8 Substitute For Ground Cloves When Out Of Stock!


Are you looking for substitute for ground cloves? If you love to bake and cook, this blog post is for you. Let’s face it: sometimes we’re out of ground cloves. But never fear! Substitute with these other spices to keep your recipes delicious without being too overpowering. This video shows how easy it can be to adapt a recipe when substituting ingredients like this!

1. Cinnamon

Add an equal amount of cinnamon as a replacement for ground cloves. This works for savory recipes and sweet dishes, so it’s great to keep on hand. Cinnamon can be used in chocolate cakes, pumpkin pie, beef stew, even mulled cider!

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substitute for ground cloves

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2. Allspice

Reduce the ground cloves by one-third to substitute with allspice. It’s similar in taste but has a slightly more bitter edge. You can use allspice in any recipe that calls for cloves.

3. Nutmeg

If allspice doesn’t sound good to you, this is a great replacement—substitute one-third of the ground cloves with an equal amount of nutmeg. Nutmeg works well in apple pie, squash soup, and even tomato sauce!

4. Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pumpkin pie spice contains cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice – so it’s four spices mixed! If a recipe calls for ground cloves, you can use an equal pumpkin pie spice instead. This is a great option if the recipe also calls for cinnamon.

5. Ginger

Ground ginger is an easy ingredient to keep in your pantry (like cloves, it’s often used in baking). Swap out one-third of the ground cloves with an equal measure of ginger. Ginger pairs well with pumpkin or sweet potatoes! This spice is also great for Asian dishes like beef stir fry.

6. Anise Seed

Reduce the number of cloves called for by half, and substitute with anise seeds instead. This works well in recipes that include cardamom, ginger, or fennel. Anise seed is often used in Indian cooking, so it’s a great choice for spice blends like garam masala.

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substitute for ground cloves

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7. Ginger Powder

Add 1/4 teaspoon of powdered ginger for each teaspoon of ground cloves used in a recipe. Double the ginger powder and completely leave the ground cloves for a stronger ginger taste.

8. Cardamom

If you want to experiment with something new, try cardamom to replace ground cloves. Reduce the amount called for by half since it’s not as strong as clove, and add an equal amount of fresh sliced ginger root. Cardamom contains a natural oil similar to eugenol (the compound that makes cloves spicy), so it’s a great choice for vegetarian recipes that call for meat!

What Part Of The Clove Is The Ground Spice?

Some people may wonder, “What part of the clove is the ground spice?” Good question!

The ground spices are made from grinding cloves from a dried flower bud. This is why the flavor is strong and concentrated. The clove plant, which looks similar to a pink carnation, grows about six or seven inches wide at full maturity. The cloves are harvested by hand then left to dry in the sun for ten days before being ground into a powder.

The clove plant is originally from Sri Lanka and Indonesia, but it’s grown mostly in India and Madagascar. These two countries produce almost 75% of all spices!

How to Save Money on Whole Cloves

Many people ask, “How to save money on whole cloves?” It’s easy! Just buy them in bulk online or at your local specialty spice shop. You can also grow clove plants at home for personal use. Plus, many stores sell the leaves and stems separately from the ground spice.

People love to use whole allspice berries in traditional recipes like mulled wine or apple pie. Allspice berries are a great example because they are harvested green and unripe, keeping their freshness longer. They are only picked when fully mature, then sun-dried to dark brown for higher quality.

Bulk spices cost less because you’re paying for the weight of the container. They are also less expensive than whole spices because they’ll go bad faster, so you won’t be able to use them up in time before they spoil.

Spices should be stored in a dark place that is cool and dry to prevent molding or spoiling. Some spices will last for years when kept this way.

substitute for ground cloves

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A Few More Tips…

Here are a few more tips for saving money on spices:

Keep your spice rack organized.

When you keep your spices in order, it’s easier to tell which ones are older and need to be replaced. This is another way to reduce waste!

Freeze spices if you won’t be able to use them up before they spoil!

Just make sure you label the bags correctly, so you’ll know what’s inside. You can also keep your favorite recipes on hand by printing out copies and placing them in plastic sleeves. Then pull the sleeve off the frozen package, pop it into the microwave, and reheat for 30 seconds.

Use your spices before their expiration date.

Don’t throw your spices out if you’re not sure how old they are! Just smell each one – if it’s too strong, it’s probably still good. This is also a good idea because they lose flavor and taste stale or bitter as time passes.

Keep your spices out of direct sunlight.

If you must keep them on the counter, make sure they’re far away from any light source! Excessive heat will also cause many spices to lose their flavor quickly.

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substitute for ground cloves

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do spices last?

Spices are best used within a year of purchase. Be sure to keep them tightly sealed in containers with very little air exposure to prevent them from spoiling sooner! They will usually stop smelling strong after about two years, but they will still work in your recipes.

What are the health benefits of spices?

Spices enhance food flavor, but they also have added health benefits. Spices like garlic and pepper contain antioxidants that may prevent cancer!

Is it true that spices can cure disease?

No, this is an old wives’ tale. Spices will not cure diseases on their own. However, some spices may lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots, and kill bacteria. Spices may help as part of a patient’s treatment plan combined with other treatments.

Final Thought- Substitute for Ground Cloves

There are many ways you can save money on spices by shopping smart! Learn which spices you use most often so you can replace them as needed to get the freshest flavors. Buying bulk spices will save you money, but if your spices don’t last long, it probably won’t be worth the investment. Storing your spices properly will make them stay fresh longer, too.

Learn which spices you use most often so you can replace them as needed to get the freshest flavors! Shop smart and store your spices properly to save money!

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