Top 11 Best Top Freezer Refrigerators Brand In 2020

Top 11 Best Top Freezer Refrigerator In 2020
A fridge is just one of the home appliances you can not live without. It is probably the most expensive thing in your kitchen, making it even more important to pick wisely. If you seek to have the best bang for the dollar, a leading freezer fridge is a thing to do.

However, you have to choose the kind, ability, complete, and features. And there are longer-term concerns, including durability and energy efficiency. With so many alternatives to pick from, it may make looking for a fridge overpowering.

You will feel far more confident if you enter it with a transparent comprehension of what you’re searching for. That is why we at BestReviews have assembled this purchasing guide. DADONG will walk you through each of the significant considerations so you can find the Best Top Freezer Refrigerator to match your kitchen.



Refrigerators are available in many unique styles nowadays. Best cooler refrigerators have existed for a long time since this configuration provides a lot of storage capacity without taking up a great deal of floor area. Since these refrigerators have been in existence for such a long time, you may pick from a huge selection, so that you should not have difficulty finding one with all the end and features you desire.

The drawback of a freezer fridge is the doors open wide, so it may not fit quite well in a narrow area. You will also need to get accustomed to bending when you want to acquire something from the bottom plate.

Refrigerator capacity

Most conventional refrigerators have a capacity ranging from 15 to 33 cubic feet. A more compact version should be adequate for smaller families, but you may wish to decide on a bigger one if you have over four or five individuals in your dwelling. Consider your purchasing habits too. Should you purchase in bulk, you will probably require a refrigerator using a bigger capacity than somebody who belongs to the shop weekly.

Remember, the advertised capability is frequently a bit more than the usable storage capacity. If you are worried that the version you are considering could be too little, it is a fantastic idea to acquire a bigger size.


The finish can be an essential consideration, particularly if you’re attempting to fit your refrigerator into other kitchen appliances. Nowadays, most grills come in white, black, or stainless steel. If you consider stainless steel, then it is essential to be aware that some models reveal smudges over others. Usually, the costlier the fridge, the further smudge-proof the end.

Refrigerator organization

Most refrigerators have many adjustable shelves that you could adjust to accommodate things of all sizes. A fantastic refrigerator will have three or four shelves plus a few drawers at the bottom for extra storage.

Some refrigerators have humidity-controlled drawers that allow you to adjust the humidity level to assist food last longer manually. High humidity is preferable for leafy greens and other foods that are sensitive to moisture reduction. In contrast, low humidity is best for fruits and veggies, not as prone to shedding moisture.

Ice maker

Many top freezer models include a built-in ice manufacturer, which means you don’t need to mess about with ice cube trays. This is a fairly standard feature in most modern freezer models so that you should not have a problem locating top freezers fridge, which has you.

Due to those refrigerators’ design, don’t expect to come across any which have a built-in ice or water dispenser at the door of the fridge. This feature is generally only found on side-by-side dishwashers.

Energy efficiency

New refrigerators tend to be more energy-efficient than ever. Still, a few shoppers continue to be worried about just how much a brand new refrigerator will affect their monthly electrical bill. It is possible to find a feeling of just how much energy a fridge uses by taking a look at the version’s Energy Guide label.

This measures how much power the fridge will utilize in a year and estimates how much this will cost you. Additionally, it provides you with a feeling of just how that specific version stacks up against other refrigerators.

If energy efficiency is an essential concern for you, start looking for a fridge with an Energy Star rating. This implies that the specific version is one of the top 25% energy-efficient refrigerators available on the market.


Refrigerators should continue for several decades, and given the price tag, you would like to make confident the model you pick is going to hold up well with time. As soon as it’s impossible to forecast how long your fridge will survive, you can find a feeling of how well your firm stands behind its products by taking a look at the guarantee.

A number of the very best refrigerators have a guarantee of at least ten years on the compressor. Others offer you a one-year warranty. A more extended guarantee is better because when the fridge breaks throughout this time, it will be repaired or replaced at no expense. Otherwise, you may wind up spending a couple of hundred bucks on a fix or coughing up the money to get a brand new refrigerator altogether.

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3 Tips for Purchasing The Best Cooler Refrigerator

Check out the lighting.

