Best Chocolate Syrup 2021: Top Brands Review


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolate Syrup is one ingredient, which can enhance the flavor of every dessert. With the help of this ingredient, you can easily make homemade chocolate milk and drizzle it over any ice-cream to enhance its savouriness. Many chocolate lovers also use chocolate syrup in exchange for their regular pancake syrup. Some of the chocolate syrups can also make your evening more romantic and flavourful. Let’s go for a search of the best chocolate syrup brands currently available in the market. There are many chocolate syrup brand reviews available on the internet, but none of them have analyzed every brand in such a way.

Top Rated Best Chocolate Syrup Brand

Top Rated Best Chocolate Sauce Brands

When choosing the top chocolate syrup brands, we have followed a few criteria and ranked the chocolate syrups accordingly. The rank is based on the taste, ingredients, and consistency of the product.

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1. Monin Gourmet Dark

In the list of top chocolate syrup brands reviews, the Monin Gourmet Dark ranked very high on taste. The chocolate syrup is made from dark chocolate, which gives the syrup a distinctively rich taste. This syrup is completely 100% dairy-free and it has never caused allergic reactions to anyone. At the time of preparation, the manufacturer has considered the religious preference of users and followed Halal and Kosher principles for both Muslim and Jewish food lovers. It has a moderate sweetness level to it. Along with ice-cream, you enjoy its taste with lattes, mochas, smoothies, and shakes.

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2. Torani Dark

If you enjoy a mild taste of vanilla Along with rich cocoa, then this will be the idealchocolate syrup for you. The syrup is made out of authentic Dutch chocolate. The chocolate has a bitter taste in itself. However, a little blend of organic vanilla enhances the richness of the chocolate syrup. The chocolate syrup does not incorporate any artificial flavoring agent. The manufacturing company produces with very high standards and you will get the same level of consistency in every bottle. Along with regular desserts, it also brings premium taste to any regular coffee.

3. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

This brand is synonymous with chocolate-related products. Along with their chocolate bar, the most selling product of this company is chocolate syrup. For this reason, we have ranked it one of the best chocolate syrup brands. On the scale of sweetness, it stands on the higher side. Instead of dark chocolate, this company uses milk chocolate. It is a century-old company and delivering authentic taste for a long time. You would be surprised to know that most ice-cream parlors use this chocolate syrup in their ice-cream and consider it the best chocolate syrup. It tastes very delicious with any flavor of ice-cream and cold milk.

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4. Ghirardelli Black Label

If you enjoy the richness of authentic dark chocolate, then you can give this chocolate syrup a try. However, many people have complained that it has a slightly bitter taste to it. For this reason, many people do not like it eating raw. Instead, most people prefer it with espresso-based drinks. In our top chocolate syrup brands reviews, we consider it high because of its thickness. The syrup incorporates 30 % real chocolate, which enhances its thickness and dark chocolate flavor. It is good news for allergic people that the syrup doesn’t contain any allergen or chemical flavor.

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5. Hershey’s Lite

If you are a fitness conscious person and want to cut some calories, then this chocolate syrup is for you. Similarly, many diabetic patients also consider it as the best chocolate syrup. This syrup contains all goodness of chocolate syrup minus added calories. The manufacturer has carefully kept sugar out of this syrup while maintaining the original taste of chocolate syrup. We liked it for carefully selecting the ingredients. You can enjoy it with any cold beverage and pancakes. The indulging taste of this chocolate syrup is mouth-watering. As a result, many people just gulp it directly from the bottle.

6. Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup

It is also another health-conscious chocolate syrup choice for calorie conscious people. This chocolate syrup doesn’t contain any glucose or sugar. Instead, the company has used artificial sweeteners in the production. But don’t worry, this sweetener is very safe for humans and got approved by FDA.  We have added it to the best chocolate syrup brands because it uses authentic Brazilian chocolate in it. Along with your beverage, you can also enjoy it with fruit salad. It simultaneously takes care of your health and appetite.

