Best Survival Knives 2021: Top Brands Review

Top 23 Best Survival Knives Review In 2020

With the revived hype around survivalism because of popular shows like Naked and Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild, there’s also been a growth in need for survival things. Knives, paracord, first aid, fire starter, and useful strategic watches have seen a recent increase in purchases as individuals are affected to construct their survival kits.

With so many new products out on the current market, it isn’t easy to pick between various brands. While most first support and fire-starting products operate similarly to each other, deciding on the suitable best survival knives may mean the difference between death and life in a survival scenario.

What To Search For In A Survival Knife

What To Search For In A Survival Knife?

As previously mentioned, any knife will do in a survival situation if you are considering ideals. The instrument you’ve got with you is your very best one for your task. However, you can stack the deck by making sure the blade fulfills a particular group of standards. To make your trip a bit simpler, we have outlined many essential metrics to search for under.


While folding blades are favored for regular carry thanks to their discretion and compactness, the mechanics that let them fold are relatively delicate and can easily be packed with debris.

That is the reason, for the perfect survival knife, we would certainly suggest picking a stationary blade. They tend to be stricter in the future also, with fewer moving parts, they are not as likely to fail in performance. That is not to mention there are not great folding survival knives. They’re not favored.


The steel of the blade you select will change depending upon a range of variables. For example, if your budget is low, you will likely need to settle for whatever you could afford. But if money is no object, you may put your sights on some fairly high-end choices. The difference comes from the shape of corrosion resistance as well as the tradeoffs therein.

For example, high-carbon steel is very durable and long-lasting. However, it does not hold up to moisture vulnerability meaning it could destroy. By comparison, stainless steels are somewhat softer, but they won’t rust like carbon steel, not as fast. Even in the top echelon of blade material, there’ll always be a tradeoff between advantages and pitfalls.


Though the steel is most probably of extreme significance in choosing a survival blade, handling the part you hold to run your knife remains extremely important. There are a couple of different schools of thought to consider. However, we could boil things down into two variables: ergonomics and substances.

About survival, a comfortable-to-use knife handle is likely to suit you like a knife you can not hold for a protracted period loses value fast. In the same way, the substance of your management may change the blade’s longevity.

More rigid materials that could stand up to hard use and do not suffer rust (such as Micarta) may be expensive, but they are also likely to increase your survival’s life span.


You may believe that the best survival knife 2021 would be the most excellent, most serrated blade you may locate. These competitive knives seem like that is what they are created for.

However, you would be wrong since a survival knife has to be flexible in its function, meaning it ought to have the ability to perform a lot of different things from chopping, to dividing, to detail-oriented cutting jobs, and what in-between.

As such, more comfortable, smaller, more straightforward knives are usually better overall than beefy blades. Consider it like fishing: you can use dynamite, and you may be prosperous, but at what price?

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Top Rated Best Survival Knives Brand

Top Rated Best Survival Knives Brand

1. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

The initial survival knife within our listing is Cold Steel’s Recon 1. The Recon 1 set comprises everything from fall points into tanto points, but our favorite was unquestionably the clip point knife. It features a 4 inch, 3.5mm thick blade.

The clasp has G-10 laminated scales that prevent slipping out of sweaty palms, and the blade’s hard finish eliminates glare. It features a clip to quickly put on the knife onto your hip and includes a handy thumb disk to open it readily.

The blade is manufactured from imported Japanese AUS 8A steel that’s been vacuum warmed, allowing for quite a form-fitting grip. In general, this clip tip is fantastic for anyone looking for a smaller knife to grow their backpack for lower lifts alongside their sneakers for hiking and maybe suitable for opening cans and creating smaller tinder too. This is the best survival knife in 2021.

2. Ka-Bar Mule Field Folder Knife

If you’re trying to find the best urban survival knife and a giant survival knife, then Ka-Bar makes an excellent folding knife that matches nicely with some heavy blades.

The blade fits in directly beneath 4 inches and is quite comparable to Cold Steel’s Recon 1. Such as the Cold Steel folding knife, the Ka-Bar Mule is manufactured outside the U.S. using AUS 8A steel.

In comparison to Cold Steel’s Recon 1, the Mule is thicker at the pocket. However, it is also more dependable for more massive jobs. Though Cold Steel is much more effective, the Mule is slightly heavier and may take more abuse and force.

In a lower cost point, we’d select the Ka-Bar Mule for our folding knife.