LED lighting is glowing (also, it does not set out heat like other bulb types) and energy-efficient. Not all leading freezers have a deep freezer, so listen to this attribute also if you’d like it.

Shelving options.

A refrigerator company is a significant element. Half-width and full-width deli drawers may provide suitable storage for lunch and other things that could otherwise have pushed into the back of the refrigerator or piled up. Some versions include a full-width door shelving.

Some offer you half-width adjustable door bins, which marginally cut down on total capacity but provide you more flexibility for quite high products. Consider the pain points of your present or previous top freezer version and determine if these new versions address them!

Look closely at measurements.

Should you want a top freezer fridge mainly because other fridge designs just will not fit in the area you have available, remember that a number of the larger capacity versions could be wider, thicker, and taller than ordinary.

Top Rated Best Top Freezer Refrigerators Review

Top Rated Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator Review

1. Whirlpool 18 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

To get a highly-rated top-freezer fridge that is middle of this line both concerning size and price, you can not go wrong using this particular product from Whirlpool. This version boasts a number of handy features, and its reasonable price tag will not break your bank.

This fridge is 28″ x 67″ x 31″ and contains an 18 cubic foot capacity which could hold approximately 18 bags of markets –perfect for couples or tiny families. The appliance has a digital temperature controller for both the refrigerator and freezer parts, and its LED interior lighting ensures you’ll always know just what’s inside. There’s a Flexi-slide for custom storage alternatives, along with two crisper drawers and adjustable door storage.

Reviewers say this top-freezer fridge is much more spacious than expected, and nearly all agree it is a fantastic value for the purchase price. Several people stated their appliances had been damaged upon delivery, but the maker could fix or replace it.

2. Magic Chef 10.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

As previously mentioned, these brands products are astoundingly inexpensive as a result of their simple design. You may also get one of those appliances for a few hundred bucks, such as the Magic Chef 10.1 cu. Ft. Top Cooler Refrigerator is a top-rated model that costs less than several popular contemporary refrigerators.

This refrigerator is 24″ x 60″ x 26″ with just over ten cubic feet. The power is on the smaller side, so this is probably not the ideal appliance for prominent families, but it is great for smaller kitchens and households. The inside features crisper, adjustable shelves, an in-door can holder, and a wire shelf in the freezer. You may control the temperature together with the flexible electronic temperature controller system, and reviewers say this is an excellent little refrigerator that arrives at an unbeatable cost.

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3. LG Electronics 23.8 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

If your budget is slightly larger, you can find a contemporary, spacious top-freezer fridge that will serve your entire family well for several decades. The LG Electronics 23.8 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator is expensive (especially with this kind of fridge ), but it is still tens of thousands of dollars less than other fashions.

This appliance is 33″ x 68.5″ x 33″, using an astonishing 24 cubic foot capacity, making it a top pick for families. Besides digital temperature controllers, this fridge includes a built-in ice manufacturer and three full-width shelves, crisper bins, a cafe, adjustable door storage, and much more.

It is Energy Star-certified, and reviewers say it appears slick and contemporary in their kitchens. Many adore how broad the inside is, noting all of the shelves are incredibly heavy, letting you store a whole lot more than the usual side-by-side refrigerator would.

4. LG Electronics 11.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

If your fridge area is in-between your kitchen counters, you might want a counter-depth appliance that seamlessly blends in your tables and benches. As an example, the LG Electronics 11.1 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator is just 26″ deep, allowing it to sit flush with regular counters and counters.

This appliance is 24″ wide and 66.5″ tall with an 11 cubic ft capacity. It features a full-width cabinet stall, humidity-controlled crisper, LED lights, and a shallow decibel operation. Reviewers say that even though it is not the very spacious model available on the current market, it is aesthetically pleasing, efficiently priced, and meets clients’ needs.

5. Haier 11.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

In case you’ve got a bloated kitchen or are searching for a refrigerator to get a rental house, a little flat, or break space, then you may want a compact version such as the Haier 11.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator. This appliance has all of the features you require, such as the designated top-mounted freezer area, but it is considerably more compact than other versions.

