Best canned chili brands and the top recipes.
Delicious chili recipes made from the best canned chili brands, tastes just like fresh chili.

Canned Chili: Best Brand Reviews & Recipes


Are you fond of mouth-watering recipes that have a taste of hotness? You need to then stock up your kitchen with chilies and also invest your money in quality canned chilies. The best choices on the market, the canned chilies may be as delicious as freshly picked ones.

You will come across some brands on the market where the taste is similar to the homemade ones. Also, some homework has been done by us to help you choose the best canned chili companies, which are easily available on the market. We have compiled this list after researching the best alternatives available. The list will guide you to pick up the most appropriate product for the recipes.

Best Canned Chili Brands

·        WOLF BRAND Homestyle Chili With Beans (ASIN: B00DOSIT5I)

·        Amy’s Organic Chili with Vegetables, Medium (ASIN: B000G18NSE)

·        Skyline Chili (ASIN : B001TOAB64)

·        Campbell’s Chunky Chili Mac Soup (ASIN: B01FNVGW0C)

·        Cattle Drive Gold Beef Chili (ASIN: B00PP0U91K)

·        Campbell’s Chunky Chili, Hot & Spicy Beef & Bean Firehouse (ASIN: B0014EW4MS)

·        Nalley Original Chili Con Carne (ASIN: B0057FT87O)

·        Ray’s Chili (ASIN: B00473NR0Q)

·        Leoffy Las Palmas Whole Green Chiles (ASIN: B008PU0HDW)

·        Stagg Silverado Beef Chili (ASIN: B004S07FU6)

Yummy and hot canned chili dishes for you.
Prepare the tastiest dishes using chili using canned chili from top brands in the market.

1. WOLF BRAND Homestyle Chili With Beans (4.2 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features 

· Does not have preservatives

· Unique mix of seasoning

· Prepared with tomato puree and lean ground beef

· Constitutes a lean beef chili can with beans

· Authentic recipe for Texas chili

· Healthy mix of veggies

In case you like bold flavors here is a canned chili brand you should store in your pantry or kitchen. The product is boiled gently with a unique seasoning mix so that a lip-smacking chili recipe can be created. Another good thing about this product is that there are less than five gms of fat in each serving.

There are no preservatives in this canned chili product as well. The recipe uses all-natural beef it. You may heat the content of the can quickly put it on the top of the stove to prepare your meal fast. Its taste is original and authentic. The brand originates as early as 1895. When you are in pursuit of a spicy and thicker meal then you should settle for this brand.

Wolf Brand Homestyle chili has been prepared through minimal processing and does not have artificial ingredients. It is tough to discern if the chili is homemade or canned. The product tastes like a genuine chili recipe of Texas and is simply delicious. The major ingredients included in the recipe are pork, beef, and pinto beans.

This canned product is an ideal mix of tasty and healthy. Special combinations of different spices are used to flavor the chili. The product boasts a healthy blend of veggies including tomatoes, onions, and green pepper. The contents can be microwaved or simmered on a stove to prepare a meal quickly.


· It is simple to prepare

· Needs minimal processing

· Does not have artificial ingredients

· Prepared with natural beef

· A great source of iron

· Includes less than five gms of fat


· Its taste is slightly bland

2. Amy’s Organic Chili with Vegetables, Medium (4.2 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· Certified kosher

· Is gluten-free and vegan

· USDA organic certified

· Simple to prepare and convenient

· Organic medium chili with veggies

· 12 cans each measuring 14.7 oz.

This organic product is an ideal combination of veggies and spiced chili. It has a distinct flavor of organic bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, and corn. Amy’s Organic Chili is simple to prepare. The product is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free. It is ideal for vegan and kosher diets.

The brand is well-known for providing delicious and organic food to consumers leading a hectic lifestyle. Amy’s Kitchen is a family-run business that has garnered immense goodwill for offering non-GMO and organic products. The product uses ingredients, which are prepared with great care the way one would do at their homes.

The product is one hundred percent vegan. Also, it is free from meat, shellfish, poultry, peanuts, eggs, and meat. The brand is synonymous with offering organic products, which are nourishing and delicious. Every single fruit and veggies included in its recipe is cultivated organically. It is free from insecticides and harmful chemicals.

