How To Reset A Refrigerator Compressor


How To Reset A Refrigerator Compressor? Here is the Way to fix pipes and a few refrigerator troubleshooting

Refrigerators are the most common and necessary requirement of a kitchen in the current times. They are no longer a luxury. There are many multiple modern features like cold storage, water dispenser, and much more. It is quite unimaginable to function in a kitchen without a refrigerator.

Refrigerators are machines, and machines can go wrong. There are so many components in a machine and sometimes they don’t work well. It is not a rare occasion when a refrigerator stops working on a very important day.

Some problems require technical experts but there are many small issues that can be resolved on your own. This simple guide will help you detect the problem with your refrigerator. It will also help you in solving the basic issues of cooling and operations.

Tools Required

  • A Ratchet Set or a Socket
  • A Wire Cutter or Stripper

Materials Required

  • An Evaporator Fan
  • A Condensor Fan

Problem: Fridge Not Cooling

There are times when the ice-cream kept in the freezer keeps melting, or the refrigerator is unable to form ice. These all are cooling issues. The refrigerator is unable to maintain the required temperature for the mentioned activities. Cooling issues do not always require technical assistance. You can try a few basic repairs before calling for help. Most of these can be resolved by resetting the refrigerator compressor.

Check the electricity route. There must be electricity reaching the fridge, The plug should be well-fitted into the socket. The majority of refrigerators have lights turn on when the doors open. Check whether all such features are working or not.

Read the thermostat settings. If it is turned way down, then there can be cooling issues. If there is an error in the thermostat, you can try simple to set up thermostats (which are available on Amazon).

Vacate the freezer once and check if any object is blocking the vents. Also, clean the vents. There needs to be space for the vents to be cold.

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Vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator. Clogged coils may cause cooling

Vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator

Certainly check the condenser fan. The condenser fan needs to spin freely. You can unplug the refrigerator and manually clean the condenser fan. You must check for any clogged coils. The blades of the fan should spin freely. Afterward, plug-in the refrigerator and check the condenser fan and refrigerator compressor simultaneously. If there are issues with the fan, we have a guide for you for its substitution (in the end).

Fix the Refrigerator Evaporator Fan

In the majority of the cases, there are issues with the condenser. But, there are some incidents, when there’s a problem with the refrigerator evaporator. If you hear an unusual noise when the refrigerator compressor is running, the issue is likely to be a cracked evaporator fan or damaged evaporator coils. There is a loud sound heard when opening the freezer compartment. Evaporator coils and fans tend to make a squealing auditory impact.

There are simple cleaning measures to resolve this (given the cleaning of the fan is the issue). The evaporator fan and coils are behind the main freezer pay. You have to remove the cover in the freezer and find the frosted coils. Take out the frosted coils and the fan. Make sure the refrigerator is not connected to an energy source. Let these thaw for a day or two. You might need towels or wiping clothes as there will be some water leakage. Once the coils defrost set them it. Plug your refrigerator and observe its functioning. If it works well, the issue was with the defrosting parts. If you are unable to figure out the status, then it is advisable to call an expert.

You can also check your refrigerator compressor and thermostat. When you leave your fridge door open for some time, the refrigerator compressor makes a sound. If no such sound is heard, there might be an issue with the condenser fan or the compressor itself. The thermostat and the refrigerator compressor are usually located on the backside (near the ground) of the fridge.

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Project step-by-step

Step-by-step guide

We have a guide for you on how to substitute an evaporator fan.

  • Remove the refrigerator cover

You have to firstly eliminate the cover to get access to evaporator fan. The screws of the cover could be coated with plastic sockets.

  • Remove the fan cover

Many refrigerators have fan covers as well. You have to delicately remove the screws. Then, slowly remove the cover to attain the fan.

  • Assess the evaporator fan

Once you have the evaporator fan, you have to check if it is working properly. You can check for any noise produced or the movement of the blades.

  • Work onto assessment

It is advisable to replace the old fan with a new one. There might be decay and a new one will run smoothly. Just replace the fan, and attach all they could to the new one. Put the old fan cover on the new one as well. Set it properly.

  • Check the Condensor fan

Sometimes, the issue persists even after you have changed the evaporator fan. Now you have to check the refrigerator compressor and the condenser fan, You have to pull the fridge from the wall, and unplug it. Then, you have to remove the outer panel to access the refrigerator compressor and condenser.

Now, plug the refrigerator in the socket. Assess the situation of the refrigerator compressor and the condenser fan. Look for any faulty coils, noisy operating, If the compressor is running and the fan is not, you need to replace the condenser fan. Try to cool it if it heats up, with a hair dryer.

