Maximize Your Freshness With These Trustworthy Refrigerator Brands


Your old and rusted fridge stopped working one day after years of storing lots of fresh produce, leftovers, and your favorite cold brew. Perhaps it isn’t as cold as it should be, or the motor is notably noisier due to the compressor. Or maybe you’ve had that fridge for a long time and think it’s time to start looking for a new 30-inch refrigerator.

But with all the various refrigerator brand choices in the market right now, which is the best? To give you an idea, it’s one of those products that have shown to be reliable and durable over time. Furthermore, it is the one that will completely fit your household, whether you want an affordable garage-ready refrigerator that is packed with fantastic features and has an elegant look. And we at DaDongNY have done the research, so you don’t have to spend a long time in front of the screen scouring countless websites to check on various consumer reviews. That being said, here are some of our top refrigerator brands that offer the most value for money.

How Did We Choose The Best Refrigerator Brands?

We consulted appliance experts, sifted through customer reviews, and picked brands with at least a 4-star rating to scale the number of options available. We also have selected a range of options based on your needs.

Here are our top picks for the most trustworthy refrigerator brands:

  1. LG (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall Refrigerator Brand)
  2. GE
  3. Frigidaire
  4. Samsung
  5. Sub-Zero
  6. Whirlpool

Six Of The Most Trustworthy Refrigerator Brands

LG (Editor’s Pick: Best Overall Refrigerator Brand)

When you look for the “top” refrigerator brands online, you’ll notice that LG consistently dominates the lists. This world-renowned brand provides something for everyone: high star ratings, great user reviews, and a large assortment of features at a wide range of price points. LG refrigerators are also reliable, earning J.D. Power’s projected 2022 U.S. for its French door-style refrigerators and Product of the Year award. In addition, LG refrigerators boast an InstaView Door-in-Door feature that has a glass panel that lets you see what’s inside without opening the fridge.

LG has been producing high-quality refrigerators for over 80 years, so they have a lot of industry knowledge. And throughout history, we have witnessed and loved LG’s refrigeration technologies, such as LED illumination, automated freezing systems, automatic cleaning features, climate-control options, and more.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of LG refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ Long-lasting models that require little maintenance
✅They have innovative features such as a light-up function, a door-in-door feature, and Wi-Fi connectivity
✅ Has a wide variety of products is available, ranging from simple models to high-end ones tailored for foods and beverages
Cons✖️ LG refrigerators are a bit expensive because of the additional features

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For more than a century, GE has been a trusted brand, never compromising quality while being innovative. GE also offers a Café series, with customized hardware and stainless steel, matte, or platinum glass exteriors, for individuals who want their fridge to be as stylish as their countertop or subway tile backsplash. Whether you go with their simple or luxurious models, GE receives great customer reviews for its customer service, dependability, and swift customer service.

Consumers praise GE for its advanced features and reliability, which is necessary for large families, especially the GE Profile 27.9 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator with Door-In-Door. With a large freezer compartment, a door alarm, smart features, and a turbo freeze option, this massive refrigerator would be perfect for most large families. Imagine the range of foods and beverages you can put in that.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of GE refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ Long-lasting and simple-to-service refrigerators
✅Resistant to dents, scratches, stains, and other different kinds of harm
✅Has an outstanding customer service support
Cons✖️ It only has a one-year warranty compared to another refrigerator Brands


Despite being known for its high-end refrigerators, Frigidaire also manufactures superb refrigerator models at an affordable price that ranges between $200 and $300, with some starting at $400. Also, a large Frigidaire fridge with ice dispensers or side-by-side doors can be found for around half the price of comparable models from other refrigerator brands, making Frigidaire a perfect choice for anyone shopping for great value without compromising on functionality.

Several Frigidaire models are also Energy Star certified and have energy-saving features like LED lighting and auto-close doors. In addition, Frigidaire offers a SpaceWise organization system of refrigerator organizers, allowing you to personalize as well as maximize your fridge space, which is especially useful for home cooks and bigger homes. However, other refrigerator models don’t have this feature and must be purchased separately.

