Best meat slicers for jerky
Meat slicers for jerky 2021

Best Meat Slicer For Jerky 2021: Top Brands Review


Varieties of meats are included in our daily food preparations, including salami, cold cuts, ham, roast beefs, and jerky meat. Whether, at home or at the commercial level, the dining menu is incomplete without meat-centric dishes. Slicing of meat makes the dish preparation easier and saves a lot of time. Meat slicing machines, thus, have become modern day imperative in gourmet and home style cooking.

Sandwiches, appetizers, turkey taquitos, lasagnas, hotpots and more such kinds of dishes can be cooked within minutes if a good quality meat slicer is in place. As a reason, most people are interested to give their dishes a special gourmet touch and want to buy the best meat slicer for jerky and other kinds of meat items. Meat slicer can process slicing both in manual and automatic ways. The slicer works for more than one purpose. It can also be used for slicing big sized veggies, fruits and cheese.

Evolution of meat slicing

Traditional hand meat slicers have been in use since centuries, the first being invented in 1898 by Van Berkel. Meat slicing in the old times was limited to butcher shops and deli meat procurers. After the meat slicer came into being, turning it into product for special slicing was introduced much later. For long, cheese lovers also wanted to shred the cheese and get slicing done finely without manual work. A slicing machine was the perfect idea for people associated with meat and cheese sector, at that time.

The purpose behind the invention was the need for slicing the meat in proportions and thin pieces. The slicing of meat with a machine ensured that the meat remains untouched and the sizes can show consistency. Since Berkel brought up the idea of slicer, there has been no looking back for chefs, who got a easy helping hand. Types of meat also surged with the inventions and so did the number of recipes. Not simply for slicing, the meat was an instant hit and well accepted market product in the early 19th century.

Millions of meat lovers have depended on hand sliced meat delicacies to satiate their hunger, for ages. The climate conditions in the west also favored eating juicy meat to keep warm in the severely cold weather. The delicious slices and chunks of meat have since been part of most food items and a common a family dinners. It is no surprise that with the evolving needs, manual and automatic meat slicers have also transformed in shape and style.

Meat dishes are prepared on variety of occasions in different nations. Countries like USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, and UK are the largest meat consumers in the world. The range of meat dishes is also exhaustive in these nations. Sliced meats are highly popular in restaurants and eateries in the west. In dishes like salads, stews, vegetable stir fries, rolls, sandwiches, noodles, kebabs, jerky meats, slicing and chopping is necessary. This is why, slicing of meat in different ways is no surprise.

Slicing and cutting in your way

Slicing is not a tough job yet many times, the quantity required in meat dishes or slicing of other types of food items can make things tricky. Small or manual slicers can be problematic to handle and time-consuming too. They might also need manual interventions many times. To add up to this, the time taken to do slicing is longer than what an automatic or professional grade meat slicer will take. Also, if the user is not aware of how to use a manual meat slicer then there can be risk of physical injury as well.

Best meat slicers in 2021
Meat slicers for jerky in 2021

Slicing needs

Most families want to prepare food items which include sliced meats, vegetables, and cheese items that can be chopped and shredded to suit the dish. For items which are heavy and solid in shape require professional cutting and slicing. Such a job cannot be done by using an ordinary manual slicing machine. If the lunch or dinner need includes salami, pepperoni, or kinds of deli meats, then choosing the best meat slicer for jerky would be a clever decision. Jerky meat requires super thin slicing of beef, buffalo, or salmon, and meat slicers are ideal in doing such a job, in comparison with manual process.

Things to look for in a meat slicer

Using a meat slicing is fairly an easy task. In the restaurants, meat slicing machines are heavily used in the preparation of different portions of meals. Meat slicing helps in putting meat and food items in measured amounts with the dish. These portions also help in balancing the taste of the dish and require no exaggerated effort from the chef. Similarly, at home if you are cooking a special lunch for a large family, meat slicer helps in slicing and put measured portions in the exact amount for the dish. In addition, you save plenty of time by simply unpacking the meat or food item that needs to be part of the dish. Meat slicing can also be done in variety of ways, as most meat slicer can slice meat, vegetables, cheese, salami etc. in different ways.

