LG French Door Refrigerator Review [ New 2020]

LG French Door Refrigerator Review New 2020

LG French Door Refrigerator Review

1. LG LMXS30776S Refrigerator Review

Broadly, our evaluations painted a flattering image of this pricey LG LMSX30776S (MSRP $3,999.99) French door fridge. An overly hot fresh food compartment kept it from being ideal, but users may fix this issue by turning the thermostat down.

The 30-cubic-foot LG LMXS30776S (MSRP $3,999.99) is the big daddy of LG French door fridges. Each of the features we have ever seen in an LG refrigerator is all here, rolled into this one enormous bundle: large shelves, an excess drawer, door-in-door storage, much-concealed compartments. And besides an overly hot fresh food department, it also did well throughout all our evaluations.


  • Three crisper drawers
  • Temperature-controlled drawer
  • Recessed storage pockets in the bottom of the refrigerator


  • Fridge temperatures operate a bit warm

Sounds amazing, but that is not all: This behemoth may get an MSRP a cent short of four expansive, but we have found it available for $2,699. If you are in the market for a luxury French doorway Filled with toys and functionality to match, make certain to test it all out.

The James Bond of all fridges

At first glance, this LG resembles a rather standard high-end refrigerator: stainless steel on the exterior, glass shelves around the interior. A door-mounted ice maker is not difficult to access and does not occupy much space in the main compartment.

But look a bit closer, and you will discover a variety of hidden features that are somewhat helpful. Among those four adjustable shelves includes a retractable front for storing tall items. In front of this crisper, two pieces of glass protect the EasyReach storage zones. These little books are excellent for keeping snacks for your children, condiments, or small things.

On the right, you get LG’s door-in-door storage. This compartment’s design and availability are identical to that which we have seen on most of the other similarly outfitted LG French doors.

Most surprising was that the positioning of the filter. Rather than squeezing it between the crispers or placing this up in a few of the best corners, LG has concealed the screen supporting the bottom shelf on the left refrigerator door, directly beneath the ice maker.

The freezer, although exceptionally well lit and quite simple to start, is not as exciting. Three drawers of varying elevations make it effortless to arrange your food. At the center of the refrigerator, you get another drawer for technical storage. It comes programming using four distinct configurations Meat & Seafood, Cold Drinks, Deli Snack, and Chilled Wine are also a controller lock for families with curious kids.

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Turn it down!

As we said, the whole fresh food compartment conducted warm: Typical temperatures arrived in at 39.49°F on the very top, 38.86°F at the center, along with a whopping 42.56°F within the door-in-door zone. Remember that these amounts were listed using the thermostat set to 37°F.

That is way too warm, but turning down the thermostat by about two levels should be sufficient to fix this LG, mainly since it is a consistent refrigerator, using a mean fluctuation of merely ±0.2°F more than 36 hours.

The freezer was better: Typical temperatures of -3.34°F on the very top and -2.33°F in the base were sufficient to freeze meals safely. Throw in a standard deviation of just ±0.18°F, and you have a freezer that needs to have the ability to keep freezer burnt.

A refrigerator too hot.

This LG’s evaluation results were nearly ideal. The freezer was chilly and entirely consistent, the crispers were very moisture-retentive, and the entire machine was very energy efficient despite all the icemaker running. The only drawback was an excessively hot new food section.

We put thermostats into 37°F, and while a few fridges run somewhat hot, food generally remains well below the safe threshold of 41°F. Anything sexier, and you also risk bacterial growth and food that is spoiled.

Sad to say, the LMXS30776S’s door-in-door compartment spanned online. The majority of the refrigerator ran approximately two degrees too hot, but the evaluation thing we put within the door-in-door segment averaged 42.6°F.

While we believe that a refrigerator that costs more than 3,000 needs to be a comparatively hands-off appliance, there is a simple way to improve this LG: Simply turn down the thermostat by about two levels.

Features include through-the-door water and ice, a speedy ice style, and a control lock. Why is this version remarkable are its subtle design advantages, like the large central drawer and EasyReach storage regions from the refrigerator?

Really like those crispy veggies

While we were disappointed that this expensive product did not arrive with flexible crispers, the drawers at the refrigerator did a fantastic job of keeping moisture. Over three days, our evaluation stuff dropped a mere 0.12 g of moisture per hour–on par with some of the greatest fridges we have examined. This means crisp carrots, crispy peppers, and luscious lettuce with a reasonable shelf life.

Pleasant surprises

If you prefer concealed compartments, then the LG LMXS30776S may be for you. It is an excellent performer, provided that you remember to turn the thermostat down, and each of those moving parts helps you arrange its vast interior.

There are loads of fridges in this price range with exceptional features such as a hot water dispenser or built-in SodaStream. However, the LMXS30776S impressed us with its own $ 2,699 sale cost and its own storage choices. Should you want a significant fridge but still need easy access to all of your meals, this LG is well worth a look.

Competent freezing

The quantity of time is required for our evaluation stuff to fall from room temperature to 32°F from the LG’s freezer was… well, just lovely. It took an hour and 36 minutes, which are marginally longer than ordinary.

