior light at the refrigerator lights up when the fridge is opened, so it is simple to observe things and manage them easily.

Cleaning and maintenance: The frost-free characteristic makes the cleanup easier. Additionally, the spill-proof shelves include the spills for simple removal. On the other hand, the fridge’s cleanup must be achieved regularly to preserve performance and quality.


  • Elegant yet sleek, modern layout
  • Adequate storage
  • Safe use
  • Keep the things fresh
  • Simple to clean and use


  • No ice maker

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4. GE Appliances – GTS21FMKES

This freestanding fridge keeps all of your groceries fresh and does not let them go poor anytime soon and maybe put everywhere owing to its own reversible doors. If you are on the market for fair refrigerators, you can not go wrong with this one!

Construction: The GE appliances fridge is a freestanding top freezer fridge of 32 inches. It’s an entire capacity of 28 cubic feet, which comprises the freezer capacity of 5.4 cubic feet. It features a frost-free defrost option having a reversible door along with a perfect hinge.

It also includes three spill-free glass shelves, a flexible freezer shelf, a gallon door storage, a dairy bin, and an LED interior light.

Function: The fridge with an exceptionally spacious storage area takes up little space in the kitchen. The reversible door attribute allows you to set up the door for launching to the left or right as needed.

The storage containers are three numbers to provide the ease of organizing loads of food things efficiently. The freezer is flexible can be maneuvered in line with how big their frozen food items. Because a deli drawer isn’t current, so the cheese alongside other dairy products could be saved in the milk bin.

The toaster shelf is a substantial bin that can store lots of big or tiny things like a gallon container of milk, Mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, bottled water, pop, juice, etc. Anyway, it may also keep different things that may resist temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the shelves could have more room for storing more items.

Cleaning and maintenance: The frost-free option doesn’t allow the ice build-up on the fridge’s interior, so defrosting isn’t required. Thus, cleaning becomes simpler.

Additionally, the spill-proof shelves using a hydrophobic coating for repelling fluids, and upwards curved borders include the spills for simple cleanup. Nonetheless, regular cleanup of the fridge would be asked to keep it in top form.


  • LED interior lighting
  • Provides convenient storage for milk products
  • Gallon door storage for putting milk jugs
  • Adjustable glass freezer shelf
  • Simple to clean and use


  • A bit noisy

5. Whirlpool – WRB119WFBM

This Whirlpool fridge has its own freezer compartment beneath the refrigerator. Still, being a bottom-refrigerator and freezer, the refrigerator has one door rather than double-doors of a french-door version. So far as refrigerators with big freezer capability proceed, this is an excellent choice considering the cost.

Construction: The fridge has four shelves, including one adjustable full-width glass and two adjustable half-width one’s glass. Along with this, it’s two humidity-controlling crisper drawers too. You will find six bin shelves along with a milking center.

The freezer includes a full-width cable shelf. The refrigerator does not have an icemaker, but it’s icemaker-ready should you want to put in the independently available kit.

Along with this, there’s neither an ice-cream for water. But, it’s intended to conserve energy and contains reversible doors. You can have it in white, black, or stainless steel, determined by what matches the kitchen’s decor.

Function: Being Star Energy compliant, the refrigerator won’t consume a great deal of energy to prevent your energy bill from carrying a steep rise.

The machine has the appearance of a traditional refrigerator but differs only in the positioning of the freezer. It would be worthwhile for individuals with back problems to consider the freezer use frequency before settling for a bottom-freezer refrigerator.

But the freezer is used much less than the fridge section. Therefore it may be better for individuals with back problems to have a refrigerator, which places food shelves and crisper drawers in a much readily accessible position by putting down the freezer under.

Nevertheless, you may find it somewhat undesirable needing to squat down to accomplish the freezer base.

The adjustable shelves and the bucket shelves result in ample room inside the refrigerator, along the LEDs light up everything very well. However, the absence of a water dispenser is a drawback, and if you want one on your appliance, then that one is not for you.

Cleaning & maintenance: Cleaning is easy enough since you only have to ensure that your containers, cartons, boxes, etc., do not have food residue on them and are not leaking or anything once you set them in the refrigerator. Seasonally, it is possible to take the removable shelves and buckets and provide the appliance a comprehensive cleaning.

If you have to wash the appliance’s surface, make sure you use gentle soaps along with a soft cloth or a sponge. Don’t use abrasives, either additives or dishcloths, as they’ll most surely hurt the surface.


  • Adequate storage area
  • Bright LEDs
  • Adjustable shelves make more space
  • Spill-proof shelves permit rapid cleaning
  • Granite shelves in simple visibility
  • Separate crisper drawers for veggies and fruits
  • Low energy consumption


  • Freezer’s place/opening fashion May Be a bother for a few people.

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6. Haier – HRF15N3AGS

This fridge by Haier is very reasonably priced and is about the end of this big toaster’ spectrum. If you do not need too much space on your refrigerator but need a french-door version, this can be for you.

