Best Tequila Brands 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Tequila Brands 2020

Tequila is the soul that unites heritage with authentic artistry.

Over a million registered brands are available on the current market, which makes it a challenging call to supply the very Best Tequila Brands to sample in 2020.

Developed by sourcing only the best agave plants in the Tequila Valley in Mexico, it is a soul that is open to interpretation with almost any variety of unique varieties.

Even though Blanco or silver tequilas create an ideal cocktail foundation, Reposado and Añejo tequilas utilize their time at the barrel to make new aroma and tastes great for sipping.

Regardless of whether you are trying to find the perfect budget tequila, the best tequila to get a cocktail, or the very best tasting tequila, you will find it on our list below.

Top Rated Best Tequila Brands

Top Rated Best Tequila Brands

1. El Jimador

Despite being one of the less expensive brands available on the current market, El Jimador utilizes 100 percent agave in all its tequilas. Additionally, it is now the best-selling tequila in Mexico.

El Jimador’s silver tequila is unquestionably a robust selection for a budget tequila that is not lacking in taste nor credibility.

It is an all-round useful bottle which may be utilized for around the $20 mark. It is a crisp tequila full of citrus flavors, both sweet and spicy, and packed with herbaceous notes.

Anticipate a hot finish that is warming. This tequila is well-loved, having won over 22 awards in the last ten years.

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2. Corralejo

All tequilas have to be distilled two to formally class as tequila, but Corralejo takes it one step farther using a triple distillation approach. The brand uses a copper pot still, then a pillar method, and eventually through the aluminum kettle one more time before bottling and promoting its tequila.

Another famous new brand across Mexico, Corralejo’s Reposado tequila, comes at a light straw color due to the aging process. It is a tequila with an intriguing nose, composed of a strong vanilla aroma and extra peppercorn and pear traces.

A sip of Corralejo Reposado supplies a smoky encounter using a soft, silken finish. It is fun when sipped directly or also blended into a cocktail.

This flexible tequila is a superb alternative for virtually any event.

3. Don Julio

Another best-selling brand, Don Julio, started in 1942 and has been named after Don Julio González, the brand’s first Jimador. Owned by spirits-giant Diageo, Don Julio is appreciated by tequila fans worldwide and is well known for being a staple manufacturer.

Don Julio Blanco is your starting base for each of the brand’s tequila offerings. It is a deliciously smooth tequila that is enjoyable by itself and full of flavor.

The newest use a time-honored distillation process to make its best-selling soul and supplies an unmistakable agave flavor and hints of citrus.

It is a favorite choice famous for being deserving of much more than its cost point would imply.

If you would like to explore the entire world of Don Julio further, then we’ve got a whole story on Don Julio’s premium tequila collection, the intriguing history of this brand, and also the best cocktails to blend this up with.

4. T1 Tequila

T1 is produced by Master Distiller Germán González, fantastic grandson of General Manuel González, former President of México involving 1880 – 1884. It is a famous brand for its numerous connections: Germán González’s dad also introduced the first ultra-premium tequila imported in the United States: Chinaco.

So it is reasonable to state that T1 was produced as a consequence of learning from just the very best. The brand uses slightly mature agave plants in the Mexican highlands, ensuring a greater concentration of pure sugar.

T1’s reposado tequila is aged six months in old Scotch barrels before being bottled and sold. It is a tequila bursting with flavor – most prominently creamy flavors of cinnamon and ginger along with stewed agave. A milder flavor of this jar provides hints of pine nuts with a gentle finish. It is one that you’ll buy over and over.

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5. Herradura

Herradura was founded in 1870 by Félix López, along with also the company remained in the household for at least 125 years before being sold. The household recipe is famous for success, and it has paved the way to place Herradura in the front of several tequila lovers’ minds.

It is a superior brand that provides an exceptional tasting experience due to the aging process utilized, especially its Reposado offering.

Herradura’s Reposado Tequila Colección de la Casa Port is fermented naturally with wild yeast before being cultivated in hand-selected classic Port casks in the Douro Valley in Portugal for two extra months.

This extra process ends in a tequila that will make you desire another sip to enjoy the diverse flavor profile. Together with conventional notes come traces of interface, plum, and pepper, with undertones of chocolate.

It is considered among the best tequilas produced from jack barrels and is widely considered a top solution for a flavorful tasting soul.

6. Grand Mayan

Grand Mayan is an intriguing tequila that proves that, occasionally, looks are placed on after all. It’s won awards for flavor and presentation throughout the past couple of years and promises that a great, smooth tasting beverage served in a gorgeous bottle.

Each jar is handmade and hand-painted by Mexican musicians.

