How To Clean Air Fryer? [ New 2020]

How To Clean Air Fryer

Alright, so you have an atmosphere fryer and, surprise! You genuinely love it! But, um, is a dried-up sweet curry brush in the base of the fryer basket? Or perhaps it’s poultry skin? Yeah, you are likely to need to wash your air fryer to ensure your next batch of onion rings does not include a side of something. Or that food residue does not wind up someplace it should not and cause problems to your elaborate (and spendy) appliance.

So what is the simplest How To Clean Air Fryer?

The Simplest Way To Wash Your Air Fryer

The Simplest Way To Wash Your Air Fryer

You may not like the response, but the simplest way to clean your air fryer would be to wash it every time you use it. (We warned you.)

Here is the fantastic news: First, it is an atmosphere fryer, which usually means you are not cleaning up a greasy, gross, greasy mess. Secondly, most atmosphere fryers have some dishwasher-safe components, making cleanup radically as simple as pushing the”start” button in your dishwasher. And lastly, when you wash your air fryer every single time you use it, then you do not wind up with stubborn, hard-to-clean, yucky pieces of who-knows-what.

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What Not To Do After Cleaning Your Air Fryer

There is not much to clean your air fryer (promise!). However, there are a couple of things you should certainly do:

Don’t use steel utensils, steel wool, or scrubby sponges to wash your air fryer! Most atmosphere fryers are noninvasive, and whatever abrasive may scratch the coat.

Don’t submerge your atmosphere fryer in plain water! Some parts become cleaned and removed in water (or even the dishwasher), but a significant unit is an electrical appliance, and you’ll ruin it.

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What You Will Need

How To Clean Air Fryer?

What You Will Need

  • Cotton or microfiber fabrics
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Baking soda
  • Soft bristle brush or toothbrush
  • Dish soap


Unplug the machine: Turn the atmosphere fryer off, unplug it, allow it to cool. It is going to take approximately 30 minutes and will cool faster in the event that you remove the basket along with the pan from the home unit.

Give the interior and out a primary move: Use moist cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe down the exterior of this appliance. After that, use hot water and a non-abrasive sponge to wash down the interior of the appliance.

Wash out the heating part: Turn off the appliance upside-down. Utilize a non-abrasive sponge to wash down the heating element.

Eliminate dried food residue: When it is difficult, stuck-on food residue which does not come off the first unit out, indoors, or on the heating, part create a paste from baking soda and warm water and wash any filthy spots using a non-abrasive sponge or soft brush, then wipe with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Wash out the basket along with the pan: For most (if not many ) manufacturers, the basket along with the container are all dishwasher-safe. Therefore all you’ve got to do is load them and operate your typical cycle. Even if they are not, cleaning the bowl and basket is usually as straightforward as a quick wash with hot soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge.

Scrub the jar along with the pan: When there is a stubborn residue which will not come from the container or jar (or both), fill the pot with hot water, then set the basket in the pan, then let boil for approximately ten minutes, then utilize a non-abrasive sponge to wash. Repeat as necessary.

Dry all of the components. Permit everything air dries for a couple of hours or uses a clean cotton cloth to wash the most important unit, basket, and pan. Reassemble.


We established our directions on two-atmosphere fryers we adore The Philips Avance XL Digital Air Fryer and the Black+Decker Purify Air Fryer. Some atmosphere fryers could be marginally different.

If you would like to maintain your basket from becoming too gunky, it is possible to grease it put a sheet of parchment or aluminum foil. Just be sure that it doesn’t pay the whole basket, you will avoid air from circulating!

If your atmosphere fryer begins to get a little simmer, set a half lemon into the basket or any lemon juice from the pan. Allow it to sit for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, then wash, rinse, and dry the jar and pot.

Properly Storing the Air Fryer

As soon as your atmosphere fryer was cleaned, be sure that you keep it securely. Wait thirty minutes for it to cool down before putting it off. Whenever you store it, make sure it’s in a vertical position rather than plugged into a wall socket. When there’s a storage compartment for those cords, tuck the wires into it until you set the atmosphere fryer away.

Air Fryer Maintenance

Beyond frequent cleanings, your atmosphere fryer requires some simple maintenance to ensure it is not ruined or begin working incorrectly. Including:

I was inspecting the wires before each use. Never plug a damaged or frayed cord to a socket. It can lead to severe harm or even death. Be sure that the cables are clean and damage-free before using your atmosphere fryer.

