Top 15 Best Wood Cutting Board Review 2020

Best Wood Cutting Board

A cutting board behaves at any given time as a chopping block, food prep surface, or working channel sometimes all three. So it is critical that this can not live without kitchen attachment is made from durable cloth.

Pro chefs swear by timber since it is more impact resistant and resistant than vinyl, gentler on blades compared to bamboo, and more economical than granite or marble. However, not all kinds of timber are exceptional alternatives. While purchasing a cutting board for your home cooking area, be aware that wood species manage to chop better than many others. Are you search for the best wooden cutting board. Keep reading DADONG will help you to find out the answer to the best wood cutting board.

wood for cutting boards

What to search for in wood for cutting boards

Consider the following key characteristics of a timber species before deciding about the best wood to the cutting board or butcher block:

Janka hardness rating

The higher the hardness score of a timber (quantified in pounds-force or lbf), the more robust and more resistant it’s to scratches, dents, or dings of knives. Elect for hardwoods like walnut softwoods like pine; the former generally have a higher hardness score and are less damage-prone than lower-rated softwoods.


Pick closed-grain forests (pores invisible to the naked eye) to maintain liquid or germs from penetrating the cutting edge surface and lead to mold growth, wood warping, or stains the more significant the pores, the higher. Open-grained forests (pores observable) such as pine and ash are a terrible option because they soak up moisture like a sponge and become a breeding ground for germs.


Stick to forests that produce edible fruits, nuts, leaves, or sap; those are all considered to be food-safe. While appealing, exotic woods such as Purple Heart should be prevented as they frequently contain toxins that may Leach from the timber and into the food set on the leading surface.


Food-grade mineral oil should be used to timber cutting boards and butcher blocks to curb wood’s natural inclination to shrink and warp or split as encircling humidity declines. Ordinarily, you ought to condition quarterly after cleansing wooden cutting boards, but a few forests shrink over others, which means you would want to acrylic these forests more often.


The costs of store-bought cutting surfaces differ widely depending upon the timber used to create them. Ordinarily, cutting boards drop at the end of the ranges and butcher blocks in the end. (Or you could shop to your hardwood by yourself and make a more DIY cutting board that reflects your style).

Top Best Wood Cutting Board

Top Best Wood Cutting Board Brands 2020

The BoardSmith Maple Carolina Slab Butcher Block

A nice bit of woodwork, this walnut end-grain plank from The BoardSmith is thick, durable, and gets all of the details right. It has been time-tested by the writer for three-plus decades of heavy house use. Thus we understand that with proper maintenance, this board may survive. It is available in many different useful sizes, also by default has ft attached. However, you can ask for them to be left (it is also possible to add juice and other customizations( if desirable ).

Brooklyn Butcher Block End-Grain Maple Cutting Board

With possibly the most beautiful end of all of the boards we tested, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks walnut end-grain plank is well made. It comes in 1 inventory dimensions of 12 by 18 inches, but custom orders are possible, as are additional details such as a juice and indented side grips.

Brooklyn Butcher Block Long-Grain Maple Cutting Board

Cheaper than an end-grain plank, this edge-grain variety from Brooklyn Butcher Block is lighter and thinner, but still sturdy and well made. It will wear off your blade quicker than its end-grain counterpart ever-so-slightly, and it’s going take on deeper scratches more easily. Still, in exchange, you get a board that needs to be more resistant to splitting and warping over time, and this can be great if you are unlikely to oil it frequently.

Ironwood Gourmet Acacia End-Grain Prep Station

In a fraction of the boards above’ expense, this acacia end-grain cutting board will do its work more than enough. We have given this new year of dwelling and test-kitchen usage, and also our board barely looks different from when they came from the box. The more difficult acacia wood will probably be a bit less tender in your knife blades, but not too much that you ought to rule it out.

John Boos Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Reversible Cutting Board

This John Boos cutting board is significant, and that means that you won’t feel as it is slip-sliding about in your countertop, but it is not heavy or awkward. Made in wood, this appealing cutting board is tasteful enough to use to function pancakes and meats, but it’s also a workhorse in the kitchen. You can flip it over to use the flip hand if you want a new cutting surface as it is reversible.

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

The most important benefit of plastic cutting boards is the ability to pop it in the dishwasher safe after use (a timber cutting board will crack and deteriorate with dishwasher usage ). 1 facet of the OXO cutting board has grooves around the borders to catch liquids until they operate in your countertops, also rubber grips so the board will not slip around in your kitchen countertops.

J.K. Adams Big Reversible Maple Carving Board

You’ll discover lots of features in this cutting board, which makes it a fantastic fit for carving meat such as grooves at the board’s surface and a small incline to one side so the juices that discharge out of meat all run right to one large nicely. This especially impressed our reviewer, usually setting her cutting board into a sheet pan to amass overflowing juices when she’s breaking; with this plank, she does not need to. This nicely also makes it effortless to spoon out the juices and utilize them for sauces or gravy.

Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Boards, Set of Four

A flexible cutting board makes transportation of sliced items simple, only lift and fold the edges to make a useful funnel to ship food into a bowl or pot. You are going to find a pair of four in vivid colors, each ideal for everyday use. These are rather sturdy for narrow boards, although their thinness makes them simple to keep in drawers or cabinets. Additionally, grip marks on one side of every cutting board prevent the cutting boards from slipping around.

Sonder Los Angeles Large Multipurpose American Walnut Wood Bar Board

This plank is a showstopper. It is created from American walnut with ornamental accents from walnut and cherry wood. You might leave this one in your counter instead of putting it in a cupboard to show it. Additionally, it is ideal for displaying food cheese lovers will realize that the board is perfect for serving cheese and charcuterie. That’s especially true because one side of the cutting board has a long groove that is ideal for a baguette or crackers or, “I especially liked how it seemed when it was stuffed with little bright red berries,” our tester states.

Thirteen Chefs Villa Acacia Wood Bar Board

If you have a little job brightens up a couple of garlic cloves, for example, or even quartering a carrot, it may feel like a nuisance to drag out a full-sized cutting board. Input the Villa Acacia wood bar board: the grain of this tropical hardwood is lovely. In just over half an inch thick and 12×9 inches in dimension, it is lightweight, ideal for smaller jobs, and can be easily stashed away in closets if not being used. Nevertheless, it’s also big enough to function as a plank for cutting and dividing massive parts of meat, lots of reviewers rave.

STGA Flexible Board Grade Plastic Kitchen Cutting Mat with Food Icons, Set of 4

If you seek to prevent cross-contamination or live with a person with dietary limitations, this pair of cutting boards will be convenient. Each is tagged with a familiar food pub. There is just one for lettuce, poultry, red meat, and fish. The icons give it an advantage over just having distinct colors as you won’t need to keep in mind that yellow is for poultry, whereas green is for veggies.

Proteak Teakhaus Rectangle Edge Grain Cutting Board with Hand Grip

After years of study, the Wirecutter people tested almost 30 timber, vinyl, composite, and plastic planks. They chose this one as the very best cutting board since it is fantastic, eco-friendly, and feels excellent beneath a knife, which is simple to maintain compared with other timber planks. (It keeps its satiny finish well.) It is an edge-grain board that is heavy enough to remain in place (12 lbs ) but not too thick you will struggle to maneuver it on your kitchen, and it has handles on the side to assist.

Teakhaus Large Wooden Rectangle Carving Board with Hand Grip

We are not going to try out to understand the pricing. Cook’s Illustrated chose a comparable board to Wirecutter’s selection (too Teakhaus), however, that one is a bit bigger and a couple of bucks cheaper. These edge-grain boards proceeds to win the best spot every time Cook’s Illustrated revisits their examining since it is smooth, perfectly tight (not too hard and not too soft), reversible, big yet light enough maneuver around, easy to keep, and much more. It is durable and resists cracking, flaking, and discoloration (again, since it is teak).

Bamboo Kauai Cutting Board

The writer of the Reviewed article has had this winning cutting board inside her kitchen for over five decades. She notes that it had the best sense and balance of all of the boards that they analyzed. Testers liked that it is bamboo, imagining that it is a sustainable, renewable source (though many men and women say it is much less eco-friendly as we believe ). Even though some people today say that bamboo is too tight and may dull the knives, the Reviewed testers did not find any noticeable dulling.

Royal Craft Wood Small Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Have a look at the record of best selling cutting boards on the Amazon, and you must get to the fifth choice till you discover a timber plank. However, this one has earned the”Amazon’s Choice” badge and over 1,000 five-star testimonials. Happy customers notice that it is even better in person than the internet listing indicates. It is sturdy and large (someone carved a seven-pound turkey onto it) and a juice groove.

Wood Grain Patterns

Selecting Between Wood Grain Patterns

Within the class of butcher, boards come, you will discover two layout kinds: end-grain and edge-grain. These cuts are not just for display; every pattern boasts another amount of durability.

Four to fifteen times more costly than edge-grain surfaces, end-grain cutting boards, and butcher blocks are produced by fusing cut wooden planks, so the short ends of these planks form a flat surface which faces upward. The cutting surface appears like a checkerboard containing the endings of a 2×4. Since the short ends of wooden planks are more fibrous and possess an open wood-cell arrangement, the cutting edge surface of an end-grain plank is thicker, more gentle in your knife, and gives a knife a much better grip during cutting-edge. Minor dents are often only temporary because the open wood-cell arrangement of the leading surface enables it to self-heal, i.e., spring back into shape following slight impressions are formed.

Edge-grain cutting surfaces are produced by fusing cut wooden planks, so the planks’ side edges form a flat surface that faces up. The pattern onto the exterior resembles a set of long, thin strips like either side of a 2×4. While such cutting boards and butcher blocks are thicker and provide more stability while cutting than end-grain surfaces, they are considerably more affordable than end-grain boards due to their more comfortable construction. On the other hand, the cutting surface is more complicated and has less give. Therefore it is much more likely to dull your knives as time passes. Additionally, it has less capability to self-heal. Consequently, it is more likely to display cutting marks.

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