Types of meat slicers

Normally, every kitchen has two types of meat slicers – manual and electric. The choice of slicer can depend on the type of handling and meals cooked. It can vary from a small sandwich to a big luncheon as per the meal requirement. A meat slicer for home usually has 7.5 inch blade while commercial ones can have a wide 11 inch blade.

Many people find it difficult to identify the slicing need at home. If you pick among the best meat slicer for jerky, it will help you save not only time but also money. While, you can also cut the meat with assured hygiene and do proper portioning.

Here are some ways to help you understand what works best while working with meat slicers for jerky or other food items.

·      Meat slicers are manual and electric. They are normally used for slicing cold and cooked meat. Meat slicer save time and money and can be disassembled and easily cleaned.

·      The best meat slicer for jerky can have an expensive price tag too. If the machine in the slicer is powerful then expect the price tag to be slightly high.

·      Choose a meat slicer that is compact in shape and easy to manage in weight. This will help in cleaning the parts of slicer, carrying and using it as per your convenience, whenever you like.

·      It is better to keep away seedy fruits and veggies from cutting in the meat slicer. This can impact the blades of the slicer, get stuck in the slicing teeth and reduce its performance.

·      Avoid cutting frozen food items or deli meats for jerky in the meat slicer. Take out the meat in normal temperature and then put it inside the slicer for chopping or shredding.

·      Take care while slicing cured meats or cold cuts like prosciutto, pancetta, speck, and lonzino etc. These are hard and sometimes frozen in nature, and must be cut when they have softened enough for slicing.

·      To ensure personal safety while slicing is done, meat slicer should be placed at an even and sturdy surface. Check if it wobbles when the motor starts slicing. It would be better to take precautions and avoid any kind of untoward incidents when slicing is in process.

How to identify best meat slicer?

When we go out to buy a meat slicer, and want to purchase a slicing machine, we tend to oversee the specifications. Manual as well as automatic meat slicers are built to serve their own purpose. In modern times, some people still prefer hand-cut meat slices in their food. While some may want to go for modern automatic meat slicer to save time and money. Individual preferences play a major role in deciding what kind of meat slicing need must be met. Families often pay less heed to specifications and want to a big machine, although their need doesn’t match the cooking frequency. What a compact machine with motor can do might not be done by a manual meat slicer with wide twin-blade.

In addition, home and commercial meat slicing can be drastically different from each other. The frequency of usage and handling is fairly different in both. Slicers which have powerful motor, multiple blades for slicing and removable parts, and come with product warranty are ideal for commercial purposes. At home, compact slicers with motor that can perform variety of meat slicing tasks is suitable. Most importantly, the handling and safety while usage of the slicer should be primary focus. Apart from understanding how the meat slicer works for your kitchen, it’s good to know the kind of slicers available in the market.

Let us see some options in the section below.

Best meat slicers for jerky in 2021
Meat slicers for jerky 2021

Best meat slicer for jerky and food items

Slicing meat can be an exciting process, and also when your family is looking forward to exclusively prepared meal at home. Slicing meat directly from the meat slicer enhances its taste and helps in producing juices each slice. While, selecting the best meat slicer for jerky and other meat items isn’t a task, although having a good understanding of the specifications of a meat slicer is beneficial.

To enhance your understanding, we have listed down the best meat slicer of 2021. Below mentioned are the best known meat slicers in the market for different varieties of meat slicing requirements.

Cusimax meat slicer electric food slicer with 7.5 removable stainless steel blade and pusher

This slicer comes with a wide 7.5 inch stainless steel blade which helps in cutting meat in equal proportions. The parts require no extra oiling changes and are extra durable. This slicer is perfect for cutting fruit, vegetable and bread, cutting beef jerky, cold cuts, deli sandwiches, ham and hard cheeses as well. It is easy to clean, compact and can be used at home and for commercial purposes.