Providentially, the freezer had no problem passing our energy loss evaluation. Following 36 hours (to simulate an outage), inner temperatures had just warmed around 27.22°F.

A lot of shelves do not necessarily mean a lot of space.

When you search for a refrigerator in the shop, you will see promoted storage capabilities. Consumers are warned that you will not get that much food in your fridge. The amount does not consider distance consumed by shelves, light bulbs, openings between the tray and the walls, and other obstacles.

In the instance of the LG that has a promoted 21.3 cubic feet of storage in the refrigerator, we quantified only 14.61 usable cubic feet. Tapered shelves, significant gaps between shelves and the refrigerator walls, and other variables decreased the storage amount significantly. Given the high number of storage surfaces such as the”hidden” EasyReach compartments, door-in-door storage, and the big middle drawer over the freezer, we’re certainly disappointed.

The freezer has been a little more pliable, with three sliding drawers of various heights providing lots of diverse storage. In total, you receive 5.78 available cubic ft. It is not precisely palatial to get a refrigerator this dimension (and thus cost ), but it needs to be more than enough to get a mid-sized household. Additionally, remember a more cavernous fridge could be more difficult to arrange than that LG.

More impressive was that the refrigerator’s energy efficiency. Despite all the icemaker running, the LG simply employed a mean of 0.09 kWh per usable cubic foot. That’s unbelievably efficient, particularly for a refrigerator this dimension at a predetermined rate of $0.09 per kWh, which translates into a yearly cost of approximately $59.02.

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LG French Door Refrigerator Review - 27.5 cu. Ft

2. LG French Door Refrigerator Review – 27.5 cu. Ft (LMX28988ST)

A lot of individuals have only come to anticipate the manner a modern fridge should look and operate. Generally, this involves one standard doorway for the refrigerator and a single regular doorway for your freezer. Although this is successful, it’s beginning to become less effective with the adaptation of French door openers like the LG LMX28988ST.

French door toaster mounts the freezer beneath the refrigerator for more efficient storage, enabling it to be dragged out like a drawer. Rather than storing things in addition to each other like many fridges, a French door freezer allows the food to be compartmentalized for practical and straightforward storage. This might not appear to be a huge deal, but if you return to using it, you see how effective it truly is.

The LG LMX28988ST takes this a step farther by not needing just one freezer, but 2. These freezers may be put and distinct temperature levels to permit different food types to be kept in each, actually making the most of the available space.

The refrigerator isn’t left out either since it’s about 18 cu. Ft of storage space for meals, while still having sufficient space to provide to get completely operational water and ice dispenser.

The ice maker features LG’s slender SpacePlus ice hockey system, which frees up a great deal of space for those shelves and doesn’t control the available space, just like many other ice manufacturers do. This is very good for storage on your refrigerator, but a few people today complain it is not quite as useful once you have company over, and it’s in constant need.

This refrigerator also offers an LED display that provides digital temperature controls, which makes the keeping of your refrigerator a cinch.

All of LG French door openers are Energy Star rated significance. They’ll help save you money in your electric bill and provide a tax refund in individual nations. Last, the refrigerator features a door alert system that informs the user once the door was left open, letting them shut the fridge without losing the food.

One of the main drawbacks of this refrigerator is your cost. At about $3,000, it’s a tough sell for most homeowners who don’t have to upgrade their refrigerator. On the other hand, the features and skills make up to the price for many, but $3,000 won’t be well worth it to each consumer.

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3. LG LSXS26366S

If you’d like a refrigerator that’s capable of high-quality food preservation as well as being a true conversation starter, look no farther than the LG LSXS26366S three-door, side-by-side fridge. Yes, you read that right –it’s three doorways.

With a press of a button, you can get the door-in-door storage on the top side of the refrigerator, which permits you to quickly catch the things that you frequently need without bothering the heating of the remaining portion of the fridge. If you do not press on the button, then the refrigerator usually opens.

Between this beneficial storage attribute and food preservation that simply won’t stop, we would highly recommend the LG LSXS26366S to anybody, particularly if you’re searching for a compromise involving a side-by-side and a french-door refrigerator.

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4. LG LFXS30796D

As you can probably tell, we adore door-in-door storage choices when they are done correctly. The LG LFXS30796D requires the notion of door-in-door storage into another level by making it visible on the exterior of the refrigerator. LG’s InstaView window takes up the complete right-hand door of the french-door refrigerator, and if you knock the tinted glass, then it will become translucent.

On the one hand, that is a very cool feature since it lets you find out what is on your refrigerator without needing to open it. On the flip side, it might ask that you maintain your freezer looking somewhat neater just if you have company over and need to test out the window.

Along with this InstaView window, the LG LFXS30796D also offers an additional crisper drawer plus a Glidden’ Play drawer, which is very good for snacks or adult drinks. We did discover the refrigerator temperatures may run a little sexy. Still, you can readily counter that by placing the temperature a degree or two lower than your favorite amount of cooling. To get a unique mix of features and purpose, make sure you take a look at the LG LFSX30796D.

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