Furthermore, customers have always loved this brand. Thousands of positive reviews online praise the brand for its affordable prices, storage capacity, and general efficiency of its fridge.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of Frigidaire refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ Frigidaire refrigerators are budget-friendly
✅ Has shelf customization for maximum fridge organization
✅ The majority of Frigidaire models are Energy Star certified
Cons✖️ Compared to other refrigerator brands, Frigidaire has fewer high-tech fridge options


Samsung  is well-known for its technology, so it stands to reason that this brand is included in our list. One example of their years of experience and high-end technology is the Family Hub, in which you can use voice commands and grocery apps to build grocery lists, stream music, and even display TV shows and movies from the fridge door. If you have a compatible smart thermostat, you can also use the smart fridge controls to reduce heat while baking in the kitchen.

Despite their state-of-the-art features, Samsung refrigerators are reasonably priced. A 28.7 Cu. For example, Ft. Side-by-Side Built-In Smart Refrigerator with External Water & Ice Dispenser from GE costs around $9,836.99, whereas a somewhat smaller 26.7 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with 21.5″ Touch-Screen Family Hub from Samsung costs only $1,799.99.

Furthermore, Samsung was acknowledged in the 2022 American Consumer Satisfaction Index for its amazing refrigerators and customer services. It also has a two-year parts and labor warranty on most models and a five-year-plus motor warranty.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of Samsung refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ Has cutting-edge smart home connectivity features
✅ Several fridges come with the Family Hub feature includes visual and acoustic technology on refrigerator doors
✅Smart refrigerators have a feature for online grocery delivery
Cons✖️ When compared to other refrigerator brands, there are fewer less expensive models


Sub-Zero is your go-to guy if you want a luxury fridge to match the interior of your kitchen. With air-purification technology and advanced temperature control, these refrigerators are specifically built to extend the life of food, so your vegetables and leftovers will last much longer. 

Moreover, each fridge is designed to last 20 years or more and is made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel and two compressors rather than one. Their residential indoor refrigerators come with a two-year guarantee, a five-year parts and labor warranty, and a limited 12-year sealed system warranty. Several of their refrigerators are also panel-ready, meaning they may be customized to blend in with your kitchen countertop.

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of Sub-Zero refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ Comes with innovative technology that extends the life of your food
✅ Has designs that are easy to install in any kitchen
✅ Sub-Zero refrigerators are extremely durable
Cons✖️ Rather than purchasing online, it is recommended that you visit your local store to examine selections


Whirlpool, which also possesses KitchenAid and Maytag, has received the Energy Star certification for several of its iconic refrigerator models, allowing them to be included. This brand has won over 23 Energy Star certifications, outnumbering other appliance manufacturers, for exceeding the EPA‘s highest standards for best energy and water efficiency.

Additionally, Whirlpool has 15 LEED-certified facilities in the United States, thanks to its environmentally-friendly manufacturing facilities. By the end of 2021, Whirlpool will have transitioned to a more ecologically friendly r600a coolant.

Whirlpool made our list of the top refrigerator brands because it is energy-efficient and because replacement parts are accessible and fairly priced. And with that, your refrigerator can be fixed rather than replaced completely; it will last much longer. 

Pros and Cons

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of Whirlpool refrigerators is critical before you decide to purchase one for your kitchen. Here are the following pros and cons:

Pros✅ The majority of Whirlpool refrigerator models are Energy Star-qualified
✅ There are Affordable products available without compromising added features
✅ Has easy-to-fix components when needed
Cons✖️ Has less advanced features

Refrigerator Units That We Liked About These Manufacturers

ModelBrandDimensionsEnergy Star Certified (?)WarrantyPrice
LG 27 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Smart Refrigerator with Craft Ice and InstaViewLG
70 ½ inches (Height)
35 ⅞ inches(Width)
1 Year General, 5 Years Sealed System, 5 Years Compressor, 10 Years Linear Compressor
LG 29.5 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door and Craft IceLG70 ¼ inches(Height)
35 ¾ inches(Width)
1 Year General, 5 Years Sealed System, 5 Years Compressor, 6-10 Years Linear Compressor
GE 27.0 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Water DispenserGE69 ⅞ inches(Height)
35 ¾ inches (Width)
1 year limited entire appliance
GE ENERGY STAR® 17.7 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer RefrigeratorGE68 inches (Height)

31 ⅛ inches(Width)
Yes1 year$1,619.99
Frigidaire 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side RefrigeratorFrigidaire69 ⅞ inches (Height)

