Bring Home The Chill With 9 Under-Counter Refrigerators For Your Family


An under-counter refrigerator is usually one of the best options for a small apartment, yet it can be beneficial in a large kitchen as a means to store extra items or for quick and easy access while cooking. Some models are designed for cooling beverages, while others may store wine at the ideal temperature. They are also suitable for persons with physical disabilities; many are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to pick one that will provide the right balance of performance and value. It’s also important to understand which small fridges are under-counter and which might produce unforeseen problems. In this post, we here at DaDongNy will provide the necessary information for customers as well as our recommendations for the top under-counter refrigerators.

Our Top Picks

 If you’re planning to add an under-counter fridge to your home, here’s a list of the best brands available on the market now:

  • Kalamera 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge (Best 24″ Under-Counter Fridge W/ Stainless Door)
  • Kalamera 24″ Clear Panel Under-Counter Fridge (Best 24″ Under-Counter Fridge w/ Glass Door)
  • Smith & Hanks 178 Can Beverage Fridge (Best Versatile 24” Under-Counter Fridge)
  • Avallon Fr152 Srh 15″ Built-In Refrigerator
  • Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator 96 Can
  • Summit Al54 24″ Built-In Under-Counter Fridge W/ Glass Shelves
  • Edgestar Cbr1502sg 24″ Under-Counter Fridge W/ Tinted Window
  • Edgestar 142 Can 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge 
  • Sinoartizan 18 Bottle 55 Can Beverage Fridge

Products Comparison Charts: The Top 3

Product NameKalamera 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage FridgeKalamera 24″ Clear Panel Under-Counter FridgeSmith & Hanks 178 Can Beverage Fridge
Best  InBest 24″ Under-Counter Fridge w/ Stainless DoorBest 24″ Under-Counter Fridge w/ Glass DoorBest Versatile 24-inch Under-Counter Fridge
Capacity 154 Cans154 Cans178 Cans
No. Of Shelves443
Temperature Range32-41°F (0-5°C)38-50 °F (3-10°C)36 °F
Dimension (Side To Side)23.40 inches23.4 inches24 inches
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
PriceAvailable for only $1,436.99!Available for only $699!Available for only $899!

Top 9 Under-Counter Refrigerator

Product Review

Kalamera 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall Under-Counter Refrigerator)

The Kalamera 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge has everything we look for in a great under-counter fridge, including a 24″ dimension, which happens to be the most common available space for a kitchen countertop. People were constantly commenting on how wonderfully it fit their space. 

With a canning capacity of 154 cans, you can stock your bar for the entire summer. It has four distinct racks that allow you to make advantage of every available space for beverage storage. The racks may be removed for maximum adaptability if you need additional space for larger things.

Consumers have remarked on the refrigerator’s capacity to reach and maintain lower temperatures. With a temperature range of 32°- 41°F, you can keep items near freezing without worrying about overworking the unit.

Pros✅ Perfect for outdoor bars
✅Runs quietly
✅Keeps beer and other beverages as cold as possible
✅Elegant design
Cons✖️ Door handle is loosening over time
✖️ Bit difficult to install

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Kalamera 24″ Clear Panel Under-Counter Fridge (Best 24″ Under-Counter Fridge w/ Glass Door)

Similar to the product above, with the exception of that sleek clear glass door, nothing beats a see-through Kalamera 24″ Clear Panel Under-Counter Fridge for beverages; it’s also helpful when taking inventory without opening the door.

The blue interior light completes the futuristic design and is a crowd-pleaser when guests are over.

While glass does not hold as cold as other materials, the rest of the fridge is well-insulated and stainless steel. This gives you the best of both worlds: a stylish appearance with effective functioning. Like the Kalamera 24″, this product has 4 racks, a 154-can capacity, and a low noise compressor.

The temperature range is slightly higher than in the previous model, reaching 38-50°F. This larger temperature range is most likely due to the lack of insulation on the front of the door. The tradeoff may or may not be appropriate for your needs.

Pros✅ Very quiet
✅ Elegant design
✅Simple to clean
✅ Has a huge capacity for storage
Cons✖️ Expensive
✖️ 38° is the lowest it goes

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Doesn’t Smith and Hank’s sound like a charming, family-owned little business? That’s exactly what they are! According to their website, “Casey Smith likes wine, and Jason Hanks loves beer,” so they set out to design freezers to accommodate all kinds of beverages. With a sizable 178-can capacity, there’s no reason to go elsewhere for larger events. It is as simple as plugging it in and setting it on the spot.

