Best Mini Refrigerators

The Best Mini Refrigerators for Dorm Rooms, Offices, and Small Spaces


Every inch matters, especially if you live in a cramped space. This is why mini refrigerators are crucial for college dorms, work environments, and even your garage (just in case you want that cold brew while working out on your DIY project)

These tiny appliances not only help keep what you’re eating and drinking cold, but they can also save space while adding a stylish touch to your household. But with plenty of choices on the market, it can be challenging to establish where to start your hunt.

Whether you’re a university student in need of a small refrigerator that’s small enough to fit in your dorm room, someone looking for a sleek and compact cooling alternative at your workplace, or simply someone that has only a few square feet at your house; we’ve here at DaDongNY got you covered! 

We scoured the marketplace to find and cater for you for the best mini refrigerators for smaller spaces. Our top picks include something for everyone, from energy-efficient variations to ones with advanced features. So without further ado, let’s get started and find the right one for you.

Run Down

This section compares several mini refrigerator units to find your best options. Our product comparison chart will provide you with an in-depth review of each model by taking into account key highlights such as model, capacity, wattage, Energy Star certification and market price.

We believe that by emphasizing the differences among these units, we can assist you in choosing what is best for your specific needs and preferences.

Product Comparison Chart

ProductModelCapacityWattageEnergy Star CertifiedPrice
Black+Decker Mini FridgeBCRK32V3.2 Cubic Feet‎85 WattsYes$209.99
Cafe Dual-Drawer RefrigeratorCDE06RP3ND15.70 Cubic Feet279 WattsYes$3,248.69
Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler288 03 32 033.2 Cubic Feet138 WattsYes$499.00
Smeg Mini RefrigeratorFAB5URWH31.5 Cubic Feet.54 WattsYes$1,259.00
Cooluli Compact Cooler Mini FridgeCL4LBK0.14 Cubic Feet220 WattsYes$49.99
hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and CoolerHME030065N3.2 Cubic Feet240 WattsYes$349.97

The Best Mini Refrigerators

  1. Black+Decker Mini Fridge

The Black+Decker Mini Fridge is comparable to a high-end luxury refrigerator because of its stylish look, except that it’s less expensive. Its capacity and performance were similar to those of pricier models. It comes with an ice tray, an additional freezer section, and 3.2 cubic feet of space for storage. 

Its glass shelves are adjustable, so you can experiment with their arrangement until you’ve found the one that works best for your use. With a second storage compartment for smaller items such as condiments or yogurt, the refrigerator door is capable of holding six 12-ounce cans as well as a two-liter bottle. You can be sure this refrigerator will fit in your living space simply by using its leveling legs and interchangeable door. The is Black+Decker Mini Fridge is also garage-ready.


What we like✔️ The appliance operates quietly.✔️ The door hinges can be flipped around
What we don’t like ✖️ It has a small freezer compartment and no crisper drawer included


Positive This is an excellent product, made of good material,nice style and design, my wife is happy with these , I recommend it 100%.
Negative Perfect size for dorm room or small room. Noisy when running with no way to silence. Maintains cold, and interior space plenty for small storage

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  1. Cafe Dual-Drawer Refrigerator

If you are looking for a mini refrigerator for your kitchen, look no further than the Café Built-In Dual-Drawer Refrigerator with soft-closing drawers. Each large-capacity drawer includes an adjustable divider that helps arrange and organize space. 

The LED inside lighting lets you see the contents, and the doors include a sensor that activates if the door is left open. It also has a Sabbath Mode, which suppresses the refrigerator’s sounds and lights to meet with religious observances. If you like stylish models, you will surely appreciate its sleek freezer, available in three base colors and five choices for hardware, allowing you to complement almost any current kitchen design.


