Best Side By Side Refrigerator 2021: Top Brands Review

Top 15 Best Side By Side Refrigerators In 2020

The very first step to selecting the best Side By Side Refrigerator for your kitchen would be your pick between the freezer on the upper or the freezer to the bottom. Neither of them is ideal. However, a side-by-side fridge provides equal access to both components.

Frequently overlooked as a first option, the top side-by-side fridge may also supply you with the most useful built-in appearance. Although less elaborate nor as costly as a French door fridge, they’re usually a more convenient option.

What’s a Side By Side Refrigerator?

A side-by-side fridge includes two full-length vertical doors, which independently open a fridge and freezer unit located side by side. The fridge compartment will probably continually be more full than the freezer, plus they frequently have factory-installed ice makers and through doorway filtered ice and water dispensers.

What’s the Benefit Of a Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

Side-by-side grills are a fantastic match for restricted spaces due to their brief door widths, plus they do not have a pull-out freezer drawer. The freezer shelves pile like a normal fridge, so it’s easy to view, arrange, and receive all sorts of food.

Other benefits are aesthetic. Their entire length doors are rather tasteful, and without a bottom freezer, you receive a continuous contour. A counter thickness side-by-side fridge may supply you with the best constructed in any fridge’s appearance and at a reasonable price.

Side-by-Side vs. French Door Refrigerators

All these have a similar divide door layout with typical ice manufacturers and through door tops, but crucial differences between them can help you choose which is greater a side by side, or even a French door fridge?

Whereas the gap in door thickness is negligible, the typical capacity of a side by side will be a couple of cubic foot less than the usual French door, and this might matter to a. Approximately 19 to 22 cubic foot is sufficient for a family of four, or about four cubic foot of usable space per adult, and 1.5 cubic foot each relative of a freezer is a fantastic recommendation.

French doors are more inclined to possess humidity controls for the two crisper drawers, a deli drawer with thermostat controllers, turbo cooling, bottle frightening, air filters, double evaporators, and multi airflow methods. For all these features, they cost a good deal over side-by-sides.

Both types usually have an ice maker and a via door dispenser. These considerably increase the buy price and energy expenses. However, there are a couple of versions with no.

Top Rated Best Side By Side Refrigerator Brand

Things to Know About a Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Humidity controlled crisper drawers are a favorite feature, but many side-by-sides just have adjustable controllers on one of those drawers. Vegetables and fruits, however, shouldn’t be kept together. However, humidity management is more important for leafy veggies than more healthy fruits.

Deli drawers for meats or milk frequently don’t have an adjustable thermostat, are in reality, just bite drawers.

Spill-proof shelves with increased border edges in the fridge are beautiful and not as easy to split. There might be two to four shelves, but sadly extra shelves are robust to get or quite pricey.

Wire shelving in the freezer cuts the price, but glass shelves seem far better. Freezers shelves are somewhat less elastic, and on less expensive versions, the shelves have been fixed.

Ice makers and throughout door dispensers are observed on many versions. Therefore installation necessitates some DIY skills along with a link to a water source. The fridge water filter will have to be replaced every three to six months based, but when the version includes a skip plug, you may use your fridge without a water filter or attached to an alternate filtration alternative.

Best Rated Side By Side Refrigerators Brand

1. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS

Why we like it:

  • Fantastic price vs. features
  • Reputable with countless positive customer testimonials
  • Well, designed inside provides you the distance (flexible shelving, gallon door storage)


  • Fresh filtered ice and water dispenser on the outside with filter change alert
  • Over 100 ways to arrange the inside Due to its elastic advantage to edge shelving
  • Deli drawer and clear dairy
  • Width 35 5/8″, Height 68 5/8″ into the top of this situation (69 7/” with hinges), Depth 2 3/4″ to your box (31 3/4″ without handles) – Approximate Dimensions
Frigidaire FGSS2335TF Gallery Series 36 Inch Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator with 22.2 cu. ft. Capacity, in Stainless Steel
1 Reviews

2. LG LSXS26396S

Why we like it:

  • Now you can set your favorites on the doorway in the door section. This way, you do not need to allow cool air outside when reaching them. Both convenient and also an energy-saving feature
  • Fantastic connectivity for smart-living. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant. You can get alarms or perhaps use voice commands
  • This LG refrigerator gets the multi-air flow method to regulate humidity and humidity for more storage of your supermarket