This Smith & Hanks 178 Can Beverage Fridge also has a wide temperature, ranging from 36°-68°F so it can store all kinds of beverages. There are also seven rack positions, allowing you to customize the space to your needs. Its wood-accented shelf and transparent, UV-protected glass panel set this beverage fridge out from the crowd. It also has a 1-year parts and labor warranty and a 3-year compressor warranty.

Pros✅ It has pull-out racks that make it easy to stock the shelves
✅It performs well, looks great, and is silent
✅It keeps glass bottles upright in the refrigerator
Cons✖️ None so far

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Avallon Fr152 Srh 15″ Built-In Refrigerator

If you live in a small flat, this  15″ in-cabinet mini fridge may be the ideal solution for individuals with limited room. The powerful, fan-forced compressor-based cooling allows this fridge to maintain its wide temperature range of 34° to 50°F, despite its small size. The door, door handle, and bottom vent are all stainless steel with a sleek, polished appearance.

The Avallon Fr152 Srh 15″ Built-In Refrigerator allows you to switch between white and blue inside lights to mix things up now and again, and the light and temperature settings are visible right when you open the door at the very top.

With 3.3 cubic feet of storage space, this unit is ideal for any reasonable beverage-cooling need. This fridge optimizes every inch of space to provide abundant storage, with three sandblasted glass shelves and three door shelves.

Pros✅ Very quiet
✅ Features a blaring alarm that will inform you if the door is left open
✅ Has a huge storage capacity without taking up a lot of space
Cons✖️ Doesn’t last long over time
✖️ The bottom door shelf is tall enough for some wine bottles

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Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator 96 Can

The Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator 96 Canattracts will attract everyone with its sleek, snug, and savvy design, which includes a clear glass door and a reflective blue light.

This fridge also has 5 individual racks, allowing you to maximize it for any sized item you need to place in it. Filling it with beers for a party? The Phiestina 15″ Beverage Cooler Refrigerator 96 Can has your back because it can store 96 cans! 

Despite their size, you can put a surprising number of cans inside the fridge. Remove the two middle racks and use the entire fridge depth if you need additional room for wine or other tall products. The beauty of this under-counter refrigerator is that it can be used for whatever you require.

The control unit is immediately located at the top of the fridge inside. It displays the present temperature of the fridge and has a temperature range of 38°-50°F, which covers most everyday cooling requirements.

Pros✅ It began quietly and quickly reached the desired temperature
✅ It runs quietly
✅ Can reach the desired temperature in less than 1 hour
✅ Elegant Design
✅ There are a lot of shelves for versatility
Cons✖️ One customer reported that the product only lasted over a year

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Summit Al54 24″ Built-In Under-Counter Fridge W/ Glass Shelves

The Summit Al54 24″ Built-In Under-Counter Fridge W/ Glass Shelves is quite similar to the Kalamera above, with a few key differences. For starters, this model is one inch shorter, making the fridge fit better in your specific location. This product also has a black interior with glass shelves, which allows it to blend in smoothly with darker spaces. 

With this, the Summit Al54 24″ Built-In Undercounter Fridge W/ Glass Shelves has proven to be an ideal fridge for individuals searching for a secondary fridge rather than a beverage fridge.

It also includes unusual features such as a front door lock, high-temperature alerts, and a Sabbath mode. Again, these are features that are often found on higher-end kitchen refrigerators.

Pros✅ Comes with a reversible door
✅ The little fridge looks great and works perfectly
✅ Has stainless steel finish
Cons✖️ None so far

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Edgestar Cbr1502sg 24″ Under-Counter Fridge W/ Tinted Window

EdgeStar, a well-known refrigeration manufacturer, has been in business since 2004. This firm has proven to be a reliable refrigerator maker. A feature that quickly distinguishes the Edgestar Cbr1502sg 24″ Under-Counter Fridge W/ Tinted Window from other models on our list.

This product has a ridged bottom, which holds 6 wine bottles nicely and secures any other large bottles here for convenient storage. It is a very tempting feature for every wine connoisseur out there, and the door is reversible, which lets you make it as ergonomic as possible.

While the front ventilation allows this fridge to work under counters, it is advised that at least 2″ of additional depth be provided behind the refrigerator to achieve optimum cooling.

Pros✅ The glass shelves have a clean appearance
✅ The lower shelves have wine ridges
✅ It runs quietly
✅ It fits perfectly under our counter
Cons✖️ The shelf spacing is inefficient
✖️ When glass shelves are not in use, they are difficult to store

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Edgestar 142 Can 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge 

The Edgestar 142 Can 24″ Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge is a slightly bigger counterpart of the EdgeStar above, retaining most of the perks listed above, with the exception of the stainless steel door rather than clear glass.

You should consider only three factors when deciding which EdgeStar to purchase. This fridge is slightly larger but holds 6 fewer cans; has a stainless steel door rather than glass; and is more expensive.

