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The Best Refrigerator Accessories for Efficient Fridge Organization


The refrigerator has always been one of the dirtier spaces within a household. Even if you try to keep things in order constantly, the likelihood of doing so regularly could be much higher. Let’s face it: we’re too tired after a long, exhausting day at work to devote ourselves to this task.

Little did you and everyone else know about it: you must organize your refrigerator correctly to manage the food and keep it from rotting. In this article, we here at DaDongNY will walk you through how to properly organize your refrigerator and what Amazon refrigerator accessories are worth buying to keep your refrigerator neat and clean.

How To Properly Organize Your Refrigerator

Because there are many varieties of foods, they must be stored in the right spot, whether you keep them on the shelves, doors, or drawers. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to plan ahead of time. You can organize each component individually or select the section within your refrigerator that interests you the most.

What You Should Do Before You Organize Your Refrigerator

Ahead of getting into “full-on” organization mode, you must wipe down all of the surfaces within your refrigerator. This has advantages beyond aesthetics since a properly sanitized appliance minimizes the likelihood of infection and food-borne illnesses. Follow these procedures to clean your refrigerator quickly and easily:

  • Empty the refrigerator by removing everything to quickly wipe away dirt, stains, or stubborn spills. Alternatively, you can work in sections if you’re concerned about your food spoiling. Another solution is filling a portable cooler with ice and temporarily storing perishable foods inside.
  • Clean all surfaces by sanitizing your refrigerator with a cleaning wipe or washcloth and disinfectant spray. This entails cleaning the door sections as well as all shelf levels. Remove the drawers and soak them in hot and soapy water before cleaning and reinstalling them.
  • Reassemble your refrigerator and use a deodorizer to keep odors at bay. Baking soda, an excellent deodorizer, can be used and placed in the back of your appliance.

Upper Shelf Hacks

Because the upper shelves are the highest in the refrigerator, you might want to avoid storing fresh meat or vegetables there. Leftovers, beverages, and ready-to-eat items like yogurt, cheese, and deli meats are among the best things to stash on the upper shelf.

Because these goods have a shorter shelf life than condiments, oils, and kinds of butter, it’s important to keep them carefully labeled and arranged.

  • Place a “Eat Me First!” container for foods about to expire soon

If you have unused boxes around the house, name one “Eat Me First!” and throw everything in its expiration date inside. If you are still determining whether a product has gone bad, mark all leftovers with the date they were created and how long they will last.

  • Use a Lazy Susan to Locate food easily

The back of your refrigerator can become a black hole where food products go missing until they expire. You can conveniently access all your food products with a Lazy Susan. These containers are traditionally used in spice cabinetry and can be found in the refrigerator. With Lazy Susan, you can keep items such as opened jars, snacks, or condiments on top and turn the disk to obtain the desired item.

  • Maximize Wall Space by Hanging Baskets

You can purchase baskets with suction cups to stick on the wall of your refrigerator. They’re great for storing little items that could otherwise become misplaced inside. For instance, cheese or ready-made meat and cheese rollups could all be placed on the basket. 

Lower Shelf Hacks

When the upper shelf is in excellent order, you can move to the lower ones. Because they are underneath the ready-to-eat items, it is safe for you to keep raw products here, such as packaged and raw meats.

If you have additional ready-to-eat ingredients that won’t fit on the top shelf, store them on the lower shelves above the meats. While preserving meat is self-explanatory, here are a few ideas for the remaining lower-shelf products:

  • Put Similar Items Inside

Organize similar products in containers to make them immediately accessible and available for grabbing. Containers could also be filled with leftover foods or sauces.

  • Keep Snacks In File Organizers

Unused file boxes are perfect for storing an assortment of snacks at home. You can keep everything from chopped vegetables to yogurt, applesauce pouches, and pouch drinks. Just make sure to label them to further improve refrigerator organization.

  • Use Curtain Ring Clips To Hang Packaged Items 

Some refrigerators feature metallic bars around the perimeter of their shelves. You may use that space by hanging packaged things like sliced cheese or lettuce from the edge of your shelves. But to do that, you’ll need curtain ring clips. Simply attach the curtain ring clips and hang your packed bags.

Crisper Drawer Hacks

Crispers, or the drawers at the bottom of most refrigerators, often have their humidity and temperature regulated to keep certain foods fresh. There’s a science in properly preserving your food in the crisper since some foods require more humidity than others. The humidity controls are ideal for fruits and vegetables; as long as you ensure you understand where everything is supposed to be.

  • Make Use Of Drawer Dividers

You can use dividers like the ones used in garment drawers for your crisper drawers. Simply get the adjustable type and arrange it to your preference. Greens like lettuce and spinach should go in one container and onions, garlic, and ginger in another.

  • Use Paper Towels To Line The Bottom

Crisper drawers are frequently among the most difficult areas of your refrigerator to clean. Place a covering of paper towels underneath the drawers before filling them with fruits and vegetables to keep them cleaner for longer. The paper towels will gather any peels that fall off over time. To make cleaning easier, change them every week.

