Does Wine Freeze? – Should You Not Freeze It? Well Explained Answers


Does wine freeze? A common question that gets raised by people working in a wine shop is whether you should store your bottles of wine inside the freezer or not. The answer to this question depends on several different factors.

Some experts say that the temperature inside the freezer is too cold for storing wines, and it is better if they are stored at room temperature. Others are keen to say that the temperature inside the freezer is good, and it is okay if you put wine in the freezer. 

It becomes confusing when people say not to freeze wines at one end of the spectrum while others are okay with it.

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So, Does Wine Freeze?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of wine you have purchased or received as a gift. Certain wines are okay with the cold temperature, while others crack if frozen. It is essential to know what kind of wine you have before storing them inside the freezer.

How Does Wine Freeze?

There are two types of wine in the frozen state, still wines and sparkling wines. Wine is made by fermenting grapes, yeast, and sugar to give you alcohol. The yeast in wine eats up the sugar, converting it into carbon dioxide and ethanol (alcohol).

Still, wine contains less amount of carbon dioxide compared to sparkling wines. Additionally, several other factors can affect your wine’s behavior if kept inside a freezer.

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Does Wine Freeze: All You Need To Know? 

Sparkling wines are more stable at freezing temperatures compared to still wines. This is because of the carbon dioxide in sparkling wines.

Wine Freezing Point

The temperature at which a wine freeze depends on its concentration of alcohol and sugar, as well as the temperature inside your freezer. The concentration of alcohol and sugar determines how cold it needs to be before it turns into ice crystals. 

For instance, if you want to store wine in the freezer, don’t expect it to remain in its original form. You will find that if you take wine out of the freezer after some time, the ice crystals in it will start to melt and turn into water.

Different Wines Freeze at Different Temperatures. Some wines are more sensitive than others when it comes to freezing temperatures. For instance, red wines are more sensitive to the cold than white ones.

This is because many red wines have a high concentration of alcohol and sugar. Also, the colder your freezer, the less likely it is that you will maintain a constant temperature.

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Does Wine Freeze? At What Temperature Does Wine Freeze?

There isn’t going to be a specific answer to this question. You will learn that as long as you keep your freezer at a certain temperature, the wine inside it will be able to stay in its original form for a longer duration than expected, provided you don’t allow it to go below that level.

This is because every different kind of wine has a different freezing point. However, when you take wine out from the freezer, it will start to break down and turn into ice crystals.

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What Wine Goes Best in a Freezer?

You might be surprised to learn that plenty of wines looks forward to going inside the freezer. Some producers have been known to age their wines to get the best taste once they go inside the freezer.

You can put sparkling wines, still whites, and rosés in the freezer and serve cold. When serving red wines that have been chilled, make sure to do it over ice cubes instead of placing them inside the fridge, as they will lose their flavor within a few minutes.

The downside to all these is that you can’t store your wines for a long time inside the freezer. This is because they will eventually lose their original flavor and taste. You should be keen on checking on them every couple of days to ensure they are still inside the freezer.

What Wines Don’t Freeze? 

Some wineries have found it beneficial to age their wines once they are inside the freezer. However, you will be surprised to find out that your sparkling wine won’t freeze even if you keep it inside the freezer for a longer duration. This is because these wines have more carbon dioxide than still wines, making them more stable at freezing temperatures.

Also, avoid putting any wine that has been fortified inside the freezer. Fortified wines are wines that have a higher concentration of alcohol compared to non-fortified wines. They are made by adding hard liquor at the end of the fermentation process. This is done to maintain its sweetness and flavor during transport while also preventing it from oxidizing or spoiling while on the shelves.

does wine freeze

Does Wine Freeze? Do if You Accidentally Freeze Your Wine

If you come home one day only to discover that your wine has turned into a block of ice, there is no need for panic. All you need to do is let it sit in the fridge until it reaches room temperature and then open it up gently. This way, you will get rid of the ice crystals that formed inside it. You can then serve it at room temperature or put it back into the freezer if you want to chill it further before serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens To A Bottle Of Wine If It Freezes?

Wine freezes at around eight °C (46 °F), which is far below the freezing point of pure water, but it’s not too cold to enjoy a glass. However, wine should be served at room temperature (around 20°C / 68°F), so if you chill your wines too much, they’ll lose their flavor.

What Are Some Of The Potential Changes In Wine If It Ices?

Freezing is one of the most dreaded outcomes when storing wine. It’s an outcome that potentially has several ramifications, including changing the texture and taste of the wine itself. These changes can be alleviated to some degree by removing the ice crystals.

How Much Time Does In The Freezer?

It takes about a month to freeze the wine completely. But if you decide to keep it as an emergency supply or more of a novelty, there is no need to wait for so long. You can take out the bottle every few days and agitate it like shaking up a soda bottle, giving it some time to thaw before consuming.

After the wine has been frozen, it should be thawed in refrigeration, not at room temperature or by immersion in water.

Does Wine Freeze?

Alcoholic beverages such as wine can easily be frozen and kept for longer periods. All you need to do is make sure that you place them inside the freezer at a temperature of around 59 degrees Fahrenheit or below. They will remain in their original form, determining their taste for a longer duration. There is no need for panic if ice crystals form inside the bottle as long as you place it inside the fridge and thaw it out before serving. However, it’s important to make sure that you check on your wine every day to ensure that it hasn’t gone bad.

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