The Ultra Aged variety is dark in color and has a scent to match. It is a tequila that will draw you in by the counter with a rich aroma of blossoms that is equally as flavorful on the palate. It is obsolete for five years and has won several gold medals and first place awards for its flavor.

It is a tequila made for enjoying and flying, making it ideal for a fantastic Margarita. Satisfy your Grand Mayan together with all the required ingredients for an excellent high cocktail.

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7. Cazcanes No. 9 Blanco

Cazcanes claims to utilize the lost art of earning tequila to produce its soul, which is slightly different from the way most distillers make theirs. The brand’s name stems from the Cazcanes Indians, the only indigenous people of Mexico never defeated by the Spaniards. And its production system employs the first 300-year-old Indian recipe utilized when tequila was initially made.

It is a boutique-style distillery that produces small-batch tequila offered in custom-made bottles.

Its No. 9 Blanco offering won the 2018 finest unaged wine spirits in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and also for a great reason: it is an enjoyable Blanco tequila.

This crystal clear tequila is clean, smooth, and dry to the flavor with a massive assortment of scents. Expect a mixture of sweet, floral, and citrus notes on the nose with a touch of the candy cane to round it off. Its end is chiefly floral with the last bit of black pepper. Because of its price, it is a superb tequila that exceeds expectations.

8. Tanteo Cocoa

There could be a relatively broad selection of flavored tequilas on the market, but undoubtedly the finest come out of Tanteo. The brand was founded in 2009 and prides itself on producing infused, 100 percent agave spirits.

Tanteo produces award-winning artisanal tequilas in a category of its own. It utilizes Blanco tequila with fresh peppers infused by hand at the hills of Jalisco, Mexico, leading to a delicious and one of a kind tequila to sample at least one time.

The Tanteo Cocoa is precisely that: a chocolate-infused tequila that unites the standard flavor notes of this soul with a spicy heat from peppers along with a sweet note in the pure chocolate extracts.

It may not be a tequila lover’s first option on the menu, but for somebody seeking to delve deeper into the world of the soul, it is a decisive decision to increase the roster.

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9. Azania

Azunia produces a variety of tequilas that function as a superb accompaniment to meals. The brand’s soul offerings come only in the Tequila Valley’s core, promising wealthy bottles with lots of depth.

There are endless choices for food pairings that work well with tequila. There are approximately 600 possible aromas available within a jar (compared to about 150 in a pot of wine), making tequila an ideal soul to enjoy along with a vast array of dishes. Not sure where to begin? Try pairing your tequila with chorizo, black chocolate, ceviche, or roasted tomato-based dishes.

Azania’s Tequila Reposado is stuffed to the brim with genuine flavor. It is comfy for eight months before being bottled and supplies a mild agave aroma with butterscotch and timber hints. The heat coming from this jar makes it a great after dinner a powerful addition to any program.

10. Dos Lunas

Dos Lunas started producing tequila following its creator, Richard C. Poe II, who watched many individuals visibly cringe after ingesting the soul in a pub. The brand aimed to make flavorful tasting tequila, which was pleasurable to drink. It utilizes a cold filtration process, considered to produce lighter-bodied, sweeter spirits.

To do anything, Dos Lunas takes a whole lot of care within the production of its souls. It’s the very first triple-distilled silver tequila and avoids the usage of off-site bottlers, preferring to perform all from scratch itself. It promises its agave to be away from herbicide and pesticide-free areas and its tequila to be liberated of glycerin and calcium chloride, commonly found in different manufacturers.

Its silver tequila is crystal clear and exceptionally smooth. It is a beautiful alternative for a cocktail base, and it has won awards throughout the world because of its flexibility and fame. Its neutral flavor works well in a vast assortment of tequila-based cocktails.

11. Casa Dragones

Casa Dragones is new that concentrates solely on producing sipping tequilas, which are equally outstanding in quality and intriguing to flavor. Its ultra-premium, small-batch tequila comes in a numbered and hand-signed jar.

Few tequila brands may hold the name of “complex” very like Casa Dragones.

The Tequila Blanco is among the smoothest silvers available on the current market, offering semi-sweet agave notes with a touch of pepper. On the nose, inhale grapefruit and green apple notes and await a last hint of vanilla.

This is a tequila that works beautifully in cocktails but deserves to be appreciated neat. It is deliciously crisp and smooth along the way, with a massive array of notes that will keep any tequila enthusiast happy.

12. Fortaleza

A popular brand with tequila aficionados worldwide, Fortaleza is famous for producing some of the property’s best tequila. Five generations of attention and care have led in a soul that is unmistakable on the dining table.

Everything Fortaleza does is done with quality in mind, down to the individually blown glass bottles. It is a brand that proudly showcases its source from beginning to finish, and it is undoubtedly an unmissable tequila to sample.

