RTIC Vs Yeti Tumbler 2021: Top Full Guide

RTIC Vs Yeti Tumbler 2021

A java tumbler has ever been our friend once we would like to roam around sipping coffee every once in a while. Speaking of that, RTIC and Yeti are two brands that pop up in everybody’s mind. But that is better? You’ll get out that in the greatest RTIC Vs Yeti Tumbler battle.



Making products because 2006, YETI is an innovator in tumbler style, using cemented themselves as among the trendy and well-known brands for travelers seeking to maintain their hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold.

Each tumbler in their range is made from 18/8 stainless steel, making the cups hard, durable, and ready for the adventure. They also have perfected the no-sweat layout, which means you will encounter no condensation on the exterior of the cup, which makes it significantly less difficult to take without the possibility of it slipping through your palms.

One other fantastic feature is that the Duracoat powder coat. This helps every tumbler keep its color and ensures that the router does not fade, peel or crack. This is particularly useful for travelers moving on long-distance adventures once the probability of falling a tumbler or having to pack it into one of the other things is large.

The MagSlider lid will also be exceptional since it employs magnets’ ability to maintain drinks locked down as soon as the tumbler is not being used. A couple of individuals have noticed that the lid is not entirely spill-free, but this is something to remember if you use it yourself.

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Should you care about the plan, you are in luck since there is a wide assortment of YETI tumblers to pick from all accessible, plenty of vibrant and bright colors to match your character.

They are a few of the most delicate-looking cups available on the current market, explaining why they’re so common. But one of the drawbacks is they’re quite pricey compared to rival brands such as RTIC Tumblers, but the consensus is they are worth the expense.


  • They are designed with 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel, puncture, and rust-resistant.
  • Double-wall vacuum insulating material to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.
  • Includes standard with all the YETI MagSlider Lid, the sole drink lid which employs magnets’ ability to maintain your beer or favored drink on lock.
  • Covered with Duracoat, a durable coating of color will not fade, peel, or crack through lengthy field usage and provide added traction on the Rambler’s exterior.
  • Safe to be utilized in the dishwasher.
  • Loads of colors and layouts available.
  • BPA-fee, no-sweat layout.
  • Each of YETI Tumblers is sized to fit in regular-sized cup holders.
  • Comes with 5-years limited guarantee.


  • Works well at keeping beverages cold or hot.
  • Cup-holder friendly.
  • Incredibly durable exterior; ideal for traveling when you are very likely to knock or fall the tumbler.
  • Dishwasher-friendly to make life simpler.


  • The tumblers are usually quite costly.
  • Some customers have complained that the lids are not leak-free.

RTIC Tumbler

RTIC Tumbler

RTIC is another top travel tumbler new and is very good for people on a budget. Their scope usually is less expensive and is more affordable than YETI. Again, their RTIC Tumblers are constructed from 18/8 solid stainless steel so that you know that they will not let you down wherever you are on the planet.

RTIC also utilizes a double-wall vacuum cleaner for the insulation. This is to guarantee maximum temperature retention and keeps hands protected from hot or cold beverages. You won’t feel anything. The same as the YETI, these tumblers feature a no-sweat outside to avoid slippage.

One other excellent attribute is that RTIC asserts to have the ability to maintain ice strong for as much as 24 hours, a testament to how insulating material the tumbler is. This may not be so true in warmer climates, but you ought to have a couple of hours of ice if you want or require it.

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The tumbler’s expression is pretty slick and appealing, with a slim, tall layout and easy-grip foundation. Additionally, selecting colors for you to choose from means you can take your pick based upon your style and character.

Among the drawbacks to RTIC Tumblers is you can not wash them from the dishwasher. This may be OK if you are traveling and do not have access to one anyhow, but if you are using one daily in your home, this might not be very pleasant.

The other top lid has also attracted complaints because some consumers have experienced problems with escapes. It’s also allegedly knocked a couple of individuals on the nose since they have used it, so see!


  • Double-wall vacuum insulation – maximum temperature retention & insulates hands in the cold.
  • Keeps ice more – holds ice for up to 24 hours.
  • Keeps beverages hot – works well for hot drinks.
  • 18/8 solid stainless steel construction.
  • Narrow and tall layout.
  • Easy-grip foundation.
  • No-sweat outside
  • A shaded splash-proof lid allows you to understand precisely how much drink you’ve got. The flip-top closure resists spills and can be straw-friendly.
  • Simple to wash.
  • Comes in a selection of shades and layouts.


  • A cheaper option to this YETI.
  • Holds ice for a very long time more than rival brands.
  • Sweat-proof.


  • Not safe to use in the dishwasher has to be hand-washed.
  • The plan is not quite as appealing as the YETI.

RTIC Vs Yeti Tumbler

RTIC Vs Yeti Tumbler

To have a workable comparison between the two of these premium cooler businesses, we will need to establish metrics by which we can compare both. Below we’ll outline exactly what variables we’re considering when estimating.

Ice Life

Clearly, among the essential facets is the way long ice will continue within the container. Before reviewing these coolers, we knew that both ought to possess exceptional ice lifetime, but we had been concerned with how they performed relative to one another.

Can RTIC’s try to emulate Yeti’s build quality and materials glow through, or will there be a few shortcuts that needed to be designed for pricing functions that would affect ice life?

Additionally, to keep things consistent, we’re adhering to calling it ice life in cases where ice could even be present, like the RTIC May and Yeti Colster, which might instead concentrate on maintaining the chilly in the can or jar they are holding.

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Yeti is famous for its range of premium features; it includes making it a formidable competitor in almost any surroundings.

Beyond that, they have loads of expertise in handling roto-molded design, and because of their size, they can easily outsource to discover the very best materials. Dadong compares this to RTIC’s effort to replicate, if not improve, their approach.

Size Range

We believe that the more dimensions available, the more remarkable. There’ll be individuals who only require a small and compact cooler, although some might need one as big as accessible to accommodate an event or tailgate. How do companies do in supplying a fine selection of products?


Believe it or not, superior coolers have become a type of status symbol in the outside world, and lots of people prefer to proudly flaunt their cooler of selection when in the lake, tailgate, etc… As a result of this, aesthetics play a role in considering what ice chest to purchase.

Business Reputation/Warranty/Customer Service

We chose to lump all these together, as they’re related. If the time comes where you have to get in touch with the maker for some reason, how well do they react? When there’s harm to your cooler, will they insure it? And for how long?

Whenever you’re spending possibly hundreds of bucks on a product, you would like a business that will stand behind their product, and for quite a while.


This is generally another most significant variable which plays a part while looking for a superior cooler, or some other item generally really. Even though RTIC makes it evident that they’re the less expensive alternative, did they take some shortcuts to get there, affecting performance? Is your storied Yeti’s name justification enough to require a premium?

Last Words

In general, the two of these look very excellent to uses regardless of a few defects. By our proposal, you need to opt for the RTIC tumbler since it costs just half of this Yeti Rambler Tumbler’s cost, nevertheless provides a neck to neck functionality with its competitor. However, performance-wise, Yeti is our winner.

That is all to our RTIC vs. Yeti Tumbler evaluation and test. We expect you enjoyed this comparison. Tell us which of these your preferred became! We’ll be awaiting your answer. Ciao!

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