What we like✔️ It has seamless drawers and an alarm system that sounds if a door is left open
What we don’t like ✖️ It is far more expensive than the standard mini refrigerator✖️ it’s going to require a bit of effort to shut the drawer


Positive So easy and convenient to use as an additional refrigerator. Fits into decor just per.
Negative The only thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars are the occasional “Pop” sounds when the compressor stops. Build quiz great but for this price it should be practically silent and it’s not.

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  1. Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast has been recognized and trusted by professionals for its trustworthy products, such as this freestanding chiller that can accommodate up to 32 wine bottles. The Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler has four curved wire racks that hold bottles in line. You can store age-worthy wines in a particular area and ready-to-drink or sparkling ones in the other part, with two temperature zones that can be controlled within 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. 

They also have a glass door that allows you to see what’s inside and LED lighting that improves the visibility of bottle labels. Wine enthusiasts will surely appreciate how it retains temperature and emits very little vibration efficiently, which is a vital factor for optimal wine storage. Compared to similar models, this mini refrigerator works better in a broader spectrum of outside temperatures, helping your bottles stay steady even if the room temperature approaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


What we like✔️ It offers an enormous wine bottle storage capacity, flexible shelf, as well as accurate temperature
What we don’t like ✖️ Its LED lighting looks weak and it is meant solely for freestanding use


Positive We purchased this wine cooler 4 weeks ago and have enjoyed it. Modern look and feel, ample space for both red and white wines with dual zone, and quiet in our condo unit. Was our 1st wine cooler purchase and have been pleased with performance.
Todd L.
Negative The wine refrigerator makes a buzzing noise fairly frequently and since it is in my kitchen it’s very annoying.
Michele K.

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  1. Smeg Mini Refrigerator

The brightly coloured Smeg Mini Refrigerator blends ’50s-inspired looks with current features that will stand out as a statement piece for your household. The tiny and sleek Italian-made refrigerator consists of two easy-to-clean glass shelves and storage perfect for tall bottles, condiments, and other items.

 It also has LED lighting that illuminates everything. Its thermostat can be adjusted between 35 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit to keep items cool and has automatic defrosting. Furthermore, you can choose between retro-inspired colors, modern neutrals, and left-handed or even right-handed doors.


What we like✔️ It’s small and operates quietly✔️ You can pick between a door with a left or right hinge
What we don’t like ✖️ A few individuals may find this small for them✖️ The doors can’t be flipped.


Positive Not specified
Negative Interior too small for practicality. Overpriced for what it is.
Jane Doe

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  1. Cooluli Compact Cooler Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Compact Cooler Mini Fridge is a great travelling partner. This retro-style mini-fridge is perfect for travelling because it is light and portable. It can be used for everything from soda storage inside the car to supplying breast milk if you need to pump at work.

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When used at home, it can be plugged into the power source and can be used to hold drinks. It’s also the ideal present for your kid living in a uni dorm, a skincare specialist who keeps their beauty items inside the refrigerator, or for a loved one’s keeps snacks at their workplace.


What we like✔️ It is fully portable and therefore making it extremely versatile
What we don’t like ✖️ The internal compartment is small, therefore making the storage limited


Positive It’s a hidden little jewel that I am considering a gift item for many. Only cold setting tested so far. Surprised how well chilled cans inside on 12v
Negative I was happy that i received my cooler earlier than expected. I am returning to work and plan to use it to store breast milk. i read such amazing reviews and it seemed very clearly the best option for me. However, up arrival i found that my product was dirty on the inside and out, was even scuffed and dented on the outside. The accessories were in a bag that was very used and very dirt as well.

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  1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

The hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is ideal for rooms where cold beverages for guests or yourself must be provided. This model includes adjustable shelves that you can simply modify to store cans or tall bottles. It can carry up to 120 cans, which means you don’t have to refill it for a long time.

 Its LED light allows you to simply see what’s inside at night. It can also be installed beneath a counter to give the appearance of a built-in dupe. The strong cooling system can cool the unit to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.


