Best Yogurt Review 2020 ( Top 15)

Best Yogurt Review 2020

The yogurt aisle is not what it was. In the past couple of decades, Greek yogurt has obtained more than a sizable chunk of the fridge case, making non-greeks compete for real estate.

Meanwhile, the two Greek and non-greek yogurts are branching out. Fat-free? Cream at the top? You have them. Fruit purée or fruit mousse? Yep. Lactose-free or no milk in any way? Got you covered. With all these alternatives, how do you understand which yogurts would be the very Best Yogurt?

What's yogurt

What’s yogurt?

Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are a couple of the strains of germs that companies add to milk to generate yogurt. Many manufacturers also add other bacteria.

It is possible to tell if the bacteria live if the tag says something similar to live or active cultures. It might or might not take the National Yogurt Association’s Live & Active Cultures seal, which takes a yearly fee. Live civilizations decrease over time. Therefore the sooner you eat your yogurt, the more extended live societies you will receive.

Thus far, the only clear advantage of yogurt cultures is the capacity to modify milk naturally occurring sugar (lactose) to lactic acid. So individuals with lactose intolerance should have significantly less gas, diarrhea, or other symptoms when they eat yogurt.


Does yogurt help restore beneficial bacteria to the intestine following antibiotics or assist cure yeast infections? No good studies have appeared.

Top Rated Best Yogurt

Top Rated Best Yogurt

1. Fage – Absolute 0 percent Fat-Free Greek All-natural Yogurt

With just 3g of sugar to each 100g of yogurt and no fat at all, you are going to be astonished just how scrummy, thick, and luxury that this yogurt manages to flavor!

Having a whopping 10.3gram of protein, tummy-loving reside cultures, and 120mg of calcium at the top, Fage (pronounced Ka-Yeh) 0 percent is a guilt-free cure that matches divinely with a spoonful of peanut butter and a couple of blueberries. The top of a tasty group.

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2. Alpro – Large Pot Plain Yogurt Alternative with Almond

This yummy dairy-free vegan yogurt includes an irresistible flavor and a smooth, silky consistency. Low in fat, low in sugar, and an adequate protein degree over both sides, this yogurt is a fantastic healthier alternative.

In Addition to 120mg of calcium, Alpro Plain with Almond manages to package in antioxidants D, E, and B12. It has live cultures, even though being thoroughly milk (and so lactose) free! Yum.

3. Arla – Skyr Only Natural Fat Free High Protein Yogurt

Skyr is Iceland’s response to Greek yogurt, a cultured dairy product using a comparable creamy consistency and a slightly milder flavor. This product is low in sugar and saturated fats, so packed with protein and exploding with live cultures, which means that you can snack secure in the knowledge that your yogurt is doing good things for your stomach and cells equally.

This product does not have any extra vitamins or calcium. Still, its own thick, healthy consistency is amazingly filling, and its distinctive flavor makes it an unrivaled snack once the mid-morning hanger starts to kick.

4. Henna – Organic Live Establish Really Low Fat Yogurt

With no more than one ingredient, this organic reside collection yogurt is low in saturated fats and saturated fats. It is a wholesome supply of calcium and protein to growth and strength.

It has the extra advantage of multiple live cultures that will operate together with your intestines to maintain your digestive organs’ functioning and health. An easy, healthier selection and a bargain to boot up, this yummy yogurt has all of your health bases covered.

5. Arla – Protein Greens Mango, Kale and Lime Yogurt

This yogurt is made of a quark, heated, curdled, and strained soured milk. It’s super low in saturated fat also contains an impressive 10.1gram of protein per 100g, which makes it a top alternative if you’re expecting to build muscle or desire a post-workout bite.

As soon as it’s high in protein, as its name implies, this yogurt doesn’t include additional calcium or vitamins. Quark is likewise not a probiotic. Therefore it isn’t a choice if you are choosing yogurt for digestion. The glucose levels within this yogurt are more significant than the suggested 5g per 100g, but it is worth noting that all these are naturally occurring from the berry components.

