Liebherr Refrigerator Review [ New 2021]

Liebherr Refrigerator Review new 2020

Liebherr Refrigerator Review

Last autumn, I introduced you to the Liebherr array of grills, especially the Liebherr 48″ SBS 246 that I picked for my kitchen renovation. It has been a year since I took delivery of this Liebherr and later living with it day in and day out for a year. I needed to place a follow-up inspection for Anyone in the market for a new refrigerator or anybody considering the Liebherr original.

If you are new to the business, Liebherr is now well-known because of its construction market experience. Nevertheless, when it comes to pipes, Liebherr has over 50 decades of expertise and readily ranks them among the top specialists in plumbing technology.

However, as good as their heritage is, odds are if you are considering a new fridge, your main question is, how well do Liebherr grills perform in the actual world?

For me, the solution is an easy one: it has been perfect. I picked my Liebherr fridge for two crucial reasons it’s layout and performance, and in the two regions, the Liebherr has continued to impress. Firstly, let us look at the plan.

If you recall in my previous post, among the things that make the Liebherr lineup of toaster exceptional, they’re entirely modular compared to other manufacturers. My fridge, the 48″ SBS 246, is two different 24-inch units. On the right is your fridge, and also on the left group, the shirt is a wine cooler, although the underside is a freezer.

I opted to set up the two together for my setup, using just one trim installation kit. However, I could have broken the two components installed and up to them individually.

The same goes for Liebherr’s additional 48″ and 60″ versions. It’s possible to install them collectively as one device, or you could split them up, which provides up an entirely new universe of style flexibility when organizing a new kitchen.

Along with their arrangement alternatives, another fantastic design component is Liebherr’s completely integrated refrigerator offerings.

If you need ample heating space with no appearance of a giant fridge, Liebherr provides numerous sizing alternatives ranging from 24″ – 48″, allowing you to customize the surface of this fridge with panels which fit your kitchen cabinetry. If you are not fond of this stainless steel appearance, it is a fantastic design choice.

From a style perspective, I must mention I love the look of my own Liebherr SBS 246. It is a straightforward, understated design. The ideal side offers an honest and clean stainless steel design, and the left imagining a subtle glass doorway for your wine cooler.

I wanted my kitchen to become comfortable and livable. The Liebherr’s layout fits into that aesthetic, as it is beautiful and upscale without being pretentious or overly techy, ideal for a family with three children.

The next crucial area why I picked that the Liebherr was to get its performance, primarily the big primary refrigerator with different wine coolers and freezer. For the refrigerator part, I must say I like the design. It is spacious enough to fit everything I want.

The shelves at the doorway to do an excellent job holding milk and bigger drink containers, along with the shelving, are customizable, permitting you to make any alterations required to match your preferred food.

After a couple of weeks of living with the Liebherr, I managed to correct my shelving in a manner that consistently fits everything. I have not needed to touch them because besides special events (like having to match a birthday cake indoors ).

The one caveat to some side-by-side layout, however, is that if you consistently store extra broad pans or trays, French door designs provide extra room, so make sure you factor this into your purchase decision.

In terms of Liebherr’s BioFresh drawers, a method designed to prolong the fruits and veggies’ life span, I have discovered that the drawers work tremendously well. Previously I had trouble keeping up the freshness of different greens like spinach, lettuce, and herbs.

The BioFresh drawers have completed a fantastic job of extending their freshness (along with my fruits and veggies). Placing them is super easy: slide the drawer’s adjustment lever into the appropriate vegetable or vegetable placing, and you are all set. Your produce stays fresher, more.

On the opposite side of the SBS 246, the wine cooler and freezer have achieved a fantastic job fulfilling my household’s needs. Along with wine, we utilize the wine cooler to store several beverages, which frees up extra space in the fridge.

If you are an avid wine drinker, then the SBS 246 is a no brainer since it could hold around 34 bottles of wine at several temperatures, reds in 64 levels and whites at 46 degrees.

All dimension settings are managed through the SBS 246’s simple use of digital controllers, letting you personalize your desired temperatures, even though a humidity controller guarantees optimal wine preservation requirements.

Beneath the freezer has stayed a steady performer, maintaining everything frozen without freezer burn or icing up. Among the things that I’ve come to adore about the SBS 246’s freezer would be installing the drawer.

Contrary to other regions where everything is chucked collectively, the Liebherr’s freezer dividers make it simple to maintain your frozen food arranged. This means there is much less chance of locating your Thanksgiving day leftovers out of three years back buried in the base of your freezer. As somebody who enjoys being coordinated, I like Liebherr’s freezer drawers.