Everything else is the same. That means the handle is reversible so that you can adjust it to the left or right side of the fridge, and there is a digital temperature control display on the top face of the machine and an interior blue LED light.

Pros✅ Comes with child protection lock
✅ Features a blaring alarm that will inform you if the door is left open
✅ Despite its widespread use, this product is still durable
Cons✖️ Shelves have large holes in them, which can be a pain in the head
✖️ 38° is the lowest it goes

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Sinoartizan 18 Bottle 55 Can Beverage Fridge

Want the versatility of one fridge having two separate compartments with temperature control? Then the Sinoartizan 18 Bottle 55 Can Beverage Fridge is the right appliance for you.

This fridge can carry 18 wine bottles on the left and 55 cans on the right, allowing you to meet your household’s necessities. The temperature control range for the wine compartment is 41°-64°F, while the can compartment is 39°-50°F.

Its double-glazed, tinted glass door keeps UV light out while offering a professional home bar or kitchen aesthetic. The internal white light automatically goes off after 10 minutes to avoid damaging the wines. Furthermore, the removable shelves include sliding rails that make rearranging a breeze. It also has a lockable door to keep the little ones out.

Pros✅ A perfect addition to any kitchen
✅Can accommodate 18 bottles of wine, 15 monsters, 15 cans of beer, 6 bottles of water, and 8 cans of soda
✅It looks great and appears to work nicely
Cons✖️ A bit noisy
✖️ The door sometimes bounces back upon closing the fridge
✖️ One customer reported that the product doesn’t last very long

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How Did We Choose The Best Under-Counter Refrigerator

While we wrote this post, we looked into dozens of under-counter models that have been around for decades and have a solid reputation for dependability. We cross-checked statements from lesser-known brands with responses from customers who purchased them.

And as we explore several solutions to satisfy consumers’ need for under-counter refrigerators, we assess their size and capacity to assess their versatility. We also carefully considered several features like shelf layout and temperature management.

Price is also an essential aspect. Our selection ranges from low-cost under-counter refrigerators to high-end ones. And last but not least, energy saving. While the US government’s Energy Star regulations are generally known, foreign manufacturers may utilize certification from their region that is recognized.

Installation Tips for an Under-Counter Refrigerator

Installing an under-counter fridge is pretty straightforward if there is an accessible electrical outlet nearby or if you have previously had an outlet built for this purpose. Another method is to hardwire the unit. However, this is only sometimes practical. Some DIYers can do this themselves, but we always recommend that anyone unsure about the process hire a professional.

  1. If you plan to place your fridge on an existing countertop, measure its clearance to see if it will fit. Most under-counter refrigerators are 25 inches long, some are 24 inches long, and custom sizes are available.
  2. Although most under-counter refrigerators vent to the front and have a specific dimension, assessing the space requirement behind the fridge is still important. If there is a power outlet back there, make sure there is enough room for the plug.
  1. If you want a panel-ready under-counter refrigerator, it’s important to check the size, as the item may need to align properly and maintain the overall design. Keep in mind to check which side of the door opens. Some under-counter models are reversible, while many are not.


While putting together this article, we identified a few issues concerning under-the-counter refrigerator installation that most potential buyers may have. Look below for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Is It Possible To Put A Refrigerator Under A Counter?

To put it simply, yes. You can put a refrigerator under the counter, but ensure it serves your intended purpose. Also, remember that installing a small fridge below the counter may commonly result in overheating issues, so ensure the under-counter refrigerator’s exhaust is on the front.

  • What Is The Purpose Of An Under-Counter Fridge?

An under-counter fridge varies; It is often used as an extra for a 30-inch refrigerator or as a secure place to keep food close to outside-of-the-kitchen preparation areas. They could also be used mainly for drinks or wine. Furthermore, they are worth considering because of the space they can save in small houses and apartments or the convenience they provide for people who have disabilities.

  • Why Are Under-Counter Refrigerators So Expensive?

Most under-counter refrigerators on the market are considered high-end appliances, which leads to a more expensive price. Nevertheless, the prices will vary depending on the type of under-counter fridge and the features available. It will also cost more if it is built-in within your kitchen countertop.

  • What Is The Average Lifespan Of An Under-Counter Refrigerator?

An under-counter refrigerator can last between 10 and 20 years if properly installed, cleaned, and maintained.


Adding more cooling space to a larger home is a no-brainer, especially if you want to keep your brewski cold. An under-counter fridge is the most convenient way to add chilling capacity without wasting valuable kitchen space. But, when it comes to this equipment, there are several versions to pick from. So, to spare you the hassle, here are the top under-counter fridges that stand out from the rest. Whatever your choice, you can be certain you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, check out the post here.