Construction: The refrigerator has a not-quite-stainless complete, but is good enough for the purchase price. It’s four doors, two of the fridge and two of this freezer.

That’s a quality that sets it apart because nearly all French door refrigerators versions have one pull-out freezer. The handles are bright, leading into the smooth, solid-looking front of the appliance. One doorway sports the touchscreen control panel.

The inside of the freezer, unlike the refrigerator, isn’t provided with lights. There are just six bucket shelves without a water dispenser. There’s a crisper too, and the shelves have a blueliner that offers a little additional something by giving the interior a fresh, blue color.

The top of this freezer is just one muscular expanse of storage area, and you can also remove it to wash. The base one has a flexible partition. The refrigerator does not have an icemaker.

Function: As previously mentioned, the refrigerator is a tiny one. This is excellent if your plumbing needs are modest since you can fulfill your desire of owning a french-door version without forfeiting a boatload of cash. Therefore, both bucket shelves are significant enough to keep huge bottles and similar things but won’t accommodate gallon jugs.

You’ll need to set them in the primary compartment of this appliance. The crisper has enough capability to keep some fruits and greens, enough for restricted usage.

If you’d like a double door fridge with an ice maker, this isn’t the one. But if you are getting a refrigerator this dimension, it probably means you won’t be catering to lots of people, which means it’s possible to do nicely with trays.

Additionally, the freezer gets quickly freezing occasions, so even if you want a good deal of ice frequently, this appliance may happen. The refrigerator also supplies consistent cooling. Overall this is a fantastic appliance that’s small and affordable enough to fit in kitchens, pushed for space.

Cleaning & maintenance: Keep your fridge clean by making sure you don’t place any containers in there without even stripping off any food residue which could be on the surface.

Additionally, be sure that you keep your food covered up nicely to avoid the spread of scents. Wipe away any fingerprints on the surface of the fridge softly. You are going to wish to be very careful about this. Any harsh handling will inevitably harm the surface of the appliance.


  • Ideal for kitchens
  • Quick freezing
  • Stainless steel look
  • Double-drawer freezer
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Bright LED lighting


  • No water/ice dispenser
  • No gallon-storage shelves

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7. Frigidaire – FFHT1821TW

Frigidaire presents another heavily made, Energy Star-certified fridge full of wonderful broad features.

Construction: The total capacity of the fridge is 18 cu. ft. Such as the profound freezer ability of 3.9 cu. ft. As well as the refrigerator ability of 14.1 cu. ft. It’s a reasonably efficient storage system using a reversible door attribute.

It also includes a full-width cable freezer, a toaster door shelf, a half-width deli drawer, two glass shelves, two glass crisper drawers with humidity controls, plus a visible dairy bin.

Function: The Frigidaire, with its white end, accentuates the decor of your kitchen. The front door feature lets you set up the doorway at your convenience, whether you would like to open it on the side or the left side. Additionally, it’s energy-efficient as well since it’s an Energy Star product and is ADA compliant.

The fridge provides exceptional storage with two ample full-width glass shelves to accommodate an assortment of items. 2 glass crisper drawers keep the veggies and fruits fresh due to the humidity control attribute. A half-width deli drawer is a unique location for saving the deli meat along with your favorite cheeses.

The door shelves also provide simplicity and ease of storage. There’s a gallon door shelf where you can place big or tiny things such as big milk bottles, beverages, sauces, etc. A crystal clear dairy bin allows you to set the cream, butter, cheeses, and yogurt in an organized fashion and within easy access.

The freezer has ample storage space for coordinating things economically. There’s a shelf where you could set the suspended items together with the ice cube trays, ice creams, or some additional product. The door also includes two shelves for keeping different things and maintaining the freezer arranged.

Cleaning and upkeep: Cleaning of this refrigerator is essential to keep the food clean and eliminate the awful odor installed after some time. To begin with, you have to execute the defrosting.

After that, remove the baskets, bins, crispers, deli drawers, etc., for more cleaning. Wipe the inside and outside of the fridge with a moist cloth. For maintenance, be sure that nothing spills in the refrigerator. If it does, wash it immediately.


  • Stylish compact refrigerator
  • Adequate storage spacing
  • Keeps the things new for a Longer Period of Time
  • Temperature control
  • Energy Star certified
  • Simple to clean and use


  • No ice maker

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8. GE Appliances – GPE12FSKSB

GE Appliances introduces a fridge that provides the best performance using its ADA compliance, Energy Star certification, and UL certificate.

Construction: This GE fridge is a top-rated freezer. Freestanding design with an entire capacity of 11.6 cubic feet from the freezer is 3.11 cubic feet, and the refrigerator is 8.4 cubic feet. This storage area provides you enough space to store lots of grocery stores if you are not somebody who shares up when they save.

Additionally, it comprises two crisper bins, two glass shelves, and three-door shelves. It has a reversible door characteristic and a digital temperature controller for setting the temperature handily.