3. Ka-Bar Becker BK-22 Fixed Blade Knife

Besides the blade Mule, Ka-Bar creates a fantastic full tang knife at the Becker BK-22. We advocate the BK-22 within its predecessor, the BK-2, only because the brand new model has a tremendous heavy-duty polyester sheath using a front cargo pocket plus blade fit sleeve.

The Becker BK-22 is a drop point fixed blade using a 5.25-inch module. This knife is most appropriate for camping and hunting activities, like splintering firewood, killing and skinning game, and chopping food.

At a great price point, we enjoy this blade because of its flexibility. The knife handle is intended to fit more giant hands, and the grip feels natural.

4. Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

On the Other Side of the Cost range in the Schrade Fixed Blade, We’ve Got the Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife. Fallkniven was designing high-end survival knives and resources for experienced outdoorsmen because of 1984 and had been doing a damn good job at it.

The blade is full tang and made of VG10 steel, extremely high-end steel built to withstand years of pressure and tough use. The standard of the knife has been surpassed only by its reliability.

The A1 Survival Knife handle has a sleek, natural grip using a lanyard loop in the end. This knife isn’t hard to continue the hip, and also, the leather sheath lets you take it down. This knife is practically unaffected by extreme temperatures or rain and is abrasion resistant also.

The Fallkniven A1’s blade weighs just over 11 oz with a blade span of over 6.2 inches. As another bonus, if you buy through their site, you can get your knife engraved!

We heartily suggest this knife and understand that if properly used, it must endure for a lifetime.

5. ESEE 6P-B Survival Knife

The ESEE 6 Survival Knife series builds upon ESEE’s past award-winning knives and can be among the more significant survival knives on the market now.

The blade is 6.5 inches long, crafted out of 1095 steel, and the grip has a subtly scaled anti-slip texture. The steel and total production quality of the knife is exceptional since it’s fabricated in the U.S.

This knife comes in black steel or gray steel, based upon your taste. Should you opt for your black-coated steel, nevertheless, notice that the coat will impede the knife’s capability to hit a Ferro rod easily. The Micarta handle is relatively lightweight, making sure that this knife is a fantastic selection for backpackers or people worried about weight.

Although this knife weighs in at just under a pound, it’s made of durable, higher excellent steel, which is a fantastic selection for any backpacker or hiker.

6. Ka-Bar Full-Sized Fighting Knife

Ka-Bar’s next knife in our listing is so popular it has been utilized at the U.S. Marine Corps and other U.S. military branches because of World War II. Their Total Sized Fighting Knife consists of 1095 Cro-van steel and a blade length 7-inch blade.

This clip-point knife’s existed for at least 70 decades, and the firm has proudly been in business since 1898. This knife is a good indication of pride for U.S. associates of service and contains an excellent aesthetic, which could be a mantelpiece equally, and it serves in the area.

This knife is produced from the U.S. and has grown into one of the most recognizable knife layouts on earth. The leather sheath ensures that the blade will be protected, and the knife features a gold-plated brass guard and pommel.

In general, this knife is a terrific gift to anybody working in the U.S. army or for people who love this knife’s aesthetic as far as its performance.

7. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

Quickly, the trendy newcomer on the listing, the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife, is Gerber’s venture with survivalist Bear Grylls. They set out to make a knife that Bear Grylls would utilize and feature plenty of advantages that appeal to the average backpacker, camper, hunter, and outdoorsman.

This knife features a 4.75-inch blade using a half-serrated border, a textured rubber handle grip, and a military-grade nylon sheath at a low price.

The Ultimate Pro is a traditional drop point blade and keeps an edge nicely. It weighs 11.2 oz, has two holes in the knife’s hilt to secure to a pole for a fishing spear, and includes additional features that make this a fantastic all-in-one survivalist bundle.

It includes a Ferro pole built-in for starting a flame, the foundation of the handle features a steel pommel for hammering, and it features a whistle lanyard in the event of emergencies. The sheath comprises a “Priorities of Survival” pocket manual that someone may read in a crisis.

Some people have problems with the production quality, stating it breaks down faster than other knives in our listing.

Finally, because of its features and low cost, we indeed suggest this all-in-one survival knife, even while imagining that it might not be quite as durable as some of the new well-manufactured knives in our listing.

8. Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Knife

Benchmade’s Bushcrafter 162 Fixed Blade is a potent knife with fantastic perks. Its blade comes in only under 4.5 inches and is constructed from CPM-S30V premium steel. It weighs 7.72 oz, among the lightest completely fixed blades on our listing, making it excellent for backpackers and campers.

