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In the world of consumer electronics and kitchen appliances, Samsung is a reliable and trusted brand. This company has a good reputation for making some of the best refrigerators in this world. From a single door refrigerator to multiple doors refrigerators, you will find every variant of refrigerators from this company. Most of the high-tech models of this brand do not require any maintenance. However, conventional single door models accumulate frost in the freezer. By using the Samsung ice maker defrost system, you can defrost the refrigerator and make it ice-free. Let’s learn how to use the Samsung ice maker defrost system and the benefits associated with it.

Where does the frost come from?

Ice accumulation in the freezer is a common phenomenon in every type of refrigerator and it is not associated with Samsung refrigerators only. You might be wondering that where the frost does comes from when you haven’t splashed any water in the freezer. The answer to this question is simple; the water comes from the air. When a refrigerator is running, the temperature of the evaporator coil drops below -25℉. This low temperature of the evaporator coil freezes the moisture in the air and turns it into ice. Over a period, this ice accumulates slowly in the freezer and decreases the efficiency of the refrigerator. At this time, you need to use the Samsung ice maker defrost system.

Defrost system for Samsung single door refrigerator models?

Before doing the defrost process, you should check the ice accumulation level in the freezer. For Samsung single-door refrigerator it is recommended if the ice accumulates over a quarter inch level. For this, you need to first locate the thermostat knob. The button in the middle of this knob is designated for the Samsung ice maker defrost system. After locating this button press it firmly. It will turn off the refrigerator and melt the accumulated ice slowly. The refrigerator will start automatically when the accumulated ice melts away, the temperature of the refrigerator will rise above 5℉.

Defrost system for Samsung RF28 refrigerator models?

At first, locate the control system of the refrigerator. In most variants of Samsung RF28 refrigerator models, along with other buttons, you will find ‘power freeze/freezer’ and ‘energy saver’ buttons. Press these two buttons together simultaneously for 4 seconds. It will start the Samsung ice maker defrost system and turn off the compressor. The refrigerator will turn on automatically after the completion of the defrosting process.

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Defrost system for Samsung RF263BEAESR Ice Maker models?

This model of the Samsung refrigerator is well known for making ice-cubes in the freezer. It dispenses ice-cubes when anyone puts their glass in the dispenser and presses the lever. The system can clog up by ice if not defrosted every fortnight. To start the Samsung ice maker defrost system at first locate the control panel and press the middle right button and top left option simultaneously for 4 seconds. Then the refrigerator will make a beep. At this time press, the middle right button until it shows the DF option on the LCD panel. The defrosting time may take 20 to 30 minutes. During this time the refrigerator will make a beeping sound every 5 seconds. When the defrosting process completes the refrigerator will turn on automatically.

Defrost system for Samsung RF23J9011SR Ice Maker models?

In this model also you will find a similar control panel. However, the buttons can be marked with different names. To defrost the refrigerator, press down both the ‘freezer’ and ‘cool select’ buttons together for 8 to 10 seconds. It will turn off the LCD panel. Then press the ‘freezer’ button and select the FD option. Usually pressing the ‘freezer’ button four times brings this option. The compressor of the refrigerator will turn off when you select the FD option and starts the Samsung ice maker defrost system. The compressor of the refrigerator will start again in 20 to 30 minutes.

The benefit of defrosting Samsung refrigerator

Believe it or not, but a thick layer of ice works as a thermal insulator. It prevents the evaporator coil draw heat from the refrigerator. As a result, your refrigerator isn’t able to cool the food inside properly. A thick layer of ice also puts a strain on the compressor. Generally, the compressor of a Samsung refrigerator lasts for more than 15 to 20 years. However, ice accumulation on the evaporator coil can reduce its lifespan substantially. You might be reducing the lifespan of the compressor If you don’t use the Samsung ice maker defrost system at all.

What I can do to reduce the Samsung refrigerator defrosting time.

Here are some actions you can take if you don’t have time to stand beside the refrigerator for defrosting. These actions will substantially cut the Samsung ice maker defrost time by half.

Open the door: You can keep the door of the refrigerator open during the defrosting time. The hot air from outside will enter the refrigerator and increase the defrosting time substantially. Close the door immediately, when you see no more ice in the evaporator coil

Use fan or Hairdryer: You can fan or hair dryer to insert more air in the refrigerator. Hot air melts down faster than normal air and reduces Samsung ice maker defrost time.

Splash warm water: Hot water melts down ice faster than anything. This is the best action you can take if your evaporator section of the refrigerator is clogged up with ice.

What else I can do when the Samsung refrigerator is defrosting

Samsung ice maker defrost system is a semi-automated process. After initiating it you do not need to intervene in the middle. During the defrost time, the compressor of the refrigerator remains shut. It will start automatically when the ice in the evaporator coil melts away. If you like, during this time you can clean the refrigerator or organize the food items in a better way and increase the storage space of the refrigerator.

What you should not be doing when the Samsung refrigerator is defrosting

Many people think they can scrape off the ice from the evaporator coil by using some sharp object. In our opinion, never try this method. The evaporator coil of the Samsung refrigerator is made from Aluminium or copper. These are soft metals and they can get punctured or clogged under pressure. The evaporator coil can easily get damaged if you use any sharp object on it. As a result, the Samsung refrigerator might break down and stop cooling at all. Samsung ice maker defrost system is the best way to do the defrosting without causing any harm to the refrigerator.


Will my ice-cream meltdown during the defrosting process?

Yes, during the defrosting process the compressor of the refrigerator stays off and the internal temperature of the refrigerator slowly increases up to 5℉. At this temperature, the ice-cream will meltdown.

Is defrosting reduces the lifespan of the refrigerator?

No, defrosting does not cause any harm to the refrigerator. Instead, it enhances the efficiency of the refrigerator and prolongs the lifespan of the compressor. Those users who report less refrigerator breakdown complains, regularly defrost their refrigerator every fortnight.

I am not comfortable with all of these buttons pressing, what do I do?

You can turn off the refrigerator from the circuit breaker if you don’t feel comfortable with the buttons. For using Samsung ice maker defrost system. However, you have to manually turn on the power again from the circuit breaker after defrosting.

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