  • InstaView – Gently knock on the door to light up the inside
  • Door layout saves energy because it eliminates the requirement to start the collection of doors to achieve hot things
  • SlimSpace Plus ice method to provide additional inside shelf space
  • Width 35 7/9″, Height 69 3/8″ into the top of this situation (70 1/4″ with hinges), Depth 29 1/16″ to your box (34″ without handles) – Approximate Dimensions

3. Samsung RH22H9010SR

Why we like it:

  • Many people like to put items to the rear of the fridge for greater cooling. Samsung introduced”metal heating” doorways, Which Make the front of the fridge as effective as the trunk
  • ShowCase has been Samsung refrigerator door in doorway technologies that Permits You to put high-speed items in front shelves for Simple access without allowing cool air escape
  • Counter-depth refrigerator design enables this model to combine with your surrounding cabinets


  • High performance LED lighting illuminates every corner
  • Adaptive inside with an adjustable shelf method
  • Twin Cooling Plus keeps moisture to keep fruits and vegetables more; reduces freezer burn
  • Ice Guru program produces up to 8.8 pounds. Of ice every day
  • Twist 35 7/8″, Height 68 1/2″ to top of the case (69 6/8″ with hinges) x 24″ to your box (28 1/4″ without handles) – Approximate Dimensions
Smad 36' Side by Side Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker and Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 26.3 Cu.Ft.
2 Reviews
Smad 36" Side by Side Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker and Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 26.3 Cu.Ft.
  • 【Large Capacity】This side-by-side refrigerator features a spacious 26.3 cu. ft. capacity to store various sized goods, outside dimensions(WxDxH): 35.8 x 33.3 x 69.9 inches
  • 【High Humidity Preservation】2 High humidity-controlled crisper drawers, by collecting and recycling evaporated water to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

4. Sub-Zero BI-36S/S/TH

Why we like it:

  • Your fruits and veggies will survive longer at a Sub Zero fridge due to the microprocessor-controlled air quality, humidity, and temperature. The toaster seal is so effective that even when the power goes out that your meals will hold out for an Elongated Time Period
  • This is an immediate replacement for the older 561 Series. If your old Subzero stop after 20 some years, no have to worry about fitting the new constructed invariant
  • The true dual blower system functions the refrigerator and the freezer independently. This prevents odor transport and reduces freezer burn impact
  • You may save money with Sub Zero in the long term due to its 20-year life-span layout. And of course, a Sub Zero kitchen Increases the value of your home, and It’s the darling of all the Actual estate marketeers


  • Built-in luxurious appearance with 84″ elevation
  • Design flexibility with board prepared or stainless steel door panel. You may also customize the louvered top panel. Install flush to stand or cabinets slightly proud
  • Interior Illumination with LED lighting
  • Crispers and deli drawers keep lower temperatures and catch humidity to Guarantee freshness

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5. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS Side-by-Side Refrigerator

His fridge is spacious and contains adequate adaptable shelving choices. It does not have the normal features that price more but includes other extras that make a good worth for the purchase price.


  • Large snack drawer
  • Dispenser light
  • Filter change light
  • Auto defrost
  • 24-hour energy rescue mode


  • Crispers no humidity controller
  • Snack drawer, not a deli drawer
  • Fixed freezer shelves
  • The toaster

This fridge is adequate in it will fulfill most people’s requirements. The power is 25.5 cubic feet16.5 for your fridge and 9.0 for your freezer; therefore, there is easily enough space for 4 to 5 adults. The two apparent crisper boxes are rather big but have humidity controllers. On the flip side, the pull out bite drawer is huge and flexible.

There are two horizontal edged shelves, which means that they are not spill-proof. However, they’ve got a fantastic flexible range to make the most accessible space. In terms of the door bins, the more significant base two have been adjusted at a height ideal for kids and are great for keeping snacks and juices. The best two-gallon containers are flexible for taller bottles and at a comfortable height for adults. The thermostat controls are indoors on the upper left and the water filter at the rear right corner.

The Freezer

The freezer is not anything elaborate. There is a massive pull out the container and three wire shelves that can’t be adjusted. To compensate for this, there are several nice extras that you would not expect for the purchase price. There is a little ice cream compartment over the icemaker, the freezer door bins are tiling, and it’s automatic defrost. Furthermore, units will independently go into automobile energy rescue mode if the door isn’t opened 24 hours, along with the doors are tender final.

Additionally, there are two dispenser paddles, just one for water and another for crushed or cubed ice. Hence, there is no need to push more buttons, so the panel has lock controllers, and there is an automated dispenser light.

