Kitchenaid Counter Depth Refrigerator Review [ New 2021]

Kitchenaid Counter Depth Refrigerator Review new 2020

KitchenAid is a trusted and dependable home appliance business for a long time. It provides sleek and innovative refrigerators in many different fashions.

KitchenAid layouts and sells heaps of refrigerators and freezers. Alternatives include a side-by-side fridge and freezer combos along with French door openers. Free-standing and built-in grills can be found in many different sizes and colors. KitchenAid offers to fund refrigerators and freezers, and also, it sells wine cellars and ice makers.

Today, DADONG will present you with the Kitchenaid Counter Depth Refrigerator Review. Keep reading!

Kitchenaid Counter Depth Refrigerator Review

1. KitchenAid KRFC300ESS Counter Depth Fridges Review

On a recent visit to a local gym, the salesman on the ground called this KitchenAid KRFC300ESS (offered at Best Buy for $2,159.99) as a refrigerator for men and women who don’t have any budget.

However, that is not precisely accurate and not on point. The 2000 price range would not be absurd for such a slick, feature-laden refrigerator, as long as it was completed nicely. When we analyzed it in our labs and appeared at online reviews, the response came back: maybe not so much.


  • Counter-depth
  • Metal wine rack


  • The fridge runs cold on the default option setting.

Layout and Features

Using its counter thickness configuration, industrial design, knurled bar handles stainless complete, this refrigerator could bring a stylish look to a kitchen.

However, its end is high maintenance. Bring it home, and you are going to be cleaning off fingerprints regularly.

If you enjoy a smooth look on the exterior, this refrigerator provides. You do not get water or ice through the doorway, but that is a question of personal preference. Nonetheless, it requires two hands to utilize the water dispenser on the interior. However, that is a slight annoyance, leaving the door open as you put a glass waste a while.

Most of the counter-depth refrigerators have much less distance. That is an Actuality. But there is a good deal of wasted space in this refrigerator, also, as a result of shelf design.

Should you cool several bottles of Rosé from the refrigerator’s metal wine storage, you might impress your visitors. Still, you will be consuming much more of the restricted storage in the fridge compartment.

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In our evaluations, we found the crisper drawers could be tough to start and have a tendency to get stuck. They keep humidity but produce a possibility of freezing there, making it inedible. The deli drawer opens at the top, and you’ll be able to adjust its temperature, but it might also suspend your cold cuts.

The refrigerator and freezer include less desired wire drawers. It isn’t spacious, and also a substantial part of it’s dedicated to this ice maker and ice bin.


The freezer is entirely secure and comes in at the perfect 0°. It is the fridge temperature that worries us. While the electronic readout said it had been 38°, we measured it in a too-chilly 34°. If the temperature changes by a few degrees, your new food stinks.

Precisely what the owners state.

Buyers are drawn to the fridge since it is made in America; it is a counter thickness design, and a French door design upscales the kitchen’s expression.

We read countless consumer testimonials, and you will find advantages for this particular model, but a range of owners say disappointed from the refrigerator’s quality. Some state that it freezes their new food, and some report they received faulty units.

The Main Point

A fridge that appears so attractive and fits in so nicely could course your kitchen. However, this model does not utilize space as efficiently as possible.

The crisper drawers are both noisy and rickety, and you would need to polish off fingerprints on the exterior regularly. More significant is that this refrigerator requires a fridge thermometer to help you decide on a temperature that keeps refrigerated foods from freezing. You can not need the mill setting. It functions too chilly.

According to what we saw in our tests and what many owners say concerning its reliability, you need to approach this model with a warning. It scored close to the base of all of the refrigerators we have examined. This Frigidaire Gallery counter depth refrigerator felt well, also stones wine racks, and it costs significantly less.

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This 72-inch fridge is just three inches taller than a conventional counter-depth refrigerator. It fills the gap which could be left above several refrigerators, adding to its incorporated allure.

A pull-out freezer drawer lets you arrange frozen items on three levels. With the ExtendFresh™ Temperature Management System, all your components will be kept at the optimal temperature to make the most of their flavor and feel.

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ExtendFresh™ Temperature Management System individually monitors the fridge and freezer temperatures through a sensor located in each to help guarantee fresh fruit juices do not become frozen, and prawns prevent freezer burn.

  • The Interior water dispenser is conveniently positioned for Effortless accessibility to ice-cold filtered water.
  • SatinGlide® System utilizes space-efficient, under-mounted pans with pliers and glides for satisfyingly smooth functioning.
  • Adaptive, spill-proof glass shelves are made to contain spills, so cleanup is simple.
  • Humidity-controlled crispers provide a dedicated storage choice with flexible humidity levels.
  • LED lighting illuminates the inside of the fridge and freezer, providing for Improved visibility
  • Pull-out the flat freezer drawer features slide-out baskets with mats to keep the freezer organized and clean.
  • Steel wine rack stores up to four bottles of wine or 2-liter containers, so it is Great for fun, or you can eliminate it for further storage.
  • Produce Preserver absorbs ethylene gas produced by lots of fruits and vegetables, so your food stays fresh longer.

Video: KitchenAid Fridge Dripping Water

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