This product is merely 24″ x 60″ x 23″ and has 11.6 cubic feet. Despite its reduced dimensions, it includes two full-width door bins, glass shelves, crisper drawers, and also a crystal clear drawer that will assist you in storing all of your groceries. Moreover, you can correct the door refrigerator to swing right or left, which helps to accommodate tight spaces. Reviewers agree that if you’re trying to find a small fridge to your area, this version is just one of the most significant units money can purchase.

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6. Magic Chef 4.5 CU. Ft. Double Door Mini Refrigerator

On the lookout for a fridge and freezer to set in your garage? Whether you only need more storage area or are attempting to deck outside your workshop, the most Magic Chef 4.5 CU. Ft. Double Door Mini Refrigerator is the thing to do.

This appliance measures 19″ x 45″ x 19″ and contains a 4.5 cubic foot capacity. It’s a designated refrigerator and freezer. It provides all the same features of a full-size refrigerator, such as vegetable crisper drawers, full-width shelves, door bins, and much more. This mini-fridge is Energy Star certified, and reviewers concur it is fantastic for another refrigerator in the garage or other small area.

7. LG LTCS24223S

Let’s start things off with a top freezer model from LG. LG is an Asian consumer electronics manufacturer that was set up in 1947. They’re among the most well-known producers of TVs and another home electronic equipment, but they also create some fantastic appliances! They’re a JD Power Award Winner for Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Top-Mount Freezer Refrigerators” and have won numerous JD Power awards to get their kitchen appliances!

Among the top freezer, refrigerator versions are your LG LTCS24223S, a 33″ full version having an impressive 23.8 cubic ft capacity. The inside features humidity-controlled crispers and a Glide N’ Serve cabinet, all lit with glowing and energy-efficient LED panels.

This version sells in black rustproof steel at $1,299, stainless at $1,199, and whitened at $1,099. The guarantee covers one-year parts and labor plus seven years on the sealed system. If you’re searching for a few of the biggest top freezer refrigerators available on the current market, this choice from LG has among the most excellent significant freezer capabilities out there!


  • Refrigerator capacity: 17.6 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 6.2 cubic feet
  • Factory-installed icemaker
  • Energy Star rated
  • LED light
  • Full-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin


  • Length: 32.75″
  • Length: 33.4″
  • Height: 67.9″

8. Samsung RT18M6215SR

Next up is a version from Samsung. Even though you might be more acquainted with Samsung’s smartphones, TVs, and another household electronic equipment, they also offer you an impressive collection of appliances! The Samsung RT18M6215SR is an Energy Star rated top freezer fridge with a few fantastic features that will assist you to update your kitchen.

This fridge comes with an 18 cubic foot capacity in a 30″ width and flexible refrigerator shelves, making space for taller items. The slide and also reach pantry keeps your favorite snacks in easy access, and it is all illuminated with crisp, bright LED lighting. The FlexZone freezer could be converted into additional refrigerator distance, which might be convenient if you are getting ready for a celebration or maintaining your frozen items in an upright fridge or chest freezer.

Fantastic for smaller families and many different families, this top freezer fridge is offered at Samsung black stainless steel at $949, white at $749, rustproof steel at $849. It’s slim 30″ width makes it a fantastic selection for kitchens with limited space!


  • Refrigerator capacity: 12.7 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 4.9 cubic feet
  • Factory-installed icemaker
  • FlexZone freezer could be converted into the additional fresh food area
  • LED light
  • Energy Star rated
  • Topical Cooling System, which helps stop spoiling and freezer burn
  • Reversible door


  • Length: 28.75″
  • Length: 31.9″
  • Height: 66.75″

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9. Maytag MRT311FFFZ

Another fantastic top freezer that you consider is derived from Maytag. Maytag is owned by Whirlpool, mixing their individual storied histories in washing machines and other appliances into one! The Maytag MRT311FFFZ is a 33″ wide top freezer refrigerator using a 21 cubic foot capacity along with also the unique PowerCold attribute to help cool down markets that have heated up throughout the trip between the shop and the kitchen.

The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel complete alternative is a beautiful way to receive that bright rustproof steel beam with fewer smudges and marks. Additionally, it is available in rustproof steel for a more glossy finish than conventional rustproof steel. Prices started at $1,099 for fingerprint resistant stainless steel, $1,049 for average rustproof steel, and $949 for white or black.