GE GSS25GMHES Side Refrigerator
11 Reviews
GE GSS25GMHES Side Refrigerator
  • Adjustable door bins creates additional storage for large items
  • Deep door bins allow you to store gallon-sized or larger items, providing more door storage and freeing up shelf space

6. GE PSS28KSH 36 Inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator

As a superior GE Profile brand, you would expect this fridge to supply top features and worth the purchase price, and also, for the most part, it will. The freezer and ice maker specifically don’t disappoint at all.


  • 28.4 cu. ft.
  • 1 sliding shelf
  • 3 flexible gallon bins
  • Extra bright lighting
  • Door alarm
  • Glass freezer shelves
  • Turbo ice creating
  • 10 pounds of the ice storage


  • Crispers under level
  • Snack box little
  • Single lever dispenser
  • The toaster

The entire capacity is 28 cubic feet, that’s bigger than a lot of French door openers. Three are flexible from four shelves, two have increased spill-proof borders, and one is a sliding plate. The shelves are rather deep, and you will find 3 flexible one-gallon door bins.

On the flip side, only the center has high and deficient humidity management, and the lower one is merely a seal. However, the crispers may be more top quality, and several feel that the bite stall (not a temperature-controlled deli drawer) is sort of small.

Another attribute much appreciated is that the additional bright lighting. This version also has turbo cool that works nicely, and even a door alarm that lots of mothers love. If you are concerned about the price of water filter replacements, then a few fantastic generic fridge filters are worth considering. However, there is a filter skip plug if you currently have new water filtration systems installed.

The Freezer

The freezer does not disappoint at all. There are three quite handy pull-out bins, two flexible, and the fixed bottom one is large enough for a big turkey or joint of beef. There are just two more glass shelves and three tipping door bins. The freezer can be brightly lit, and that is something you do not often find.

Many people today believe that the ice maker and ice storage device occupy too much space. Nevertheless, it stores a remarkable 10 pounds of ice using quick ice creating operate, and there are several reported problems. You get the Typical crushed cubes and ice. However, the water dispenser is Somewhat tricky for smaller eyeglasses, and you need to place them at a Fantastic angle.

All controllers are on the dispenser control panel, and with the assistance of four inner detectors, you find the right temperature contrary to the established temperature. The dispenser simply has one lever, and therefore you want to pick button alternatives for water and ice.

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7. Frigidaire FFSS2315

To get a 33 inch side-by-side, this fridge is adequate in all of its features and should not disappoint if you are not searching for anything elaborate. For your compromise, a couple of extras don’t add to a 33-inch version’s greater price.


  • Spacious snack drawer
  • Water dispenser mild
  • Automatic defrost
  • 24-hour energy rescue mode


  • No crisper humidity management
  • No filter alter the light
  • Fixed freezer shelves

This 33-inch fridge is identical to this 36-inch version, which is featured as our very best to purchase recommendation. Comparatively, it is 0.125 inches greater with 0.25 inches less thickness. The crucial distinction, of course, is your inner capability, 22 cubic feet in total that remains sufficient for four adults, but there is a bit less distance for storage.

The crisper drawers do not have humidity controllers, along with also the deli drawer is, in fact, a snack stall without an adjustable thermostat, but it is rather significant. The gallon door bins are in the height of an adult, along with the reduced two door bins tend to be more suited to bottles, juice snacks, or packs, and therefore are at easy reach for kids.

This version doesn’t have that filter light to alert one to alter the water filter. However, you need to do so every 3 to 4 months or after 200 gallons. The freezer has just one pull out the container and three fixed wire shelves; however, the ice maker isn’t too large, so you will find only four freezer door bins, which are extremely helpful for boxed products.

Frigidaire Package with FGSS2635TF 36" Side by Side Refrigerator, FGEF3036TF 30" Electric Range, FGMV176NTF 30" Microwave Oven and FGID2476SF 24" Dishwasher in Stainless Steel
  • 1 x Frigidaire FGSS2635TF 36" Side-by-Side Refrigerator with 25.6 cu. ft. Capacity, External Water and Ice Dispenser, in Stainless Steel
  • 1 x Frigidaire FGEF3036TF 30" Gallery Series Electric Range with 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity, Steam Clean, Fan Convection, Free Standing Electric Range, in Smudge Proof Stainless Steel

8. Avanti 31 Inch

If you’re searching for a little sized side-by-side fridge, there is not much to pick from. However, Avanti has among the highest prices in this class. It is a counter depth refrigerator with recessed handles so that it blends in quite nicely. It is also Energy Star certified.