This canned chili is prepared from flavorful ingredients. The company tastes all that is cultivated before using them in the recipe. They use the finest of ingredients for crafting a mouthwatering recipe.


· The makers handpick every ingredient in the recipe

· Prepared using flavorful and fresh ingredients

· Organic product and tastes delicious

· Perfect combination of veggies and chilies


· The chili flavor does not dominate in the recipe

3. Skyline Chili (4.5 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

·    Great choice with pasta dishes

· Excellent substitute for preparing gravy dishes

· Is good as dips and side dishes

· Different taste, texture, and flavor

This canned chili product is immensely distinct if you compare it to many other brands that offer the same. One does not need to go to Cincinnati for savoring genuine Skyline chili. Also, you will relish the mouthwatering recipe sitting in your house by purchasing the Skyline Chili can. The wonderful product is a perfect mix of spices, tomato paste, onion, garlic, natural flavors, paprika, and salt.

Indeed, the recipe will not have the same taste homemade chili has. However, it tastes quite great when you compare it to several other brands. Its gravy can be used for preparing different gravy recipes. You may offer this product with tacos and tortilla chips. Its flavors distinctly stand out.


· Constitutes decent portions of protein and minerals

· Spices have been uniquely seasoned

· Contains the optimum blend of ingredients

· Its texture is unique


· Its shelf-life is medium

· If you eat it with no topping, it can taste bland

4. Campbell’s Chunky Chili Mac Soup (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· It does not have any artificial color

· Per can contains 21 grams of protein

· Packaging is done in cans with no BPA lines

· Great mix of beef and bean chili

The recipe from Campbell is flavorful. Its ingredients have chunky pieces and bold ingredients. The soup can fill you up and is of hearty varieties and distinct flavors. The item is incredibly popular for its huge pieces of meat. This recipe has thick broths and hearty veggies as well.

The contents can be heated to consume the rich, delicious soup instantly. It is full of comfort foods in one healthy bowl. The recipe includes tomatoes, macaroni, bean chili, and beef making it incredibly filling and delicious.


· Contains hearty veggies

· Soup is immensely filling

· Contains bold flavors

· Content can be quickly heated to finish a healthy bowl


· The soup can be watery and the pasta is extremely soft

5. Cattle Drive Gold Beef Chili (4.5 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

·        It is free from gluten

·        The recipe is slightly spicy

·        Has a proper blend of meat and vegetables

·        Simple to prepare

In case your dietary needs are special and want to opt for gluten-free or allergy-free choices, this beef chili could be an excellent choice for you. The canned product is an excellent choice for all people who are ailing from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. This canned chili product’s major ingredients are chopped beef and normal beans. The recipe also contains sea salt as a flavoring.

It is also surprising that the portion of sodium included in this canned item is not excessive and is extremely minimal. The recipe though may not be liked by all as it is slightly spicy. The mix of veggies, spices, and meat largely leads to a good flavor. The contents may be heated for a few minutes so that you can eat them.

This canned chili’s shelf life is higher as compared to many other variants available on the market. The content of the leftovers need not be refrigerated. If you store it properly, it can be used for around a couple of months.


· The product’s shelf life is for two months

· The recipe uses cumin for flavoring

· Quantity of sodium is very less

· Sea salt is used for seasoning


· It may not be appealing to all because it is slightly spicy

6. Campbell’s Chunky Chili, Hot & Spicy Beef & Bean Firehouse (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· Great blend of veggies and meat

· Tastes similar to homemade chili

· Includes beef, kidney beans, and pork crumbles as the major ingredient

· Flavorful and delicious

· Contains a high source of protein

This canned chili is full of onions, garlic, red peppers, chili green, kidney beans, and seasoned beef. Campbell’s Chunky chili also has chipotle pepper seasonings, as well as, is loaded with paprika. The product is famous for its nourishing ingredients and quality. It contains hearty veggies and big chunks of meat.

This particular variant of the product features the thickest broths when you compare it to many other brands. In case you are in search of an extra spicy canned chili variant, then this is what you go for. Its spice and flavors will remind you of your grandmother’s recipe. The product has homemade and a fresh taste. Its key ingredients include beef and kidney beans. The recipe’s silent element is its chewy bite.

