Pellet Stove Vs Propane 2021: Top Full Guide

Pellet Stove Vs Propane 2021

It is time to begin thinking about extra home heating alternatives to eliminate this months-long chill with winter upon us.

Among the very efficient home heating choices is a stove, a cast-iron box with a glass door that burns gas and circulates heat throughout your property.

However, with numerous stove alternatives to pick from, it can be hard to decide to purchase.

Therefore, if you are confused about that stove to purchase, here is a Pellet Stove Vs Propane Stove comparison guide that will help you pick the ideal stove for your property.

About Propane Stove

About Propane Stove

You might believe that the sole use of this fireplace is for decoration. But on the contrary, it’s a lot more effective than what you believe. Particularly, when coming into a propane fireplace, its heating efficiency is exactly what you ought to consider.

Propane has been a favorite gas, famous for both stoves and fireplaces because of the low cost and easy-to-start-fire property.

The propane fireplace was produced to stop intense smoke difficulty, which can be important in many classic wood fireplaces. As a propane fireplace uses propane to heat your house, no inorganic elements are being scattered from the atmosphere.

Even so, this type of heater discharges CO at a restricted volume. Or, to put it differently, the quantity of CO made by a propane fireplace would be just like that of a toaster stove. 7,5 grams/hour is the maximum quantity of carbon dioxide discharged into our surroundings at this fireplace.


  • Three Types Of Models

Propane fireplace includes a few versions you select, such as direct port, vent-free, and organic vent. Those versions guarantee that there is always an appropriate kind to your residence, by your budget and space constraints. Venting is crucial for each one of the wood-burning fireplaces. In any case, a chimney and a flue, which encourage airflow, will also be required.

  • A Peace Of Mind

Pellet stove demands a great deal of effort to produce the fire. It would help if you put up the kindling, then place pellets on the flame and control the flame. On the flip side, the propane fireplace takes a click of the change, and then you can turn it off in the event you don’t need it.

Your home is heated fast via radiant or convective schemes. This type of equipment may also be controlled by utilizing distance, which supports the simple charge of fire and warmth.

  • Flame Adjustment

Having a propane fireplace, adjusting the flame is a really straightforward undertaking. Even a damper, often used with lots of wood-burning fireplaces, is not even useful or essential. Unlike coal or burning wood in the fireplace, the efficacy of propane heating is left up to 92%, in comparison to 60 percent of wood heat.

  • Easy to Keep

The propane fireplace is a lot easier to clean and keep since there are no ashes and log debris, even in comparison with pellet stoves. A gas fireplace requires periodic maintenance, commonly only an inspection each year, which prices from 75$ to 150$.

  • Clean Burning

When compared with wood pellets, natural gas consistently burns cleaner, so emitting less pollution and soot. Furthermore, a propane fireplace won’t lead to any respiratory problems.

Generally, it generates a roaring fire, which requires minimal cleanup and requires no tending. You may readily locate the only components you have to wash, particularly with the assistance of detailed instruction in the guide.

  • Easy To Install

The best benefit of employing a propane fireplace is you may install it with almost any gas stoves, regardless of its place, either outside or within your residence. Please do not be worried about the size and location of the propane tank since its dimensions depend upon the consumers’ anticipated use. In any case, the place that you place your fireplace might not be static.

You can either put it to the floor or irritate it. Anyhow, a propane fireplace is a fantastic way to make sure you will have easy access to house heating at any way costs. It’s an economical and highly effective means to keep your home safe and warm during the chilly winter.


  • Propane Isn’t A Renewable Energy Source.

Sourced in the treasure fossil fuels, propane isn’t renewable energy. As it isn’t renewable, therefore, it’s controlled. For this reason, the purchase price of fireplaces constantly varies from time to time.

On the flip side, the pellet stove uses wood, which is renewable and cheap. Additionally, timber is always available also.

  • More Expensive

The propane fireplace tends to be pricey. Sometimes, also, it costs more to operate. Nonetheless, the working price mainly depends on the purchase price of gas, which generally fluctuates.

  • Not A Real Fire

Propane fireplace uses artistic brick logs to exude warmth and make the aesthetic vibe of common fires. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t necessarily work. The propane heater lacks the logs’ breaking and fragrant smoke authenticity. On the other hand, the flames’ dance is beautiful enough for one to meet.

Regarding ambiance, nothing could compare to conventional fireplaces. Even though the fire made by a propane fireplace is often as eye-catching as the one generated using a wood-burning fireplace, the vibe isn’t the same.

The flame coming from a wood-burning fireplace has a special feeling of warmth, coziness, and love that no contemporary fireplaces could provide.

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The Pellet Stove

The Pellet Stove

Since the substances of wood pellets may be recycled, and they’re extremely favorable to our environment. The wood shredder can also be heavily compressed to decrease its moisture content. Since dry gas may make more heat; hence, the pellets can burn cleaner and thicker than other timber sockets.

On the flip side, a wood pellet stove emits fewer pollutants in comparison with other conventional fireplaces. According to a lot of environmentalists, this type of stove is considered carbon neutral. The simple fact is that pellet is created of plants, which reside on carbon.