  • Understand Your Humidity Controls

Knowing how to properly operate your crisper’s humidity settings will help your fruits and vegetables stay longer. Most refrigerators allow you to regulate the humidity from high to low, so choose one drawer to a high humidity and one to a low one.

Anything that can rot should be stored within the low-humidity drawer. This includes ethylene-emitting fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, avocados, and most fruits. These gasses can cause a lot of things to mature and expire sooner. Meanwhile, leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, and herbs should be stored in the high-humidity drawer. The wetness keeps the vegetables crisper and fresher for longer.

Refrigerator Door Hacks

Since the refrigerator door is the warmest section inside the refrigerator, condiments should only be stored there. While many individuals put eggs or milk on the refrigerator door, it is not recommended as these items should be kept in a cooler portion of the refrigerator.

Condiments, sauces, butter, and other less-perishable products are ideal for door storage but must be kept in order. With these methods, you can keep your refrigerator doors dirt-free.

  • Label And Designate Each Door Section

If you want to keep things organized, keep items such as sauces, sandwiches, and dressings together in each door divider, then label the outer surface of the divider using a sticker or magnet.

  • Store Condiments In An Egg Carton

Place a carton of eggs at the bottom of the refrigerator door, where sauces are kept in mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup bottles. Since most liquid items will be near the bottle’s entrance, they will be kept in order, and waste will be reduced. 

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  • Place Kid-Friendly Beverages On One Lower Door Shelf

Make a snack section for your kids on the bottom shelf. Fill it with kid-friendly liquids or on-the-go munchies like yogurt they drink anytime they are thirsty.

9 Essential Accessories for a Well-Organized Fridge

Now that we’ve covered all of the best refrigerator organization hacks let’s speak about the handy accessories that will make your life easier than before. 

Consider what parts of the fridge you’ve been trying to organize while shopping for refrigerator accessories. Then, choose solid products that are the correct size to fit nicely inside. Although organizing your refrigerator can be time-consuming, it will quickly become a habit. 

To help you sort through several options, here are the best refrigerator accessories that you can consider:

  1. Utopia Home Pantry Organization And Storage Bins

Having foods separated is necessary to avoid cross-contamination. These bins allow you to view your items while keeping any potentially harmful leaks or spills contained. We encourage you to store raw meats in an individual container. In this way, you add a layer of protection if any juices leak out of the container. This will also make your cleaning job a lot easier.


Positive I use these bins daily in my fridge and snack cabinet. They conveniently store breakfast and lunch items so I can load a lunchbox before bedtime or just grab a treat and go when we’re in a hurry. They also make a clean and functional looking space in the fridge which is a plus. Very easy to hand wash with warm water and dish soap. I would purchase again.
Negative Bins are nice. One bin was broken upon receiving a set of 8. No damage to the shipping or product box. Net is they need better packaging or stronger bins. Return and exchange was easy but not how I wanted to spend my time. They look great in the cabinets, pantry and refrigerator. I did buy more and none of those were broken.
Cathy Leathersich

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  1. Totally Kitchen Refrigerator Egg Bin

Because eggs are very delicate, keeping them within something more durable than cardboard is best to keep them safe. And thanks to Totally Kitchen Refrigerator Egg Bin, you don’t have to worry about that. The clever design even allows you to stack heavier items on top without them shattering or crushing. What’s the best part? The clean design makes it simple to check the number of eggs left.


Positive Bought 2 of them and I’m glad I did. They make my fridge look more organized. I recommend this product.
Maria Castro
Negative I like that it keeps my eggs organized but it is a bit bulky colored to other products I’ve seen. It’s also a bit annoying that the top slides right off as soon as a lift it. I still use it today but definitely searching for a pull out option.

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  1. OXO Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper

This 1.6-quart jar is ideal for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables. This three-part container includes an inclined basket that allows ventilation from all directions while keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp. It also has a basket that filters when washing your food before consumption. 

Furthermore, the lid of the OXO Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper has adjustable ventilation for fluctuating humidity levels, depending on the items you’re storing. It also boasts a changeable carbon filter that reduces aging by collecting ethylene gas.


Positive This keeps my vegetables fresh for weeks. It’s seemingly magic. I’ve never owned a nice fridge so maybe that’s what the crisper drawer does? But I am stoked to keep parsley and mint for 2-3 weeks. I even throw in chunks of cut cucumber and they appear just-cut even a week later.
Christian D.
Negative It keeps the lettuce fresh a lot longer than normal. My only issue is that the lid doesn’t have a lock and I keep dropping the lid every time.
Mark Danvers

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  1. Comfy Package 48 Sets 16 Oz. Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids

To avoid cross-contamination, always store loose foods appropriately. These Comfy Package 48 Sets 16 Oz. Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids will keep your vegetable drawer’s odd bits and pieces safe, clean, and fresh. The locking lids will also keep spills at bay, and its sleek structure makes stacking simple.