Fortaleza’s Tequila Añejo is among the very best in the already large standard. It is a highly-praised and perfectly-aged añejo made to break for 18 months in American oak barrels. The main notes are caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, and cooked agave with secondary signs of lemon, cherry, orange blossom, nutmeg, and raisin from the nose.

It is rich and complicated, combining citrus and sweet notes for a unique tequila.

13. Casa Noble

Casa Noble generates tequila, which you will want to tell your buddies around. The brand’s experience stems from seven generations of distilling the soul on an almost personal level. Each bottle of Casa Noble has dispersed in separately numbered bottles accepted by Pepe Hermosillo, Maestro Tequilero, and Creator.

The Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequila is a scarce bottle famous for being among the very best in the marketplace. You will find between 300-360 bottles produced each batch, outdated in a few of the best, hand-selected, lightly charred French white oak barrels for a few decades.

It is undoubtedly an intricate bottle, offering notes of chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and butterscotch. The primary scents are mostly sweet. However, a different flavor will show citrus, coffee, and black pepper. It has got a definite bourbon flavor and functions as a nice sipper.

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14. Clase Azul

Clase Azul gives the kind of tequila you will purchase as a gift and want to keep yourself. It is a brand that provides pleasure the whole way through, by the purchasing process of deciding on an exceptional jar into the sipping of what is inside.

Each bottle of Clase Azul is hand-crafted and independently painted, which makes this beverage quite literally one-of-a-kind. All these gorgeous bottles are well-deserving of a central place from the liquor cabinet.

Clase Azul raises expectations with its focus on detail on the exterior, and all these expectations are fulfilled regarding sipping the relaxed tequila.

This jar is very literally at a league of its own, produced in numbered batches of 100 each time, which can be quickly bought by collectors. Each jar is aged for five decades in ex-sherry casks from Spain before being bottled and sold. The top quality inside is also observable away from the pot: hands painted with platinum, a silver agave medallion plus a tag applied with 24-karat gold.

15. Patrón

What Patrón produces is of superior quality. The brand is well known for being available to both tequila fans and beginners of their soul, using a welcoming array of bottles to match every taste. It is a versatile brand that somehow keeps a small company mentality while promoting tens of thousands of bottles.

Patrón’s production group comprises a small 30 individuals, who combine their personal experience to make among the planet’s most-loved tequilas. Each one of the newest creations is all created in Hacienda Patrón, home to the distillery as 1989.

The Roca array of spirits identifies people produced in smaller batches with much greater attention to detail. For a great all-around tequila, the Roca Patrón Reposado is absolutely a powerful option. It is balanced and smooth, with hints of cocoa, timber, cooked agave, and citrus.

This Reposado is aged for three months in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. Anticipate vanilla sweetness, powerful agave notes, and a touch of chocolate on the nose.

16. Espolòn

Espolòn, a part of this Campari America household, is an economical tequila alternative that still contrasts with agave and spice notes. The distillery, situated in the Highlands of Jalisco, cooks the piñas in contemporary autoclaves rather than standard ovens.

The tequila is then dried in the column, and pot stills, along with the old expressions, utilize smaller virgin American oak barrels using a milder No. 2 char, even though the añejo is rested for an extra two months in greatly charred barrels that once held Wild Turkey (also a portion of their Campari household ). In general, Espolòn is a good alternative if you’re trying to find a reliable tequila that does not cost much.

17. Milagro

Milagro is a comparatively recent addition to the tequila globe, made by two friends in 1997. They had a fantastic quantity of foresight regarding this group’s future prevalence, and William Grant and Sons bought the brand from 2006. Milagro bottles are immediately familiar tall, slick, contemporary looking, and distinct from any other tequila demonstration on the market.

The liquid inside is tender and slightly floral, with notes of spice and sweetness. Along with this core lineup, the Select Barrel Reserve range (obsolete in both American and French oak), Unico II, a mix of silver and green tequila filtered to eliminate the color.

Tequila Brands FAQs


1. What is the smoothest tequila?

The most bizarre tequila is often considered Ocho Añejo, an estate-grown soul brand that bears the name of their first ‘Tequila classic.’ The Añejo is wealthy and vegetal with vanilla and caramel notes and is obsolete in ex-American whiskey barrels for a year.

2. What is the best quality tequila?

Among the highest superior tequila brands on the market is Casa Noble. It is organic-certified, releases exceptional, single-barrel offerings, and is well-known for its consistently trustworthy crisp, flavorful tequilas.

3. What is the best tequila for shots?

The best tequila for shots would be Milagro Silver Tequila. Despite the low price point, it is a fun tequila that goes down readily and functions as an ideal staple at the liquor cabinet. It is smooth and powerful, with sour citrus notes and a touch of spicy black pepper.

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