Function: You can put this fridge anywhere in your kitchen for easy usage. As a result of the reversible door attribute, you can alter the opening of this appliance as you see fit based on the way your kitchen’s design is. With the LED interior light, it is possible to view better at night time without sacrificing much energy, as is true for incandescent light.

Let us take a peek at just how much storage capability this fridge has. Well, it is rather spacious, everything considered. When you open the refrigerator, you can observe that it’s glass for shelves onto which you may put your cooked things, stack boxes filled with tasty dishes.

You can see there are two crisper drawers around the floor, which permit you to divide the fruits and veggies into two distinct compartments. On the doorway, you can see 3 shelves that allow you to store drinking things or jars, etc.

From the freezer, there’s one squared rack with one facet that’s up and another that’s down, which allows you to save more things in the fridge. Two shelves enable you to maintain ice cream boxes and suspended items in an organized manner on the freezer.

UL and Energy Star certify this fridge. Because of this reason, food items are simple to get as soon as you open them. It’srefrigerator ADA compliant too so that disabled people can utilize this fridge readily.

Cleaning & maintenance: Since the machine comes with a frost-free feature so that you won’t need to worry about defrosting it manually, thus reducing the hassle of eliminating built-up frost, but if you’re awkward enough to spill something in the fridge, then you just have to wash it with a clean cloth instantly so that stands would always seem fresh as new.

But if you notice that dust has found its way to linger on the outside, then don’t use a cleanser to wash it off; simply wipe the dust off with a cloth. Should you wash it with a cleaner, you will be scratching the completing, making your fridge sleek and glistening.


  • Upfront digital temperature controls
  • LED interior lighting
  • Glass shelving
  • Reversible doors
  • Spacious storage
  • Includes an ice tray
  • Simple to clean and use


  • No ice/water dispenser
  • No milk bin

9. Blomberg Stainless Steel Fridge with Bottom Freezer

The Blomberg Stainless Steel Fridge with Bottom Freezer Refrigerator includes a lot of interesting features. For starters, you will come across a good deal of simple ways to personalize space in the fridge with all the wine rack and adjustable glass for shelves inside of these. The doorway has an antibacterial seal coating to improve its cleanliness quality.

If you open the fridge door, you will be treated to some glowing white LED light, allowing you to view everything in the refrigerator.

The doorway is much fingerprint-resistant. Therefore cleaning your door will be much simpler. And because the device is frost-free, all of your perishable food will remain fresh for an extended period without leaving some build-up of bacteria, odor, or even ice.

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10. Summit Ingenious Platinum Counter Depth Top-Freezer Fridge

This Refrigerator differs from your typical refrigerator. It just weighs a total of 215 pounds due to its included smart technologies. You’ll discover a wise fill ice channel and smart channel door compartment for starters. Additionally, glass for shelves is using spill-proof technologies and crispers with humidity resistance technologies.

11. Frigidaire Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Stainless Steel Side-By-Side Refrigerator features sliding glass shelves using SpillSafe technologies, gallon door bins, flexible ice, and a water dispenser the doorway, a diameter of 36 inches and a depth of 34.5 inches, plus a water filter.

This is just another high-quality side-by-side fridge for below $1,500. If you are prone to spilling things on your fridge shelves, you will want to try this fridge.

12. LG Black Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The LG Black Side-By-Side Refrigerator features a digitalized LED control screen, LED light on the interior, two tempered glass shelves w/ spill protection, and external water and ice dispenser. Some people today love using a vertical freezer and fridge combo. This helps arrange your suspended perishables better.

13. Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerators

These Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerators feature one going tray, one milk bin, three broad glass shelves, two crisper drawers w/ humidity controller, and 2-gallon door bins.

When you start both narrower doors into the fridge, you will have access to lots of space for keeping your perishables. The French Door design gives it an exceptional look for any kitchen.

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Refrigerator Under 1500 FAQs

Best Fridge Under 1500 FAQs

1. Are bottom mount fridges better?

A high mount can also be a better option if you utilize your freezer regularly. If you would like to cook with fresher ingredients, then largely apply your freezer to get longer-term storage, then a base mount refrigerator may be your style. It is possible to get all your regular things without bending over.

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2. How many years does a refrigerator usually last?

Approximately 13 decades

While the lifespan changes based on refrigerator kind, consumers can generally rely on their refrigerator to continue approximately 13 decades. Some refrigerators, such as the increasingly infrequent single-door units, usually last around twenty decades.

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3. Is it worth replacing a compressor on a refrigerator?

When It Is Worth Repairing & Fixing the Compressor

If you only require an essential fridge, something entirely new might be better for the own budget, but if you want features such as an ice or water dispenser, replacing the compressor is worth considering, especially if your device is relatively fresh.


So, men, I’ve reviewed products in detail to make you conscious of the info. Moreover, do not let your food be emptied by keeping it out. Keep it in the fridge, so the food remains fresh for a longer period.

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