  • Change the Fan

After observing the status of the fridge, You might have to remove the condenser fan. The old wires need to be cut and be attached to the new fan. Then, reinstall the new fan back in the fridge.

The Way to Resolve A Refrigerator Which Will Not Start

Fixing A Refrigerator That Will Not Start

Check for Overload Or Relay-Start Capacitor

The refrigerator compressor is a crucial part of your refrigerator. It keeps it running smoothly. An overload relay is a tool that helps to protect the refrigerator compressor. The flow of power to the compressor is through the overload relay. When there are issues in the functioning of the refrigerator, it can be due to a problem with these wires as well. You must check the overload relay for any heating issues, damage, or decay. It is not as easy to check this component as it was with the fans.

We have a small guide, helping you to assess the situation of the overload relay. You would need a multi meter for the same.

  1. The primary step is to stop the power to the fridge, Unplug the socket. Then, remove the back panel of the refrigerator to gain access.
  2. Look for the overload relay, It looks like a mesh of sticks and modern grills. It can be found on the breaker’s face. There might be a capacitor as well. Many fridges use it for managing voltage issues.
  3. If there is a beginning capacitor, then first test it. You can test it by slowly releasing it. After this step, place the multi meter to get a reading. You have to place it in the Rx1 setting. The value for the reading differs from fridge to fridge. It is advised to check the manual for the same.
  4. If the reading does not match the required levels or range, you need to change the overload relay. You might have to change the capacitor as well. If the noted reading is as per the requirements, then there is no problem with these components. There is a chance that the refrigerator compressor is either faulty or old.

Check the Cold Control & Temperature Control

There is temperature control in the refrigerator. The temperature control is responsible for power to the different circuits and fans. There is a chance that this switch-like temperature control can be troubling the entire mechanism. To find whether this is the problem, we have prepared an easy guide for you. You will need to use the Multi meter again for this.

  1. The first step is to unplug the fridge. It is very important to always stop the power flow when you are checking the inner workings of the fridge.
  2. Find the temperature control switch. In modern fridges, it is very easy to find. It is in the temperature management block inside the fridge.
  3. You have to delicately remove this controller from the fridge. It is not very hard to detach.
  4. Now comes the turn of the multi meter. Place the multi meter in the Rx1 setting. Place it near the warmest temperature setting. When the settings will be on the warmest, then it should show an infinity symbol. Then change the setting to the coldest. As you decrease the temperature, the reading should change to a zero.
  5. If the reading easily moves from infinity to zero, your controller is working fine. If there are issues in this reading, then you need to change the controller. There can be any issue with the controller, and it is advised to get a new part.

Check the Electronic Control Board

The technology used in refrigerators is progressing. There are new parts coming frequently, which are faster and cheaper. One such part is Electronic Control Board. This is mostly found in recently bought fridges. Although it is the latest technology, there can be errors in this too. Technology can face a lot of unprecedented issues. These are expensive parts and should be treated by an expert. You can still conduct a preliminary assessment.

You should primarily check that there is a proper power supply to the electronic board. Also, you should note any voltage fluctuations. Then, you must slowly remove the electronic control board. It is found within the control box. It is either on the top or on the sides. Once you remove this board, you should look closely at it. You need to detect any burnt parts, damaged wires, or unusual looking part. If you are able to find something, you need to replace it with a new electronic board. Or else, keep it aside and wait for the expert to come and check.

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The Way to inspect your fridge's digital control board

Inspecting your fridge’s digital control board

There are many possible causes behind an issue in the working of the refrigerator. One simplest instruction to follow is to re-set the refrigerator compressor.

  1. Turn off the power supply of the fridge. Ensure that there is no plug attached.
  2. Set the compressor or the temperature/thermostat settings to zero.
  3. Leave the refrigerator like this for a couple of minutes. It is like giving a break to your machine.
  4. Now, connect the fridge to a power source and turn it on. Adjust the temperature to a level of around 5.
  5. Allow it to adjust to the changed settings.

These are the basic settings that can help to pump your tired machine.

Our guides are very simple and easy to follow. You are highly likely to find the issue and restore it. There are times when you do not have the time to wait for a technician to come and make things running. You have to make the decisions and do the needful. For such times, our guides will keep you company. We have identified all the plausible reasons, different parts of the refrigerators and provided the simplest restoration measures. Sometimes, the damage is beyond control and sadly, you have to spend money when you need to get new parts. Other than that, keep following our cleaning instructions so that your refrigerator keeps running smoothly and the refrigerator compressor stays away from issues.

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