The deal is G10 crafted and can be resistant to water and abrasion while still preserving strength and minimal weight. The blade is full tang, and out of extended personal usage, I could confidently say that it functions well. The leather sheath includes a belt clip and may be held easily in the hip.

On top of that, Benchmade delivers once-a-year laser resharpening for many Benchmade knives FOR FREE, FOR LIFE. It follows that through tough use and use, it is possible to send your knife into Benchmade’s Oregon-based mill and extend your sword into its factory sharpness. This advantage alone makes this knife a single market for us.

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Proof that sometimes simplicity is most remarkable and you don’t need to spend a chance to receive a good survival knife, Morakniv’s Companion is trusted by some of the very experienced outdoorsmen across the planet and has existed for many years.

This Scandinavian-styled cutting instrument is created of dependable and sturdy Sandvik stainless steel and TPE rubber. Although it is not likely to continue forever, it is plenty durable and has a price point that makes picking up yet another down the line without a huge thing. And trust us, as soon as you pick up one, you will become a true believer.


OKC has been producing their 499 Air Force Survival Knife for literal generations of pilots to the point that it has become one of the most iconic blades of time. And it is not only a throwback timeless, possibly, as it is still among the most incredible survival knives on the market.

This is partly due to the elastic clip-point 1095 blade with its serrated rear edge, its handsome and comfortable leather grip, and a sheath having a pouch for an enclosed sharpening stone. Made for a pilot’s go-to survival tool, you can undoubtedly rely upon this knife.


As a rule of thumb, we are not fond of folding knives for survival circumstances. However, Opinel’s No. 12 Research is undoubtedly the exception to this rule for many factors. For starters, it’s a trustworthy 12C27 Sandvik steel blade attached to a handle that is shock, humidity, and intense temperature-resistant.

However, it’s also its very own built-in 110-decibel pealess survival whistle, incorporated cutting hook, and a fire starter. It is an all-in-one survival kit which grants it a well-earned area.


Since 1966, Gerber has been building tough and competent survival knives. They continue finding ways to improve and update them. Their latest foray to the class is absolutely among the very best.

The StrongArm fixed blade knife features a comfortable and sturdy glass-filled nylon handle with a rubber over-mold, a 4.8″ fall point 420HC blade material (famous because of its outstanding durability), also it includes a MOLLE-compatible sheath for modular attachment. It’s also got a glass-breaker idea for disasters, a lanyard hole, and created in the united states.


Among the most iconic cutting tools made fighting and battle or KA-BAR’s US Marine Corps Fighting Knife are unquestionably among the most significant blades across all human history. And it’s still used by the USMC now, lending more credence to its reliability and trustworthiness.

Having a blacked-out 1095 Cro-Van steel clip point blade mated into a leather handle, this can be a bit on the beefy side of this spectrum for survival knives, but you can not argue with results and history. It will help that it includes a leather sheath for simpler hauling.


ESEE Knives supplies lots of excellent survival fixed blade knives, but we have picked the 4P, mostly because it fits right in the center of the overall size choices. It is not too big, not too little, and boasts all you might desire from a survival knife.

Including a 1095 carbon steel blade, a grippy and durable Micarta handle with a Polymer sheath, which may be attached directly to a belt and your modular mil-spec tote. And should you need you with even more flexibility, there’s the alternative for a partially-serrated border.

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TOPS Knives’ Fieldcraft fixed blade bushcraft knife was one of their brand’s most famous offerings, particularly in the outside community. However, there was one criticism they obtained about it was a little too large for most people. They fixed its only problem in this follow-up, the Fieldcraft 3.5.

It is boasting the same things which created the first brilliant a 1095 blade material, a canvas Micarta handle, and a lanyard hole that more-compact variant measures up in a total of 8.25″ in bla length, which makes it simpler for detail-oriented jobs but not forfeiting its total flexibility.


Fallkniven, headquartered in Sweden and operation since 1984, isn’t perhaps the USA’s most recognizable name, even one of knife fanatics. And we believe that is a shame as their blades are a few of the very best on earth, such as the S1 stationary blade you visit before you.

A legitimate bush crafter’s blade, the S1 is indicated by an impressive clip tip VG10 blade mated into some synthetic Thermorun handle grippy in only about any circumstances, dry or wet. Additionally, it will come with a Zytel sheath for easy hauling and includes a lanyard hole at the bottom of the deal for paracord attachment.


