Best Vegetable Peeler 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Vegetable Peeler Review 2020

Regardless of what level you are at when it comes to cooking, every kitchen requires a vegetable peeler. From paring carrots, allow me to tell you I use mine nearly daily!

Not only are those necessary, but they’re also cheap, but giving you no excuse to not own one or two in your kitchen!

If you are now on the market for a brand-new version, then you are in luck. Now I will have an in-depth look at the top 15 Best Vegetable Peelers available on the current market and help you make the best choice for the kitchen.



There are two distinct styles of vegetable peelers we will be considering, the Y and the Swivel kind. I’d say, one of the house cooks, the swivel design is much more popular. They usually possess a vertical blade that’s utilized by moving your hands back and forth on the produce.

On the other hand, the Y-Peeler has a flat blade and can be used by beginning at the base and peeling skin. This move is somewhat tricky until you get accustomed to it.

Home cooks tend to enjoy the aerodynamic layout since it is simpler to wear and feels natural. Individuals from the restaurant and food sector like their versions, as they are often more prepared to devote time adjusting to the various movements. They also state these are sharper and may save time.

Other people often keep both types available for different tasks and frequently utilize the Y style only for curry skin elimination. The Y variant also tends to become user-friendly for left-handed people.

Let us look at some kinds of the two types of peelers below, and you’ll be able to choose which style is the most useful for you.



Possessing the ideal vegetable peeler can give you a fun farming encounter. On account of the many alternatives available, we’ve assembled this buyer’s guide to steer you in the ideal direction.

Below is a list of attributes that Can Help You in your search:


The two chief kinds of vegetable peelers you need to understand would be the Swivel and Y peelers. The swivel peeler includes a vertical blade that you use with a back and forth motion. On the other hand, they kind has a horizontal edge that you utilize to peel from top to bottom.

Of the two, the swivel peeler is generally simpler to use and considerably sharper. The Y peeler can be utilized mainly for curry skin elimination. Whichever type of peeler you decide on will depend on your preparation requirements.


Numerous blades are used for vegetable peelers. They may be ceramic, stainless steel, or carbon steel. The stainless steel version is the popular option as the ceramic ones tend to break easily, along with also the carbon blades may rust faster.


It would help if you indeed had a lasting peeler to receive your product’s value. You would like it to be hardy and effective at getting you through ample meal preparations. Being the case, be sure that you pick out a vegetable peeler made from high-quality substances, and that may endure for quite a very long moment.


If purchasing any product, you expect it to function as it claims to. On this note, avoid priced peelers that are poorly equipped. Though they may operate, they never are constructed to survive or be completely effective. It would be smart to consider a peeler which won’t clog and save time rather than adding to your kitchen mess.

These are just a few things to consider. For good chefs, taking the opportunity to investigate and learn about the resources they need is the difference in buying a product that may help them produce quality foods.

Another suggestion that proves rewarding is looking for people who have expertise in vegetable peelers. Using your social networking normally will direct you to obtain a notion about everything you want and desire, even if it’s for the very best potato peeler or the very best julienne peeler.

Top Rated Best Vegetable Peeler

Top Rated Best Vegetable Peelers


I nearly missed this product, as it appears so much like the one I discuss above, but do not be fooled that they aren’t similar. I did a little research, and it ends up that OXO did a tiny case study in which they saw users utilize the product above and gathered user feedback.

With that advice, they made this improved version and the better choice. With this Pro version, the blade is sharper and replaceable! Numerous reviewers said that this choice could also be far comfier than the typical offering (which can be very good, and precisely what I use).


  • It has been upgraded, and generally, that means it has been improved.
  • Sharper blade
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Replaceable blade
  • Metal potato eye remover


Sticking with the OXO brand, I wished to have a look at their version of a Y-peeler. I instantly saw that this version isn’t quite as popular, but I am quite intrigued by the Y layout. In my house, we have consistently needed the swivel variety. And I must say, after viewing a movie of the apparatus peeling off butternut squash, so easily, I believe both kinds of peelers might only have an area in my kitchen!