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7. Fox’s u-bet First Chocolate Syrup

Give this chocolate syrup a try, if you are planning to make egg lotion or any other dessert for a large some guests. It is one of the most low-cost among other top chocolate syrup brands. This company was originated in the year 1900 and famous for authentic egg cream soda. This chocolate syrup has a great heritage, which extends over 120 years. The primary ingredients of this chocolate syrup are coca, water, milk powder, and corn syrup. The chocolate syrup doesn’t contain any sugar, but it is very calorie-rich. So you can avoid this chocolate syrup if you are planning to cut some weight.

8. Ahlaska Organic

Another health-conscious chocolate syrup choice is Ahlaska Organic. Made from natural ingredients, this chocolate syrup has multiple health aspects. For example, chocolate syrup contains around 4% iron. The chocolate syrup is consisting of 9% carbohydrate and 0% fat. So, in our top chocolate syrup brands reviews, we kept this chocolate syrup for its positive health aspects. Many health-conscious parents who serve this chocolate syrup to their children marked it as the best chocolate syrup. For the best health results, you can dilute this chocolate syrup in the milk and give it to your youngster. It tastes very delicious with strawberry, banana, avocado, and other fruits too.

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9. Amoretti Premium

It is premium chocolate syrup, which is manufactured in California. For its production, the company uses all American ingredients. Along with chocolate, water, and milk powder, this chocolate syrup also contains some soy, peanut, wheat, and egg white. The perfect composition of all of these ingredients enhances its flavor. However, in our top chocolate syrup brands reviews, because only a few numbers of people got an allergic reaction from it. Otherwise, it is a good chocolate syrup when you judge it based on taste. It is delectable when you try it with an ice-cream or cold beverage. So, give it a try if you don’t have allergies to peanuts.

10. Santa Cruz Organic

Along with everyone, this chocolate syrup is perfectly suitable for the Jewish community of people, because, during the production, the company strictly follows Kosher Dairy rules. The main ingredients of this chocolate syrup are organic cocoa powder, sugar, water, Xanthan Gum, vanilla, and salt. The company is certified with Green-e Energy credentials and they are one of the Top Chocolate Syrup Brands that do not use any GMO products. It is also 100% gluten-free. In this chocolate syrup, you will enjoy the tasty flavor of vanilla beside strong chocolate. You can enjoy its delectable taste anytime with ice-cream and cold milk.



Making chocolate syrup is not rocket science; with just five minutes of effort, you can easily make it in your home. Along with homely taste, it is also very cost-effective in this regard. Here is a simple direction that you can follow to make your chocolate syrup in the kitchen.


  • Here are some simple ingredients you first gather for preparation, which will make you chocolate syrup comparable to top chocolate syrup brands.
  • One cup of your favorite unsweetened cocoa powder
  • One cup of granulated sugar in powdery form
  • One cup of chilled water
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract for taste


  1. The first step of chocolate syrup making is mixing sugar and cocoa powder. For this purpose take a medium saucepan and mix these two ingredients well. Make sure it doesn’t clump together. Then add one cup of chilled water to the mixture and turn on the heat. Constantly stir the mixture after turning on the stove. During this time add a quarter spoon of salt. The mix will slowly think up at its boiling point. At this time, check its consistency and taste it. You can add the remaining quarter spoon of salt if you liked it.
  2. The next step will be turning off the heat and let the solution cool down a bit. Now your chocolate syrup is ready. Pour it into an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. Most homemade chocolate syrups last for a month. Never put the syrup in the deep fridge or it will become solidified. If you like, you can warm it a bit in the microwave before use.


Yes, you can, but it will solidify your chocolate syrup and the cold temperature will make it into a lump.


Both Splenda and Stevia can be used as an alternative to sugar. However, you need to add it in the water first. Otherwise, it may get decomposed in heat.


Unfortunately, honey is not appropriate for chocolate syrup making. Honey mixed chocolate syrup quickly thickens up and makes small lumps in the syrup.


Coconut Sugar is also a great alternative to granulated sugar. It also gives the chocolate syrup a unique flavor profile.


Unfortunately, Agave also gives a similar result as honey mixed chocolate syrup. It is not suitable for chocolate syrup making. However, many people may find the lumpy chocolate syrup tasty.


In the market, there are hundreds of different chocolate syrup brands available. In this article, we just prioritized our choices. I hope it will be useful in your chocolate syrup search.

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