What we like✔️ It has a glass door that allows you to see everything in without having to open it
What we don’t like ✖️ Some owners complain that it is excessively noisy


Positive So far so good! Like the see thru and keeps all drinks cold for sure. My dislike… I thought the light inside was a blue l e d light but it’s not. I must have read it wrong when ordering.
Negative Was excited to receive this product, but upon having it cool it only cooled down to 40 degrees… Will be returning this and replacing it with a different one.

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Considerations When Purchasing A Mini Refrigerator

Whether you only need the little refrigerator to keep make-up, stack some cold brew in your garage, or simply a chilling companion while living in a university dorm. You must assess numerous factors to ensure you acquire the best refrigerator for your needs. They are as follows:

  1. Size

Keep in mind about where you want to put a mini refrigerator. Freestanding units often need a little space across the corners, top, and back for ideal airflow, while others require extra clearance for a hinge or the door to swing open. Take measurements, and keep your clearance requirements in mind.

  1. Capacity

As soon as you’ve determined the dimensions of a mini refrigerator, choose the largest storage capacity as much as you can. Mini refrigerators vary in size from compact models with less than 2 cubic feet of storage to larger units with roughly 5 cubic feet of storage. If you intend to store tall bottles, ensure your chosen model has enough capacity to handle them.

  1. Configuration

If you want to use mini refrigerators exclusively for your beverages, choose one with adjustable shelves and built-in racks that can hold various bottles and can sizes. If you want to use the mini refrigerator to store vegetables, choose one with a crisper drawer to keep it as fresh as possible.

Other considerations you should take into account include door storage and the question of whether you want a freezer compartment or not. If you want to keep frozen food or ice cube trays, choose a model with a freezer area and a separate door to keep the contents frozen.

  1. Features

Although most mini refrigerators have a simple design, some models come with features such as changeable temperature settings, auto-defrost, adjustable door hinges, as well as levelling legs that can be adjusted.

  1. Compressor Or Thermoelectric

The mini-refrigerators we included on the list came with a compressor with a more powerful cooling capacity than thermoelectric variants. Thermoelectric coolers are sensitive to outside temperatures and are capable of cooling to around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which is less than the room temperature.

A compressor model is the best option if you want a refrigerator that keeps its temperature consistently cold. If noise is an issue, compressors will become noisier when they cool if thermoelectric models are used.

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  • How Much Would A Mini Refrigerator Cost? 

A mini refrigerator usually costs under $100, up to $250. The manufacturer mostly determines the price, capacity, availability of a freezer, and other factors. Therefore, you can easily purchase a mini refrigerator online without breaking the bank. 

  • Are Small Fridges Suitable For Household Use? 

A mini refrigerator is an excellent option if you live in a confined space and do not cook much on your own. These refrigerators also benefit apartments and smaller workplaces with limited refrigeration and freezing requirements. 

  • Is It Possible To Store Make-up In A Mini Refrigerator?

You will have no trouble using a mini refrigerator to store all your make-up that requires particular temperatures. Remember to follow the storage guidelines on the packaging before storing the items in the brand-new mini refrigerator. 

  • What Is The Maximum Capacity Of A Mini Refrigerator? 

Many typical mini refrigerators have a maximum capacity of approximately 7.6 cubic feet. This capacity, however, will vary depending on what model you purchase. As a result, you’re provided with various choices, allowing you to quickly choose the perfect compact refrigerator for your needs.

  • What Exactly Are The Different Types Of Mini Refrigerators? 

You can choose between single-door as well as double-door mini-refrigerators. Additionally, some variations come with or without a freezer compartment if you prefer a refrigerator unit for your beers or wines.


Mini refrigerators may be small, but they’re quite powerful, especially when used to store food and beverages cold at your home, workplace, or university dorm. These mini refrigerators we suggested and evaluated in this article will provide that convenience while keeping an extra piece of technology within reach. They’re compact and light, and they’ll maintain everything at the proper temperature so you don’t run out of energy or nutrients needed on any given day. 

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, including your breast milk, check out the post here.

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