Making sure the device is clean and free of any debris before you begin cooking. When it’s been quite a while since you last used your atmosphere fryer, check indoors. Some dust could have accumulated. When there’s a food residue around the basket for pan, wash it out before you begin cooking.

Be sure that the atmosphere fryer is put vertical, on a flat surface, until you begin cooking.

Be sure that the atmosphere fryer isn’t put near a wall or another appliance. Air fryers require at least 4 inches of space behind these and 4 inches of space to vent steam and warm air while cooking adequately. Putting them within an enclosed area might create the dryer to overheat.

Visually inspect every element, for example, basket, pan, and manage before every use. If you discover any damaged parts, contact the manufacturer and have them replaced.

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Air Fryer Problems

Air Fryer Problems

Though atmosphere dryers are constructed to be durable, they might experience problems from time to time, for example, every home appliance. Usually, these problems are small and ready to repair. A number of the most common are:

A lingering foot odor on the atmosphere fryer: Foods with pungent scents can leave a lingering sequence in your air fryer. The ideal way to get rid of odors is to wash out the fryer after cooking immediately. If the smell is still present even when you are done cleaning it, then soak the pan along with the basket soap to get 30-60 minutes and then wash it.

If soaking does not work, attempt to neutralize the odor by merely cutting out a lemon half and massaging it on the pan and the basket. You could even squirt some lemon juice to the pot or on a paper towel and then wipe down the atmosphere fryer. As soon as you’re done, wait half an hour and then wash off the atmosphere fryer again.

Bubbles or peeling on the interior of the atmosphere fryer: Air fryer parts are coated with a non-stick coating. Should you inadvertently scratch the pan using a utensil or incorrectly putting the basket to the atmosphere fryer, then the heat from cooking can cause bubbling to happen.

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Providentially, the non-stick coating is not dangerous and does not pose a health hazard. Therefore it will not poison your meals even if a couple of scraps get lose inside. If bubbles occur in the liner, you need to contact customer support and see if you are eligible for a warranty replacement.

Difficulty slipping the pan to the atmosphere fryer. This generally happens when a lot of food was placed in the basket. Consider removing some of these meals and cooking your own meal two batches. Examine the food basket too. It might not have been appropriately attached to the pan. Lift the basket from the pan and then add it again. Make sure it clicks. That is how you know that it’s in.

White smoke coming from the cooking pan: Smoke is caused when a lot of greases accumulates at the bottom of the drip pan and begins to break down as a result of heat as you’re cooking. This might happen if you did not wash out the pan after the last time you cooked inside or if you are cooking, especially greasy foods such as sausage or sausage. Providentially, the smoke will not cause any harm. Just unplug the device, allow it to cool, and then clean the dirt out.

Improperly cooked meals: If your food is undercooked, the problem might be that you’ve just put an excessive amount of food at the cooking basket. The warmth from the coil is becoming absorbed by the menu at the surface rather than percolating down into the base layers. Try cooking a bigger batch or vibration the basket halfway through cooking. This allows for higher flow and also makes sure the heat is dispersed evenly over your meals.

The air fryer will not begin: Before you call the manufacturer or repair service, check to ensure that the atmosphere dryer is plugged into an electric socket, the socket works and that the electrical cable is not damaged. If the elements are clean and in excellent working order, then the problem is probably mechanical. Your manufacturer will have the ability to prepare a fix or guide you to professional repair support.

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Maintaining Your Air Fryer at Optimum Working Condition

If properly cleaned, kept, and preserved, an atmosphere fryer can endure for years without breaking down or giving you some problems. The most important items to consider are:

Carefully read the proprietor ™s guide until you put up and cook along with your atmosphere fryer.

Always cook food by the specifications from the manual. Do not add considerable quantities of oil or liquid, cook any meals not suggested by the producer, and always stick to the recipe carefully.

Wash the atmosphere dryer after every use. Each one of the components must be cleaned thoroughly, without abrasive tools.

Visually inspect the atmosphere fryer before use. Ensure that the cords, removable components, and home are in good shape.

Always keep the atmosphere fryer within an upright, secure place, rather than store it if it is hot or plugged to the wall.

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