  • Flush, inset design
  • 23 In. thickness
  • Crisper drawer
  • Energy Star certified
  • 3.3 cu. ft. Refrigerator
  • 2 Adjustable glass shelves
  • 3 Door bins


  • Freestanding just

This little side-by-side has the same standard features you may count on from a full-sized version. Therefore it is more than only a mini-fridge. There is a humidity-controlled crisper drawer for keeping produce, which is also quite convenient for space direction.

The 2-liter refrigerator door bins are incredibly convenient and are something you won’t get with different kinds of little side-by-sides. The freezer has two fixed shelves, and there is an adjustable thermostat for those units located within the fridge.

Another benefit of the refrigerator is it may be utilized as a beneath counter blower or put on a counter, as a few folks like to perform. It will, however, need 5 inches of clearance distance.

The 2-liter refrigerator door bins are incredibly convenient and are something you won’t get with different kinds of little side-by-sides. The freezer has two fixed shelves, and there is an adjustable thermostat for those units located within the fridge.

Another benefit of the fridge is that it may be utilized as a beneath counter blower or put on a counter, as some folks prefer to perform. It does, however, need 5 inches of clearance distance.

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9. Phiestina

A side-by-side wine and drink cooler with double zone configurations and a reduced temperature of 38 ℉. The wine racks are spacious enough for Chardonnays and Pinots, plus they’ve security stoppers too.


  • Uncomplicated cabinet fit
  • Built-in or freestanding
  • 38‒50℉ / 40‒68℉ zones
  • Chardonnay and Pinot bottles
  • Stopper shelves


  • No door locks
  • No timber shelves

There are numerous reasons why both door wine and beverage fridges come tops out. It is a perfect size for several cabinet spaces and a height of 33 inches, so it is ideally constructed in dimension. The wine cooler shelves are spacious enough to carry Chardonnay and Pinot bottles, though champagne bottles are a small tight fit.

The wine cooler zone ranges from 40‒68℉; therefore, it’s perfect for a mixture of whites and reds, or as one zone for either red or white, which requires a higher temperature of 65‒68℉. It may take 20 wine bottles and 78 standards 12-ounce soda cans at the overall beverage compartment.

The overall drink compartment ranges from 38‒50℉; it is not likely to provide you super chilled beverages. The warmth is lower than a regular wine fridge rather than poor for champagnes and crispy white wines, which could also be chilled more in an ice bucket before serving.

Avanti Model RMS550PS - SIDE-BY-SIDE Refrigerator/Freezer
30 Reviews
Avanti Model RMS550PS - SIDE-BY-SIDE Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Freezer with Total Capacity: 5.5 Cu. Ft. (Refrigerator Capacity: 3.3 CF & Freezer Capacity: 2.2 CF)
  • Two Removable, Adjustable Glass Shelves in Refrigerator Section

10. LG LSXS26366S

If you’d like a refrigerator capable of high-quality food preservation and is a real conversation starter, look no farther than the LG LSXS26366S three-door, side-by-side fridge. Yes, you read this right. It’s three doors.

With a button press, you can get the door-in-door storage on the top side of the refrigerator, which permits you to quickly catch the things that you frequently need without bothering the heating of the remaining portion of the fridge. If you do not press the button, then the refrigerator usually opens.

Between this beneficial storage attribute and food preservation, which simply won’t stop, we would highly recommend the LG LSXS26366S to anybody, particularly if you’re searching for a compromise involving a side-by-side and a French-door refrigerator.


  • Unique three-door layout
  • Can maintain consistent temperatures
  • Door-in-door storage


  • Nothing we can find

11. Samsung RH25H5611SR

The Samsung RH25H5611SR includes door-in-door storage around the whole right side door, which lets you readily get condiments and beverages without allowing the cold air from the remaining portion of the refrigerator.

This 25 cu. Ft. side-by-side refrigerator makes the most of its storage area but will fit most kitchen cut-outs. Besides its measurements, we enjoy its stainless exterior and the glowing LED light indoors. While the refrigerator ran somewhat hot in the 37°F setting, it is possible to bump down the temperature a bit to grow the refrigerator’s food preservation skills.

Thankfully, the freezer readily preserved sub-zero temperatures during our testing. To get a side-by-side refrigerator that highlights convenience and style, make sure to take a look at the Samsung RH25H5611SR.


  • Door-in-door storage
  • Through-door water and ice dispensers


  • Fridge temperatures may run a bit warm.

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12. Kenmore 41173

The Kenmore 41173 is a commendable fridge at a more than decent cost. The significant complaint concerning side-by-side fridges is the fridge/freezer shelf space is not wide enough to match a frozen pizza, or even a baking sheet filled with biscuits, or alternative wide/large food things.