The finest part of Campbell’s Chunky chili is green and red pepper seasoning. The product is slightly on the spicier side. In case you are fond of mild flavor, you should try out some other variant of canned chili. It has massive chunks of meat making it suitable to be offered as the main dish. This canned chili is ideal to eat with garlic bread and anchovies.

The canned item is a rich source of protein and also comprises sodium, calcium, and iron. You can eat the contents by directly taking them out of the can.


· Has bold flavors

· Its shelf life is decent

· Uses chili pepper seasoning

· Contains seasoned cooked beef, pork crumble, and kidney beans


Its spiciness level is not appropriate for every person

7. Nalley Original Chili Con Carne (4.6 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· Delicious and high-quality product

· Tastes equally well as your homemade chili

· Rich in fiber and low in fat

· Excellent blend of ground beef, beans, tomato paste, seasonings, and spices

Nalley is known to offer a wind range of amazing tasting chili for a very long time. It is a brand that has a long history of more than 80 years but is still preferred a lot. This delicious recipe’s flavor has remained unaltered for many years. The product has perfect packaging and it is worth spending your bucks in.

This canned item is a blend of flavorful seasonings, spices, meat, beans, and tomato paste. The recipe happens to be rich in fiber and low in fat. Plump beans, beef, as well as, seasonings are uniquely blended making the recipe quite well-known. The slight heat qualifies it as an ideal inclusion to the cabinet in your kitchen.


· Mild heat is perfect for family

· Boasts a special mix of seasonings

· Rich in fiber and low in fat

· Packaging is perfect


It has 47 percent of sodium meaning very high salt content

8. Ray’s Chili (4.1 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· Has an ideal mix of seasonings and spices

· The USDSA has approved it

· Made from freshest and finest ingredients

This savory treat needs only a few minutes of prepping. Rays item is a brand, which found its place in innumerable kitchen cupboards for many years, especially for canned chili lovers. It is interesting to note that the brand is committed to high quality. The brand’s canned products are all inspected, as well as, approved by the USDA or United States Department of Agriculture.

All the seasonings and spices of Ray’s are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients. The product is an extraordinary treat in winters. The spices and seasonings make the recipe a delightful treat to savor and enjoy.


· Contains sodium in the right amount

· Prepared from the best ingredients

· A flavorful blend of beef and beans

· Contains a delicious, unique flavor


· The beans’ quantity is less as compared to meat

9. Leoffy Las Palmas Whole Green Chiles (4.7 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features 

· Has no cholesterol

· The texture of the product is smooth

· Contains green pepper in place of red

· Beef, chicken, and pork are included in its recipe

· Prepared using authentic Mexican chili recipe

In case you are in pursuit of genuine Mexican meals, then this green chili product is what you must have in the kitchen. Leoffy Las Palmas has been preparing genuine Mexican food for more than 85 years. The makers use only the best ingredients in this canned chili. The canned item is a superb blend of chilies and tomatillos. It has a special mix of spices, which you will love.

Are you in search of some spicy and palatable canned chili? This canned Chili could be an amazing choice for you. The recipe is undoubtedly one of the finest traditional Mexican recipes. Its zesty chili flavor can be quite impressive. It is mildly spicy making the chili highly palatable.

The recipe’s major ingredients include beef, chicken, and pork. You can consider it to be more like a chili recipe with plenty of meat. The brand does not use red peppers but uses green ones instead. Its flavor is extremely unique while the texture is smooth and thick. The recipe uses meat, which is cooked well.


· Has only ten calories in each serving

· Made using only natural ingredients

· Zesty and firm flavor

· Kosher certified

· Roasted chilies taste delicious


Its packing is not quite good

10. Stagg Silverado Beef Chili (4.4 out of 5-customer review rating)

Major features

· Is an ideal mix of ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, chili, and plump beans

· Includes 2 cans of beef tomato chili

· Ideal mix of heat and smokiness

· Would be a great option for eating while camping

· Can be served instantly

· Has a signature mix of spices

This particular product comes with a classic chili flavor, which will be loved by everyone. Stagg Silverado chili with beans features green and red bell peppers, ripe tomatoes, juicy meat, and pump beans. The canned chili also features a signature blend of spices. It could be an excellent inclusion to every kitchen cabinet.