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Liebherr Freestanding Refrigerators

Liebherr Freestanding Refrigerators

If you live alone or have a complete home, Liebherr provides many different freestanding refrigerators to accommodate various families. A number of these provide roomy vegetable and fruit compartments and comprise height-adjustable shelves seemingly made from glass. These tend to cost between $2,299 and $4,741.

1. Liebherr SKEF4260 Comfort

For those who tend to have difficulty utilizing fridge doors, the Liebherr SKEF4260 Comfort provides a door handle with an integrated opening mechanism promised to demand minimal attempt. Many Liebherr fridges will also be fitted with reversible door hinges, which can offer an increased advantage by making the machine-accessible from various directions.

For freshness, the freestanding version comprises programs like SuperCool that reduce the temperature to two °C for as many as 12 hours. This is reported to be acceptable for fast cooling stored objects.

Other features include:

  • 6 height-adjustable shelves and pockets
  • Transparent vegetable bins
  • SmartSteel
  • Audible and visual malfunction warning alert.

2. Liebherr OKES1750

If you fancy a wine connoisseur, or if you simply like to entertain guests, then the Liebherr OKES1750 may be a perfect storage option for you.

To help preserve bottles’ long-term, the version is believed to feature an activated charcoal filter. And because the manufacturer asserts external odors can affect the quality of the wine, mainly if kept for longer intervals, the appliance contains a replaceable FreshAir filter to help make sure the bottles are stored in what Liebherr explains as best air quality’.

The brand also asserts humidity has a significant part in preventing corks from drying out. That is why the freestanding version is thought to save wine in states with over 50 percent air humidity and at a flat position to keep corks moist in the interior. The air humidity may be handled using the venting button on the machine.

The temperature of this Liebherr OKES1750 may be controlled through the digital control system. Additionally, it contains an integrated toaster that can be particularly beneficial to bring red wine into drinking temperature.

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Liebherr Freezers

In case you have a big household, at times, the energy invoices can be frightening. However, Liebherr asserts its freezers are energy efficient and provide lots of space, in addition to many user-friendly functions.

As the brand’s variety of freestanding refrigerators, Liebherr freezers use NoFrost technologies to minimize the requirement to defrost things in the refrigerator. The transparent-front layout and telescopic rails on the drawers are likewise saying to ensure it is easy to view and access contents.

Chest freezers are also available to save additional items in colder regions of the home.

1. Liebherr SGNEF3036 Comfort NoFrost

Featuring 261L usable power at a stainless steel design, the Liebherr SGNEF3036 is a perfect vertical freestanding freezer for large families.

If you find it difficult to cool food and beverages because the refrigerator is continually opened, then the FrostSafe attribute provides extra-high removable compartments created to be shut all around to stop the chilly recoil. These drawers have a clear, translucent front to produce the contents readily observable.

To conserve energy and maintain power bills, the Liebherr SGNEF3036 comprises SuperFrost. This is believed to decrease the temperatures to -32 °C as a means to produce the chilly atmosphere needed to maintain vitamins. When the food is frozen, which can be said to take around 65 hours, the SuperFrost function returns healthily.

Other features include:

  • Door handle with the integrated opening mechanism
  • Reversible door hinges
  • Child lock

For distance, the Liebherr SGNEF3036 provides glass shelves that may be eliminated to make space for more food or accommodate larger things.

Other freestanding freezers comprise the Liebherr SGNBS 3010 Premium NoFrost, Liebherr SGNBS3011, Liebherr SGNEF3036 and Liebherr SGNES3010. Built-in fridge-freezers are likewise accessible, like the Liebherr ECBN5066, Liebherr ECBN6156 and Liebherr HCB2082.

2. Liebherr GT2632 Comfort

If you are looking around for a chest freezer, Liebherr supplies a range of products such as the Liebherr GT6122 using a 572L capacity. This may be held in the garage or additional cooler regions.

Because of this FrostProtect attribute, this chest-deep is promised to match areas where the temperature ranges between 10°C and -15°C. The Liebherr GT2632 includes space for up to 16 baskets, such as space for three hanging closets.

Other Liebherr family chest freezers comprise the Liebherr GT2132 Comfort, Liebherr GT2632, and Liebherr 3632 Comfort.