Positive I got then to freeze my soup in, but found they was good to store left overs and to send food to sick friends, I ordered a second set, I love them.
Linda Nash
Negative Love these containers for food. Seal great and wash up good. Only down side is that 2 came cracked. Sent just in a bag instead of box.

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  1. Chubbiee Removable Refrigerator Freezer Labels With Dispenser Box

Food labeling is a valuable way of tracking how fresh each item is. Keep a permanent pen and a few Chubbiee Removable Refrigerator Freezer Labels With Dispenser Box on hand to help minimize food waste. If you’re still determining whether something is still good for consumption, knowing when it was purchased can spare you a lot of hassle.


Positive These labels are fantastic! They stick very well and actually stay on! I’ve even put them on things that are already frozen and they stick perfectly! And they’re very easy to remove and leave no sticky residue! Great product and well worth the money!
Lauren Sticca
Negative All writing smears. I tried ball point, sharpies and gel pens. The ink smears no matter what. I want to scream because they are otherwise good quality and right for what I need. I cannot use them. Bad product. They should come with a pen that does not smear.
Harry G. Morrow

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  1. Seseno Soda Can Dispenser, Set Of 2

Soda and beer cans, like wine bottles, are notorious for sliding across refrigerator shelves, creating a disorderly and wasteful mess. As a result, drink dispensers are critical for refrigerator organization. This Seseno Soda Can Dispenser, Set Of 2, includes lids easily stacked for storage. These containers store cans on the side rather than upright to save space while keeping them in place. 


Positive Really pleased with this purchase. We drink a lot of Diet Coke, and these bins really save space in my refrigerator! I always have cold soda without taking up too much room. Very happy with this purchase. It’s a simple, yet great idea!
Negative It is a good product just not what I was looking for. You have to take the tops off to fill it each time and I wanted to stack them. Not for me.

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  1. Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bags

Stasher’s Silicone Reusable Storage Bags is an amazing way to store meals while minimizing the use of plastic, which is not environmentally friendly. They’re a great ecological alternative to plastic bags and function just as well. 

These BPA-free silicone storage containers are leakproof, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup. They’re also oven-safe up to 400°F, making them a practical and flexible addition to any type of kitchen.


Positive I’ve been wanting to get some reusable storage bags for things to try to be environmentally friendly. Love the bags are super durable and don’t leak. They are really easy to clean and will be getting some more soon!
Negative I love the size of the bag, it is perfect “stick in your pocket when out” snack holder for kids. The problem is the top is hard to open, and even the little hads of kids can’t get the snacks out. Make sure you have another container to dump the contents in for eating.

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  1. Debbie Meyer Green Bags

Keeping food fresh can be tough, especially if you need the correct storage containers. Put yourself on the path to fulfillment using these environmentally friendly and reusable Debbie Meyer Green Bags. These BPA-free, low-cost resealable bags are ideal for storing vegetables, cut fruit, and flowers. For the greatest storage capacity, go for a 20-pack of varied sizes.


Positive These bags keep all my produce fresh for weeks! I rinse and reuse them and they are still keeping my veggies all fresh.
M. Crane
Negative The bags are only good for one use and still do not keep the veggies or fruit any fresher or longer. The containers are a bit better but the food doesn’t keep as long as advertised. I wouldn’t buy again.
Ms. C.

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  1. Amolliar Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable

If you’re prone to misplacing condiments and sauces in the back of your refrigerator, this handy Amolliar Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable will help you. The spinning container allows you to keep all your dressing, ketchup, and hot sauce in a single compact container accessible from all angles. It’s ideal for use inside the refrigerator, but it’s also useful in a pantry or cabinet. 


Positive This is exactly what I needed and it fits perfectly, turns easily.
Jinxie G
Negative Great for saving space just a little difficult to turn sometimes.
C Cooper

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  • What Is The Crisper Compartment For?

The crisper section is designed to keep vegetables fresh and crisp, ergo, the name. However, not all vegetables or fruit can be stored inside a crisper. Onions, garlic, and tubers are better left out of the refrigerator.

  • What Is The Chiller Compartment For?

The chiller compartment can be found directly underneath the freezer. The space here is cooler than the refrigerator compartment but less cold than the freezer. Use this to rapidly cool your beverages. You may additionally use this to defrost frozen meat for the next day.

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  • Can You Freeze Canned Goods And Bottles?

Since liquids expand when frozen, liquid in a can or sealed-tight glass container can crack and burst. If you freeze a can or bottle, ensure it’s partially full to make room for the expanding liquids.


Due to our hectic schedules, we frequently need to remember to clear our refrigerator. However, because we need to remember how to organize all the goods inside, we risk contracting food-borne illnesses and losing resources due to food spoiling. 

Get some refrigerator accessories and transform that fridge into every kitchen’s greatest friend to make everyday life easier and more convenient and free up all that valuable space.

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, including your breast milk, check out the post here.

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