The packaging of Stagg Chili is wonderful It is extremely simple to open and you can serve it directly as heating is not needed. This canned chili couple makes an ideal party food when you are tailgating. Stagg Chili would also make a great topping for delicacies such as hot dogs, sliders, and more.

It was in 1956 when Clement Hirsch established the Stagg brand. The product is prepared with jalapeno peppers, juicy beef, zesty onions, and succulent red tomatoes. Stagg Silverado beef chili could be used as a rich and hearty meal.


· Does not contain artificial ingredients

· Needs minimal processing

· It is prepared from 100 percent natural ingredients

· Provides 16 grams of protein in each serving


· It has a high portion of sodium

· Can taste little sweetish

Best Canned Chili Recipes

1. Chili and cornbread bake

Presenting a tasty canned chili cornbread bake recipe!
One of the popular dishes made using chili is the all-time favorite chili cornbread bake.

Put chili into a cake pan. You have to then pour a batter of cornmeal over the top. You may also use a biscuit mix instead of corn. Next, bake for 35 to 50 minutes at 35. Or continue baking till the batter is crispy and set on the edges. This can be done with cheese cubes or slices of hot dogs in the chili as well.

2. Burritos

A delicious burrito made from canned chili.
Savor this tasty and filling burrito made from the best canned chili with ground beef.

Wrap the chili inside tortillas for preparing fast burritos. However, you will need fairly thick chili. So, you may have to include slightly more ground beef.

3. Chili Omelet 

Use canned chili to make a tasty omelet.
A simple yet tasty recipe made from canned chili. A spicy omelet everyone would love!

The beaten eggs have to be poured into the skillet first. Then include chili on the top. Also, add some green onions and diced tomatoes. Fold over while the eggs are just set. Use cheese for toppings and then serve with taco or salsa sauce.

4. Chilidogs

A great recipe to make using canned chili.
A chilidog is a hot dog made using a best-canned chili product in the market.

It is another excellent recipe you can make using your homemade or canned chili. You can sauté some onions in heated butter, which can then be thrown on the top.

 5. Tamale Casserole

Tamale casserole is a yummy canned chili recipe.
A tasty and easy dish that you can make from canned chili, presenting Tamale casserole!

You need to mix around a cup of masa flour with approximately two cups of water. Just wait for three minutes so that the flour can be absorbed. Pour the mix into a cake pan. Next, pour around three cans of chili into it. Use some shredded cheese and sliced olives for layering. Make a second batch of a similar flour batter. Pour this batter over the top. Use cheese to cover it well. Use foil to cover the pan and bake it for 40-50 minutes at 375. Serve the recipe with sour cream.

Best Canned Chili- FAQ

Is canned chili in the cooked form already?

All canned food products are in cooked form. The FDA in the United States requires all canned foods to be cooked. So, no matter, which brand you opt for, they should all be cooked first. 

How long can canned chili remain good?

If the canned chili is unopened and is properly stored, it can stay good for three to five years maximum. However, it will be typically safe to use it even after that. In short, it means when canned chili is unopened; it can be used even after the mentioned expiry date on the package or can. If a canned chili is opened and refrigerated, it can stay good for about 3-4 days.

Is it healthy to eat canned chili that has expired?

Although canned products past their expiry date may not taste that good, there is typically no real health threat to consume these products if they are in good condition. 

Is canned chili good for me?

Similar to several other processed and prepared food products, some canned products may be filled with saturated fat and sodium. Yet, they can be rich sources of protein and fiber. Both of these can help you feel full and satisfy you. 


You all know how useful canned chili can be for preparing flavorful delicacies. These may be used as side dishes while you do not have much spare time to cook. There are plenty of alternatives available on the market. So, it may be a bit baffling to choose a certain brand. It is precisely for this reason; we reviewed the best canned chili products available on the market. All these products have been shortlisted based on criteria to focus on before purchasing the finest canned chili. Each product has been mentioned with its merits and demerits so that you can make an informed decision. 


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