Kitchener meat slicer food deli bread cheese electric 9 inch stainless steel blade 120VAC belt driven

This slicer is 120VAC with 150 watt, 60 Hz of electric motor. It has a wide 9 inch of stainless steel blade. It can slice vegetables, fruits, hard meats, and cold cuts into proportional pieces. From deli meats to thick cured meats, 5/8 inch carving board can manage the slicing of all types of meats. The Kitchener slicer is versatile and completely safe. It has suction feet for better grip on the surface and sturdiness during use.

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Weston 61-0901-W heavy duty meat and food slicer with 9 stainless steel blade

It can cut all types of deli meats, and cold cuts, Weston is the best meat slicer for jerky. It also comes with a food pusher teeth for controlled slicing. The food tray in this slicer can easily be cleaned while the blades are removable too. It operates through a belt connected with a motor that generates low pitch while slicing. Weston 61-0901-W heavy duty meat and food slicer also offers adjustable thickness control.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer

Equipped with adjustable slicing thickness, Chefman die-cast electric deli and food slicer is easy to handle and operate. It comes with 9/12 deli slicer and can perfectly slice turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese and bread too. Highly durable and compact in size, Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer comes with one year warranty.

BESWOOD 9″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

This chromium plated carbon steel blade meat slicer is corrosion free and provides superb cutting and slicing as per need. BESWOOD 9″ Premium Chromium-plated Food Slicer is manual and weighs 30 pounds. It can slice all types of deli meats, meats for jerky, cold cuts, hard cheese and heavy vegetables. This slicer comes with very sturdy support with rubber grips for complete balance during operation.

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Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

Equipped to ensure thin meat slices, you can use this slicer to cut hard or cured meats like mortadella or chorizo with ease. It has an aluminium body and stainless steel blades and operates on automatic mode. The blade can be cleaned and washed easily. Elite Gourmet meat slicer offers quick release food carriage for easy cleanup.

Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer with Removable 7.5” Stainless steel Blade

With an industrial grade composition, this slicer is easily best meat slicer for jerky in quality and performance. Equipped with 180 watts motor for slicing and 7.5 inch blades for hassle-free cutting, Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric food slicer is made up of die-cast aluminium body. The stainless steel can be easily taken out and cleaned as per convenience.

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Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer

A versatile 7 inch stainless steel blade, with serving tray for use, Chef’s choice is among best meat slicer for jerky and many other types of meat items. All the parts in this slicers can disassembled like the pusher, food deflector, food carriage and blades. With 120 watts powerful motor, it does all kinds of slicing jobs with perfection. The tilted food carriage also helps in locking the blade when the meat slicer is not in use. A compact design also makes Chef’s Choice meat slicer a handy and easily manageable slicer among its counterparts.

Anescra 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer with Two Removable 7.5’’ Stainless Steel Blades and Food Carriage

A powerful 200 watt motor, Anescra electric deli food slicer is an ideal choice for slicing meats. Slice meats, delis, hams, vegetable, cheese and all sort of food items that you require for meal preparations. With a heavy motor, this slicer can chop and slice big sized meat pieces within minutes. It comes with two 7.5 stainless steel blades which makes slicing very easy and fast, saving a lot time for user. The thickness of the slices can also be adjusted well for all types of food items. The design is ergonomic and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The parts are super easy to clean and can be removed and kept separately after use.

Concluding words

Slicing of ham, salami, meatloaf, brisket, cold cuts, fillet, bierwurst are some commonly used meat slicing methods around the world. They help make sandwiches, gourmet meals and pan dishes more sumptuous. Knowing the type of slicing need at home or for commercial purpose gets the job half done. Rest is taken care by choosing the right meat slicer. Meat slicers have started coming in compact sizes and in manageable dimensions. This has increased the worth of owning them further.

Manual slicers are coming with sophisticated stainless steel blade while automatic ones are fitted with motors to do slicing. So, now people have more than one choice at hand for the slicing need. Keeping a meat slicer handy in kitchen can solve many tasks in one go. Make those family gatherings special and celebrate during Thanksgiving with all your slicing work sorted.