Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review [ New 2020]

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

Few appliances tend to be harder working than the average, regular refrigerator. Working 24 hours a day, seven days per week to keep your food cold and secure is a reasonably important job. Even though most lockers are practical, new versions of grills aim to go beyond the standard features and provide consumers a plethora of high-end choices. One common feature that’s increasing in popularity is your freezer.

A Bottom freezer fridge provides consumers several benefits over a standard top freezer or side-by-side design but also several drawbacks. I have one of those refrigerators and wished to go over a few of the pros and cons to provide you with a clearer idea of if this fridge design is the best match for you and your loved ones.

The Pros

The Pros

To begin with, let us take a look at a few of the benefits of refrigerators that contain down a freezer below.

1. Space-Saving Design

Regrettably, side-by-side refrigerator/freezer mixtures have a reputation of being distance hogs. It is not unusual for folks to complain they have difficulty fitting bigger items, particularly in a crowded freezer.

By comparison, the freezer uses the lesser-used space in the cellar of the fridge. Unlike leading freezers that home the ice cream manufacturer, the ice maker in a Bottom freezer fridge remains in the upper area, freezing up more freezer space down in the base. Most come with several space-saving features too. From pull out drawers into flexible shelves, newer grills provide customizable space to permit their owners to ascertain what works best.

2. Convenience

For many people, the fridge becomes heavy daily usage, whereas the freezer has been opened much less often. By transferring the freezer into the floor, the fridge portion occupies a more readily accessible distance. Placing food closer to eye level not simply suggests that it will be a lot easier to achieve, but it is also going to be less inclined to get dropped in a dark corner in the base of the fridge.

Additionally, most underside freezers come equipped with convenient pull out baskets, which makes storage space and access more suitable. We use the huge space in the freezer for things such as frozen foods and family-sized meals then keep our frozen fruits or veggies saved in the storage drawer at the top. This not only helps us stay organized but also is a better utilization of this space.

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3. Variable Temperature Settings

The benefits of this newer style of fridge do not stop in the freezer. Several versions feature a handy pull out drawer right over the freezer. This drawer can be carried with often eaten snacks or drinks and place at a different temperature than the primary section of the refrigerator.

My family uses this drawer for an assortment of beverages, such as water bottles, juice, and sodas, then changed the temperature to some pre-se beverage setting that’s showcased on the drawer. Permanently, that removes the requirement to have another beverage refrigerator.

Likewise, some versions also allow for the vegetable crisper drawers to be put at a different temperature than any of the first refrigerator. This helps keep your produce fresh for more, waste less food, and help you save money.

4. Smaller Footprint

For men and women who want a more compact fridge, several models containing bottom freezers are modest enough to slip into a tight area. If you reside in an apartment or have a small kitchen with limited space for a fridge but need a better-than-basic version, you might locate a fantastic alternative at a bottom-mounted freezer.

The Cons

The Cons

We all know of a few of the benefits, let us now take a look at a few of the pitfalls of toaster that contain a freezer in the base.

1. Price

Undoubtedly, the biggest disadvantage of a Bottom freezer fridge is your price. The entire price is always determined by the size, manufacturer, and features inside the device; however, as a whole, this sort of refrigerator will be on the costly side.

In addition to that, higher prices do not stop at the buy price. Many freezer refrigerators elect for French door refrigerator entry to the top area. Sadly, this layout isn’t as energy efficient as other fashions. Because of this, the monthly use cost might be slightly higher. When these prices are minimal, they add up when you consider the general life expectancy of your average refrigerator.

2. Heavier Things at the Bottom

Processed foods, such as turkeys and hams, can be rather hefty. Having them nestled at a Bottom freezer signifies more bending for them. That is something that should be of concern to the elderly, as lifting these heavier items can pose problems. Furthermore, if you or anybody in your household has a bad back, lifting and bending heavier items may often be a dangerous mix. But if you are like me and get a frozen turkey at Thanksgiving, this might not be a significant concern or variable in your choice.

If you or anybody in your household fits both of these classes, then a Bottom freezer fridge might not be the best alternative for you.

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Different types of Bottom Freezer Models

Should you opt to get a bottom freezer refrigerator, you’ll have many versions and styles to pick from. The freezer part comes in two standard options. It’s either a pull out drawer or even a door-in-door freezer. For the fridge layout, you generally have to pick from the following three choices:

  • Single door leading fridge.
  • Double French-door top freezer model.
  • French-door refrigerators with extra pull out drawer in the center.

As with other refrigerators, these comprising a freezer can be found in a variety of shades and finishes. Whether you’re searching for a slick stainless steel fridge or one using a white or black finish, they’re available in this kind of refrigerator.

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Purchasing Tips

Purchasing Tips

We’ve got yet another article that discusses everything you want to understand if purchasing a fridge, and if you’re presently searching for one, I’d strongly advise that you give a read. But just in case you’re reading this while standing in the shop taking a look at refrigerators, I have compiled a quick checklist that will help you evaluate the best refrigerators. Here are a couple of items to make sure would be in your list to test:

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1. Energy Efficiency Rating

The best refrigerators are offered using the Energy Star ratings, and typical yearly operating costs indicated. Do not just examine the evaluation, but because efficacy criteria vary widely between kinds of grills. Rather, compare the yearly anticipated operating expenses, which will offer you a better comparison between different kinds of refrigerators.

Make sure you check at an assortment of flooring models to compare the expenses associated with each selection. Take your time assessing how effective each version is since it is going to play a part in what you need to pay every month.

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2. Quantify Your Space

It’s easy to become caught up in the newest whistles and bells. But the most wealthy version is going to be a significant disappointment if you buy it home, and it will not fit. To prevent these unpleasant surprises, then measure your distance carefully before going out to shop. Make sure you quantify the height, width, and thickness. Check the specifications for each version to be certain they match the distance you have available.

I particularly want to emphasize the value of measuring the thickness. This is only because I neglected to do this when being rights reserved in our fridge. After moving through the process of choosing the one I believed was correct, I got it home and found that it protruded beyond the cabinets and occupied some of this distance when you walked.

I have bumped into it and stubbed my feet on innumerable occasions. I was hoping you would not make the same mistake as I make sure that you assess the thickness. In case you haven’t done that, go home and do this.

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3. Budget

Do not forget to specify a budget for your buy before going shopping. Equipped with glistening new refrigerator, it’s easy to get carried away and spend a lot more than your planning. After doing a little bit of internet research, you need to identify a price range that will not break the bank. Insert that magical number for the list before you go into the shop, then stick to it. After the shopping excitement fizzles and you see that your bank accounts fall like a stone, you will be pleased you did.

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