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6. Onken – Natural Place Biopot Yogurt

This berry is low in sugar and packaged with all the live civilizations proven to help our digestive tract function. With loads of calcium and some excellent protein content, this simple, flavorsome yogurt is a fantastic dessert or snack.

It does not have some additional vitamins and is marginally above the saturated fat levels but comprises one particular ingredient, milk. Therefore it is generally a healthy choice, ideal for pairing with nuts, honey, or fruit.

7. Yeo Valley – Family Farm Kefir Natural Organic Yogurt

Kefir is a sweet, cultured, fermented milk beverage and this Yeo Valley kefir yogurt boasts all of the health benefits of countless live bacteria. The product includes magnesium and calcium, yet another nutrient necessary for healthy bones also contains a meager amount of saturated fat.

This yogurt includes a little protein, but not heaps. It’s also marginally over the recommended sugar content per 100g; however, since the only two components are organic milk and live kefir civilizations, this sugar will only be what is occurring in the milk.

8. Koko – Dairy Free Plain Yogurt Alternative with Live Cultures

This yummy coconut-milk yogurt is a flavorful choice to milk products. It’s a great source of calcium and vitamins D and B12, even though containing no milk. With live cultures, along with relatively low carbohydrate content, you can be kind to a gut without even sending your blood sugar soaring.

As is sometimes the case with plant-based yogurts, Koko Dairy Free is relatively low in protein as it is derived from coconut milk. It has a marginally higher saturated fat content than the suggested level, but keep in mind that total saturated fats are much less risky for your health than glucose.

9. Danone – Light & Free Greek Style Peach Passion Fruit Yogurt

Should you fancy a yogurt with a few fruity flavors, why don’t you attempt Danone’s Light and Complimentary Greek-style peach and honey flavor yogurt? Unbelievably low in saturated fat, also providing calcium, protein, and vitamin D, which is the ideal alternative if you locate plain yogurt uninspiring.


Though there is a lot of evidence to indicate that artificial sweeteners are a secure and wholesome sugar option, this yogurt includes a few could be off-putting for a few. Despite these additional flavorings, the product’s sugar material is a bit greater than recommended.

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10. Yeo Valley – Family Farm Natural Organic Yogurt

This organic yogurt contains organic milk and the live civilizations Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Streptococcus Thermophilus that promise to improve your digestive health. You don’t have to worry about pesky extra flavors and additives, also!

Yeo Valley’s organic yogurt is a fantastic source of protein and calcium. The product’s sugar and saturated fat levels are greater than your preferred intake but bear in mind that the sugar is solely in the flaxseed naturally occurring in milk.

11. Chobani Low Fat Strawberry Greek Yogurt

A milder Greek yogurt, this gets the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Dig in for concealed portions of fresh-tasting fruit.

12. Dannon All Natural Vanilla

It is delicious when blended with granola or utilized as a low-fat choice to ice cream in parfaits.

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13. Liberté Méditerranée Pomegranate

The lush texture of full-fat yogurt and succulent fruit makes this decadent, however good-for-you dessert.

14. Dannon Activia Lowfat Strawberry

This mixture of chunky berries and mild yogurt receives health gain from additional probiotics.

15. Stonyfield Lowfat Plain

You won’t feel this rich and creamy yogurt is 99 percent fat-free. Stir honey to sweeten it up or try it as a base for dips.

Yogurt FAQs

Yogurt FAQs

1. Can yogurt make you fat?

Yogurt was possibly the biggest surprise on the list of meals linked with significantly less weight reduction, Mozaffarian states. The investigators are not certain why. They mention another study finding that changes in bowel bacteria from eating yogurt can assist in weight management. Or people who consume yogurt might have other healthful habits.

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2. Is Activia better than regular yogurt?

Nowadays, a vast array of unique varieties of yogurts and brands are accessible at the supermarket, from low-fat to Greek into yogurts with additional fiber. Activia, produced by Dannon, is much like regular yogurt but includes a distinctive breed of bacteria not located in any other berry.

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3. Can you eat yogurt every day?

Fundamentally, yogurt is the best immune system booster. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt have significant effects in preventing cancer, infections, gastrointestinal ailments, and asthma. Normal consumption of fresh and daily yogurt raises the positive impacts of yogurt.

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