This version does not disappoint when it comes to relaxation. One home cook clarifies how much simpler the vacations are with this apparatus, paring root veggies to get a significant crowd-free of hand cramps. Nearly all users locate that the blade to be somewhat sharp, which I considered a bonus when picking in my buy. That was having been said, and it is a lot easier to cut yourself if you are not cautious, which one consumer did state occurred.


  • Sharp- cuts through rough skin such as butternut squash with precision.
  • A brand you can count on if you are not satisfied or it breaks, OXO will replace it or refund your money.
  • No clogging. I see that some cases are built badly, and also, the skin has trapped in the torso, which is not the case with this one.
  • Dishwasher safe


OXO prides itself on relaxation, and this instance is no exception. Its handle was created with a soft rubberized handle so that it matches gently on your hand, and consumers agree that this is the instrument for you if you have a great deal of celery! One professional cook reported paring over 100 potatoes per day for this peeler for six decades!

Most professional cooks appear to prefer the layout. Still, I discovered this OXO variant is highly commended between the two home cooks and professionals, which pretty much sealed the deal for me.

This version is created with a sharp stainless steel blade peeling potatoes, oranges, carrots, and lots of other hard produce.

It is also the swivel variety, which makes it shapes to some surface. One user said her favorite part of this OXO is that the accuracy and speed with which she could peel potatoes.


  • Little in size – that this product weighs in at two-ounce
  • Durable – just one user reported using this version for 7 Decades, and it works great
  • Dishwasher safe – whatever that does not need to be cleaned is a plus in my book.
  • Built-in potato eyer – which makes it easier to peel potatoes rather than squander the True potato
  • Appropriate for righties and lefties
  • Stainless steel blade – you do not have to worry about the blade splitting if it is dropped or rust
  • A brand you can count on – If you are not satisfied or breaks, OXO will replace it or refund your money.


This blade is remarkably popular with food sector professionals. So many consumers in the business rave about how this is the only version they use or may use. This is any layout. Therefore it’s the flat blade, and it is among the few models using a steel blade.

That having been said, the blade may rust if you are not cautious, but it is very sharp!

All these peelers can be found in a 3-pack on, and they’re incredibly reasonable. This one also comes in fun colors, which I must say, the couple brilliant kitchen tools I’ve (such as a purple knife) appear to get used more frequently than the dull black and stainless steel ones. If intense bright colors are not enough to dazzle for you, you will find polka dot versions out there!


  • Food business quality – it is a Fantastic indication when professional chefs are advocating this product
  • Carbon steel blade – extra-sharp blade which does not dull
  • Cheap
  • It comes in vivid colors – which makes it more enjoyable to use!


When I saw Precision Kitchenware’s that I thought, Wow, this is an amazing tool. It is silver, and it seems like it’s all of the bells and whistles. This is just another Y layout. It is the best selling model on Amazon. 1 user stated, eventually, a well-made vegetable peeler that is important to me personally and that I envision is also for you.

This one also includes a julienne attribute. Therefore it’s a jagged edge on one side of the blade for this use, in addition to a smooth side of the blade to get regular vegetable skin elimination. Some consumers reported that the advantage makes it somewhat hard to clean and use, but it is nothing that a toothbrush can not resolve.

This device also includes a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks or is unhappy with it, you can return it or receive a refund with no hassle.


  • Popularity – the best selling model on Amazon, usually a Fantastic sign
  • Sharp – many users love just how sharp and fast that this blade is
  • Lifetime guarantee – you can return this if it breaks or if you are not satisfied.

6. OXO Good Grips Pro Y Peeler

Certainly, OXO’s Pro lineup has mastered peelers because it was our favorite one of the Y peelers we analyzed. Similarly to the standard peeler, this Y peeler features a super-sharp stainless steel blade that could handle harder jobs like carrots and potatoes in 1 swipe, but also it can take off the peel with more delicate apples.

Like its counterpart, it’s an eye for blemished pieces. The no-slip the cushioned grip is more ergonomic and comfortable. When you have completed handling your produce, throw this peeler directly in the dishwasher.

7. Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

Three Y peelers for $10 is just a great deal if they operate and these instruments provide. Do not allow the vivid colors and smaller dimensions fool you: All these little workhorses possess carbon-steel blades, which are super sharp, and the smaller size makes them easier to grip if you happen to have smaller hands.

They function better on more challenging jobs like jagged carrots and potatoes, carrying a little more off the apple than pricier versions, but it is a small price to cover, well, such a nominal cost. The carbon steel blades may corrode easily, so it is ideal to hand-wash and dry these peelers.

8. Messermeister Pro-Touch Serrated Swivel Peeler

An excellent serrated peeler may make eliminating warts from thin-skinned things like berries and tomatoes quick and straightforward, eliminating the requirement to parboil the produce. This version features a comparatively large arch between the blade and the peeler’s cover, which left peeling a massive tomato simpler.

The peel had space to maneuver throughout the arch, reducing the necessity to stop and begin the peeling process. Therefore it had been fuss-free and productive. The stainless steel blade is sharp and durable; the clasp is soft and comfy, along with the peeler is dishwasher safe.


The Spring Chef Swivel boasts an ergonomic design that is lightweight enough to use for individuals with arthritis. If peeling becomes a regular part of your life, then that could become your premium choice.

It features super-sharp double stainless-steel blades. On the flip side, the aerodynamic design guarantees easy peeling. Concerning operation, this peeler had no problems. It will take consistent peels and may skin vegetables easily.

Additional features include the built-in blemish remover as well as the Smooth Glide Technology. The deal is non-slip and useable for both correct and left-handed users. Additionally, it has a hook enabling you to keep it easy.

Though the layout sounds fantastic, it can occasionally become awkward to maintain if your hands tend to be smaller or more significant than the average-sized hands. Another little concern is that the protective plastic strip that is about the blade. Should you neglect to take out the ribbon, then the peeler becomes inoperable.


  • Smooth and simple peeling
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight materials


  • Awkward layout for certain customers


The UberChef UC-JP101 Julienne Peeler is a highly rated peeler made for both amateur cooks and professional chefs. Concerning functionality, it’s among the most attractive tools readily available in the marketplace.

It utilizes high-quality stainless steel with brushed alloy. In terms of the blades, they’re super sharp and capable of peeling varying thicknesses by pressing harder. It’s also dishwasher safe, making for simple cleaning.

The design parameters of this tool are exceptional, perhaps not too tight or too loose. Furthermore, it has thicker, thicker blades, eliminating the chance of deflection. It’s two blades offering flexibility and multifunction when paring all sorts of vegetables.

It will require some getting used to if peeling, particularly in some specific angles. As a result of this, the instrument may not be perfect for large quantities of work.


  • Super sharp blades
  • Ability to pare varying thickness
  • Versatile and Simple to Use


  • Overly sharp, not for child’s use
  • Requires right fishing


The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler is a popular vegetable peeler for homeowners and food industry professionals. It’s a prized model everybody is raving about, including any design.

The instrument is famous for being among those few peelers with a carbon steel blade. This vegetable peeler can be found in a convenient 3-in-1 package for a low price. Additionally, every one of those peelers comes in fun, bright colors.

This Swiss peeler includes a layout perfect for proper and left-hand use. The blades are super sharp and stay like that. It has been discovered to reduce better than several peelers of its budget. Apart from a vegetable peeler, also, it includes a suitable potato eye remover.

One thing to remember is it is not dishwasher safe. It is suggested to be cleaned and dried just.


  • Super sharp carbon steel blades
  • Brightly colored options
  • 3-piece handy package deal
  • Reasonable Price


  • Non-dishwasher secure


The KitchenAid Euro Peeler belongs to the record of high-quality vegetable peelers. Among those matters, cooks concern yourself with is that their tool’s getting rusty. This is really where this peeler is sold in.

Constructed to be hardy and resistant to rust, and this vegetable peeler is dependable in strength. The peeler is proven to slide nicely and is capable of peeling skins out of the roughest vegetables. Out of what users say, it will not clog. Thus there’s not any worry about additional work in cleaning it.