Hence, they neutralize each other. Anyway, the pellet can also be cheap, and you could always buy it in tiny quantities whenever you want. The cost of pellets is much lower than firewood’s cord.

It’s hard to consider the pitfalls of a wood pellet stove when viewing the many advantages that it provides. But, it’s a simple fact that there are still a few drawbacks. The stove’s expense generally ranges between 1700$ and 3000$ and the setup is necessary, so there’ll be an additional cost you have to consider.

Pellet stoves are primarily made in cold climates such as the Pacific Northwest. Thus, buying one from a licensed dealer in the region means you will pay more for your freight costs. Additionally, should your living room be restricted, you need to go on many excursions to the shops to buy enough winter pellets.

Moreover, perhaps your regional shop doesn’t offer you enough pellets. You have to find another shop in a different location to provide enough amount for you and really, you need to pay more for the delivery expenses.


  • Less Expensive

A Pellet stove will be less expensive than a propane fireplace. Regardless of being less effective, the stove is less expensive to operate due to the simple fact that propane is generally a lot more costly than pellets.

  • Generate More Heat

A Pellet stove will generate a lot more heat than a propane fireplace in precisely the same size. It’s a better alternative if you would like to heat a large area of your property or it’s whole instead of one room.

  • Renewable Fuel

Since wood pellet is renewable, it’s considered more eco-friendly than fossil fuels such as propane and natural gas.

  • Friendly To Environment

Pellet stove emits virtually no smoke, and in actuality, some are more effective because they may be vented into space. Hence, they are best for condos, apartments, and tiny homes. Additionally, since pellets are produced from timber waste, using these is a sort of recycling and maintaining the landfills’ timber particles.


  • High Maintenance

Pellet stove demands constant attention since you need to load it, light it, and tend to it. Additionally, it needs regular cleaning. If you prefer just on/off change and reverse, then the pellet stove might not be a perfect option.

  • Not clean Burning

Wood pellet burns less sterile than normal gas, so it’s not a fantastic alternative if your relatives possess respiratory problems like asthma.

Pellet Stove Vs Propane

Pellet Stove Vs Propane

Pellet stoves come in two fashions:

  • Free status – stands at the open.
  • Insert – fits right into a wall.

Pellet stoves have been installed in 1 place, and that is where they remain. They’re space heaters and also are made to warm the room they’re in even though they do well in heating entire houses if you pick the ideal unit.

Propane heaters come in 2 styles:

  • Wall bracket – mounts onto a wall.
  • Outdoor heater – made to warm outside Places.
  • Central heater – heats the entire house.

Semi-portable units

Propane heaters might be a bit more flexible as you will find mobile and outdoor models available. They may also be set up as a central heating system to heat a whole house efficiently.

Heating Performance

Heating performance between both heater kinds is actually based upon the manner of the propane heater.

Pellet stoves will usually pump more warmth and heat a larger area than the standard wall mount propane heater. However, naturally, a pellet stove can’t compete with a fundamental unit that heats a whole residence.

As a very comprehensive statement, equally heater kinds are similar in regards to the space heating system.

Both propane grills and pellet stoves have comparable efficiencies. Too they both waste hardly any of their gas in the burning process.

Installation Expenses

Installation prices for heaters are among the most challenging things for me to quote. The prices can vary so much based upon where you are, the style of home, type of present heater, and much more.

I’ve used some relatively comprehensive averages in the table under — so make sure you perform your due diligence and ask the regional specialists for a company price.

So as you can see, propane heaters are quite a bit more affordable when you look at total expenses. This results from the cost of the right heater being considerably more economical, while labor costs to set up a propane heater are higher than that of a pellet stove.

Heating Expenses

Now have a look at the picture below speak about a winner with a long shot!

No, there’s not an error. Propane gas will price you 62 percent more than pellet fuel to acquire precisely the same quantity of heat output.

Pretty intense, hello?


Pellet stoves are complicated machines and need relatively a little more maintenance than a propane heater.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that a heater utilizing gas can be more harmful than a pellet burning stove. Therefore, it’s essential to be diligent in your maintenance jobs on a propane heater.

Other Considerations

A few other things to consider before deciding that heater kind is Right for You:

Pellet stoves require power to function, but battery backup options are available.

Propane heaters might be indoor secure or outside only. External heaters produce dangerous carbon pollutants being discharged into the indoor environment, which Is Quite dangerous and even fatal.

Pellet stoves need constant refueling. This might or might not be acceptable for your circumstances. Bags of pellets are big and relatively bulky, so consider this. You’ll also need someplace to save a considerable quantity of pellet fuel if you use your furnace regularly.

The Verdict

It’s almost always a difficult gig, providing a recommendation. Both heater kinds have their advantages and downfalls.

Propane heaters are inexpensive and require little upkeep but are costly to operate.

Pellet stoves cost more to set up and need constant refueling but are relatively cost-effective heaters.

However, I feel that the pellet stoves (like toaster grills) come out on top for this comparison. While they do cost a bit more to get up and to move, in the long term, they will help save you money, along with the glowing warmth they provide is reassuring on those chilly winter days.

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