10 Expensive Cheese in the World You Should Try

Expensive cheese
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Cheese is one of the most common meals in yearly per capita consumption, with an estimated annual per capita intake of approximately 25 kg. Gouda, Emmentaler, and Co are some of the most well-known expensive cheese types.

It’s one of my favorite foods. Whenever I go to a party, I head straight for the cheese platter and sample all the delectable selections available.

I like to claim that I have a broad cheese palette, given that over the last few years, I have tried many different kinds of cheese, but I never realized how expensive cheese could be.

I work at a particular grocery shop in my community, and I’ve noticed the cost of cheese. When I first began working there four years ago, I was astonished by its pricey. Still amused but not deterred, I adore it all the same. A cheese lover is always a cheese lover.

My family’s friend makes cheese occasionally, and I get so ecstatic every time he comes over. The cheeses he creates aren’t the type you’d expect, such as mozzarella, provolone, American, Parmesan, or cheddar. They have names that are a little unusual for your typical variety of cheese.

I began my journey into the cheese world and quickly learned that it’s not for the faint of heart. After doing some broad research on how costly cheese can be, I discovered that I don’t have a vast cheese palette as I had believed because there are so many different kinds out there that I have yet to try. Maybe I’ll need to write a cheese list now.

Even if the various varieties have significant price variations, most commercially available ones are not pricey. If you want to sample unique and unusual types of cheese, one of the top ten most costly kinds of cheese on Earth is a must-try.

What is Expensive Cheese?

Why is a brick or slice of cheese so costly, you might wonder? We are all aware that we’re given fake cheese in our local shops these days. People have started to turn to natural and organic foods after learning about their benefits on the internet.

The expensive cheese is served in the fanciest way possible by restaurants. As a result, they charge a premium for the exquisite cheese. It has an individual flavor and endurance because it tastes unique.

The world’s ten most expensive kinds of cheese are listed below. There’s also plenty of expensive cheese.

1. Cacio Bufala, Italy

Cacio Bufala is a semi-hard cheese made from buffalo milk. The milk has a high-fat content making the semi-hard cheese exceptionally mild, with a creamy texture. He took 10th place on our top 10 list by spending 60 euros on a kilogram of cheese.

2. Epoisses by Germain, France

If you’re sensitive to odors, the Epoisses type of cheese isn’t for you. The Epoisses are made exclusively from cow’s milk and strict quality control. The cheese develops a spicy undertone after about a month of aging. During production, brandy is put into the cheese to guarantee the characteristic alcohol scent. The high complexity and ingredients ensure that each kilogram costs around 63 euros.

3. Jersey Blue, Switzerland

The Jersey Blue’s name comes from the cows that provide the milk for its making. Jersey’s rich milk, exceptionally high in protein and fat, makes sure that the cheese is smooth and creamy.

Today’s blue cheese, produced mainly in Switzerland, has received several accolades and has earned several awards. The value of 65 euros per kilo is appropriate given the cheese’s excellence and distinctive flavor.

4. Caciocavallo Podolico, Italy

The Caciocavallo, shaped like a pear, is a cheese produced in southern Italy and has an incredibly creamy, delicate flavor. The Podolico cow is the primary ingredient of this cheese. The purpose of the Podolico cattle is to provide milk for the cheese.

Only 25,000 of these unique cattle remain. In addition, only from May to June per year can milking be done because the cattle feed on grasses and wildflowers during that period hence the cost of 70 euros per kilo.

5. Old Ford Goat Cheese, England

A European cheesemaker has been creating Old Ford, a hard cheese from goat’s milk, since the 1970s. Goats that produce the cheese are mixed with others and not restricted to a particular breed.

The medium-tart semi-hard cheese is crumbly and requires eight months to be ready. It takes effort and time to squeeze out by hand, which is why the cost per kilo of cheese ranges from 80 to 90 euros.

6. Bitto Storico, Italy

Italy has a variety of culinary aspects, and as a result, fifth place on our list goes to another cheese from Italy. The Bitto Storico is a firm cheese from Lombardy, northern Italy.

The cow’s milk cheese in the company of goat’s milk content of up to 20% is considerably robust and spicy. Moreover, the high cost of 245 euros per kilo (approximately $220) per kg compensates for its maturation period of about ten years.

7. Wyke Farms Cheddar, England

Due to its complicated formula with Wyke Ranch Cheddar, cheddar has an exceptionally high cost of 300 euros for every kilogram.

Different traditional Cheddar cheeses are processed in the same name, Wyke Champflower in Somerset, England, using ingredients like truffles, gold leaf, or selected spices. The particularly wealthy accouterments bolster both popularity and the significant cost calculation.

8. Moose cheese, Sweden

The majority of individuals don’t know the term “elk cheese.” On their elk farm in Sweden, two Swedish sisters identified the concept of ​​creating cheese from the elk cows’ milk. Milking takes place from around May to late September.

The milk produced may be utilized to produce around 300 kilos of elk cheese each year. Gourmets may enjoy tasting a particularly unique elk cheese for 500 euros per kilo. Blue cheese and feta are just a couple of the variations available.

9. White Stilton Gold, England

White stilton cheese
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The English Stilton cheese, for which the region is well-known, has been a famous and sought-after variety of cheese for decades. “King of British cheeses” is only produced by a few dairies in a limited area.

Only cattle from Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire can provide the milk used in this costly cheese production. The creamy cheese is sprinkled with real gold and sells at 700 euros per kilo due to its exceptional quality.

Most Expensive Cheese

10. Pule, Serbia

Serbia is the most expensive cheese producer globally and one of the rarest. Serbia is home to various unique qualities that make it a flavorful treat. This costly cheese comes from milk from the Balkan islands.

Endangered species live in a preserve. Around 300 mares provide rich milk with protein and vitamins but little fat, which is hand-milked. Because of its production and scarcity, this delicious cheese has become highly sought-after and pricey. The price per kilogram ranges from 1000 to 11000 euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hard and soft cheese?

Hard cheese is typically creamy, boiled milk pressed into a block. Soft cheeses are made from cream that has been heated until it thickens, but not to the point of being solid enough to be pressed like hard cheese.

How can I tell if my cheese has gone bad?

The best way to know if your cheese has gone bad is by smelling it or looking at it visually. If the white part of your cheese begins to turn gray, it’s starting to go bad and should be discarded immediately.


Cheese is a great food to try. While many countries produce cheese, a few are out of this world, the taste and texture of a few.

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