Liebherr Side-by-Side Fridge

Liebherr Side-by-Side Fridge

If you are craving a refrigerator with space and style, keep things cool with Liebherr’s side-by-side fridges. These are promised to be famous for their quality craftsmanship and layout. This set provides more space than many additional Liebherr refrigerators and can also be said to feature functions such as BIoFresh and NoFrost, which allegedly keep food fresh for longer.

Liebherr SBSES8473

For a large side-by-side refrigerator packaged with user-friendly plugins, the Liebherr SBSES8473 supplies a 688L ability and provides equally BioFrost along with NoFrost features.

Offered in a stainless-steel layout, this version is produced out of SmartSteel to enhance the visual appeal of finger-marks and make it effortless to wash.

Likewise, it will come with SoftSystem, which can guarantee the door closes gently; however, complete the refrigerator is. The premium’ product comprises SoftTelescopic railings, which possess a self-retracting system with gentle final functionality to guarantee that the dividers are closed well.

Other features include:

    • PowerCooling system
  • VarioSafe and VarioSpace
  • Supercool
  • SuperFrost

Liebherr’s SmartDevice attribute may be employed on the Liebherr SBSES8473. If you buy the SmartDeviceBox as another attachment, you can command the refrigerator from your cell phone.

Should I purchase a Liebherr fridge?

In regards to pipes, Liebherr has many different fridges and freezers acceptable for your house and professional usage. Described as easy and energy-efficient, these things are seemingly made out of high-quality substances and normally tend to vary in cost between $1,392 and $15,228.

If you are family regularly competes for the previous bit of cake in the refrigerator, or if someone is continually opening the fridge and freezer deciding what to consume, choices such as the Liebherr SGNEF3036 might be perfect fridges to consider because of features like FrostSafe and SuperFrost.

Products such as the Liebherr OKES1750 and Liebherr SBSBS7253 are likewise acceptable for large families and those who like to encourage friends for large feasts.

You can also find compact fridges such as the Liebherr CMES502 if you would like something a bit smaller. These can be mounted in the kitchen or exhibited as a freestanding appliance in the toilet to keep some other beauty and health products.

For an ideal glass of wine in the home, Liebherr includes a few multi-temperature wine cabinets out of its Vinidor collection. These models generally comprise a couple of wine dividers, separately placed between 5°C and 20°C.

Most Liebherr wine storage compartments, if in a wine chiller or refrigerator, additionally let you deal with the humidity and temperature for exact control.

We all know shopping for the ideal refrigerator to suit your house is not simple. That is precisely why we have a vast choice of products and brands on our site that will help you compare what is available and choose the ideal refrigerator for you. Please continue your search with our client evaluations through the hyperlink under.

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Finally, what I must say concerning my Liebherr SBS 246 is straightforward: it has lived up to all that led me in the first location. It seems great, food remains fresher longer, and it provides incredibly functional storage choices.

I can not talk to its long-term reliability; however, I have yet to experience one problem with its performance after a year of usage. It is fit and complete is holding up beautifully, despite three children.

So would I advocate Liebherr to additional considering a brand new fridge? If your experience is anything like mine, then ultimately. It has done its responsibilities superbly, and it readily fulfilled my family of five refrigeration requirements. You may find out more about these Liebherr Refrigerators on the official Liebherr site.

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    I have purchssed a Refrigerstor rom Vasai west Vijay Sales showroom on 2nd December 2018 paying Rs.37,0000/-.

    Since 1st week of August 2020 the fridge is not cooling at all and i have contacted the customer care and after on 6th day Mr.Swapnil from the company visited my house and he checked the refrigerator. First he told me censor is not working, then he told invertor is not working and lastly gas has to be filled. He contacted the company several times and lastly he said i will inform the company and somebody will come to fill the gas and he took his service charge of Rs.650/- and went. In the evening i have called and told him to inform the company to come and do this on priority.

    Yesterday morning at 8.32am again i have contacted customer service and i have been informed that the same person will come and do tue work. Then i called Mr.Swapnil and he said he has not got any information from the company. Then again i called customer service and they said i will get the call from the service team in 30minutes but mobody contacted me.

    Today morning at 8.34am i again contacted customer service and Ms.Ashwini said my service team will come and do the work. Sir the whole items in the refrigerator got spoiled.

    Sir i request your urgent intervention in the matter and arrange to get my refrigerator replaced. Sir prior to this i was using whirlpool ice magic which i have used for 19 years without a single complaint

    Today is the 11th day i am following up with the customer service by email and phone and the problem is not yet rectified.

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