36 ⅛ inches(Width)
No1 year$1,199.99
Frigidaire 20.5 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer RefrigeratorFrigidaire68 ¼ inches(Height)
30 inches(Width)
No1 year$779.99
Samsung 29 cu. ft. Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family HubSamsung70 inches (Height)
35 6/8 inches(Width)
Yes2 years$3,099.99
Samsung 27.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side RefrigeratorSamsung70 1/16 inches (Height)
35 ⅞ inches(Width)
No1 year$1,199.99
Sub-Zero PRO 30.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Built-In Refrigerator with Glass DoorSub-Zero84 inches(Height)
48 inches(Width)
No2 yearIn-Store Only
Sub-Zero PRO 22.7 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Built-In Refrigerator with Glass DoorSub-Zero84 inches (Height)
36 inches(Width)
No2 yearIn-Store Only
Whirlpool 24.5 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door RefrigeratorWhirlpool70 ⅛ inches (Height)
35 ⅝ inches(Width)
Yes1 year$2,149.99
Whirlpool 17.7 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer RefrigeratorWhirlpool68 ¼ inches (Height)
28 inches(Width)
No1 year$899.99

Considerations To Make While Purchasing Particular Refrigerator Brands

Whether you want to visit your local store and seek out new high-end refrigerators for your kitchen or an under-counter fridge for your garage or basement, here are some considerations to consider.

  • Reputation

For this reason, refrigerator manufacturing brands have been around for decades. While testing a new brand on the market may appear tempting, it may be something other than investing in. These reputable brands have been in the field for a long time and have a lengthy history of expertise, innovation, and positive product reviews, so you should always choose them.

  • Features

Look for a refrigerator brand packed with a myriad of handy features such as adjustable temperatures, detachable drawers and shelves for customization, and energy-saving features like LED lighting or Energy Star certification models. Also, you should consider the freezer location and additional features like water dispensers and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Customer Service

Even the best refrigerators may need some reset or service at some point. That said, consider how easy or hard it is to reach the company’s customer service support. Before you decide and purchase a fridge, try consulting with support staff for suggestions and advice to see just how nice, efficient, and competent their service is.

  • Warranty

Some refrigerator companies may only provide a one-year guarantee on parts and labor, while others provide longer warranties for certain models or components, such as compressors, which have been known to wear out frequently over time.


  • Which Refrigerator Brand Do Professional Experts Prefer?

When buying a refrigerator, the best option is not the one with the lowest price but one that can deliver the best value for your money. And who better to know the worth of a thing over time than those in charge of its upkeep? According to repair experts, Whirlpool and LG are the most dependable and trustworthy manufacturers.

  • Which Brand Of Refrigerator Has The Longest Lifespan?

Although most brands mention durability as a feature, just a handful genuinely mean it. When it comes to refrigerators, Sub-Zero is one of the brands on the list that creates durable, low-maintenance products.

  • Which Refrigerator Requires The Fewest Repairs?

Whirlpool is the industry leader in supplying the most durable and low-maintenance equipment. If your Whirlpool refrigerator happens to be broken, they have readily available refrigerator components you’re able to acquire.

  • Which Brand Of Refrigerator Has The Most Issues?

A single refrigerator brand’s failure cannot affect the company’s whole reputation. Yet, there are times when the challenges exceed the rules of the blame game on brands with the worst records, such as Bosch, Beko, Smeg, and Vikings.


While many innovative and amazing refrigerator brands are on the market, the most trustworthy ones are LG, GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, Sub-Zero, and Whirlpool.

LG has dominated the industry for long years of expertise in producing high-quality refrigerators packed with an assortment of innovative features. On the other hand, GE had long been a trusted manufacturer of high-tech refrigerators without sacrificing their durability. Frigidaire has been known for luxurious refrigerators but also offers affordable ones that range between $200 and $300, with some starting at $400. 

Samsung has always been known for its smart-enabled and reasonable refrigerator models. Sub-Zero offers a plethora of luxurious fridges that will perfectly complement your kitchen interior and countertop. And lastly, Whirlpool has a lot of Energy Star-certified refrigerator models that will help you save on electricity bills.

Bottom line; every refrigerator has advantages as well as disadvantages, but LG, GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, Sub-Zero, and Whirlpool are the most dependable brands due to consumer trust. They do not require maintenance often, but when they do, parts are typically accessible, and most companies service them.

To learn more about refrigerators and how this valuable piece of equipment chills the food and beverages inside, check out the post here.

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