Since it turns out, the 41173 can match a frozen pizza in the freezer, which is a significant obstacle, other side-by-side fridges can not conquer. Aside from its slightly more full profile and pleasant stainless steel end, this refrigerator also has plenty of storage room on the doorway and adjustable glass shelves.

Concerning temperature, the freezer runs a bit hot, so make sure you correct the heat to a more relaxed setting compared to the default value. If you are looking for a budget but can not abide by a top-freezer fridge, we suggest the Kenmore 41173 side-by-side fridge.


  • Can match a frozen pizza from the freezer
  • Flexible storage Choices


  • Fridge temperatures may run a bit warm.

13. Frigidaire FGSC2335TF

Together with the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF, you are getting a great deal of bang for your dollar. While it can appear to be a normal side-by-side refrigerator with a smudge-proof stainless steel complete and through-door ice and water dispensing outside the exterior, there are a couple of neat features on the interior that actually add to the total worth of the refrigerator.

When you open the door, the smart design touches become clear: there is a chilly third drawer (along with two crispers) with adjustable temperature settings, multiple lighting across the fridge, and wine/bottle holders around the base of the refrigerator door. While both the refrigerator and the freezer to run a small sexy, it is easy to bump the temperature back on the controller panel to compensate. With this surprising feature set and low cost, the Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is a simple decision to make.


  • Through-door water and ice dispensers
  • Temperature-controlled drawer
  • Bottle holders


  • Fridge temperatures may run a bit warm.


The GE GSE25HMHES is a fairly basic side-by-side refrigerator on the interior and a conversation piece on the exterior. GE is the only company producing appliances using the slate end. Slate is a matte finish, meaning that the refrigerator’s exterior is fingerprint-resistant and consequently lower maintenance compared to its stainless steel, fingerprint-smudged cousins.

As soon as you open the doors, you may discover this refrigerator has all you’ll need and not much extra. Thankfully, there are lots of massive shelf space on the doorway, a reach-in ice bin in the freezer, along with a tiny deli drawer which sits over both crisper bins, but what else is pretty ordinary.

Like side-by-side fridges, the temperature will run a bit hot, so make sure you place the temperature values to marginally cooler worth than you would typically use. If you’d like a refrigerator that seems impressive on the outside and gets the work done on the interior, the GE GSE25HMHES is your refrigerator for you.


  • Smudge-resistant slate finish
  • Through-door water and ice dispensers


  • Fridge temperatures may run a bit warm.

15. Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ

If it comes to aesthetically pleasing refrigerators, appliance makers tend to concentrate their efforts on french-door fridges, so it is refreshing to find a side-by-side refrigerator like the Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ that could maintain in the appearance department.

This Whirlpool refrigerator has a stainless steel fingerprint-resistant finish, three crisper drawers, and some elastic storage options, making it much easier for you to match as much food from the refrigerator and freezer pockets as you can.

While we discovered this refrigerator runs a small hot temperature-wise, it is quite simple to produce the refrigerator colder’s temperature by tapping the control panel on the through-door ice and water dispenser. If you are a Whirlpool fridge lover and favor the more straightforward business style of a side-by-side fridge, look at the Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ refrigerator.


  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel complete
  • Three crisper drawers


  • Fridge temperatures may run a little warm

Side By Side Refrigerators FAQs


1. How long can GE Profile Alerts last?

14 to 27 Decades

Estimates of the entire life span of kitchen appliances change. By way of instance, refrigerators can last anywhere from 14 to 27 decades, based on Phoebe Knight of It’s Fixed Appliance Repair in Sandy Springs, GA. Freezers tend to endure for a bit less long, from 12 to 20 Decades.

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2. Can it be GE or LG better?

GE wins with colors and styling because it comes in the design and stainless steel, black, or white. Tech: The two versions are Energy Star rated, but LG’s linear compressor is also an intriguing feature as it is more reliable, more efficient, and quieter than conventional compressors.

3. What’s better for Whirlpool or GE fridge?

Kenmore also makes dependable refrigerators. … Other leading brands in this class are Kenmore and Bosch, not such as GE. But, GE also is not, in the end, having the most undependable appliances like Maytag and Amana. Experts indicate that those looking to Purchase Significant appliances stay with Whirlpool, GE, and Kenmore.


If you’re in the market to replace an older refrigerator and would love to keep it organized, a contemporary side by side fridge may be a terrific fit. Side-by-side refrigerators typically don’t arrive with many whistles and bells; hence they’re reasonably priced. Just be certain that you measure your cupboard opening, look at the new refrigerator’s specifications you’re off, and go away.

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