Another notable bonus is that the ten-year limited parts warranty on the compressor to complete it off! If you’re trying to find the very best top freezer fridge with no icemaker, this choice out of Maytag keeps it secure.


  • Refrigerator capacity: 14.42 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 6.09 cubic feet
  • BrightSeries LED light
  • Optional ice maker kit available (not pre-installed)
  • Up-front digital temperature controls for easy adjustments
  • Full-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin


  • Length: 32.75″
  • Length: 30.6″
  • Height: 65.5″

10. Frigidaire FFTR2021TD

Next up is an excellent version from Frigidaire. Frigidaire is the US subsidiary of Electrolux and has existed since 1918. Depending on the title, you can probably guess they specialized in grills early!

Among their finest top freezer fridge offerings for 2020 is that the Frigidaire FFTR2021TD is available in stainless steel at $999, stainless steel at $899, and in black or white at $799. If you would like to find out more about the newest black, rustproof steel color being supplied from Frigidaire and other manufacturers, read our informative article about black rustproof steel appliances.

Having an optional icemaker and single-knob temperature controller, this 20.4 cubic foot fridge isn’t hard to control. It uses incandescent light instead of the higher-tech LED lighting accessible in specific newer fridge models but has the slick appearance and color coordination we expect from contemporary refrigerators.

The Frigidaire Store-More layout makes it possible to get the most from the fridge. The black and stainless steel color possibilities available mean you can make the most of this slick, high-end appearance when you update your appliances. This model is not Energy Star ranked but remains more effective than your average older fridge!


  • Refrigerator capacity: 15.3 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 5.1 cubic feet
  • Optional ice maker (not pre-installed)
  • Reversible door
  • Half-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin
  • Incandescent lighting


  • Length: 29.6″
  • Length: 31.75″
  • Height: 69″

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The following version that produced our list of the six finest top freezer refrigerator versions for 2020 is from GE Appliances. GE has a claim to fame using Thomas Edison being among its first founders in 1892. With its origins in all things electric, in addition, it provides a wonderful selection of appliances.

This specific version, the GE GTE17GSNRSS, is a beautiful alternative if you need a brief top freezer fridge. It is not the biggest available on the current market, but with a height of just under 65,” it can be a terrific alternative for spaces which can not adapt the numerous toaster which is 67″ to 70″ tall.

In 16.6 cubic feet, it is the smallest potential refrigerator in our inspection, and could probably work best for families of 2-3 individuals. It’s the inside storage choices people appear to enjoy, namely a half-width deli drawer and a clear dairy bin. The frost-free freezer includes a sleek flooring, so cleanup is more straightforward.

GE’s 14-18 cubic foot refrigerators were voted #1 in Quality and Dependability at a 2016 independent research by the Stevenson Company. Check out this version must provide when exploring new refrigerators. It comes in stainless steel, black, white, or white, starting at $739.


  • Refrigerator capacity: 12.6 cubic feet
  • Freezer capacity: 4 cubic feet
  • Optional icemaker kit (not pre-installed)
  • Half-width deli drawer and a transparent dairy bin
  • Energy Star rated
  • ADA compliant


  • Length: 28″
  • Length: 32.6″
  • Height: 64.75″

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Top Freezer Refrigerator FAQs

Top Freezer Refrigerator FAQs

1. Why are top freezer refrigerators cheaper?

Since the compressor which produces heat when working to maintain the refrigerator and freezer cool is situated beneath the device, it requires more energy to maintain a bottom freezer optimal storage temperatures. A leading freezer, on the other hand, is situated away from the compressor and utilizes about 10-25percent less energy.

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2. Do bottom freezer refrigerators have more problems?

While the lowest freezer versions provide easier access to new things, frozen food will probably be harder to achieve. Even assisted by a drawer-style freezer, you will still need to bend down to catch what you would like.

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3. Are bottom freezer refrigerators better?

Bottom-mounted freezers frequently have slide-out drawers, making it much easier to arrange, store, and get your food. These slide-out drawers allow you to optimize your available space far better than freezers using one doorway.

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