It is correct that Benchmade is well known for its regular carry folding knives. And that produces sense because they construct some of the finest on earth. But that is not the one thing they are good at, according to their Bushcrafter 162. As you may have guessed from its title, this can be an outdoor-focused survival fixed blade through.

It’s a robust CPM-S30V steel blade attached to an ultra-durable G10 handle, comes with a Kydex sheath, and, just like all of the brand’s offerings, is covered by a lifetime warranty.


Quiet haul’s Present fixed blade survival knife stands out among its competitors due to some surprisingly stout, broad blade. Nonetheless, it’s unique look is only one of what this bulldog of a module is now going for.

In reality, that blade is among the highlights created from near corrosion-resistant LC200N steel (a substance chosen by NASA for use in the aerospace sector), ideal for salty or moist climates. That resilient blade is mated to an ergonomic G10 handle, and the entire package measures up in only 7.23″ incomplete.


While Bear Grylls certainly gained more fame for his Man Wild series, Les “Survivorman” Stroud is famous by people in the know because of his much more realistic portrayal of survival scenarios such as an entire absence of a shooting team (he shot the whole series solo).

That makes him uniquely qualified as it comes to advocating and, in this circumstance, designing survival equipment. You read that right, Les Stroud made Helle’s Temagami knife marked with a curly birch wood handle, stainless steel blade length, and Scandinavian, total layout. And that is more than enough of a vote of confidence to make it a place here.


In 2006, SOG chose to celebrate their 20th anniversary by establishing a brand new adaptation of the original SOG Bowie the business was built upon. The knife is performed in much more contemporary materials but using the same iconic shape and styling.

Its blade is beastly, as Bowies tend to be, measuring at 7.5″ and incorporating a TiNi coating within the dependable and durable AUS-8 steel. This blade is mated to a leather handle coated with epoxy for a timeless look and extra durability. A full take on the traditional bowie design, this knife is a tough one to overcome.


The James Brand has made a significant splash in everyday transport with their exclusive blades and blades, which mystifying blend outstanding functionality and substance soundness with impeccable urban styling. As well as their very first foray into the world of knives, the Hell Gap, is nothing shy of glorious.

Measuring up in a more-than-manageable 7.8″ incomplete, this knife hinges on a CPM-S35VN stainless steel drop point blade and a canvas Micarta handle. That means it’s simple to use, comfortable to hold, and provides lots of outdoor flexibility. Additionally, it is made in the united states, which can be an unnecessary but welcome bonus.


Like The James Brand, Chris Reeve is popularly famous for his regular carry knives. His or her Sebenza is one of the best folding blades crafted.

Nevertheless, his new is also quite proficient at producing fixed blades, notably that one made in cooperation with Bill Harsey Jr. Much more intriguing, this survival knife is a civilian version of the fabled cutting tool utilized and transported by the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

That alone could make it a place, but it is aided through an unbelievable construction of S35VN steel and Micarta.


Gayle Bradley has a very long history of earning top-tier custom cutting-edge tools and even turned into a competitive cutting winner adding much more to his piled resumé. And that has probably got a lot to do with the way his first alliance with Spyderco, the Bradley Bowie, you see, ended up so unique.

This is not a survival knife with a 3D-machined G10 grip plus a strong PSF27 tool steel blade. It is a revelation which you are going to want to maintain your site in any way times. Yes, due to its pedigree and artistry, it is undoubtedly an investment. Nonetheless, it’s an investment that you won’t regret for a minute.

Survival Knives FAQs

Best Survival Knife In The World FAQs

1. Are Bowie knives suitable for survival?

A Bowie knife can be quite beneficial and generous in a survival scenario. Its sturdy construction will make it survives together with you throughout the harshest conditions possible. Having an excellent hefty blade, a Bowie knife can chop, cut, and slash effortlessly while being slender and agile enough to split and prepare meals.

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2. What happened to Jim Bowie’s knife?

It’s asserted that this was the knife used by Bowie at the renowned Sandbar Fight in Natchez, Mississippi, where he had been stabbed, shot, and beaten half to death but still was able to win the struggle. Bowie murdered the three would-be assassins and his knife, and the knife’s popularity was created.

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3. Are big knives illegal?

California: No dirks, daggers, stilettos, or semi knives. No imperceptible (i.e., non-ferrous or concealed in a bowl) knives. You are supposed to take Huge blades unconcealed.

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