It’s a handle with a comfortable, secure grip, which creates a super simple peeling movement. Another noteworthy characteristic of the peeler is that the compact dimensions. This permits homeowners to shop conveniently. While in storage, it’s a plastic sheath, it is possible to utilize for blade protection.

For many users, the peeler has a larger grip than usual and maybe awkward to use.


  • Sharp blades for peeling demanding vegetables
  • Compact size
  • Vinyl sheath for blade protection


  • Clunky texture
  • No potato blemish or eye remover


The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Y Peeler is a kitchen tool perfect for novices. It employs a ceramic blade created in the Kyocera’s patented zirconia material. The substance is famous for its exceptional quality, making certain the tool does nicely peel off the toughest skins.

The blade boasts of being ultra-sharp and stated to keep its advantage 10x more than the typical steel blade. Among the noteworthy features of this Kyocera, the peeler is both side-eye corers. It makes it fast and straightforward to eliminate blemishes any vegetable off.

The ceramic Y peeler can also be lightweight and super simple to wash. Since it utilizes Kyocera’s proprietary substance, it had been found resistant to rust and acids. Apart from being a peeler of veggies, it may triple your obligation by assisting shave cheese pieces.

One concern is that the blade being exceptionally sharp. This may be quite dangerous for kids.


  • Unbelievably sharp blade
  • Rust-proof and lightweight
  • Multifunctional


  • Too sharp that additional caution Is Essential

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Updated kitchen tools are something each homeowner enjoys. In such scenarios, the Linden Sweden Jonas may just be the great small-sized lightweight peeler. Additionally, it helps save time when prepping meals by behaving as a multifunctional instrument.

Of its features, the most notable one is the razor-sharp blades. It’s among these peelers effective at producing thin as well as peels. This is a result of its precision aerodynamic design. It is this layout that makes it slide effortlessly round grooves and lumps of vegetable surfaces.

The peeler also includes a slender, comfortable handle that fits nicely on your own hands. It makes it suitable to be used by both left and right-handed users. It’s relatively simple to wash as it is compact, and of course, being dishwasher safe.

Consumers might not enjoy its handle since it’s relatively hollow and thin. This could be tough to grasp for demanding vegetable peelings or for prolonged peeling intervals.


  • Super sharp, sturdy blades
  • Compact layout


  • The handle might not feel comfortable Occasionally.

15. Honsen Stainless Steel

Hansen’s features a sleek and ergonomic design. The stainless steel blades are sharp and also comprise double-sided blemish removers. The rubber grip is comfortable to grasp, and it will not feel bulky in your hand. This product is lightweight, so it’s easy to move around irregularly-shaped vegetables. You may wash this peeler from the dishwasher, but it may rust if left for a long time. The open layout makes it effortless to wash after use.

Pros: The sharp blades and standard shape can cut back on the peeling period. The double blemish-removers work well for both correct and left-handed users.

Cons: The blossom’s removers are flat instead of curved so that they could get stuck inside the vegetable.

Vegetable Peeler FAQs


1. Do vegetable peelers get dull?

Most do not even detect their peelers beginning to dull. Still, as soon as you give this suggestion a try, you will dig much less resistance because you take on curry following potato, lettuce following a carrot this vacation season. The identical trick could be applied to almost any metallic grater or blade in your kitchen.

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2. Can you sharpen a vegetable peeler?

Use a metal nail file to sharpen a dull vegetable peeler. To sharpen the blade’s base side, then move the file back and forth between the blades, maintaining the document at precisely the same angle as the blade. Then sharpen the very best side by turning over the blade and repeating the process.

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3. How do you clean a peeler?

Easy to Clean: Once utilizing our peeler, set it in the dishwasher or wash it under the faucet. If the food gets trapped in this peeler’s slot, we can easily wash it with our small brush.

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Nowadays, there are many products in the industry that it may appear impossible to estimate the ideal vegetable peeler. Within this review, we’ve given you significant variables to consider and the top 15 products for 2020.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what to search to possess the ideal vegetable peeler to suit your requirements. Additionally, we have also included peelers with technical features that could serve a particular function. You will find that using the very best potato peeler and also the very best julienne peeler on your arsenal of kitchen gear may someday prove very handy.

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